No.170)  Filed 15 May 1841 Mary C. Jones vs Calvin T. Jones  Martin P. Jones, Sec.  Petition for divorce granted- desertion.


No.171)    Attachment Bill.  Filed 25 May 1841 McClung, Wallace & Co. vs R.D. Blackstone  Business Suit.  Richard D. Blackstone now of Ark. Joseph Inman now of Ga.  James Vaughn of Monroe Co.


No.172)     Inj. Bill  Filed June 1841 George Sehorn vs  Jacob Fisher, Augustus Fisher, & Henry Rider  A.W. Elder, Sec.  Jacob Fisher, Augustus Fisher and Henry Rider had built a house for George Sehorn and had sued him on the note he had made for part of the bill.  Sehorn claims he shouldn't have to pay the note he had signed as the work wasn't properly done.  The Fishers & Rider claim that they did the best they could do with the material Sehorn furnished for the job.  All of McMinn Co.  House was built in Athens.


No.173)      Inj. Bill  Filed 19 June 1841 William White & William White Jr. & David White  vs  John F. Gillespy   Benjn. White,Sec.  William White Sr. and David White, of Bradley County & William White Jr. of Monroe County were arrested in Bradley Co. on 19 April 1839 on a charge of homicide.   They were taken to Calhoun in McMinn Co. & held in custody.  They employed John F. Gillespie an Atty. to represent them.  They were tried in Circuit court in McMinn County also represented by Jarnigan & Wodford.  They had signed a note for $300 when they employed Gillespie.  They claim Gillespie did not carry through in the litigation after the first trial and that his fee was not earned.  Gillespie had sued on the note in Polk Co. and received a judgement against the Whites.  They want the judgement set aside.


No.174)   Petition for Divorce  Filed 8 July 1841 Marinda Frizzell vs A.J. Frizzell  John Cox,Sec.   Mirinda Frizzell had married Allerson Frizzell in Hawkins Co. about 11 years ago.  Accuses him of non support and adultery.  Lived in town of Philadelphia, in Monroe Co.   J.H. Stephens testifies that Mrs. Frizzell is of good character and lives with a good family that of John Franks.  F.K. Berry age 32, Andrew Watson Carney, age 22, John Roberts, age 52, and John H. Stephens age 27 all testify.


No.175)   Inj. Bill   Filed 19 July 1841 Gideon Morgan vs Spencer Jarnagin & A. Bacum   G.W. Torbitt, Sec.


No.176)   Petition for sale of negroes  Filed 22 July 1841

William Coker and Robert McAdams, Admrs. vs The heirs of John McAdams  John McAdams, of Monroe Co. died sometime in 1840 intestate leaving as heirs:  Robert McAdams, John McAdams, Isaac McAdams, Sibby McAdams, Sarah McAdams, and Maryan Coker and her husband Wm. Coker. (name of Maryan, wife of William Coker is not given in these papers but in the next suit no. 177 on the docket) Sarah McAdams is a minor and the court is asked to appoint Legrand Henderson as her guardian.  Wm. Coker and Robert McAdams had been appointed  administrators of the estate of John McAdams and petition the court to sell the slaves so distribution to the heirs can be made.  Names of the slaves were Susan, Andrew, Mark, Richard, and Rachel.  They were sold to Thomas S. Upton, Elias Lynn, Wm. Coker and John McAdams.  There were only four slaves at death of John but one had been born, since, evidently boy Andrew.


No.177)  Petition for division of land  Filed 22 July 1841

Robt. McAdams, John McAdams, Isaac McAdams, Seba McAdams, William Coker and wife Maryan  vs Sarah McAdams and her Gdn. Legrand Henderson  Petition for partition of land of John McAdams dec'd among his heirs, the parties to the suit.  Portion on which McAdams lived being NW Quar. of Joseph Phillips Reservation, given to Seba McAdams now Sebbe Lynn and Sarah McAdams.  Isaac McAdams given part in Monroe Co. and part in Polk Co.  Wm. Coker & wife Miram get land in Monroe, Polk, & Bradley Cos.  Sebbe Lynn's husband is Lyas Lynn.


