No. 316   Inj. and O. Bill   Filed 17 Sept. 1845 Harriet & Sarah Talliaferrro, by thier Guardian, W.C. Nelson, & John Stanfield. vs Richard H. Talliaferro  Will of Charles Taliaferro of Surrey Co. N.C. in file.  Benjamin & Richard Taliaferro, sons of above Charles were living in Roane & McMinn Co. Tenn.  at time of probate of said will. The will had left a negro girl to the three eldest daughters of Benjamin Teliaferro, Polly, Harriet & Sarah.  Polly or Mary has now married John F. Lewis and they sold their interest in said slave to John Stafield.  The slave has been in the possession of Richard Taliferro and the bill asks that she bve taken out of his possession and hired out, the benefit going to the 3 daughters of Benjamin.  Bill is amended stating that Richard Talifarro and ask that he be made a party  to the bill.  Chas. Taliaferro d. N.C. about 1837 testate.  will: made 14 Aug 1837;  to wife Diania, all that I rec'd with her and that remaining to her from est. of her father and mother; to daughters Elizabeth Jones, Polly Franklin, Sally Taliaferro:  to sons John, Charles, Richard, Benjamin, Dickinson, Hardin: to son Benjamins's 3 oldest, viz Polly, Harriet, & Sally:  Execs: son Dickinson and Wiley Franklin: wit: Silas Jones Jr., Anderson Dunagan, Meredy Lane.  D.H. Jones is bro-in-law of John Stanfield.  Richard Talingerro is evidently moving to Ala.


No.317)    O. Bill  Filed 7 Nov. 1845 Jacob Baker vs D. Caldwell, S.D. Caldwell & John McGhee


No.318)    Petition for divorce  Filed 4 Dec 1845 Barbara Rogers vs Thos. Rogers Testimoney of friends given in the divorce suit which was granted.


No.319)   Inj. Bill  Filed 23 Dec 1845 John Scruggs vs Saml. Bicknell, James W. Bicknell, Wm. & Jos. B. Heiskell, John & L.M. Henderson, George Brown,Sec.   Suit over debt.


No.320)    Attachment Bill  Filed 23 Dec 1845 Samuel Wallace vs Ambrose Haney, Washington Grubb,  Campbell Wallace,Sec.  Dismissed before Court.  Samuel Wallace of Knox. Co. Tenn.  loaned Ambrose Haney some money, Ambrose Haney in 1845, when he borrowed the money was  of Blount Co.  He is now a non-resident, is supposed to be in Madison Co. Ga.  Washinton Grubb of Monroe Co. has some property belonging to Ambrose Haney and bill pleads for attachment of this property. 


No.321)  Bill for Alimony  Filed 14 Jan. 1846 Ann Wilson vs Saml Wilson  Reps Davis,Sec.  May 17 1847.  Issd attachment.  Attachment returned Levied on 3 negroes Lewis, Alexr & Dick & forthcoming Bond executed May 18, 1847  Ann wilson had first married William Patton and lived with him a number of years.  He died leaving her with four children:  Mary, Margaret, Francis and Harvey.  She married Samuel Wilson in Aug. 1844 and the entire family moved to Samuel Wilson's house.  Mary C. Patton, age 19 testifies on 2nd Jan 1846.  Margaret same day age 17, and Francis A. Patton age 14 years, Jacob H. Patton, age 26. (evidently Harvey)  Lots of depositions from others. 


No.322)  O. and Inj. Bill  Filed 16 Jan. 1846 Joseph Smith vs Joseph & James H. Alexander  M.F. Johnston, Sec.


