The Belltown/Stephens Cemetery is outside Tellico Plains on Property that I believe is owned by Wayne Stepens.  He lives at 810 Old Belltown Road.  It is on top of the hill across the road from him.  There is no road to the Cemetery.  I think the nearest road is called Old Belltown road.  It is on a hill above Cane Creek near the Junction of the creek and the Tellico River.  It is above the site of the Ft. Loudon Massacre.  We had to go across a field along the creek.   Ford the creek and go through another field on the side of the hill.  The cemetery is on top of the hill.  That is the best I can do.  Maybe someone from the Tellico Plains area could give you the # of that road.  I can't remember or find those directions that Wayne gave us to his place.  I know there is another Stephens Cemetery but this definately is a different one.   It is only accessable when the creek can be forded and Wayne probably would take folks.  He is a wonderful man nearing age 90.   Delores Riley (Feb 1999)See also Stephens Bible.

Enumerated by Wayne Stephens and Charles and Delores Riley 1997
There may be as many as 100 unmarked graves.

Arp, Maggie 1863 1886 Wife of J. T. Arp
Ghormley, Annie E. Stephens 8/8/1875 7/8/1903 wife of D.B. Stephens
Ghormley, Augustus 1844 1917
Ghormley, Martha 1845 1917
Harrison, Dolly 1844 1866
Harrison, Susan 1839 1869
Humphries, C. W.
1/11/1900 died age 37 years
Mulligan, Delia M. 1832 1833 dau. of T. P. & M. J. Mulligan
Stephens, Anna 5/28/1861 5/8/1885
Stephens, Bertha Bright 2/11/1887 4/15/1909 wife of J.C. Stephens
Stephens, Browny Cline 5/28/ 1929 2/2/1989
Stephens, Charley 9/13/1880 1/1/1881 son of I. B. Stephens
Stephens, Daughter Jul 1908
inf. dau. Stephens
Stephens, Emma 7/10/1867 6/4/1885
Stephens, F. H. 2/15/1844 2/24/1907
Stephens, Fidelia A. 9/9/1832 9/ /1888
Stephens, Isaac Bartley 4/9/1833 4/28/1904
Stephens, J. C. 12/18/1869 1/31/1930
Stephens, J. I. 2/29/1831 7/14/1892
Stephens, James 4/3/1911 7/6/1911 son of D.B. & Ethel
Stephens, James R. 11/20/1820 12/24/1894
Stephens, Jerome Curtis
8/26/1932 died
Stephens, Joseph Franklin
10/19/1939 died
Stephens, Lydia 6/25/1882 3/20/1898 wife of Robert Peace
Stephens, M. F. 7/19/1856 9/24/1856
Stephens, Mollie 4/24/1866 2/27/1920 dau.of Jeff Stephens
Stephens, Morris 1/12/1888 1/28/1896 son of James & Susan Stephens
Stephens, Nicie 2/17/1878 9/26/1892
Stephens, Robert 12/15/1872 6/17/1895
Stephens, Sarah Jane Williams 7/28/1841 12/30/1915
Stephens, Sarah M. 4/4/1841 10/8/1895
Stephens, Tennie 8/24/1875 6/13/1886 dau. of I. B. Stephens
Stephens, Thomas 10/16/1871 8/4/1895
Stephens, Thomas Jefferson 8/17/1828 2/14 1908
Stephens, W. W. 9/21/1824 9/3/1868
Stephens, W. B. 9/3/1859 9/20/1861
Stephens, W.F. 8/21/1865 9/3/1924
Stephens, W.W. Jr. 1/11/1869 7/27/1909
Ware, Infant

of Jesse & Luticia Ware
Ware, Luticia 9/8/1863 12/16/1889 wife of Jesse Ware