No.178)     Original Bill  Filed 10 Aug 1841 James K. Farmer and James Gettys  vs Dempsey Casey  Thomas Vaughn, Sec.  In December 1837 James K. Farmer sold to Dempsey Casey town property in Athens, McMinn Co., the lot on which Farmer's house, his former residence stands, except for his medical office, the ground he had sold to Robert Frazier, also his back lot just back of his residence and back of Isaac Crow or what was Isaac Crow's, and also the 1/4 of the lot that Isaac Crow then lived on, being the part that Farmer purchased from Crow and on which his kitchen was, for the consideration of $1100.  Farmer sold notes on the property to James Gettys and they are now suing for payment.  Casey does not deny the notes and agrees to the sale which is made.  Gettys bid the property in for $100.


No.179)     Inj. Bill  Filed 28 Aug 1841 John Wilson & H. Hatton vs Thos. Lattimore in the month of January 1840 John Wilson hired a negro boy Lawson from Thos. Lattimore for 1 years service.  The boy had been raised by the father of Thos. Lattimore and belonged to his brother.  Wilson signed a note for $105 for the service.  Henry Hatton signed the note as security.  Wilson claims the boy was not sound and was sick a lot.  He had been sent home sick several times.  Thos. Lattimore had gotten judgement on the note from the Circuit Court of McMinn County.  Wilson wants credit on the note for 5 months which the boy had not worked.


No.180)     Inj. Bill    Filed 30 Aug. 1841 Gideon Morgan vs A.H. Henly, D. Russell, & Jno. Lowry   P. Hood, Sec.    D. Russell from Ga. and John Lowry of Ala.  Morgan was sued by Defendants in 1827 and judgement was received.  This was paid through John McGhee but defendants are still harrassing him about it, wants them enjoined and required to funish him with a release.


No.181)  Filed 6 Sept. 1841 Jane C. Douglass vs  Harriet & Alexr Hogshead, Mary E. Douglass  Joseph B. Douglass, et als  Copy of Will only.  Made 10 Dec 1839---see suit #395


No.182)    Petition for Dower  Filed 9 Sept. 1841 Fanny Grimmett vs Joseph D. Jones, Guardian pends lite of Hannah, Catherine, Patsey, William & Caroline Grimmett, Fannie Grimmet, widow of Samuel Grimmet dec'd late of Monroe Co. petitions for dower.


No.183)    Inj. Bill   Filed 13 Sept 1841 Thomas J. Caldwell & David Caldwell vs  Jesse Kerr  Charles Donohoo, Sec.


No.184)   Inj. Bill    Filed 21 Sept. 1841 Theophilus Smith vs Jonathan Thomas  James Spencer, Sec.


No.185)   Filed 21 Sept 1841 Elliot Peck, Admr. of G.H. Peck deceased vs  The Creditors of the Said estate  Sept. term 1843. Complt Sol suggested the death of Coplt and suit revived in the name of Will F. Peck, Amr doe bones non of Gilbert H. Peck, decd.

In original bill Elliott Peck states that his son Gilbert H. Peck died in Hamilton Co. on 3rd of Aug. 1840 leaving a widow, Comfort who has since her husbands death been delivered of a male child named Gilbert H. Peck.  Widow and child now live in Granger Co. Elliott was appointed adms. of the estate of Gilbert H. Peck by the Hamilton County Court on 5th of Oct. 1840.  There are a good many creditors of the estate of which he wants made a party to the suit to prove their claims and be enjoined from suing on same.  On the 22nd of Sept. 1841 an order was issued by Chancery Court C&M that all proceedings on the Peck estate be transferred from the County Court of Hamilton Co. to Court in Monroe Co.  Property of est. was sold at Cleveland in Bradley Co. ( Copy of sale in file) and in McMinn Co. at residence of Elliott Peck. and at Chattanooga in Hamilton Co.   On 4th Sept. 1843 Wm. F. Peck is appointed adms. of the unadministered estate of Gilbert H. Peck dec'd .  The term adms. De bones non is used.  Nothing is said about Elliott Peck the former adms.  This action in Hamilton Co.


