No.243)   O. Bill  Filed 23 Feb. 1843  Wm.Y.C. White, Admr. fo James White vs Julius W. Blackwell  T.N. Van Dyke,Sec.  Sept. Term 1843.  Order Sale of Town lots in Athens Nos. 95 & 107.  Wm. Y. C. White for heirs buys interest of Blackwell in Lots 95 and 107 in Athens.  William Y.C. Young White of Washington Co., Va. Adm. of James White of same.  1 Mar 1837 James White and Julius W. Blackwell entered into agreement for purchases and sale of above lots for $4000.  Several years ago James White died intestate and on Feb. 1841 Wm. Y.C. was app. Adm. by Co. Ct. of Blount Co.  Blackwell did not pay for lots and petition is to have lots sold.


No.244)  Petition for Divorce  Filed 7 March 1843 Green B. Fry vs Rebecca Fry  A.D. Gentry, Sec.


No.245)    O. Bill  Filed 8 March 1843 Few H. Gregory vs  Stephen Parshley  John J. Humphreys,Sec.


No.246)  Petition to Sell Land  Filed 10 March 1843  James Walter, Admr. fo Pleasant B. Taylor decd. vs  James Taylor, Jno Taylor, Catharine Taylor, William Taylor, & Phoebe Taylor, Minor children of Pleasant B. Taylor, deceased  Walker of Blount co.  Pleasant B. Taylor of Blount Co. died heretofore, leaving widow Elizabeth, and children James, Catherine, John, William, and Phebe, all minors.


No.247)  Filed 20 March 1843 Exparte Petition to sell two negro slaves, Britton & Gilbert.  James M. Blair, Guardian of Margaret, Elizabeth, Wm.S., Martha J., & Mary M. Blair, Minor children of Wm. S. Blair, decd & in his own right.


No.248)   Inj. Bill   Filed 30 March 1843 Few H. Gregory vs Hugh E. Martin  John Knox, Th. L. Upton & James Knox,Secs.

Business suit.  Gregory of Roane Co.


No.249)   Inj. & Attacht Bill           Filed 22 March 1843

John Stanfield  vs  Martin & Stephen Low, Thos & Jos D. Loughlin, Jacob Pearson,  E.C. Edwards, Joh Cox & M. Bilderback

Joseph D. Laughlin now of Mo. is bro. to Thomas Laughlin of Monroe Co. Martin & Stephen Low are brothers. Lows and Pearson are about to remove from State, complainant thinks.


No.250)  O. Bill  Filed 7 May 1843 Joseph Cobb, Guardian of John B., Juliett, Angeline, Henry, and Harriet Cobb minor children of John Cobb dec'd. vs Rob. W. McClary, Adm. with Will annexed of John Cobb dec'd. Oliver Dotson, Jos. M. Alexander, & Spencer Beavers & Mary Beavers  All of McMinn Co. except McClary of Polk Co.  About 1836 John Cobb died in McMinn Co. testate.  Will offered for probate Oct. 1836, was contested, but found valid by Circuit Court.  Complainants mother Mary Cobbs married Spencer Beavers on 11 Feb. 1841.  No date:  Juliett is now wife of Chas. W. Rice.


No.251)   O. Bill  Filed 20 May 1843 John Moss & Richard C. Jackson vs Julius W. Blackwell & Stephen K. & John Franlin Reeder

Business Suit.


No.252)  Inj. Bill  Filed 6 June 1843 Elijah Hurst vs Barry Hurst, John L. Hurst, Lewis R. Hurst   W.S. Callaway,Sec.  Saml. M. Barry and John Hurst DBA Barry & Hurst of Baltimore.


No.253)   Inj. Bill Filed 30 June 12843 George Hunter vs Henry Hannom  Will Singleton,Sec.  Hunter of Blount Co.   Henry Hannom a Doctor of Medicine.


No.254)     O. Bill  Filed 13 Aug. 1843 Lewis Stephens vs Will Ainsworth, John McGhee, Geo. C. Harris, Squire S. Glenn, & T.J. Caldwell  Suit concerns shares in stallion Traveller.


No.255)    Inj. Bill   Filed 20 Aug. 1843 Saml. H. Jordan vs Wm. Lowry, David Cleage & Wm. H. Cooke  Thos. J. Campbell,Sec.


