01)  In miscellaneous file of copy of original bill filed in Greene Co. 23 Oct 1853, copy by D. Sevier, Clk. pages 1-4 missing. Petition to sell land Complainants (not in this part vs Heirs of Wm. Rankin  Descendants are Anthony Rankin of Greene Co., William Rankin,the heirs of Isabella Wilson wife of John Wilson formerly Isabella Rankin both of whom are dead, who are Margaret Mathes wife of Ebenezer E. Mathes of Washington Co., Sarah Little wife of Samuel Little, Jane L. Wilson, Alfred Wilson, Mary A. Wilson who reside Greene Co. and last two are minors, and Alexander Wilson of Ga.  The heirs of Wm. Rankin own but 1/8 of farm.  The complainants are also heirs of Wm. Rankin.  Anthony Rankin has taken conveyance of the shares of John Rankin, Thomas Rankin, and Margaret Wier.  Complainants pray that if necessary they may amend Bill by making Alexander M. Wilson a party deft. Other defts. are Nathaniel Magill and wife Jane.  William Rankin dec'd was the Adm. of David Rankin dec'd.


02)  Not numbered  Filed in Misc. paper folder.  Lynchburg, Moore Co., Tenn. Chancery.      Filed 20 Jan 1882  G.W. Morelock, Adm. vs  W.N. Taylor et al  Bowling is Adm. of C.M. Wiseman dec'd of Franklin Co. W.N. Taylor is Adm. with Will annexed of Thomas Wiseman.  O.M. Wiseman was Exec. of Thomas Wiseman;  land was in Lincoln Co. but is now in Moore Co. Tenn.   Defendants are W.N. Taylor Adm. of Thomas Wiseman, James, Emma, Thomas and Lucy Taylor minors, Thomas Wiseman, Margaret Wiseman, M.A. Wiseman, James Taylor an wife Jane all of Franklin Co., and James P. Wiseman of Weakley Co.


03) Miscellaneous File  Letter 15 Feb 1843 from J.C. McConnell, Springplace, Ga. to James A. Coffin;  he and family are well.


04)  Miscellaneous File  Partly filled out "Father or Mother's Claim for Bounty Money, Arrears of Pay, & C."  Monroe Co. 1879, Elizabeth Harrison of Philadelphia Loudon Co. is mother (son not given) commanded by Col. Carter; volunteered in Madisonville; father is dead; appoints Z.T. Hunt of Madisonville as her Agent.


05)  Miscellaneous File    About 1860 or Later  Samuel Ghormley VS Heirs of Hugh Ghormley  Report of Clk.& Master only; land in Blount Co.


06) Miscellaneous File    About 1867  Probably McMinn Co. Chancery.  C.C. Henderson Adm. of S.D. Henderson VS C.M. McGhee et al  Master's  report 24 Oct 1867 on amount of assets and debts; one item is $135.25 for burial expenses, metalic case, clothing & C. Another item is Mrs. Sallie B. Henderson $286.88 for years support.


07)  Miscellaneous File   Wm. Umphrey VS Joseph W. Dunn or Edwin Hall, Trustee, or ?   P of A, not dated from Wm. Umphrey of Fannin Co., Ga. to S.P. Hale to receive debts due.


08)  Miscellaneous File  Contract, 7 Nov 1865, for repairing Court House; between John Minis of first part an R.F. Cooke, James A. Coffin, D.W. Latimore and James C. Robinson, Commissioners of the 2nd part; $750   window frames, roofing, shingles etc.


09)  Miscellaneous File   Before 1881  E.Y. White, Adm. of Thomas White VS  E.E. Griffith et al Sale of lands; Brush Creek farm in Washington Co., Home farm (to E.Y. White), Greenway Store House, Mountain lands, and Ballplay farm. Heirs:  Richard L's heirs

Rebecca Griffith's heirs (9): Tom, Oliver,  Caroline, Wm. S., Sallie J., Charles, Jo.W., and Susan Dyer and ?  Pauline Lou Griffith wife of E.E.,C.F., E.Y., Susan W. wife of J.I. Wright


010)  Miscellaneous File    About 1850  Cleveland Chancery Court

Linda E. Duff vs  James M. Duff  One paper only.  Commission to S. Summey of Polk Co. to examine witnesses Feb. 1850


