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Dee Harrill and Joy Locke made a project of taking photos of the Military stones of Monroe Co. Civil War soldiers and some of Loudon Co.  Mitzi added these to her on-going project.  The links are listed above. You will now have to look the pictures up on the "name" indexes, they no longer have this setup by county.   I have made a list of the photos we have, if you would like a copy of a particular soldier.  The ones on the web page are very small and may not print well.  On your request, please put 'Civil War photo' in the subject heading and give the name of the soldier you want.  Send your request to me, Joy Locke or Dee Harrill

The lists below are NOT links to the actual photos, you need to request those.

Monroe Co. photos:

Aldridge, James W. - Westview
Arp, Benjamin – Farr’s Chapel/Kitchens
Bivens, John Jackson - Antioch
Boyd, Joseph C.- Eleazer
Brannon, James - Eleazer
Breeden, Francis Marion - Piney Grove Miss. Bapt.
Breeden, John – Big Creek
Browder, David Asbury – Browder/Countyline
Browder, J.J. – Browder/Countyline
Byram, Amos H. – Cane Creek
Byrum, Joel – Old Sweetwater
Carver, Nelson - Hardshell
Curtis, John W. – New Hope Cumb. Presb.
Daugherty, Josiah – New Providence
Daugherty, Thomas A. – Shady Grove
Davis, Clem – Old Coker Creek
Dockery, Daniel W. – Mt. Isabella
Duckett, Robert C. – Mt. Isabella
Freeman, John A. – Mt. Isabella
Freeman, Minter Erving – Dehart/Holly Spgs
Gamble, Moses – New Hope Cumb. Presb.
Giles, James Madison – Ebenezer/Ball Play
Goodman, William H. – Westview
Graves, George W. – Dehart/Holly Springs
Graves, Samuel – Tellico Plains Bapt.
Graves, William A. – New Providence
Gray, Thomas W. – Hopewell Springs
Gurley, Calvin A. - Corntassell
Hall, George – Hopewell Springs
Hammontree, Harvey A. – Vonore Meth.
Hardin, William E. – Mt. Zion
Hawkins, Monroe - Westview
Henley, Arthur H. - Henley
Henley, Charles Fairfax - Henley
Hicks, John B. – Old Notchey Creek
Hicks, W.C. – Chestua Meth.
Hix, James - Westview
Holcomb, Sampson - Eleazer
Howard, J.B. – Mt. Zion
Hunt, George Washington – New Providence
Hunt, Howard Finley – New Providence
Isbell, Pendleton – Hopewell Springs
Isbill, Marion – Hopewell Springs
Jackson, John E. - Corntassell
Jackson, Ned – Solomon’s Temple
Jones, Charles C. - Jones
Jones, Joseph M. – Dehart/Holly Spgs
Jones, Thomas C. - Jones
Kilpatrick, Joseph – Miller Cem.
Kinser, Jacob – St. Marys/now Hill Top
Kirkland, James A. – Shady Grove
Kirkland, Jesse – Ebenezer/Ball Play
Lacewell, William – Hickory Grove
Lance, James L. – Tellico Plains Bapt.
Lee, William, Capt. – New Providence
Lee, William – Shady Grove
Linn, William H. – Mt. Isabella
Loftiss, Jackson – Shady Grove
Loftiss, Joseph – Shady Grove
London, Robert - Elezaer
Love, James M. - Westview
Love, Walter C. - Westview
Lowry, William Howard - Westview
Marr, Joseph - Eleazer
Martin, George W. – Browder/Countyline
McDaniel, James P. – Shady Grove
McDonald, Wiley A. - Westview
McCracken, James – Rockville/Glenlock
Miller, James W. – Tellico Plains Bapt.
Millsaps, Andrew - Citico
Millsaps, James - Citico
Millsaps, Jesse - Citico
Millsaps, Ransom – Happy Top
Morrow, James K. – Old Coker Creek
Morton, J.A. – Madisonville Cem.
Moser, Daniel Miller - Westview
Murr, Andrew H. - Click
Neighbors, Martin – Hickory Grove
Newman, Clive (alias Clem) – Old Notchey Creek
Parnell, William G. – Tellico Plains Bapt.
Payne, A.T.W. – Old Coker Creek
Payne, Benjamin F. – Old Coker Creek
Payne, James W. - Beulah
Perry, Thomas M. – Lick Creek
Presswood, Samuel J. - Westview
Raburn, James J. – Hickory Grove
Raper, William Thomas – Chestua Meth.
Reagan, Benjamin P. - Eleazer
Richards, John – Rockville/Glenlock
Rowan, John A. – Walker/Wright
Saffle, Thomas – Big Creek
Sherlin, Hiram P. - Westview
Shirley, James B. – Robertson/Eve Mill
Smith, Elijah L. - Ironsburg
Snider, John H. – Rockville/Glenlock
Stamey, William R. – Hopewell Springs
Stephens, Daniel P. – Ebenezer/Ball Play
Tate, Francis M. – Old Coker Creek
Vance, Martellus - Citico
Walker, Gustavis Armstrong - Westview
Waren, Jacob Cathey - Westview
White, George – Hopewell Springs
Wilkins, Charles S. – Murray’s Bapt.
Willburn, Houston - Eleazer
Williams, George W. - Westview
Williams, Jesse Edward - Westview
Winn, Robert R. - Eleazer
Witt, William J. - Martin
Yarberry, William Roden - Antioch
Young, Lewis Ross - Westview


Loudon Co. photos:

Bivens, Benjamin B. – Mt. Zion
Call, Henry C. – Philadelphia
Campbell, William - Philadelphia
Coffman, William B. – Mt. Zion
Dunbar, Charles – New Hope Meth.
Harwell, Harry – New Hope Meth.
Harwell, William M.R. – New Hope Meth.
King, Thomas – Mt. Zion
Louis, Joseph - Philadelphia
Mainor, Eller – Simpsons Cem.
Mincey, David - Philadelphia
Petty, Jackson - Philadelphia
Ragains, William M. – Simpsons Cem.
Rausin, David D. - Philadelphia
Rausin, James H. - Philadelphia
Wrinn, Michael - Philadelphia



This is a list of probable soldiers but I haven't been able to find enough information to add them to the list.  If you know the information such as Unit, company, rank, birth and death and additional information, please e-mail me.

Bachman, John Lynn - Westview Cem.
Browder, James M. - County Line Cem.
Cannon, Charles - Westview Cem.
Cardin, James J. (deserted) - Eleazer Cem.
Chambers, T.A. - Westview Cem.
Childress, David B. - Westview Cem.
Clark, W.L. - Westview Cem.
Doyle, Jacob (pension rej.) - Big Creek Cem)
Hamilton, Joseph W. - Chestua Meth. Cem.
Johnson, Gideon B. - Westview Cem.
Kirkland, James - Mt. Zion, Loudon Co., Tn
Love, J.R., Col. - Westview Cem.
Roberts, O.R. - Ebenezer/Ball Play Cem.


We also have photos of a few military stones of OTHER WARS, if you would like those.

Denton, John (Rev. War) - Hopewell Spgs. Cem.
Divine, Thomas Lee (Rev. War) - Big Creek Cem.
Holden, Arland (Sp. Am. War) - Madisonville City Cem.
Kelso, Hugh  (Rev. War) - Robertson/Eve Mill Cem.
Stepp, William, Sgt. (Ind. War) - Old Sweetwater Cem.

As we find more, we'll add them to our list, or if you know of a military stone we've missed please contact us by clicking on our names above.