No.256)    O. Bill  Filed 24 Aug. 1843 Henry H. Harrall, Robt.W. Hare, Harford Lyon & Wm. Harrell, trading under firm of "Harrall Hare & Co." vs Jesse Butler, John M. Heiskell, William Heiskell, & John Knox  Jno. O. Cannon,Sec.


No.257)    Inj. Bill   Filed 25 Aug. 1843 W.P.H. McDermott and Thomas Henderson  vs John Henderson and P.W. Norwood  P.B. Heraldson,Sec.   Business


No.258)     O. Bill  Filed 26,Aug. 1843 Ligget Helms & Jane his wife vs Goodwin Harris,  P.S. Heraldson & James Saffle,Secs.  Jane (Cinsey) Helms formerly Secrest.  In Mar 1839 Jacob Secrest died in Monroe Co. leaving Legatees Goodwin Harris and wife Rachel formerly Secrest, Thos. Secrest, Ivan Secrest, Wily Secrest, Thos. Hollaway & wife Martha formerly Secrest, Michael Secrest, _____ Osborn, Millyard Osburn, & Emaline Osborne, heirs of Malinda Osburn dec'd formerly Secrest.  Harris and Thomas Secrest qual. as execs. May term 1839 and Thos. has since died.  Cinsey Helms is daughter of Jacob Secrest, dec'd.  Jacob had eight heirs.


No.259) O. Bill  Filed 31 Aug. 1843 John Gregory & his wife, Paralee Gregory vs James & Asbury Atkinson, Adms. of John Atkinson dec'd J.E. Rucker,Sec. In 1840 John Atkinson of McMinn Co. died leaving issue Paralee, Nat. and Vilena Atkinson his only children.  Paralee and Gregory  married Dec 1841 and Live McMinn Co.  Adm. James is of McMinn Co. and Adm. Asbury is of Bradley Co.


No.260)  Filed 5 Sept 1843 Joseph V. Armstong,& Robert C. Armstrong, Admrs. of A.S. Armstrong vs The Creditors of said A.S. Armstrong  Alexander S. Armstrong died about 18 Oct 1841 in Blount Co. intestate.  Widow Mary T. Armstrong & family allowed years' support.  Robt. G. Armstrong worked at tan yard before and after death of Alex. S.   Among accts. due is note on A.W. and A. Newton Armstrong and John F. Amos. Newton left country clandestinely in 1843.


No.261)    O. Bill  Petition for Divorce Filed 13 Sept 1843

Susan Curd vs Richard Curd  J.C. Wilson & Nicholas S. Peck, Sec.  Susan Peck married Richard Curd 13 Dec last (1842).  Her father is Jacob F. Peck of McMinn Co.  Susan is sister to Eliza and Joseph Peck, and sister-in-law to Joseph Claiborne Wilson, 28 in 1844.   Richard Curd married Dec 1819, Mary daughter of Simeon Eldridge at that time of Roane Co. and now of McMinn.  They had 6 children, 5 of whom are now living.  Mary died 29 Feb 1840 leaving the 5 children.  Susan and Richard's son was born 22 Feb 1844.   Witness Hillery Patrick has a license to practice law but has never practiced, and is a minister of the Presbyterian Ch.   17 Sep 1845 the death of Richard Curd is suggested.


No.262)   Inj. Bill  Filed 14 Sept 1843 South Western R. Road Bank vs Wm Henderson & M.C. Rogers  J.H. Crozier,Sec.  Micajah Rogers of Sevierville and Wm. Henderson of Madisonville DBA Rogers & Henderson.  Rogers fled to Texas where he now resides.  Henderson answers that firm was dissolved in 1835 long before bank was formed.


No.263)  Petition to Sell Land   Filed 18 Sept. 1843 Thomas W. Holt, Francis A. Holt, by their Guardian, Sarah Holt. Sarah Holt is the widow of Erby Holt dec'd and the minors are their children.  All the adult heirs have sold or are about to sell their shares in land and widow Sarah is about to sell her dower.  Thomas W. and Francis A. have 1/9 interest each in dower.