No.323)  O. Bill  Filed 17 Jan. 1846 Wm. G. Bogle, Guardian of Lucretin P. and Margaret L.E. Wear, Eleazeer L. Higden and wife Emeline vs Robert Wear, Admr of E.H. Wear, decd Erskin Haywood Wear, Clk. of Circ. Ct. of Monroe Co., died intestate leaving widow Emeline now wife of Eleazer Higden., and only children Lucretia P. and Margaret L.E. Wear, minors.  The children did not live with their stepmother Emeline after their fathers death.  Albert G. Wear died Aug. 1833 on his way North and left 10 or 11 bros. & sisters.  Albert G. Wear and Jas. W. Lea were in business in Montgomery, Morgan Co. and E.H. Wear joined partership, in 1831.  Carson & Fulton (no first names) were debtors of E.H. Wear but Carson moved to Texas and Fulton to Va. before E.H. died.  In Mar 1846, the death of Robert Wear of Blount Co., Exec. of E.H. Wear decd is suggested and suit revived against Isaac Decatur Wear and James Henry, Adms. of Robt. Wear, who was an old man of 50 or 60.  Capt. Robert Wear is father of Albert G. .  1847: witness E.S. Wilkinson of Blount Co. us a step-son of Robert  Wear and has and does live with him.  1847: witness R.W. Young 24, says John F. Henderson left Tenn. about 10 yrs. ago.


No.324)  O. & Inj. Bill  Filed 29 Jan. 1846 Tho. R. Isbill & Sarah Blackwell vs N.S. Peck, Joel Blackwell, Rutherford Witt  Benjamin Isbell,Sec.  Joel is son of Sarah.  Sarah has grandson named John.  In 1847 in Monroe Co., witness A.H. Land 22, is son of witness Wm. Land Sr. 51.  Wm. Terry is father-in-law of Thos. M. Isbill.  Isbell of Monroe Co.  Sarah of Polk Co.  1847 Polk Co., wittness Thos. Dugan,44, says Sarah, Joel, and Ritty Blackwell lived on land 1 yr. and he sold improvements on land to Joel 9 yrs ago.  After Sarah left land.  Fanny & Louisa McKinsey lived on land.  Original Bill says that in 1840 Sarah made occupant entry for the land on Spring Creek, Monroe Co.  and sold to Isbell in 1845, who had to file suit of ejectment against one Wm. Land who was on the property, and that Peck and Joel coerced Sarah into signing a Quit claim deed to Joel, not knowing what she was signing.  See Case No. 416.


No.325)    Inj. Bill  Filed 2 Feb 1846 Rosevelt & Barker vs John Fain, Saml Bicknell & Guilford Cannon,   George Brown, Sec. Rosevelt & Barker merchants of Charleston, S.C. James W. Bicknell is son of Samuel Bicknell.  John Fain of Jefferson Co. is brother-in-law of Samuel Bicknell.


No.326)    O. Bill  Filed 3 Feb. 1846 Sarah A. Scott vs G.W. Carmichael & Heirs of Jos. Scott, dec. Thomas E., Sarah Anne

Mary Jane, Margaret S., Eliza R., James and Mary J. Scott.  Joseph Scott died April 1845 testate in Monroe Co. leaving widow Sarah Ann and minor children.  Widow Sarah Ann dissented from the Will as far as it related to the land, which is on Fork Creek.  Carmichael is the Exec. Petition to have dower assigned.  By Mar 1847 widow Sarah Ann has married Sterling Ragsdale and dower is assigned including the mansion house.  In the Bill, the minors are of Monroe Co., but Thomas E., Sarah Ann, Mary Jane, and Margaret S. are summoned from Blount Co.


No.327)   O. Bill  Filed 3 Feb 1846 James F. Deaver vs A.C. Montgomery & A.B. Gamble, Admrs of Jesse Thompson, decd. Parker Hood,Sec.  Many years ago when Orator James F.M. Dever was of very tender age his father John Dever died in Blount Co.  leaving widow and James F.M. his only heirs.  In June 1828 Jesse Thompson then of Blount Co. was app. Gdn. of James.  Thompson died in Blount co. in 1842.  James reached age of 21 on 19 Sept 1845.  Gdn. rec'd notes on David Bell.  David Bell died and his widow married Nathaniel Hewitt.  Jesse Thompson was nephew to Hewitt.  Samuel Bell was son of David.