011) Miscellaneous File   About 1839  Case Unknown

McMinn Co.;  At request of Patrick T. Trotter, John Amos deposes that it is notoriously known in McMinn Co. that John Elliott is insolvent;  10 Mar. 1839


012)  Miscellaneous File    About 1848, Howard vs John Howard

Two letters from J.T. Hicks, Franklin N.C.  30 Sept. 1848 and 2 Apr 1849, to Joseph B. Haskell at Madisonville,  Execution issued by Court is not paid


013)  Miscellaneous File    About 1861  James McGuire and others

vs Sarah McGuire widow of Josiah McGuire  Only paper is Bill of Cost for Dower   Sep 1861


014)  Miscellaneous File  About 1860  Exhibit to Raleigh Chesnutt's deposition is a copy of Will of William Maples.  McMinn Co. (as in Book F. p.188)  Also sale of Maples personal estate.  Will probated 5 Jul 1858.  Wm. H. Maples declined to serve as Exec. and Raleigh Chesnutt appointed Adm.


015)  Revolutionary Pension Application of Thomas Basinger

Monroe Co., Tenn. county Court  16 Sep 1834  Born Rowan Co., N.C.  19 May 1762.  In year 1777 he thinks while an apprentice to the potter's trade, his master Henry Berrett was drafted for 3 mos. to serve in Capt. Peter Fort Infantry Co. to guard the jail in said county which was full of Tory prisoners.  Basinger served in, place of his master, being strong, altho but 15.  Company was never called out of Salisbury, and he served full 3 mos. under Capt. Fort and Lt. Fhas. Dunn.  His master died during this three months.  To keep from being bound out again, he enlisted in cavalry under Capt. Oliver Lagum.  James Craige was Lt. and the Col. was Jacob  Fisher, Genl. James Rutherford.  After enlisting he was kept in Salisbury about 4 weeks, then marched down to Camden and kept there until British troops came on under Cornwallis., who defeated them, and Basinger and others escaped and went back to Salisbury.  Capt. Langum being still commanding.  When Cornwallis came near Salisbury, he escaped with others to the horse shoe neck on the Yadkin.  Remained until Corwallis had crossed the river and gone on towards Gullford.  Returned to Salisbury where he and several other young ones who did not want to go to Virginia were dismissed by Capt. Langum, who was going to Va.  Applicatt has lived in Meckenburg Co., N.C. ever since the Rev. War until 5 yrs. ago he moved to Monroe Co.  His neighbors are Chas. Donohoo, Col. Jno. Lowry, James Reagan, Jno. Beaty.  There is no clergyman in his neighborhood.  Andrew McCredie and John Beaty are character witnesses.  McCreddie knew Basinger for 10 or 15 yrs. in N.C.


016)  Miscellaneous File  About 1848  Refunding Bond only,  15,Jun 1848;  In 1843 P.W. Norwood as Adm. of Joseph R. Henderson;  John Henderson was Adm. of Andrew Henderson;  now Charles Norwood is successor to one of them; something about suit of Wm. P.H. McDermott and Thomas Henderson.


017)  Miscellaneous File  About 1840  Circuit Court

Wm.J. Spillman & Co. Vs Hugh S. Hamilton;  Debt.                                                                                                           Chancery Court, Madisonville

                       Rule Docket

                    Dec. 1836 - Mar. 1849


No.3)  Original Bill   Filed  29 Aug. 1832  Thomas C. Hindman, Admr. & vs  Sarah Holt and  James H. Reagan, Admrs.


No.9)  Original Bill  Filed  29 April 1833  Frederick Bolinger  vs  Benjamin Griffith John Lotspeich  Matthew Small  William Hogan


No.10)  Original Bill  Filed  14 May 1833  Francis U. Bulfinch vs Thomas Hunt and, A.P.H. Jordan


No. 11) and  No. 42)  (Not in Rule Docket)  Filed 31 Mar 1832

Cross Bill (No. 42? ) filed  8 Sep 1835 Samuel McConnell vs Chas. Kelso, John O. Cannon, Chas. Riley, James M. Greenway,

Jones Griffin, N.S. Peck, Nathan Hendrix, Jesse Melton, Saml. Bicknell, & Iredell D. Wright, Commissioners and former commm., and Anderson P.H. Jordan, Thos. Hunt, Arthur Anderson, John O. Cannon, Saml. Bicknell, Geo. W. Foute, & James M. Greenway, owners of lots.  1833, witness Nathaniel Smith, Entry Taker, about 42 deposes in Athens that in the morning before the Entry Taker's office opened (for Hiwasee Dist.) which was 2 Feb 1824, one of the Commissioners of Tellico, he thinks Chas. Kelso, gave him the number of Quarter section that the Commissioners had selected for benefit of said town, he wrote word Tellico on map at that section, and at door before opening, he read out this number and others reserved by Special Act of Legislature.