No.264)  Filed 19 Sept 1843 Cross Bill Amended bill filed 21 march 1844 Jared G. Dent & his wife, Mary Ann Dent vs Margaret Donohoo, J.J. Humphreys & wife , (Sally), James Donohoo,

Charles Donohoo, Lewis Sheppard & wife Margaret, and Samul, Henry & Nancy Donohoo, Minors and their Guardian W.P.H. McDermott.


No.265)   Attachment & Inj. Bill  Filed 22 Sept 1843 Thomas Crowder vs Berry Rogers, John Rogers, John Moser & Philip Mosier

Berry Rogers about to remove form Tenn.  Mrs. W.A. Carter,  Ft. Worth says he went to Wayne Co. Ky. his wife was Eliza Moser, dau of Francis Moser I (Rev. Soldier) and 1st wife Barbara Hansucker.

(Barbara was wife of John Moser (son of Frances I.).


No.266)   Inj.  Bill  Filed 29 Sept. 1843  Samuel H. Jordan, Trustee vs  A. Slover, William Lowry  Wm. Lowry made D of T because he was Security for Spencer Beavers who had been sued upon because he had not turned over County revenue.


No.267)     Inj. Bill  Filed 30 Oct. 1843 Valentine Garland vs Hiram Daily and Nancy Dailey  George Brown,Sec.  Garland of McMinn Co.  Hirma Daily filed under Bankrupt law and he and daughter Nancy Ann lives in Marion, Smyth Co., Va.


No.268)   O. Bill  Filed 6 Nov. 1843 Elisha Cooley vs Hamilton Stewart & wife & (Martha) & Lydia Cooley  S. Parshley,Sec.

Cooley of Roane Co.   John Cooley died intestate in Roane Co. leaving two children Elisha, about 3 or 4 at the time, and Lydia still a minor, and a widow Martha who has sinc married Hamilton Stewart and the Stewarts and Lydia live in McMinn Co. 1845, witness Amos Marney, 55, in Roane Co. says Elisha was raised by his grandfather James Cooley and Grandmother Cooley.  1844 in Monroe Co., witness Robt. Cooley, 52, and Martha Cooley,75; John Cooley died Nov 1825;  John's new wife's father Elisha Abbott gave John the slave, Martha Cooley says Elisha stayed at her house except for one year.  Other witnesses say Elisha lived with Stewarts several years.   Elisha Abbott father of Martha Stewart died testate after John Cooley died.


No.269)  O. Bill   Filed 26 Nov 1843 Mina J. Rudd vs Joseph Rudd, Wm. Rudd, Jno. O’Neal & his wife Betsy, & John & Tempy Huffy Hefner, Thos. & Elender Hendrick, Wm & Susan Clowder, Alexr. & Parker & Brien Hood, Nancy Haden, Geo. & Sarah Thompson, Solomon & Francis Kelly, John Rudd, Benj. Ragsdale, Charles L. King & Amon Bond.  S.H. Jordan,Sec.  The heirs of Thomas Rudd dec'd; 6 distributees:1. children of Francis & Robt. Hendrick 2. children of Sarah & John Hood 3. Joseph Rudd, 4. William Rudd 5. John Rudd 6. Mina J. Rudd  The heirs of Francis Kindrick; 1. Betsey ONeal and husband John 2. Tempy Huffy and husband John but summons to Polk Co. calls them Hefner. 3. Elender Kindrick 4. Thomas Kindrick  5. W. and Susan Clowder or Cowden.  The heirs of Sarah Hood: 1. Alexander 2. Parker 3, Brien 4. Nancy Hayden 5. Geo. and Sarah Thompson 6. Solomon & Frances KElly.   The wife of deft. John Rudd is Elizabeth.  George and Sarah Thompson write letter from Talladega, Ala. Mina seems to be called Aunt Nealey.   Bill for coffin for Thos. Rudd by Fisher Rider & Co., 5 Nov. 1840.  Benj. Ragsdale called from Hamilton Co.


No.270)  Filed  Dec 1843  Nancy Humphrey's Petition for Dower  1 Feb. 1844;  The Clerk & Master appointed Patrick McClung Guardian ad litem of Wm. C., Adeline, Van Buren & Sophronia Humphreys, Minor children of James Humphreys, dec'd and issd. Copy of Bill & Sub to ans for him to Shff of Blount Co.