No.328)    O. Bill  Filed 3 Feb. 1846 Elijah P. Harris, Polly A. Harris & William S. Prock vs William Davis, Griselda Mayo, John Clemmer, Julia Ann Clemmer, Jonathan Dethero, John Young, David Smith, George Clemmer, John Davis.  Harris' of Monroe Co. & Wm. S. Prock of Texas.  Solomon Northern d. Monroe Co. 22 Apr 1829, childess, testate (Will written by James A. Haire at Bat Creek), leaving land to wife Mary her lifetime and then to eldest son and daughter, Polly A. and Wm. S. of Silas Prock, who was son of a daughter of Mary Northern, born before her marriage with Northern.  Will burnt in Court House fire in 1832.  Northern who drew pension entered land as occupant 30 Jul 1825.  1847, in Wright Co., Mo.  Silas Prock,39, deposes.  Polly A. and Wm. S. are still minors  John Clemmer died 1837 leaving 10 heirs.  Heirs:  John Clemmer, Jonathan Dethero and wife Louisa, John Young & wife Ann, David Smith & wife Mary or Margaret, Ceo. Clemmer, John Davis & wife Matilda, formerly Clemmer, Houston Vinzant & wife Julia Ann formerly Clemmer, Susannah Davis former Clemmer wife of Wm. Davis, Jacob Clemmer, & Wm. Clemmer the youngest heir.  Daughters Mary Smith and Ann Young testify.  Grizzy or Griselda Mayo, widow of Blackmon H., who d. Jan 1845 leaving her and 10 children, 8 of whom live with her.  Her husband bought int. of John Clemmer Jr. in 1837.


No.329)  O. Bill  Filed 7 Feb 1846 Charles Hughes & wife Eliza vs M. H. Blackburn, Wesley Earnest & Nancy Earnest  David Lowry, Sec.  Hughes of Blount Co.  John A. Blackburn died in Blount co. in 1819,Aug 25. leaving widow Nancy who has since married Wesley Earnest, and oratrix Eliza who was born 20 Nov 1819, after his death, as only heirs.  Eliza married Hughes in 1838.  On 19 May 1814 Eli Dixon who has been dead over 30 yrs.  sold land to John A. and Mathew Blackburn brothers, and sons of Thomas Blackburn.  Thomas died in Aug 1845, very old, leaving Mathew N. and Eliza his heirs.  Thomas's 2nd wife was widow Rawlings.  In 1848 in Blount Co., witness Nancy Earnest,47, says that she and John A. Married 3 Nov 1818 and after he died she went to Green Co. to live with her mother.  Nancy is sister-in-law of Wm. McGill.  Wm. & Thos. Blackburn are sons of Matthew H.   Thos.  Blackburn (Sr.) was member of church which John Dyke was pastor. Wm. Greenway, 53, (1847) moved to Ala. in 1816 and remained 12 yrs.  Wit. to deed, Wm. Roy and Wm. Leaney went to Ark. and Leaney went to Creek War.  Mathew H. Blackburn went to Ind. in 1819 and stayed until 1830.  Thos. Blackburn's 2nd wife died before 1842.


No.330)  Inj. and Attachment Bill   Filed 5 Feb. 1846 The President and Directors of the Bank of Tenn. vs Thomas Vernon, Jas. W. Vernon, James Clark & David Cleage Andrew Lowe, Sec.  Business suit.  James S. Bridges Pres.  of Bank. Cleage the Cashier.  James W. Vernon is son of Thos. Vernon and brother-in-law of James Clark, all of Monroe Co., but James W. has absconed to parts unknown.  Thos. Vernon's home place is on Pond Creek.


No.331)   O. Bill   Sale of Negro   Filed 8 Feb 1846 Charles Donohoo, Admr. of Margaret Donohoo, decd vs John J. Humpreys & wife, J.G. Dent & wife, G.W. Turk & wife, L. Sheperd & wife, Saml. Donohoo, Jos. Donohoo, W.P.H. McDermott, Guardian of Henry & Nancy Donohoo.


No.332)    O. Bill  Filed 10 Feb. 1846 James B. Wilson, Admr of Joseph Cook vs G.& W. H. Cannon  Joesph Cook died Monroe Co. Feb 1845 intestate.


No.333)  Attachment & Inj. Bill  Filed 20 Feb 1846 President & Directors of Bank of Tennessee vs Thos. Jas. W. Vernon, James E. Clark, Wm. Ruthford, Reps Jones, Martin Fuguson, Alexr Davis & William Elkins  Martin Bilderback,Sec.  Business suit.