The Committee selected two sites for town, one on Tenn. River and one in Interior, to be voted on by the people.  Interior won.  Capt. Robt. Wear was employed to lay off the Town.

McConnell claims he bought the land at sale in Knoxville Dec. 1820.


No 12)  (Not on Rule Docket)  Filed  27 May 1833

James Humphreys & Samuel Lane  vs John Knox  All of Monroe County  At sale of Hiwassee Dist. lands in 1820, Joseph Wilson and James McAlister bought land on short prong of Fork Creek, on which Wilson had settled previously and had built a saw mill, in connection with one McGuire.  Both sold their interests.

1834 in Blount co., witnesses Thos. Blackburn, 67 and John Strain 58. 1834, witnesses John Graham, James Israel, Wm. Coffman, Wm. H. Greenway, Wyley Tucker, James Johnston, Leonard Swingle, Christopher Haynes, Larkin Thompson, all of lawful age, are all millwrights.  1834, witness Archibald Rhea 49 moved to Fork Creek About same time as Lane and Knox, and Lustre was in possession of the house on the tract.  Witness Michael Melone 29, was living on tract where Rhea now lives in 1823.  1833, Thos. Croft, 42, attended Wilson and McAlisters's saw mill for 2 yrs.

1834, witness Joseph Haskins, 54 lived with Saml. Lain about 1823.


No.13)  Injunction Bill Filed  27 May 1833

John Williams, Jacob Rogers, and others  vs James Berry & Jacob F. Foute  Berry & Foute are merchants of Blount Co.  Business suit.   File contains many notes and receipts and John Williams maybe Trustee.


No 14)  (Not on Rule Docket)  Filed  15 Oct 1833

Joseph Smith and Wife Martha  vs Jesse Melton, Jarrot & Edy Stow, Charles Carter & wife Sally, Abel Stow of Monroe Co. died intestate some time past, leaving children Martha wife of Joseph Smith of Monroe Co., Sally wife of Chas. Carter of Bibb Co., Ala., Jarrot Stow of Monroe Co., and John Stow of Madison Co., Ill.  Adm. granted mar 1828 to widow Edy Stow Sr. and son Jarrett, and sometime after Edy Stow Sr. died intestate.  Child John Stow of Ill. has since died leaving Edy Stow Jr. his only heir and now of Knox Co., Tenn.  Jarrett gave up Admn. and Jesse Melton, then of Monroe Co., and now removed to parts unknown.

Chas. Carter Jr. husband of Sally, signs as Chas. W. Carter.  File contains transcript of Circt. Ct Case, Dec 1829, Chas. Carter & wife vs. Jarret Stow.  1834, witnesses Wm. Bayless 59, Jas. Buckner 59, Thos. Stone 40, Henry Wisemer 52, Jesse Malone 50, Isaac Shelton 45, Joseph Thomas 32, Alfred McSpadden 28, Josiah Carter 36, Saml. Blackburn 49, Blackburn says Melton was absent about 18 mos. and left notes for him in collect.


No. 15)       (Not in Rule Docket)  Filed 23 Oct 1833  Isham Bradley vs Thomas Hunt  Concerns mortgage of land.


No. 17)      (Not in Rule Docket)  Filed  27 Oct 1833

Iredell D. Wright  vs John Dean  Concerns Mortage.


No. 19)      (Not in Rule Docket)  Filed  12 Nov 1833

Joseph Donohoo  vs Nathan Harris  Note Debt


No 21)  Original Bill   Filed  13 Feb 1835

James Ainsworth vs  William Ainsworth, Senr., William Ainsworth,Junr., John McGhee & R.J. Meigs.


No. 23)  Original Bill  Filed  14 April 1834

Richard Stephens vs Isaac Baker, William Upton, S. Blankenship & H. Orman


No. 27)  Inj. Bill  Filed  7 June 1834

William L. Atlee & Geo. S. Gilbert  vs Samuel D. Kelly  Business suit.