No.271)     O. Bill  Filed 11 Jan. 1844 William Clark  vs James M. Coleman  A.D. Keys, Sec.  Clark of Shelby Co.  Coleman in Aug 1843 was of McMinn Co. but is now of Ky. or of Cherokee Nation West.


No.272)   O. Bill  Filed 12 Jan. 1844 Joseph & Joseph N. Wilson, Adrms. of John Wilson decd vs The heirs and Creditors of Jno Wilson, Decd.  Appointed Wm. McCamey Guardian ad litem of Nancy E., Malissa E., Sibby C., & James M. Wilson minor heirs of John Wilson, decd.


No.273)    Inj.  Bill  Filed 13 Jan. 1844 Wm. B. Lenoir vs  Jesse Butler, Benj. Abernathy  Tho. C. Lyon,Sec.  Business suit.  Lenoir of Roane Co. Butler of Monroe Co. Abernathy of Blount Co.


No.274)   Inj. Bill  Filed 15 Jan. 1844 Guilford Cannon vs Eneas C. Hooper & George W. Payne  Geo. W. Payne is son-in-law of Enos C. Hooper


No.275)  Inj. Bill  Filed 16 Jane 1844 John McGaughey, vs George Horne & Benjamin Ragsdale  G. Cannon, Sec.  Business suit concerns lot 38 in Athens.  Ragsdale now of Hamilton Co. but formerly of McMinn Co. McGaughey of McMinn Co.


No.276)   Inj. Bill  Filed 17 Jan 1844 Robt. P. Julian & his wife Roasanna , Joanna, Rachel & Elisabeth Bond vs Amon Bond and Henry McGuire  John J. Middleton,Sec.  Peter Bond died about 1 Jun 1829 in McMinn Co. testate, leaving widow Joanna and children Rachel, Rosannah, & Elizabeth.  Peter's bros. Amon and Benjamin qual. as Execs. with Nathaniel Morrison and Samuel Prather.  Secs.  In 1839 Benj. Bond moved to Mo. where he died some years since.  Robert P. Julian and wife Rosanna Bond married 4 or 5 yrs. ago.   Henry Bond was father of Peter, Amon, Benjamin, and Rachel Bond (age 56 in 1844)  Joshua Bond, 36, is grandson of Henry Bond.  Henry Bond's widow still lives (1844).  See Suit 340.


No.277)  Inj. Bill  Filed 19 Jan. 1844 Benjamin Hardin vs Richard Waterhouse


No.278)   Petition for Dower  Filed 23 Jan. 1844 Elizabeth Thompson vs Samuel Pride, Guardian ad litem of Minor Children & heirs of Jesse Thompson, decd, viz Martha E., Leonidas M., Margaret J., Andeline F. & Louisa F. Thompson.


NO.279)    Inj.  Bill  Filed 6 Feb. 1844 Montraville Reynolds vs Amon Bond, John Cansler, Stephen H. Bedford, and David Cleage Eli Dixon,Sec.  Business suit.  Reynolds, Bond, Cansler, Bedford & Cleage of McMinn County.  Reynolds had bought land from Bond which got involved in judgements for debts of Bond.  Cleage is involved because he was holding money in Bank.


No.280)   Inj. Bill  Filed 7 Feb 1844 Simeon S. Barrett & L.W. Earnest vs A.D. Keys & O.H. Lide, Admrs. of A.W. Lide, decd & W.D. Dillon  Business suit over debt.  Simeon S. Barrett and Lawrence W. Ernest are of Bradley County.  William D. Dillon, Gustavus L. Barron, Robert Matthew and John W. Lide, now deceased, became indebted to Barrett and Ernest in their operation of steam saw mill.  Judgement was taken on the debt in the Circuit Court of McMinn Co.  This is a cross bill to a suit by the Lide Adms.  A.D. Keys and O.H. Lide vs creditors of the estate.  Original bill or cross bill and copy of the circuit court suit in McMinn Co. are the only papers on file.