No. 334)   Attachment & Inj. Bill  Filed 20 Feb. 1846President & Directors of Bank of Tennessee vs Thos. & Jas., W. Vernon, James Stone, James E. Clark, & David Cleage, & Jas. E. Cole

Jas. E. Cole, Sec.  Business suit.


No.335)  Inj. Bill   Filed 27 Feb 1846 Lewis Carter vs Robert Cravens & Jesse Lincoln  Joel Parker,Sec.  Robert Gravens and Jesse Lincoln of Roane Co.


No.336)  O. Bill  Filed 27 Feb. 1846 Thomas Hall, Exr of James Hall, deceased vs Benjamin Brown Wm. Dyer, Sec. Thos. Hall of Sullivan Co. James Hall died 1831 in Washington Co., testate, owning land in Monroe Co.


No.337)     O. Bill  Filed 2 March 1846 Abner Erwin vs Larkin Carden  Papers illegible


No.338)  O. Bill   Filed 3 March 1846 George Snider, Admr of Wilson Hagler vs John McGhee  Snider is Adms. of estate of Wilson Hagler, dec'd.  In latter part of 1838 Wilson and David Hagler bought 4 quarter sections of land from John McGhee for $4000 in installments. McGhee was to convey the title when final payment was made.  About the 30th Aug. 1840 Wilson Hagler died intestate.  Other people became involved in the land transaction.  Heirs of Wilson Hagler were; Elizabeth Stapp and husband Arhilles Stapp; Nanny Curtis and husband James Curtis; B.B. Hagler, Cynthia Hagler, Elvira Hagler,  Ralph Hagler, A.D. Howard, Nanny E. Howard, Joshua B. Howard; and Rufus Howard, the last three are minors and the children of Matilda Howard; formerly Matilda Hagler dec'd; all of Monroe Co.  David H. Hagler of Miss. and William Halger of Ala.  What has come into the hands of the adms. is insufficient to pay the debts and John McGhee never gave title to the land, resold it and kept all the money that was paid on the notes.


No.339)  Ex parts Petition to sell land  Filed 16 March 1846

Henry Donohoo & Nancy Donohoo  by Guardian, W.P.H. McDermott


No.340)  O. Bill  Filed 31 March 1846 Joanna Bond, M. Reynolds & his wife Rachel, R.P. Julian & his wife Rosanna, and Elizabeth Bond, by her next friend M. Reynolds vs Amon Bond & H. McGuire  Jno. P. Middleton,Sec.  (See information on suit 276)  Rachel Bond is now wife of Montraville Reynolds.  All of McMinn Co. except Amon Bond is of Polk Co. Samuel Prather removed from McMinn Co. to Roane Co. where he died a wealthy man.  Rachel Bond is sister to Peter, Amon, and Benjamin.   July 1847, witnesses John Middleton, 71, Eli Dixon 39, Joseph Browder 57, John W. Burnett 51, Saml. McRoberts 45, David Cleage 40.  Aug 1847 in Bradley Co., witness Geo. W. Reid, who moved from McMinn Co. 10 yrs. ago, deposes that he was staying at Henry Bond's when Peter Bond died , and Henry was upset because he said Joannah had had a child by Eli Dixon.


No.341)   O. Bill  Filed 2 April 1846 John Scruggs vs Saml Bicknell and Benj. W. Patty, Chas. C. Bicknell  Geo. Brown,Sec.  Business Suit.


No.342)   Inj. Bill   Filed 4 April 1846 Bank of Tenn. vs John Cox, E. Clayton, John Hankins, Hubbard Hutson, Jos. B. Wilson, & Payton Hutson  H.H. Stephens, Sec.  Elijah Clayton and John Hankins of Polk Co.  James B. Wilson of Monroe co. is son-in-law of Hankins.  Peyton Hutson is son of Hubbard Hutson.