No. 32)  Bill  Filed 18 Sept. 1834

Thomas Blackburn  vs Robert Allen and others  In loose papers.  Blackburn of Blount Co.  Defendants are Allen and the heirs and Adms. of Isom Blankenship dec'd and later in Bill of Revi: against the heirs of Robert Allen dec'd.  Land in dispute where Robert Allen still resides in Blount Co. is levied on in 1828 for debt against Allen by Valentine Thacker;  land was sold to Danl. D. Foute, redeemed by Sheriff William Wallace a creditor and then redeemed by Blackburn a creditor.  the land was granted to Isom Blankenship in 1808 who sold it to Allen giving title bond.  Purchase money has been paid. Isom Blankenship died intestate 2 or 3 yrs. ago leaving heirs; John Blankenship of Henderson Co,; Spencer Blankenship, Betsy wife of John Watson, and Polly Farmer formerly Blankenship, all of Monroe Co.; Gilbert of Blount Co.; and Sally wife of William Adams of Carroll Co., Ga. Samuel Johnston and Wm. Upton are Adms.  Blackburn has not been able to get deed.  The Chancery Court at Madisonville in 1834 consists of Dist. of Blount, Monroe, and McMinn Cos.  and later of Bradley Co.  In 1834 Sheriff of Blount co. reports that Robert has been absent out of the county some time past.  Robert Allen dies during the suit by Mar 1836 leaving widow Mary of Bradley Co. (or Blount) and children; James P., Isaac A. (the Adm.), Peggy wife of Wm. Taylor, Amy Rhea, Patty wife of Absolem Sparks, all of Blount Co. and John, Robert J. and Swan Allen all of Bradley Co.  Issac and James P. Allen answer that among Robert Allen's papers they have found a deed Oct. 1813 from Isom Blankenship to Allen; that in 1816 John Winton has land levied on for debt and it was sold to James Henry; that after the time for redemption but before the sale from Wallace to Foute, that they (the Allens) bought the land from Henry getting deed; and they are the bona fide owners of land.  James Henry confirms this.  Blackburn is assessed with cost.


No. 33)  (Not in Rule Docket) Bill of Injuction  Filed 18 June 1834   John Morris  vs John Hankins  About 27 Sep 1832 Morris' wife died: they had had no children.  1835, Mahala McDaniel, 24, lives 8 mi. below Athens, is unmarried, has been at Mr. Morris' since Wed.:  Mr. Morris went down to McMinn Co. to bring her to give evidence.  1835, witnesses Thos. Jordan 56, Wm. Cook 22, Asberry Smith 26, Joseph Cook 44, Isaac Denton 30, John Avans 22, Wm. L. Callaway 28, and Jacob W. Payne, Thos. Divine, John Kennedy, Geo. C. Harris and James M. Pearson al of lawful age.  One witness thinks Mr. Morris is about 50.


No. 35)  Inj. Bill  Filed  31 Oct. 1834  George W. Churchwell  Peabody Riggs, & ca et als vs  Hiram K. Turk, Thomas J. Turk,  William Lowry and James Coggburn  Wm. Lowry not to be found in Blount Co. and has been absent from this state for sometime past.  Hiram Turk merchant of Monroe Co. 1839:  Sheriff of Monroe Co. says Hiram Turk ran away, that a letter from him was written Jun 1839 from Mo. and he is told Turk is now in Texas.


No. 36)  O. Bill  Filed  Nov 1834  John Sharp  vs Thomas L. Twomy  Not listed wrote docket.  1835:  witness Robert Sharp 22 is son of John Sharp.  Witness Peter Twomey 20 is son of Thomas L.


No. 37)     O. Bill   Filed 20 Nov. 1834         John McGhee, Arthur H. Henley,  John Callaway, Thos. H. Callaway  vs  Henry Stephens & R.J. Meigs  Papers sent to Ch. Ct. at Knoxville March 1838.


No. 38) O. Bill    Filed  16 Dec. 1834  Thomas Henderson vs John Lowry and William Lowry


No. 39)  Filed 16 Dec 1834 Benjamin C. Jamison vs  Eli Cleveland and Geo. Yoakum  All of Monroe Co.