No.281)   Petition for Dower  Filed 9 Feb 1844 Eliza C. Duggan vs David P. Walker, Guardian ad litem of Mariah J., Margaret E., Adophus M., James D., William C., Nancy L., & John L. Duggan minor children & heirs of John Duggan, decd.


No.282)  Filed 11 Feb 1844 Amended Bill filed 21 Jan 1845  Lewis Christian vs Thomas Barnett, Lewis Stephens, John Waymen & by amendment Abram Hartsell, Hiram Harsell & S.P. Lusk  Lewis Christian is of Iowa Territory.  in the year 1836 Willis Webb purchased a tract of land in McMinn Co. from Christian and signed note for $614.75 for same with Thomas Barnett as security.  suit was filed in Circuit Court of McMinn Co. on 15 April 1839 and judgement received  against Webb and Barnett.  At that time Webb resided in McMinn Co. but moved to Bradley Co., where an execution was issued. Webb died and his estate was exhausted before service.  Thomas Barnett owned a tract of land in Monroe Co. where his son-in-law John Wayman lived  Barnett has moved to Blount County.  By Sept. 1849 Case is decided by Supreme Ct. in Knoxville and Wm. F. Keith is Adm. of Lewis Christian the Complainant.


No. 283)   Bill of Review  Filed 19 Feb 1844 John Austin vs Jacob Lingerfelt  Suit over land in Bradley County.  Concerned with the law passed that the occupant had rights to the land over the one who purchased the land in th Ocoee District at the land sales.


No.284)  Inj. Bill  Filed 26 Feb. 1844  Charles Donohoo & James Donohoo, Admrs of Charles Donohoo, Decd  vs Jesse Kerr  Jesse Kerr is of Blount Co. Charles Donohoo of Monroe Co.  James Donohoo of Bradley Co.  Suit over debt of the estate of of Charles Donohoo dec'd due to his signing as security of a Bond for Jesse Kerr in a suit against Thomas & David Caldwell.


No.285)   O. Bill   Filed 6 March 1844 John McCrosky vs Samuel McCallie  H.H. Stephens,Sec.  Business Suit. McCrosky and McCallie had been in a tanning business.  The dispute was over the business.  Both of Monroe Co.


No.286)  O. Bill  Filed 8 March 1844 Alexander Hood vs Daniel Plumley & Archd. Sloan  Parker Hood,Sec.  Suit over debt.  All of Monroe.


No.287)   Inj.  Bill  Filed 18 March 1844 Thomas Stockton vs Wm. M. Huson  & M.J. Harris, & Jos. R. Rudd  Thomas Stockton of Roane Co. in late fall 1840 John B. Huson of Monroe Co. died.  On 7th of Dec. 1840 his brother William M. Huson was appointed Adms. of the estate.  T.J. Harris of Hamilton Co. and Joseph R. Rudd of McMinn Co. signed his bond as security.  In his answer Rudd states that he was one of several men appointed arbitrate a suit in chancery court where Solomon L. Stowe and wife sued John B. Huson, Wm. M. Huson and other heirs of Mason Huson dec'd.  At that time John B. Huson was considered worthless.  Several bills (may not belong in this suit)  for debts of John B. Huson, to Wm. M. Huson, Adm. of John B., all in early 1840's.  One is receipt from Margaret E. Huson, 18 Sep 1842, for 251 bushels of corn, $25 worth of sugar, coffee, spice, and pepper. and $7 worth of salt and $12 worth of shoes (her dower ?)


No.288)      Inj. Bill  Filed 1 April 1844 John McGhee vs Thomas Crutchfield  Jas. W. Kelso,Sec.


No.289)     Inj. Bill  Filed 15 May 1844 James W. Bicknell vs Wm. Henderson, Admr of Jas. M. Broyles & G. Cannon


No.290)       Petition for sale of land  Filed 16 may 1844

James Montgomery & Chas. Owens, Admrs. of John Duggan, decd vs Eliza C. Duggan, widow, and Mariah J., Nancy L., Margaret E., John L., Adolphus M., James D., William C. Duggan, and Angelina Minors, Children and heirs of John Duggan, decd. & the creditors of said estate.  John Duggan died in Oct. 1843 according to answer of Eliza C. Duggan, the widow.  She is willing to take $500 for her dower rights and let the land be sold.  The heirs are all minors, Maria J., Nancy L., Margaret E., John L., Adolphus M., James D., William C., and Angelina.  It is necessary to sell the land to pay the debts.  Angelina was born several months after the death of her father.