No.186)  Filed 10 Oct. 1841 The State of Tennessee, by Saml. Frazier, Atto. Genl. vs  Joseph Ruth, Pleast. M. Ruth, and Few Gregory


No.187)  Filed 10 Oct. 1841 The State of Tennessee, by S. Frazier, Atty. vs Gideon Morgan and Few Gregory


No.188)  Filed 10 Oct. 1841 The State of Tennessee, by S. Frazier, Atto. vs John McCasland and Few Gregory


No. 189)   Inj. Bill  Filed 18 Oct. 1841 Henry Grady and Elijah Herbert vs David W. McReynolds, Wm. A. & Thomas L. Upton, Preston Starrett & A. Rider, Sec.  Business suit concerned with debts, Bonds, Securities, etc.  Henry Grady and Elijah Herbert of Cherokee Co. N.C.  The Uptons of Monroe Co. Tenn.  copy of a suit filed in Cherokee Co. N. C.  is filed in this suit.  Other suits are combined with this suit through agreement, those of : Beach Power & Boy (of Charleston S.C.) vs D.W. McReynolds, John W. Grady, Wm. & Thomas Upton;  H.W. Conner & CO. vs same defendants;  I & J. McBride & CO. vs same defendants;  W.R. Utter vs same defendants plus Henry Grady and Elijah Herbert.


No.190)      Inj. Bill  Filed 26 Oct. 1841 Hyatt McBurney & Co. vs D.W. McReynolds, Wm. A. & Thomas L. Upton & John Grady

Preston Starritt, J.W. Woodfin & Will Hale, Secs.  Combined with suit 189 by court with with same.


No.191)    Inj. Bill Filed 26 Oct. 1841 Beach, Power & Boyce vs Upton, McReynolds & Grady  J.W. Woodfin, Preston Starritt & W. Hale , Secs.  Combined with Suit No. 189 by Court and filed with same.


No.192)     Inj. Bill  Filed 26 Oct. 1841  H.W. Conner & Co. vs  Upton, Grady & McReynolds  J.W. Woodfin, P. Starritt, and W. Hale, Secs.  Combined with suit 189 by Court and filed with same.


No.193)     Inj. Bill  Filed 5 Nov. 1841 R.C. Baldwin & Co. vs John W. Grady, D.W. McReynolds, Francis McGhee, W.A. and T.L. Upton,  H.H. Stephens, Jno. Torbett & Jehu Stephens, Secs.  Combined with Suit No. 189 by court and filed with same.


No.194)    Inj. Bill  Filed 5 Nov. 1841 J. & J. McBride & Co. vs J.W. Grady, D.W. McReynolds, W.A. & Th. L. Upton  H.H. Stephens, Jno. Torbitt & Jehu Stephens, Secs.  Combined by Court with Suit No. 189 and filed with same.


No.195)   Inj. Bill  Filed 8 Nov. 1841 Will B. Utter vs  J.W. Grady, D.W. McReynolds, Henry Grady, Elijah Herbert, W.A. & Thos. L. Upton  Jason McMullen, Sec. Combined by court with Suit No.189 and filed with same.


No.196)     Inj. Bill  Filed 9 Nov. 1841 Johnston Minton vs John Matlock, Exr of Charles Matlock


No.197)    O. Bill   Filed 10 Jan. 1842 Robert Snead vs Nancy Jane Glass & Stephen McCaslin, her Guardian and litem


No.198)     Inj. Bill   Filed 20 Jan 1842 James Vaughn vs Alexr. Hart, Executor of W. Price  Wm. Ainsworth, Sec.


No.199)  Inj. Bill  Filed 20 Jan. 1842 John J. Humphreys vs James Donohoo, Thos. J. Harper, G.W. Wacaster & James Edmonson Wm. Ainsworth, Sec.


