Samuel Yates Bible Record


Samuel & Jane Millsaps Yates Bible Record

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This Bible record was included in the pension record of Samuel Yates who served out of NC during the Rev. War. #R11927. He was born Aug. 24, 1757, joined the service in Nash Co. NC and died Apr. 18, 1844. His widow applied for pension from Cocke Co. Tn. in 1846 at age 87., therefore born ca. 1759. She md. Samuel Yates Jan. 1787 in Burke Co. NC. The Bible was copied for the purpose of applying for pension, because the original was in such poor shape. The corner was torn from the pages as a man named Ford wanted to use the births of two of the girls to apply for pension on behalf of his mother. Jesse Millsaps of Monroe Co. Tn. was illegitimate son of Jane Millsaps. It goes as follows:

Mary Yeats was born October 2, 1787
Jane Yates was born October the 18th 1789
Samuel Yeats was bornd March 7th 1798
Elisabeth Yeats was born May 11, 1801
Nathaniel Yeats was bornd June 23, 1803
Lydia Freeman was born March 11th 1804 (she md. Samuel Yates, Jr.)
Samuel Yeats was born the 13th of March 1828 (child of Samuel and Lydia)
Nathaniel Jacin Yeats was bornd June 4th 1830 (child of Samuel and Lydia)

Robert Yeats died in the service of war April in the year 1814
Samuel Yeats, Sr. died April the 18, 1844

Submitted by: Joy Locke