No.291)   Inj. Bill  Filed 17 May 1844 James M. Greenway vs George S. Gilbert & C.H. Saffell  S.T. Becknell,Sec.  James Greenway of Monroe Co. has notes against Geroge Gilbert of Louisville in Blount Co.  He got a judgement in Blount Co. Circuit Court and they levied on a tract of land and sold it for $20 which just paid the court costs.  Gilbert is now operating a business using the name of C.N. Saffle of Morgan Co. Comp. says this is to prevent his judgement being collected.  A subpoena to Saffle is issued and served in Blount Co. George S. Gilbert is the son-in-law fo Samuel Saffells.  and the  brother-in-law of C.H. Saffells.


No.292)    O. Bill  Filed 20 May 1844 John Henderson vs W.P.H. McDermott  Thomas Henderson  Margaret R. Wilson, widow of J.T. Wilson & John H., Alexr. M., Penelope J., Margaret C. M., Thos. H., Nancy E., Sarah L., & Nancy E. E. Wilson, minor children of John T. Wilson dec'd.   


No.293)   Inj. Bill  Filed 3 June 1844 John McGhee  vs  A.H. Henley, Jos. S. Milligan, John Harden, Saml Glenn & Andrew Cowan


No.294)    O. Bill  Filed 5 Sept 1844 John Grubb vs John Thomasson  Geo. Brown,Sec.  Suit over debt. John Grubb of McMinn Co. John Thomasson of Monroe


No. 295)  Inj. Bill  Filed 17 Sept. 1844 A.L. Henderson, Jno. Henderson & Archibald Sloan vs Mastin Henderson & William Burress  Wm. P.H. McDermott,Sec. Business suit over debt.  Mar 1846; witness S.S. Glen,49, says he moved to where he lives in fall of 1825;  wit. John A. Burris,49, is bro. to William Burris; wit. Mary Burris,71, is mother of William.


No.296)  O. Bill  Filed 3 Oct. 1844 John Brabson, B.D. Brabson & Reps Davis under firm of John Brabson & Co. vs Wm. Beard  J. McNutt,Sec.  John Brabson & Co. was a firm in Maryville, Blount Co.  William E. Beard of Ky. came to the Southern & Western Theological School in Maryville and while there bought books supplies etc. from the firm.  His father made payments on the account through Wm. E. when Wm. E. finished school and left Maryville he signed a note for the amount of the account which had not been paid.  Wm. E. departed this life after leaving Maryville and the father will not pay the account.


No.297)  Inj. Bill  Filed 3 Oct. 1844 David Walker & S.T. Bicknell, Admrs. of J.J. Walker, dec'd vs Jesse Kerr and Rachel Walker and others Creditors.  Issd. Inj. to Shff. of Blount Co.  Jany Rules 1845.  Appointed Barclay McGhee Guardian ad litem of Alice McGhee minor deft.  Jan. 15, 1845 issd. Copies and Subs to Ans. for Jesse Kerr, Barkley McGhee for himself and as Guard Alice McGhee minor Deft. and Rachel Walker.  Later; a large file fo receipts which give the following information;  John Gamble Trustee in case of James Wilson, William Wallace, & J.J. Walker vs Wm. McCully;  Mrs. Rachel M. Walker for years's support; Doctors James H. Gillespy, Madison Cox, Samuel Pride, and Henry Hannum;  Elijah Walker v. J.J. and David Wilson 1840; Suit, Wm. Wallace for use of Patsey W. Gillespy and children v. J.J. Walker and Campbell Wallace 1839, $500 for legacy left Patsey by her brother B.M. Wallace; J.J. (Joseph J. ) Walker late postmaster at Maryville;  J.J. Walker & B.M. McGhee Adms. of A. McGhee dec'd 1841; R.F. Walker is Robert Francis Walker; J.Kennon Clerk by Jas. R. Love Dep. Clk. for transcript of letters of adm. to be sent to Ala. as a voucher in hands of B.L. Massy & Adm.; S.T. Bicknell is Saml. T.