No.343)  Filed in Ch. Cit at Athens 2 Oct. 1845.  Transferred to this Court & papers field 10 May 1846  James Parkeson vs James H. Fyffe, Geo. E. Mountcastle, James M. Waide, Ezekiel Spriggs, Susannah Mountcastle, A.D. Keyes & D. Cleage  Danl. Parkeson,Sec.  March Term 1847:  Death of G. Mountcastle suggested.


No.344A)  O.G. Murrell & S.D. Jacobs, A. Slover, A.D. Keyes, Jas. S. Bridges vs The Planters Bank of Tennessee  Solomon D. Jacobs of Knox Co., others of McMinn.  At session of Tenn. Legislature 1835-36 the Hiwassee R.R. co. was incorporated.  In 1840 and after, the R.R. Co. borrowed large sums from Bank.  of which Murrell was Pres.  Murrell also endorsed notes, with others.


No.344)   O. Bill  Filed 12 May 1846 N/J  Spilman vs Morris K. Taylor & Fnd. Gulledge  "settled"   Suit over slaves.  Mrs. Harriet R. Glenn has married Taylor.


No.345)   O. Bill  Filed 12 May 1846 Will Burris vs John A. Burriss, D.W. Lattimore & Chas. Bogart, R.H. McAdams, W.H. Plumley   Isam Evans, Secs.  In 1839 John Burris died in Monroe Co. testate, bequeathing land to wife Mary and at her death to sons Wm. and John A.  He also bequeathed land to daughter Elizabeth France.  Will was dated 17 Mar 1838.  1847 in Murray Co.. Ga.. witness Wm. Anderson, 24.  1848 in Monroe Co., witness Eliza Burris, 24, is daughter of John A. Burris.  1847 in Monroe Co., witness Mary Burris,73, widow of John.


No.346)   O. Bill  Filed 14 May 1846 A.V. Brown, Governor of Tennessee vs Mastin Henderson & A. Stakely Feb. 4, 1848:  In consequence of the removal of Respt. Henderson to the State of Texas, it is ordered that notice to take deposition may be served on Respt. Stakely alone.  Henderson was Sheriff of Monroe Co.  His daughter Mary is wife of Abraham Stakely.  1847, John Rufus Smith, a clerk in store of Stakely & Smith, in 1844, is now in Mexico in employ of Genl. Government.  1847, witness John Coltharp, 66, deposes that Henderson married his daughter and Stakely married his granddaughter.


No. 347)   O. Bill Filed 18 June 1846 Hubbard Ragsdale vs Joseph Boyd, Alexr. Boyd & Thos. B. Wilson  John Wayman,Sec.  Alexander Boyd of Hamilton Co. and his brother Joseph Boyd (called Col. Boyd) and their nephew Thomas B. Wilson formed a company to manufacture powder.  Ragsdale charges that at the request of Joseph Boyd he, in 1842 was engaged in selecting a site in Monroe Co. for a powder mill and in superintending the building; that he was prevailed upon to leave his farm and take possession of the powder mill, the company agreeing to furnish him with 6000 lbs. of salt peter per year for three years, coal wood sufficient brimstone to make the peter into gun powder, grainers, sorters, and dusters to keep the mill in good repair and to board him; and he agreed to make the gun powder for the fifth pound; that he made powder until 2 Mar. 1843 when Alex. Boyd suggested their verbal contract be reduced to writing, which was done, signed by Alex. and Hubbard; that he remained the three years; that now Joseph Boyd and Wilson refuse to pay him what is due because thay did not sign the contract; that Alexander Boyd is insolvent,  Joseph Boyd and Wilson deny all charges, stating that the only partnership was in the puchase of the land.  Boyd answers that he stopped furnishing materials was that Ragsdale made good powder for himself and inferior powder for the others, Witnesses depose as follows in 1847; John Hightower age 46 manufactured gun powder 12 to 15 yrs. ago; Andrew L. Boyd, age 22 is son of Joseph Boyd; William Green Wilson age 25 hauled peter and brimstone from Ala William Ragsdale son of Hubbard, age 24, worked at the mill until he married 2 yrs. ago July next;  Francis A. Ragsdale age 21 is son of Hubbard; Alexander Boyd and Wilson were in partnership in making saddles.  Suit is dismissed Mar. 1848.