No. 40)     Inj. Bill  Filed 10 Jan. 1835 James Steed and Martin Cassady  vs  William McDaniel Copy of Bill & Subpoena issued and sent by mail to Shff. Hamilton County T.  Mar. 1836


No. 41)        (Not in Rule Docket)     Filed  14 Feb 1835

Arthur Orr  vs  Findley Orr.  Orrs were Partners in business of wagoning in 1826 or 1827.



No. 43)  Transferred from Circuit Court & Papers Filed in This Office  1 April 1835 William I.J. Morrow, George D. Edgar and John Mize, Sr. vs  Iredell D. Wright and Samuel Bayless

May Term of Circuit Court 1832.  Bill is taken as confessed as to Respt Samuel Bayless and as to him set for hearing.


No. 44)   Cross Bill  Transferred from Circuit Court

Papers filed in this office   1 April 1835

Iredell D. Wright  vs W.J.J. Morrow, George D. Morrow  Thomas Henderson, James W. Meek & Samuel Bayless


No. 45)    Bill of Foreclosure   Filed  14 May 1835

John Locke & Palatiah Shelton, Execs. of Wm. S. Leuty dec'd and Robt. N. Gillespie and wife Sidney Ann late Leuty, Staunton Leuty, Thos. Leuty, Barton Leuty, children of Wm. S. Leuty dec'd and Mary Leuty widow. vs Gideon Morgan Jr.  Staunton, Thomas, and Burton or Barton are minors.  Complainants are of Rhea Co. and Morgan is of Monroe Co.  Morgan mortgaged Major Walker's Upper Reservation or Mill-place on Eastanallee Creek in McMinn Co.


No. 46)   Inj.  Bill   Filed  25 June 1835  William Hale vs Jacob Sencybough  Publication made in Tennessee Journal Sept.  Rules 1836.  Hale of Monroe Co. gave his note in 1828 to Sencybaugh then of McMinn and now of Ala.  


No. 47)   Inj.  Bill   Filed  22 July 1835   James P. Hazens  vs  William G. White, Samuel White   Erby Boyd


No. 48)   O. Bill  Filed  22 Sept. 1835  R.J. Meigs, Elihu S. Barcklay  vs  John B. Hood and the Commissioners of Athens


No. 50)    O. Bill    Filed 22 Sept. 1835  William H. Cook  vs Jeremiah Lillard and  his wife Jemima: Saml. Miranda, Francis, Catherine, and Alfred Thompson, heirs of Alfred Thompson, decd.:  Mary Thompson and Daniel, Samuel, Robert, Miranda, John, William, Amy and Samuel Thompson, Samuel Riggs and wife Mary; Michael C. Derrick and his wife Emmily, and Elizabeth Masters.

Rules 1837.  Sold land April 10, 1837 to Complt W.H. Cook for $1252.


No. 51)    O. Bill   Filed  6 Nov. 1835  Noble J. Tunnell vs  Michael Ghormley


No.53)    O. Bill    Filed 12 Nov. 1835  Joshua Parson & Hugh Ghormley  vs John Callaway, A.H. Henley & Thomas H. Callaway, Exrs. of Jos. Callaway.   Only a note to take depos.


No.55)    Inj.    Filed  24 Nov. 1835  Hiram K. Turk vs George C. Harris


No.57)    O. Bill   Filed  1 Jan. 1836 Harvey C. Tatum vs Jesse Kerr and Richard White.


No.58)  Inj. Bill  Filed 16 Jan. 1836  John Steel, Saml. Blackburn & Mira T. Blackburn  vs  David Bell & Saml. Bell, Assignees of Fred S. Heiskell  Steele of Ala. on visit to Tenn., learned from Saml. Blackburn's wife that Saml. was financially embarrassed and could not redeem slave from Nicholas B. Upton.  Steele redeemed slave but had Bill of Sale made to Mira L., daughter of Samuel Blackburn.


No. 59)  O. Bill Filed 26 March 1836  Isaac Denton, Admr. vs Betsy Rollins, et als  Land sold Dec. 29, 1839 to Harbard Hutson for $120.


