Daniel Ragon Bible Record


Daniel Ragon Bible Record

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Daniel Ragon born July 6, 1792
Elizabeth Ragon born Sep. 18, 1798
Marshel J. Ragon born March 25, 1820
Mary E. Ragon born april 10, 1823
Martha A. Ragan born Dec. 1, 1826
Joseph E. Ragon born Sep. 6, 1828
Albert W. Ragon born Nov. 12, 1830
Delilah J. Ragon born Mar. 20, 1833
Elizabeth T. Ragon born June 28, 1835
Luesa C. Ragon was born June 13, 1837
William H. Ragon born Jan. 16, 1840
Robert D. Ragon born Jan. 1, 1842
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John Kimbrough and Mary E. Ragon was married 29th April 1848
J.E. Ragon and L.J. Lilard was married 1852
William H.H. Ragon and Aley M. Jones was married 29th of Jan. 1865
Nicholas McGuire and Delila J. Ragon was married Dec. 28, 1865

Elizabeth T. Ragon died July 31, 1839
L.C. Ragon died Nov. 15, 1840
M.J. Ragon died Feb. 25, 1845
A.W. Ragon died July 25, 1855
Daniel Ragon died July 26, 1860
Elizabeth Ragon, wife of Daniel Ragon, died Dec. 29, 1864
Robert D. Ragon died May ____ 1863