James A. Tate Bible Record


James A. Tate Bible Record

These Bible pages copied and donated by: Darlene Tate Moses.

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James A. Tate son of Tate was born Oct. 4, 1817 (d. May. 25, 1885 New Prov. Cem.)
Elender (Graves) Tate ws born 25 day of Feb. 1820 (d. Jun 1, 1893 New Prov. Cem.)
Nancy Jane Tate was born Aug. 23, 1838 (d. Sep. 26, 1913 Coker Cr. Cem. married F.M. Tate)
John A. Tate was born the 23 day of Dec. 1839 (d. 2/18/1862/63 Ballplay Cem.-see below)
William M. Tate was born Feb. 28 (1843)-(7/26/1906 New Prov. Cem.)
James R. Tate was born July 22, 1844 (1/7/1863 age 18-see below)
Robert Tate was born Sep. 3, 1846 (11/15/1916 Piney Grove Cem.)(see below)(married Martha C. Anderson)
Elizabeth Tate was born Jan. 6, 1849


Elizabeth Tate decd Mar. 26, 1859
Nancy Davis, dau. of Robert Tate decd May the second 1863
Polly Blanton, daughter of Robert Tate decd June 15, 186?
Sarah Van daughter of Robert Tate decd Aug. 17, 1859 (married Edmund J. Vann)
Robert A. ________________
Robert Tate deceased Nov. the 15 1916


Thomas Fry was born March the ___ 1842 (son of Thomas Fry per 1860 census)
John A. Tate died Feb. 18th in the year of our Lord 1862 age 22 years
James Tate died Jan. 7, 1863, age 18 years


(These are also children of James A. & Elender Graves Tate)

Isaac Tate was born May the 3rd 1851 (May 6, 1920 Shady Grove Cem.)
Mary Tate was born Aug. the 1st, 1856 (stone has 1855- (6/29/1927 Piney Gr. Cem.-md Wash. L. Hamilton)
Marget Tate was born Dec. 25, 1853