No.348)   Filed in Office of W. Lowry, Clk Athens 20 Dec. 1845

          Filed in Ch. Court Madisonville, 21 June 1846

Samuel Workman & John Wolfe, Amrs vs Mary Jane Collier, Archd R. Turk, Jas. Griffith, Samul Douthet and wife, Archd. R.T. Hambright  A.P. McClatchy, Sec.  File contains two Grants, 1835 & 1835 and Copy of Will Turk.  Archibald R. Turk died 25 Dec 1843 testate.  Will proved Feb 1845 and Execs. named refused to serve.  Willed all property to wife Ginsey until her death or marriage, when 4 slaves were to be freed, and balance of estate to Saml. Workman one of Complainants. James Griffith a nephew, Mary Jane Collier a niece, Arch.R.T. Hambright, and Arch. R. Turk.  In 1845 Ginsey married Saml. Dothers of Monroe Co.  Griffith is of Meigs Co. and Mary Jane Collier and A.R. Turk are nonresidents.  A.R.T. Hambright is a minor.  15 Jan 1847, Answer of Saml. Dothret he did marry Ginsey the widow of his worthy and deceased friend:  he and Ginsey had agreed to raise three orphan grand children whose parents both died in Mo.:  Ginsey had died and at her request her remains were conveyed and interred at Calhoun near her former residence.


No.349)   Inj. Bill  Filed 4 July 1846 Geo. C. Harris & W. Griffith vs D. Caldwell, S.D. Caldwell, J.B. Russell  E.C. Harris,Sec.  Amended Bill filed 6 Sept.1847  Bill of Sale from David Caldwell to son Stephen D. and to daughters Sarah Caldwell and Jane Caldwell, 16 Dec 1841.  1849, Wm.R. Caldwell, 48, is son of David; his sister Jane is Betsy Jane and is now Mrs. Humphreys. 1849, witness Mary Caldwell, 70, widow of David;  daughter Betsy Jane has been married about 4 years.  1849, Amended Bill:  Geo. C. Harris and John Griffith and Henry Marshall, Adms. of Wm. Griffith dec'd vs Alfred Humphreys and wife et al. David Caldwell Jr. is son of David Sr.  Stephen D. Caldwell rec'd from his brother Isaac A. Caldwell in Coo'sa Co., Ala. money to redeem negro slave.  1849. Answer of John Wilson Adm. of David Caldwell dec'd.


No.350)     O. Bill  Filed 24 July 1846 George C. Harris & James Vaughn vs Mastin Henderson, Abraham Stakely & O. Rice   J.C. Vaughn & E.C. Harris,Sec.  Abraham Stakely married daughter of Mastin Henderson about Mar 1844.  Orville Rice of Hawkins Co. sold land to Stakely about 1846.


No.351)  O Bill  Filed 24 July 1846 W.R. Utter & Jason McMullen vs  John Montgomery, R.J. Wilson, James Wilson   Complainants of Ga. recovered judgments in Blount Co. against Wm. Lowry and John Montgomery.  1844, John Montgomery Deed of Trust to R.J. Wilson for his undivided interest in land in Blount co. bequeathed by his father John Montgomery dec'd to Wm. M. and Robert M. Montgomery.


No.352)  Inj. Bill  Filed in Athens Ch. Ct.   20 April 1844 Papers filed in Chancery Court Madisonville 27 July 1846  James Witten, Thos. Vernon, D.H. Dickey, Robert Sneed, John Stanfield.  vs Jesse Kerr  James Witten of Meigs Co. David H. Dickey of Roane Co. Sneed and Stanfield of Monroe Co.  Kerr of Blount Co.  1847: Gentry Co. Mo. witness Martin Low, 51, formerly of Monroe Co.  1846, Monroe Co., witness Joshua E. Witten, 24, says he has lived with James Witten all his life.