No.200)    Inj. Bill   Filed 21 Jan. 1842 Thomas Crutchfield vs Thomas N. Clark, Admr of John Martin  S. Jarnagin,Sec.


No.201)  Filed 26 Jan. 1842 Barcklay McGhee, Joseph J. Walker & wife Rachel, & Jane McGhee vs Nancy McGhee & the heirs of Alexr. McGhee & John McGhee,  E. Alexander, Sec.  Answers of Nancy McGhee, widow of Alexander McGhee and John McGhee for himself and as guardian for John McGhee, Thomas Lyles McGhee, and Mary Jones McGhee, minor heirs of Alexander McGhee.  Nancy is content with her dower laid off by commissioners appointed by the chancery court, being the land she now lives on lying east of the road leading from Maryville to Louisville amounting to 1352 hundred acres being content that it is one third of her husbands real estate.  Boundaries of land are given.  It includes mansion house, out houses and stables.  John McGhee states it is true that Alexander McGhee died in Blount County in June 1841 leaving heirs and real estate held by himself and some held jointly with John McGhee.  He feels it is better for all concerned that the partition of land be made by the court as requested by the bill.  The jointly owned land was that John McGhee & his brother Matthew McGhee owned and now belongs 3/4 ths to him and 1/4th to heirs of Alexander McGhee ex. McGhee left widow Nancy of Blount Co. an heirs Barclay, Rachel wife of Joseph J. Walker, Jane all of age, and minors John , Thomas Lyles, and Mary Jones McGhee, whose Gdn. is John McGhee of Monroe Co. This is petition to have land partitioned among heirs (not sold).


No.202)   Inj. Bill  Filed 15 Feb. 1842 William Lowery vs Seter Price & Co. & John G. Glass  Lowry of McMinn Co. John C. Glass now of Hamilton Co. Siter Price & Co. of Phila. Pa.


No.203)    O. Bill  Filed 19 Feb. 1842 Gideon Morgan vs James S. Bridges  J.J. Humphreys,Sec.  Gideion Morgan of Monroe County charges that in the year 1823 or 1824 he and James S. Bridges, then of Knox County, now of McMinn County formed a partnership in the Merchantile business in Knoxville.  Bridges being poor Morgan furnished the capital and Bridges ran the business.  After about a year they moved the business to Calhoun in McMinn County, and continued the business for several years.  Morgan paid off bills for the firm.  A Baltimore firm sued Morgan on the firms debts and attached valuable property near Knoxville, causing a big lose to Morgan.  He can not get Bridges to let him see the books or get an accounting from him.  Bridges answers that the business was disolved in 1826 and that any complaint that Morgan had would have been over three years before filing of the bill.  He also states that Morgan received all or more than he was due from the business, in fact took everything.  No papers in file to show how the case came out.


No.204)    O. Bill   Filed 14 March 1842 James W. Lea vs Robert Wear, Admr.  Calvin H. Hall & James H. Greenway, Secs.  Papers cannot be read in full.


No.205)      Inj. Bill   Filed 5 March 1842 John Wilson vs Robert Smith & Lewis Hutchison  A.P. Green,Sec.  John Wilson of McMinn County bought rights to a patent from Smith & Hutchison and signed note for part of purchase price.  He claims the patent was misrepresented and that he should not have to pay the note.


No.206)    Inj. Bill  Filed March 1842 Robert Frazier and Ann Blackwell, John E.S. Blackwell and Adaline A. Blackwell vs Julius Blackwell, & John McKim Jr. and Sons  John L. Bridges,Sec.  Ann Blackwell is the mother of John E.S. and Adaline Blackwell.  All of Knox County.  Julius W. Blackwell of McMinn County was indebted to the Blackwells and made a Trust deed for their benefit to Robert Frazier of McMinn Count.  It had not been paid and John McKim Jr. & Son of Baltimore had sued Julius Blackwell and gotten a judgement against him which would be levied on the property held in Trust by Robert Frazier.  Frazier comes into court for protection in the case.


