Wiliam Jackson Woods Bible Record


William Jackson Woods Bible Record

Submitted by Joy Locke
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March 24, 1861...William J. Woods to Esther C. Webb
May 28,1981......John O. Woods to Elizabeth Collit
April 23,1888....Joseph N. Woods to Edith Proctor
Dec.19,1895......Carrie K. Woods to G.L. Henderson,Jr.
Sept. 1896.......Thomas D. R. Woods to mattie Sparks
June 1900........Mollie Woods to J.H. Kelso
March 13,1901....Josie A. Woods to C.c. Morrison
Aug.26,1928......Willie Henderson to Gladys Breeden


William J. Woods borned June 27, 1835
Esther C. Woods borned Dec. 24, 1838
John O. Woods borned Jan. 6, 1862
William J. & Sousen Ellen Woods borned July 16, 1863
Jos.N Woods borned July 3, 1864
Josie A. Woods borned Sept.10, 1865
Rudolph F. Woods borned April 22, 1867
Mary I.C.Woods borned Jan. 17, 1868
Louis C. Woods borned Sept. 24, 1870
Carry K.Woods borned Jan. 19, 1872
Thomas D. R. Woods & Fanny Esther Woods borned Jan. 14, 1875
G.L. Henderson, July 16, 1870
Willie Oliver Henderson, June 16, 1898
G.L. Hendreson, Jr. Aug. 28, 1929
All born in Monroe Co.


Sousen Ellen Woods died Aug. 23rd, 1863
William Jackson Woods died Sept.8th, 1863
Rudolph Forendo Woods died July 23rd, 1868
Louis Cornelious Woods, died Aug. 15th, 1873
Fanny Esther Woods died Feb. 4th, 1875
Esther C. Woods died Oct. 5th, 1875
William J. Woods died Nov. 17, 1910
Josie Woods Morrison died July 25,1911
John O. Woods died Aug.1928
Mollie Woods Kelso died Feb. 12, 1945

These bible records were copied by Paul Kelly
and submitted by
Kathryn Metcalf

Williams wife Esther C. Webb was a granddaughter of
Thomas and Francis MORRISON of Monroe Co.