No.298)    O. Bill  Filed 12 Oct. 1844 James A. Blair, Guardian  vs John Morrow, Armstrong Morrow and John McGhee.  William S. Blair died leaving heirs; Margaret, Elizabeth, William, Martha I., Mary M., and James M.  James Hale was appointed by the County Court of Monroe Co. as guardian of said heirs who were all minors.  In fall of 1843 James M. Blair was appointed in place of James Hale.  The former guardian, in Nov. 1843 had gotten judgement against the Morrows. On June 17, 1844 execution was issued and the Sheriff reported no land could be found.  In 1840 or 1841 Armstrong Morrow purchased some land from John McGhee, where Morrow now lives.  Complainants does not know the way Armstrong was to pay for the property or whether he still owes on it but he wants Morrow and John McGhee to answer his bill and give the particulars of the sale.


No.299)     Inj. Bill  Filed 30 Nov 1844 Saml. W. Lesly vs  The Creditors and heirs and Saml. Ghormley, Admr of Hugh Ghormley decd & Joshua Parson & Tedford   O.L. Coffin,Sec.  Samuel W. Lesly is a resident of South Carolina.  suit over debt of Hugh Ghomrly dec'd.  Heirs are not given in the original bill, or the other papers in file.


No.300)     Inj. Bill   Filed 3 Dec 1844  Amos Carson vs James Forsythe  Suit over debt.  In answer to the bill, James Forsythe states that Nancy Forsythe, his mother, and had claims against the estate of his father Robert Forsythe who died intestate on 24 Feb. 1836.


No.301)  O. Bill  Filed 11 Jan 1845 Alexander Hart, Admr. of William Price decd. vs Guilford Price, Caroline & Mary Ann Price, minor children and heirs of William Price decd.   Feb. Rules 1845;  Appointed William G. Bogle, Guardian ad litem of Guilford, Caroline & Mary Ann, the minor deftds.  Alexander Hart, a citizen of Monroe Co. was appoint adms. of the estate of William Price 1st Monday in April 1840.  Both tanners by trade.  Wm. Price died in Feb. 1840 leaving no wife but three minor heirs, Gilford Price of Monroe Co. and Caroline and Mary Ann Price of Knox Co.  The wife of Price had died in 1837.  Price is a brother -in-law of Alexander Hart.  Most of the debts of the estate have been paid except for an account of Hart.  He asks the court to appoint another guardian for the children since he is their present guardian, and to sell the town lots in Madisonville owned by Price, which he bought from Hart, to satisfy his debt.  Among witnesses testifying; Parker Hood,33, Guilford Cannon,39, James M. Greenway 45, John Carson 47, John Pesterfield 44, Joseph E. Houston of lawful age.


No.302)     O. Bill    under pauper law   Filed 15 Jan 1845  

Andrew McKinney vs Richard Stewart, Saml & James Bicknell & Parker Hood  Andrew McKinney of Monroe, others also.  Richard Stewart an officer of Monroe Co. by fraud got a deed from McKinney to some land, then gave a trust against to others.  No family info given.


No.303)   Attachment Bill  Filed 3 Feb. 1845  William Upton & Co. vs Simon W. Nichol  Business Suit.


No.304)   O. Bill  Filed 4 Feb. 1845 Nancy White vs William Henderson & Saml Henderson, P.B.G. Melton, William Taylor & Archilles Stapp.  About 22 or 23 mos. ago, Constable P.G.B. Melton levied on Nancy White's personal property to satisfy judgements against James L. and Enos H. White in favor of Wm. Henderson & Co. and of Wm. Taylor of Polk Co. Sd. Melton sold the property and Nancy brought suit and recovered judgement by Melton is insolvent.  The Hendersons say that Nancy just claimed the property.  Decree for defendants and Nancy appeals to Tenn. Supreme Ct.  Witness John Taylor deposes that he was present when Nancy applied to the church for her letter of dismission and Mrs. White said she bought the property of her son Enos to prevent it being subject to his debts.  Other information is; Rufus M. Henderson is son of Samuel and brother of William and John Henderson; George Snider, age 41, 1847, deposes that William Taylor married his sister, Thomas White and Jasper White are witness.