No.353)  O. Bill  Filed in Chancery Court Athens 22 Aug 1844

Filed in Ch. Ct. Madisonville 27 Jiuly 1846   A.O. Fisher, Henry H. Rider & Jacob Fisher vs Thomas Crutchfield  All parties of Athens.  Crutchfield had made contract with Trustees of East Tenn. College at Knoxville for the erection of East and West dormitories.  two professor's houses. and two smoke houses, all of brick. On 18 Mar 1839, Fishers, & William Hodefer of Abingdon, Va., entered into contract with Crutchfield to execute said contract.  In 1841 Henry H. Rider replaced Rodefer in the contract.  Buildings are finished but parties have made no settlement.  In 1842, A.O. Fisher has two new apprentices.  Abraham Scott and James Cliborn, who are to remain two years.  1847, in Benton Co. Ala. witness Wm. Crutchfield 23, is son of Thomas.  1845, Athens, witness Wm. Fisher,22, is bro. to A.O.


No.354)  O. and Inj. Bill  Filed in Ch. Ct. at Athens 9 Nov 1844

Filed Madisonville 27, July 1846  McGhee & McCarty & Wm. L. Johnson vs Calvin H. Senter, Admr. & W.P. Allison, R.& A. Swafford    James Senter died McMinn Co. 1838 or 1839 intestate and Wm. Bates app. Adm., but some time since, Bates died without closing out his Adm. In 1844 Calvin Senter, a son of James dec'd was app. Elizabeth is mother of Calvin.  All of McMinn Co. John C. is son of Auswell.


No.355)   O. Bill  Filed at Athens 31 Jan. 1845  March term 1846 of Ch. Ct. at Madisonville. transferred to this court  Papers filed 27 July 1846.  Hiel Butram Admr & C of Barton White dec'd  vs Benton Keeton and widow & heirs of Barton White  Barton White's widow is Polly and the children are Susan, Nancy Ann, & Hannah Eliza, minors.


No.356)   Inj. Bill Filed in Ch. Court Athens 22 April 1845.  Transferred to Chancery Court at Madisonville at March Term 1846.  Papers filed in this office 27 July 1846.  James Witten, Executor of James Richardson vs The heirs of Jas. Richardson


No.357)  Inj. Bill   Filed in Ch. Ct. at Athens 21 June 1846. Transferred to Ch. Court Madisonville at March Term 1846.  Papers filed 27 July 1846. Richard Rothwell vs Thomas Sliger, Wm. J. Abel, & James Gettys  Rothwell and Sliger of McMinn Co.


No.358)  O. Bill Filed at Athens 25 June 1845. Order of Transfer March Term 1846., at Madisonville. Papers filed 27 July 1846.

Prest & Directors of Bank of Tennessee vs R.B. Hudson, Auswell Philips & Jno. C. Philips, Robert W. Jordan


No.359)   O. Bill Filed at Athens 3 July 1845. March Term 1846 at Madisonville, Order of Transfer. Papers filed 27 July 1846.

A.D. Keyes, Trustee vs Solomon Bogart, Joel K. Brown, S. Beavers, W. Lowry, Jno. Matlock, Jno. McMahan, Wm. Rudd, O.G. Murrell, Wm. S. McEwen, Henry Bogart, Jas. H. Fyffe, Hu Smith, D.D. Anderson.


No.360) Bill of Foreclosure.  Filed at Athens 29 Aug. 1845. March Term 1846 at Madisonville Order of Transfer. Papers filed in this office 27 July 1846  Prest. & Directors of the Bank of Tennessee vs Abraham Slover  Dismissed Sept. Term 1846.  Business Suit.


No.362)  Filed at Athens 3 Dec 1845.  March Term 1846 at Madisonville Order of Transfer.  Papers filed in this Office 28 July 1846.  Bill of discovery.  H. Humphreys vs Wm. Lowry  In 1838 Humphreys and Lowry entered merchantile partnership. Lowry had money as Gdn. of Timothy M., Elizabeth Jane, & John Walker Jr., minor heirs of John Walker Jr.


No. 363)  O. Bill   Filed at Athens 8 Dec 1845.  March Term 1846 Order of Transfer.  Papers filed in Office at Madisonville 27 July 1846.  John Matlock, Exr of Charles Matlock vs Johnson Minton one piece of land was where Wm. Hodges formerly lived.