No.60)     O. Bill   Filed  28 March 1836 Medtart & Mason & Meredith & Spencer vs Samuel Blackburn, George W. Churchwell


No.61)    Inj. Bill Filed  13 May 1836  Ann Turk vs William Turk and Arch D. R. Turk


No.62)    O. Bill   Filed 16 May 1836 Joseph Smith & Martha Smith vs Jarrot Stow, Samuel Blackburn and Jesse Melton


No.63)    O. Bill   Filed 20 June 1836 Patrick S. Peck vs Joseph R. Henderson, Executor of And Henderson, and Polly Wilson, John Henderson, Nicholas S. and Nancy Peck, Charles W. & Malinda Norwood, David and Betsy Wear, Robert N. Henderson, and Shadrack & Sally K. Inmann.


No.64)  Trans. from Athens.  Papers in this case filed in Office

20 June 1836.  O. Bill in Circuit Court    Oct. 1835 Mary Smith for herself & as Gurardian of the minor heirs of James Smith dec'd. vs. John Smith, Israel Smith, and Joseph Smith, defendants.


No. 65)   Filed 20 June 1838 John L. McCarty, Exr vs Betsy Walker John L. Walker, Exe vs Gideon Morgan & Robert T. Hanks     Supl. Bill filed 29 May 1839


No.66)  Inj. Bill    Filed  20 June 1836 Samuel McConnell vs Abraham Utter


No.67)  O. Bill No. 67)  Filed  21 June 1836 John K. Farmer vs Nathaniel Carey, et al


No.68)    O. Bill  Filed  22 Aug. 1836 Joseph R. Henderson, W.P.H. McDermott vs N.S. Peck and wife, Jacob J.M. Peck, et als


No.69)  Filed 26 Aug. 1836 Aaron Haynes, Jas. P. Haynes vs Elizabeth Haynes, the widow and the minor heirs of John Haynes dec'd. Elizabeth Haynes summoned in Carter Co. Complainants are Adms. of John Haynes.  Minor children are James P., Martha Jane, William, and John.


No.70)  Charles Kelso and James Pursley, Gdns. of heirs of James Torbett dec'd. vs John Hall and Margaret Hall Copy of Circuit Ct. Case 1836 Suit over slave Synthia.  Heirs of James Torbett dec'd are Caswell, Marcena, James W., Mahala, Terressa, & Margaret.  Depositions to be taken of David W. (Woods) McReynolds of N.C., Hugh B. Leeper and Bery Abernathy and Joseph Duncan of Blount Co., Martha Miller of Roane Co., Caswell Hall and Marvel Duncan of Walker  Co., Ga., Betsy scroggs of Blount Co., Rebecca Sherrill of Bledsoe Co., James Wily of Blount Co., James Sevier of Washington Co.


No.70B)    Not numbered   Before 1836 Case begun in Circuit Ct. and transferred to Chanc. Ct. Michael Carroll vs John Ware On 9 May 1826 Michael Carroll of Monroe Co. was possessed of a certain Bloomery forge in good repair for mfg. of iron on Tellico River and a grist mill for grinding corn at same place as the surviving partner of James Bradley dec'd with whom he erected said mill and forge:  partnership became greatly indebted;  John Ware of Monroe Co. became a partner:  the ore banks from which the iron is made are situated from 1 1/4 to 2 miles to said forge.  Ware was the operator of the forge, and has let it run down, and now wants dissolution of partnership.  Circuit Court case is evidently about 1827; Chancery Court decree is 1836, and the copy is made 1838.  This probably belongs in another file as evidence.  John Ware is summoned in Bradley Co., arrested Aug. 1837 and put in jail in McMinn Co. as there is no jail in Bradley; after 1 hour Mr. Vandyke got him out.


No.71)      O. Bill  Filed 4 Dec. 1836.Anderson P.H. Jordan vs William Bayless and Martina Hunt, Admrs.


No.72)    Inj. bill  Filed 7 Dec. 1836 Gideon Morgan vs  David Vann


No.73) Filed 19 Dec. 1836 Andrew Cowan vs Oswell Phillips


No.74)     Inj. Bill Filed 20 Dec 1836 Joseph Donohoo, et al, School Commrs. vs The Heirs of And Miller


No.75)    Inj.  Bill   Filed 31 Dec 1836 Saml Blackburn vs Thomas & George, C & M C Cope, R.B. Allen, E. Blackburn & G.W. Churchwell


No.76)    O. Bill   Filed 13 Feb. 1837 Carey S. Callaway & Isaac Denton vs Joseph Donahoo