No.207)     Inj. Bill  Filed 5 March 1842 Robert Campbell vs  John Tener, Adam Tener, James Roberts & William Cates  J.F. Beradford, Sec.  Suit about debt. Robert Campbell of Roane Co., John Tener of Monroe Co. and Adam Tener of Bradley Co.  The Teners appear to be embarrassed financial and it is said they are selling their property to James Roberts preparing to leave the country.  Robert thinks that James Roberts holds a note on William Cate which he will give to the Tenners for the land, that they will collect on the note and leave.


No.208)   Inj. Bill   Filed March 1842 Pierce B. Anderson vs  Jno. McKim Jr. & Sons  O.G. Murrell, Sec.  Business Suit, McKim of Baltimore Md.  Anderson had signed note on Julius Blackwell as security and judgement was gotten in McMinn Co.  Circuit Court against both Blackwell as principal and Anderson as security.  See suits 189 etc.


No.209)  Petition for Division of Land  Filed 7 March 1842

M.M. Hix And G.M. Hix Admrs. of C. Hix vs Wyly Lassiter, Guardian of Sarah E. & Cyrus M. Hix  Charles Hix died in June 1836 in Monroe Co. intestate leaving Heirs; Mark M. Hix, Geo. M. Hix, Albert G. Hix, Charles R. Hix, Narcissa Hix, Eliza C. Hix, Westly L. Hix, Widow Sarah. (Eliza E. & Westly are minors).  In the fall of 1836 Charles R. Hix died intestate.  Alson in the fall of 1836 Albert G. Hix died intestate leaving minor heirs Sarah E. Hix and Cyrus M. Hix with their appointed guardian Wyly Lassiter.


No.210)   Attachment Bill   Filed 21 March 1842 Hugh E. Martin  vs H. Bacum  Few H. Gregory,Sec.  Suit to attache land for debt on note.


No.211)   O. Bill  Filed 12 May 1842  Orville Rice vs Samuel Y. Jamison & Joseph B. Fitzgerald  Ch. A. Rice,Sec.  Orville Rice, a resident of Hawkins Co. on the 20th of Novemember 1832 Orville Rice entered into a partnership Agreement with Samuel Y. Jameson of Monroe Co. and Joseph B. Fitzgerald of McMinn Co.  Rice was to order clocks and Jameson & Fitzgerald were to sell them, each furnishing his own horse and wagon and to hire at least 4 more hands to sell the clocks.  Rice wants a full accounting from Jameston.  An interesting letter from Augusta Ga. about Banking troubles of the time.  The firm was buying the clocks from S. Thomas in Conn.


No.212)  O. Bill   Filed 13 May 1842 James W. Stephenson, Admr. of John R. Davis, decd. vs Susan Davis & others, heirs of Jno. R. Davis, decd. & creditors


No.213)   Inj. Bill  Filed 30 May 1842 William Reynolds vs Drury A. Bacon  Few H. Gregory, Sec.  William Reynolds had borrowed money from Drury Bacon, paying him 20 percent interest and then 25.


No.214)    Inj. Bill  Filed 30 May 1842  William Henderson, Admr. of Jos. M. Broyless, decd vs The Creditors of Jas. M. Broyles, Decd.  William Henderson of Monroe County was appointed the administrator at the Feb. or Mar. 1842 County Court of Monroe County of the estate of James M. Broyles who had died in the month of January 1842.  Children and heirs of James M. Broyles are :  Joseph, Elizsa, Thomas, Augusta and Robert C. Broyles, all of whom are under the age of 21 and are residents with their uncle Cornelius Broyles in Rhea Count.  He asks that Cornelius Broyles be appointed guardian of the minors and that they be named in the suit with the creditors of the estate and the court take an account of the estate.  James M. Broyles wa clerk of the County Court of Monroe and at his death was in arrears to the Treasurer of Tennessee in the amount of between 2 and 3 hundred dollars.   Joseph A. Broyles who has arrived at the age of 21 the 17th of last and answers for himself and as guardian of Mary Eliza, Augusta E., Thos. R., and Robt. C. Broyles.  Agrees property should be sold.


