Z.B. Millsaps Bible Record


Z.B. Millsaps Bible Record

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Bible record of Zebulum B. Millsaps
(see also Samuel L. Myers Bible record)

Z.B. (Zebulum B.) Millsaps 11/23/1877-12/8/1962
Nancy (Malinda Myers) Millsaps 6/28/1887-1/23/1961-dau of Saml. Myers
Nora (Bell) Millsaps 1/26/1908-? Md. Harvey Williams
Della (Mae) Millsaps 11/5/1909-11/20/1974 md. Troy L. Williams
(James) Forster Millsaps 10/31/1911-10/10/1972 md. Rebecca Satterfield
Ida Millsaps 6/5/1915-7/11/1998 md. Lloyd Matoy
(Henry) Odis Millsaps 4/3/1917-5/13/1941 md. Lillie Matoy
Leoa Millsaps 8/16/1920-10/22/1988 md. Henry Allen
Jessie (Marie) Millsaps 2/26/1922-? md. Robert Hass & ? Hogan
William E. (Edward) Millsaps 4/30/1928-3/21/1997
Clifford Millsaps 2/6/1931-?
Modie Millsaps 1/26/1907-Sep ?
Elva Millsaps b. Dec ?