Audie Leon Murphy

Audie Murphy, War Hero and
Movie Star, Has Deep Roots in
Monroe county, Tennessee

By Dockery Family Association, Inc

Audie Leon Murphy, 1924 - 1971, son of poor Texas sharecroppers, had deep ancestral roots in Monroe County, Tennessee. Audie is best known as the most decorated American combat soldier of World War II. He was honored with 33 awards and decorations, including the Medal of Honor, the highest military award for bravery in combat that can be given to any individual in the USA.

After the war Audie went to Hollywood where he became a well-known actor and starred in 44 feature films. His 1949 autobiography ""To Hell and Back" was a best seller. Audie died in a private plane crash near Galax, VA 28 May 1971 and was interred in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. His grave site is the second most visited grave site, the most visited being that of President Kennedy.

Audie's ancestry back to 1765 revealing his heritage in Monroe County, TN. shown here:
(1) Audie's parents:
His connection to Monroe County is through his mother, Josie Bell Killian,(1891 TX - 1941 TX) who married Emmett Murphy, (1886 TX - 1976 TX) in Farmersville, TX. As far as we know Emmett does not connect to anyone in Monroe County, past or present.

(2) Audie's grandparents:
Jefferson Davis "JD" Killian, (1862 TN - 1943 TX) married Sarah E. Gill 17 May 1883 Monroe County, TN. Sarah was born 1863 in Monroe County and died 1 Jul 1950 in Collin County, TX. The couple had 16 children, four were born in District 11, Monroe county and the others in TX.

(3) Audie's great grandparents:
Curtis Gill, born 1833 in Monroe County - died 1863, (or was Killed) on his way home from the Civil War. Curtis married Mary Jane Lunsford(1839 NC - 1913 TX) 31 Aug 1856 in Monroe County and they resided in District 6 and latter Distrcit 11, Monroe County where their four children Mary, Samuel, William Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth nee Gill - Killian were born. Mary Jane Lunsford - Gill (who never remarried), along with their children and grandchildren, moved from Monroe County to Collin County, TX in 1888. Andrew Howard Killian,( the father of "JD" Killian) was born 1807 in Lincoln Co., NC, lived in Cherokee County, NC in the 1850's and moved to east Tennessee circa 1859. (We are seeking information as to where Andrew lived in TN during the period 1860 through 1880 as he is also Audie's great grandfather. Anyone having this information may
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(4) Audie's great-great grandparents:
Nimrod Lunsford, 1815 Iredell Co., NC - 1870's Madison Co., NC. and his first wife, Adaline (surname unknown). The couple moved from NC to District 11 of Monroe County in the late 1830's where they raised five children, the oldest being Mary Jane nee Lunsford - Gill.
Nimrod was the oldest child of Michael Lunsford (Audie's 3'rd great grandfather) and his first wife (identity unknown). Michael later married Elizabeth Black and they raised a large family in Cherokee County, NC.

More information on Audie, and a link to the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Web Site
Eighty percent of the Association's 350 members (many in East Tennessee) are related to Audie through Nimrod Lunsford, 1765-1847, the grandfather of the Nimrod Lunsford, born 1815 (see 4, above).

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NOTE: Some information on this page was taken, by permission, from the records of the Audie Murphy Foundation, of which the Dockery Family Association is a member. Thanks to my Brother Dannie for scanning the photo's for me. Photo's supplied by the Dockery Family Association

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