No.215)  Inj. Bill  Filed 2 June 1842 Charlotte Clibourne & Madison Clibourne Execs. of Est. of Jubal Clibourne vs James Dardis & James Campbell  R.R. Clowder,Sec.  Jubal Clibourne bought land from James Campbell of Knox Co. Atty in fact for James Dardin, a tract of land in Knox County for $1200.  They claim Campbell misrepresented the lines of the land.  James Dardin answers from Franklin Co. Tenn.  Says Campbell is his son-in-law and he gave him power of atty. to sell the land and collect for same.  Suit is withdrawn by M. Clibourne 2 Oct. 1843.


No. 216)  O. Bill   Filed 4 June 1842 Hugh L. Middleton vs Amos Bond & Landon C. Peters and his wife Margaret, Isaiah, Henderson & Robert Smith, Charles Pickins & wife Malinda, Calloway, John, Erby, Joseph N., Matilda & Louisa Smith   Samuel Wilson,Sec.


No.217)    O. Bill  Filed 11 June 1842 Franklin L. Yoakum, Admr. of George Yoakum dec. vs Henderson Yoakum, B.M.E. Bayless & wife, Wesley Stephens & wife, Washington Yoakum, & Madison, Celia Ann, Martha, & Polly Ann Yoakum, minors.


No.218)  Cross Bill  Filed 21 July 1842 Johnston Minton vs Jonathan Thomas, A. & R. Boswell & Theophilus Smith  Franklin Yoakum, of McMinn Co. was appointed adms. of the estate of George Yoakum in Monroe Co., in March 1841  George Yoakum died leaving as heirs:  Henderson Yoakum, of Rutherford Co. Tenn., M.L. Bayless & husband Benj. M. Bayless, Emaly S. Stephens & husband Westley Stephens, Washington, Madison, Celia Ann, Martha and Polly Ann Yoakum of Monroe Co. Tenn.  Widow, Mary Yoakum, The above M.L. Bayless is supeoned as Louisa Bayless.


No.219)   O. Bill  Filed 4 Aug. 1842 Robert Sneed, Admr. of Saml. Grimmitt vs Hannah Grimmitt & others  Samuel Grummitt died less than two years ago in Monroe County. leaving minor children:  Hannah, Catherine, Patsey, William and Carolina.  Papers are torn and parts missing where name of widow is given.  However there is a subpoena issued where Fanny Grummitt is summoned to court to answer as guardian for the minor children so she is probably the widow.  Robert Sneed was appointed administrator.  He believes that the debts of the estate will probably be more than the assets and ask the court to sell the land etc.  The heirs and creditors being made defendants in the bill.


No.220)  Filed 5 Aug. 1842 D.J. Wilson, & J. Rowland vs James Caruthers, Joseph C. Pickins, Thomas Caldwell  J.W. Netherland, Sec.  David J. Wilson and Judith Rowland of Bottetorut Co. Va. complain to the court that in the year 1836 they became security of their brother William S. Wilson of Mississippi on a note for a debt to Frank T. Anderson.  They were sued on the obligation in Bottetourt Co. and paid the judgement.  Wm. L. Wilson died in March 1840 in Holmes Co. Miss. and adms. of his estate was given to James Caruthers and Joseph C. Pickens,  Wm. was possessed of a large estate consisting of lands, negroes and stock.  They understand that some of the negroes have been taken from the state of Miss. and brought to McMinn Co. Tenn.  and are in possession of Thomas Caldwell of McMinn Co.  Two negroes Jarret and Adam are in Caldwell's possession and one named Lizzy is either at Caldwells or ____Rothwell in McMinn or in the possession on Ralph Barksdale in Bradley Co.  Pray that the adms. in Miss., Caldwell, Rothwell & Barksdale be made defendants in the bill and brought into court to answer.