No.77)   Inj. Bill   Filed 3 May 1837 Singleton McKeel and James Shelton vs Absalom Hooper and Gharrett Foster       Bradley


No.78)      Inj. Bill   Filed 4 May 1837 William Upton,  Will A. Upton, Joseph Upton & David Lowry vs Caray S. Callaway, Jacob Baker, Isaac Denton, and Jos. Donahoo


No.79)  Bill   Filed 22 May 1837 David Sellers vs  James Adair and Will Ainsworth


No.80)   Filed 19 June 1837 Matthew W. Smith, Asberry W. Smith and others, Heirs of John N. Smith  vs Richard Stephens, John Cole, Joshua Wimpy, Daniel Prince, Abel Richeson, Phillip Trotter, Sarah, Martha A., Mary Ann Elizabeth, Scott R. & Isabella O. Bonham and Mary Smith.


No.81)    Filed 1837 John McGhee vs John Lyon


No.82)    Filed 10 July 1837 Thos. L. Williams vs Thomas Crutchfield


No.83)    Filed 24 Oct. 1837 Tidence Lane vs Thos. Kirkman, James Kirkman, Gharett For and Christopher Ballard



No.84)  Filed 18 Dec. 1837 James Gettys vs Margaret E. Walker, James H. Walker, Will T. Walker, Minor heirs of Will L. Walker dec.


No.85)    Filed 18 Dec. 1837 Will A. Upton & Mahala Upton, and Margaret, Elizabeth, James, William, Martha & Mary M. Blair. vs John McGhee


No.86)    Filed 27 Dec. 1837 Amos Brimer and Vesta Brimer vs Jesse Leming, E.C. Hooper and Executors of Jos. Callaway


No.87)   Filed 30 Dec. 1837 Hannah, Silas, Rhoda, et als, by next friend, Jno. Lowry vs Patrick McClung and James Houston, Exrs. of Wm. McClung dec'd. Sometime since in Blount Co., Wm. McClung died testate, freeing slaves and giving them money to go to Africa or Liberia.


No.88)   Inj. Bill  Filed 24 Jan. 1838 John Hartly vs George Winton  G. Winton's death suggested Sept. term 1839


No.89)  Filed 25 Jan 1838 Marshall Cunningham & Amand Bond, Admrs, R.A. Bryant (Richard A.) vs Catharine Briant, widow & Robert, George, Mary, Martha, Washinton, John, Alexander, Elizabeth, Lewis, William & Mariah, children & heirs of said R.A. Bryant, dec. Bryant of McMinn Co. died in Nov 1838 intestate.  Catherine answers that Robert & George were over 21 when Bill was filed.


No.90)  Filed 9 April 1838 Mashack Gentry vs  Allen D. Gentry


No.91) Inj. Bill  Filed April 1838 Richard Rothwell vs Humphry Reynolds, Marshall W. Cunningham and James Getty  Rothwell of McMinn Co. in 1834 was about to take trip to Va. and to secure Isham Keith his debtor he made D of T to Cunningham.  Rothwell sues as Pauper, 1839: witness Williamson B. Rothwell deposes in Miller Co., Mo.  1839:  witness Wellington Rothwell, 22 is son of Richard.


No.92)     Inj. Bill  Filed 1 May 1838 E.B. Layless vs Luna Payne & John M. Gibbs


No.93)       Inj. Bill   Filed 15 May 1838 Samuel Patterson  vs G. Smith and D. Kelso


No.94)     Inj. Bill  Filed 24 May 1838 Isaac A. Miller and N. Swann vs D.M. Harlin, Silas & Hannah Perry and James Tucker

Comp. and Resp. were partners in merchandising.


No.95)     Inj.  Bill  Filed 4 June 1838 Rebecca Agnew, by her next friend G. Cannon vs E.H. Wear, J.O. Cannon, and John Agnew, Guilford Cannon & H.J. Harris, Secs.


No.96)    O.  Bill   Filed 9 June 1838 Benjamin Howard vs Saml. Wear, John H. Porter, Jno. J. Humphreys, & Joseph Donohoo

Decree Mar 1842:  Bill was revived against Robt. Weir, Adm. of E.H. Weir Dec'd and Margaret Emeline Weir, minor heirs.  Suit concerns sale of Lot 10 in Madisonville.