No.305)     O. Bill  Filed 5 Feb. 1845 John Avans, Admr. of T. Jordan vs Anderson, Wyly & John Jordan, Dialthy Wayne, Caroline Wilson Jordan, Elizabeth Fritz & Isham Fritz.  John Avans of Monroe Co.  Heirs of Thomas Gordon:  Anderson Jourdan of Georgia.  Wiley Jourdan, John Jourdan, Dialthy Wayne, and Caroline Jourdan of Polk Co. Tenn.  Wilson T. Jourdan of McMinn Co. Tenn.  Elizabeth Jourdan and her husband Isham Fritz of Roane Co. (Wiley,John and Dialthy Wayne are non residents)  Thomas Jourdan owned 160 acres in Monroe Co. on the waters of Rocky Creek adjoining lands of John Cox  & others Adms. needs to sell land to pay debts.


No.306)     O. Bill  Filed 5 Feb. 1845 James & Charles Donohoo, Admrs. of Chas. Donohoo vs Enos C. Hooper & Thos. C. & E. G. Smalling  James Donohoo of Bradley Co., Charles Donohoo of Monroe Adms. of Charles Donohoo decd. got a judgement for debt against Enos C. Hooper of Monore Co.  Hooper owns no personal property to be attached but has land on Ball Play Creek that he had bought from Jonathan Smalling dec'd.  Hooper had paid most of the price of the land but no deed had been registered in order to prevent it's attachment.  Thomas C. Smalling and Eldridge Smalling are adms. of Jonathan Smalling  decd. and are made parties to this bill.


No.307)  O. Bill  Filed 6 Feb. 1845 Newton J. Spilman vs Austin Glenn, Guardian of Sarah A. Glenn & Harriet R. Glenn, H. K. Taylor,  March Term 1845; H.R. Taylor husband of H.R. Glenn made Deft.  Harriet R. Taylor is widow of Thomas Glenn dec'd. and now wife of M.K. Taylor, answers bill from Cherokee Co. N.C. as does her husband Morris K. Taylor.  Newton Spilman of Monroe Co. Tenn. says he was a partner of Thomas Glen dec'd.  from 1836 til Glenn died in 1838.  They owned property together.  Glen left a widow Harriet and a minor child Sarah A. Glen.  Spilman wants his part of the land to include his house and the store building and says this was according to the partnership agreement.


No.308)    O. Bill  Filed 1 Feb. 1845 William P.H. McDermott vs P.B. Anderson, O.G. Murrell, Alexr. Anderson, David L. Anderson & Br. Bk of Tennessee at Rogersville.  Thos. Henderson, Sec. Business suit over notes.


No.309) Inj. Bill Filed March 1845 A.M. Harvey vs Richd Stewart


No. 310)  O.  Bill   Filed 18 March 1845 Austin Glen vs E.C. Hooper  Thos. C. & E.G. Smalling, Admrs.


No.311)  O. Bill  Filed 24 March 1845 Larken Carden vs Hugh S. Hamilton, N.J. Spilman, and S.S. Glenn  Geo. Brown,Sec.  Business Suit


No.312)  Filed 9 July 1845 President & Directors of the Bank of Tennesee vs E.C. Hooper  Business suit.


No.313)  Filed 20 Aug. 1845 Samuel Ghormly, Admr. of Hugh Ghormly vs Heirs & Creditors of Hugh Ghormly, Decd.  Heirs- Widow Nancy Ghormly, Children- John Ghormley, Saml Ghormley, Michael & Jasper & Jesse C. Ghormley, of age and Dewitt C., Elizabeth J., Lafayette H. & Ferdinand F. Ghormley & the following heirs of W.T. Ghormley, decd, Hugh, Nancy & John Ghormley.


No.314)  O. Bill  Filed 13 Sept. 1845 Jacob Rogers & Son vs John, Philip and Samuel Robinson  Jacob Rogers & Son are citizens of Philadelphia Pa. Business suit for debt.  Philip & Samuel Robinson are sons of John Robinson.


No.315)   Inj. Bill  Filed 15 Sept. 1845 G.& W.H. Cannon vs Richard Stewart, Jno. Robinson, Wm. Carson, John R. Cole, & James N. Stewart.