No.221)  Inj. Bill  Filed 18 Aug. 1842 Samuel Bell vs Saml. Henry, Jno. Hightower, E.P. Blackburn, & Gideon Blackburn, Flora Freeman, Eliza Hidgedon & husband Thos. , Grizzia Franklin & husband Edward, Isabella Blackburn & husband Andw., Jane, George, Barbara Bickness & husband Young L. . & Mira T. Blackburn a minor.  Th. C. Lyon. Sec.


No.222)  Attachment Bill   Filed 5 Sept. 1842 Joseph Johnston vs Gideon Morgan & R.P. Hanks  Guilford Gannon,Sec.


No.224)  Attachment Bill   Filed 23 Sept 1842 James W. Netherland & Tandy S. Rice vs Thomas Frazier  John J. Humphreys,Sec.  Business suit.  Thomas Frazier is about to remove out of Tenn.


No.225)   Inj. Bill  Field 24 Sept. 1842 Gideon Morgan, Adm. of Betsey walker dec'd vs John L. McCarty, Exec. of John Walker, Jr.  J.J. Humphreys, Sec.  Betsey Walker, mother of John Walker Jr. , died in Bradley Co. in 1839.  She and John Jr. were native Cherokees, she ignorant but he an educated man.  McCarty claims B of S for slaves from Betsey to John Jr. was legal B of S, but Morgan claims it was in fact a mortgage.  Slaves were Betsey's in own right as she and husband John Sr. had separated.  Slaves escaped from jail and were found in hands of Robert T. Hanks a son-in-law of Morgan's, and one in hands of McElrath in Knoxville, another son-in-law of Morgan's.


No.226)      Inj. Bill   Filed 28 Sept. 1842 James D. Henley vs  B. & N. Locke  Edmond R. Henley,Sec.  Henley is a constable of McMinn Co. and took two accounts to collect for the Lockes of Meigs Co.  The Lockes had sued him for accounts collected and had gotten judgement in McMinn Circuit Court.  Agreements were brought out about the collections, who was insolvent, etc.


No.227)   John Matlock vs  R.D. Jones, & the heirs of Nathaniel Smith, viz John W. Smith, Mary M. & her husband James Carr, Martha M. and her husband Thomas J. Matcalf & Wm. P., Nathl. H., Emily J., James C., Laura C., & Texana Smith  T.N. Van Dyke,Sec.  Prior to 29 Mar 1839, Nat Smith, since dec'd, and Robert D. Jones, who has absconded to parts unknown, entered into agreement that Smith sell lots to Jones, Smith left heirs:  John W. Smith, Mary M. Carr wife of James Carr, Martha M. Metcalfe wife of Thos. J. Metcalfe, Wm.P., Nathan H., Emily J., James C., Laura C., Texann Smith, the last six being minors.  Metcalfe & wife of McMinn Co. and others of Republic of Texas.  By 10 Jan 1844, Martha Metcalfe is a widow.  In Answer to Bill, Saml. H. Smith is named as an heir.


No.228)  Filed 26 Oct. 1842 Hiram Worley  vs  Thomas Jack and James Newland  T.N. Van Dyke, Sec.  Business suit.  Original Bill missing.


No.229)  Filed 31 Oct. 1842 James Parkinson vs  James H. Fyffe, George E. Mountcastle & R.J. Meigs  William Graves,Sec.  Parkinson claims Fyffe absconded from Tenn. leaving property in McMinn Co. and slave in hands of wife Nancy Fyffe in Johnson Co. Tenn. and that Dr. Michael Woods of Republic of Texas is being used by Fyffe as a means fo communication.  Alex. D. Keyes rec'd letter from Dr. Michael Woods, who lived in Athens some years since, enclosing notes for collection and funds mailed to Greenwood, La.


No.230)   Filed 15 Nov. 1842 Alexander Hale vs C.W.C. Norwood  Bynum Jarnagin, Sec.


No.231)  Filed 20 Dec. 1842 A.D. Keyes, & O.H. Lide, Admrs. of J.W. Lide, dec'd. vs Mary E. Lide, widow, & O.H. Lide, Mary E., Janett V., Caroline M., John W., Samuel W., William S., Indiana P., Sarah G., Elizabeth & Charles K. Lide, Children (the nine latter minors ) of J.W. Lide, decd and Thos. J. Campbell, and Ch.F. Keith, Wm. Clarke, Wm. Hale & Smythe, W.D. Dillon, F.W. Earnest, R. Matthews & G.T. Barrow, and all creditors of J.W. Lide.  Hale of Blount Co. let Norwood have negro slave to sell.  1844 in Jasper, Marion Co. Tenn. witness Albert G. Hale 35, son of complainant.  1843 in Monroe Co. witness John B. Hale, 50, is son of complainant and Norwoods is "the sisters son of my father"


No.232)  Inj. Bill  Filed 24 Dec. 1842 Samuel M. Johnston vs John Carter, William Carter and Philip Carter  Business suit.  1845;  Mrs. Sarah Hale, widow of Wm. Hale and mother of Stephen Hale, proposes to sell her interest in Tellico Iron Works to M.F. Johnson.


No.233)  Inj. Bill  Filed 12 Jan. 1843 G.A.W.H. Cannon vs N.S. Peck, Jason McMullen & D. Thompson  Suit over slave.  Johnston on McMinn Co. on 31 Jan. 1840 purchased of John & Wm. Carter of Monroe Co.  Philip Carter of Roane Co.  Wm. Carter is son of John Carter.  1843, witness Polly Page is sister of Wm. Carter and dau. of John Carter.  Witness Fanny Page 19 is granddaughter of John Carter. (But signature is Henry Page). 1844: witness John West 56, is son-in-law of Mr. Renfro.


No.234)  Petition to sell real estate   Filed 13 Jan 1843

Alexander Hogshead & wife vs Joseph R., Dewitt C., Mary E., & Oscar E. Douglass  File contains 5 Original Grants  All parties are children of Johnathan Douglass dec'd and has same information as Suit # 395.   Johnathan Douglas died Jun 1841.  Hogsheads (signed Hogsett) live Anderson Co., Tenn.


No.235)    Petition for Divorce   Filed 16 Jan 1843 Margaret Simmons vs W.R. Simons


No.236)   Inj. Bill  Filed 18 Jan 1843 John J. Humphreys & wife Sally, & Wm. P.H. McDermott, Guardian of Saml. Henry & Nancy Donohoo vs James Donoho, Charles Donohoo, Lewis Shepperd & his wife Margaret, J_____  Dent & his wife Mary Ann, Geo. W. Turk & his wife Malinda & Margaret Donohoo


No.237)   O. Bill  Filed 1 Feb. 1843 George Horne vs Benj. Ragsdale & P.B. Anderson


No.238)  Filed 1 Feb. 1843 Guilford Cannon & J.A. Coffin, Admrs of Wm. McConnell, Decd. vs Wm. P., John C., & Catharine McConnell, Jesse Whitson & wife Elizabeth, A.H. Mathes & wife Judity & Mary Perry & Alexd. McConnell  Horne of Kno Co.  Ragsdale now of Ga.  Suit concerns sale fo part of Lot 38 in Athens.


No.239)  Inj. Bill  Filed 7 Feb. 1843 Few H. Gregory vs Pleasant M. Routh, Geo. W. Carmichael,   Wm. Griffith, Sec.  Suit over land.  File contains Grant signed by James C. Jones, Gov., 1844.


No.240)   O. Bill  Filed 9 Feb 1843 George C. Harris vs David Caldwell, & John McGhee & Decatur ? Caldwell  H.H. Stephens, Sec.  Business suit combined with 241 and 242.  Thomas J. Caldwell is son of David.  Stephen Decatur Caldwell is also son of David.


No.241)  O. Bill  Filed 9 Feb 1843  George C. Harris,  William Griffith vs David Caldwell & John McGhee & Decatur Caldwell  H.H. Stephens, Sec.  Combined with 240 and 242.


No.242)  O. Bill  Filed 10 Feb. 1843  William Griffith vs David Caldwell & John McGhee, S.D. Caldwell  Joseph Thomas,Sec.  Combined with 240 and 241.