No.364) Inj. Bill  Filed at Athens 9 Dec 1845.  March Term 1846 Madisonville Order of Transfer.  Papers filed at Madisonville 27 July 1846  John McGhee vs Saml. H. Jordan, Wm. Lowry and Buck & Potter


No.365) O. Bill  Filed at Athens 20 Jan 1846. Madisonville March Term 1846 Order of Transfer.  Papers filed in this office 27 July 1846.  Nathaniel McKinney vs Augstine P. Green  & Wm. Rudd  Green now of Bledsoe Co.


No.366)  O. Bill   Filed 4 Aug  1846 Garland Smith & Polly Patterson vs David Kelsoe  P. Hood,Sec.


No.367)  O. Bill   Filed 3 Aug. 1846 Francis V. Bulfinch for use of Geo. C. Harris & James Vaughn vs Mastin Henderson, John Henderson, Andrew L. Henderson, & Archd Sloan


No.368)  O. Bill  Filed 4 Aug. 1846 Philmer Greene vs Isaac White & Samuel Henry  A.C. Montgomery,Sec.  Green of Blount Co.


No.369)  O. Bill  Filed 4 Aug. 1846 Synthia Stephens, Widow vs The heirs of John Stephens, decd. viz Daniel P., Mary J., Syntha E. and Margaret S or L Stephens and W.H. Plumlee, Guardian

Daniel Plumlee,Sec.  John Stephens died Oct 1845 intestate leaving widow Syntha and children Daniel P., Mary J., Syntha E., & Margaret J., minors.


No.370)   Inj. Bill  Filed 15 Aug 1846 Elizabeth Maxwell & Margory Maxwell vs As. & Archd. Maxwell  Maxwell of Blount Co. on 29 April 1831, Elizabeth's husband John Maxwell made his Will appointing his brothers Thomas and Archibald as Execs.  Will proven Sep 1831.  He left Elizabeth the widow and children Rececca Jane and Margery his only heirs.  Rebecca Jane married Geo. W. Rudd but she has since died.  Archibald, who has gone to parts unknown, has a son James.


No.371)  Attachment Bill  Filed 1 Sept 1846  So. W.R.R. Bank and Bank of Tenn. vs M.C. Rogers & Will Henderson  D.A. Deaderick, Sec. Rogers of Sevier Co. and now of Texas.  Henderson is his brother-in-law.


No.372)  Attachment Bill  Filed 3 Sept 1846 George C. Harris & James Vaughn vs Mastin Henderson, Abraham Stakely,  Joseph Johnston,Sec.


No.373)  O. Bill   Filed 4 sep 1846 George W. Brown, Admr of Nathan White vs Mary White, Widow of N. White, George White,David Morrison & wife, Thos Walker & wife, Nathan White, Jonathan White and Benj. & Joseph minors & thier Guardian ad litem, Jno. Wilson.

Issd. Subpoena & copy for William White to Shff Hawkins County  ly 27,1847  Nathan White died Mar 1846 intestate in Monroe Co. leaving widow Mary and children George, Polly wife of David Morrison, Wm. who resides in Hawkins Co. , Nancy wife of Thos. Walker, Nathan, Jonathan who resides Monroe Co. and Benj. & Joseph who are minors. George, Polly, Nathan, & Nathan are nonresidents.


No.374)  Inj. Bill   Filed 14 Sept 1846 Thomas Vernon  vs Jesse Kerr  J.B. Fitzgerald, James_______Secs.


No. 375 and 376)  Filed 12 Feb. 1850  Lydia Emeline Duff vs James H. Duff.  Chancery Court at Cleveland.   Petition for divorce.  Lydia of Polk Co.  Married 30 July 1833 in Monroe Co.; lived Polk Co. until 17 Oct. 1849  when he eloped with Nancy Whitson and he is supposed to be in some of the Western States or in Oregon;  she had seven children by him, five yet living, the oldest age 10 and the younges age 1 1/2.   (This was in loose papers).


No.375B)    Inj. Bill  Filed 15 Sept. 1846 Thomas Henderson vs Elias Phillips  Andrew Smyth,Sec.


No.376B)   O. Bill   Filed 15 Sept. 1846 James Wilson vs James Hickey & Anna Hickey  Samuel Henderson,Sec.  All of McMinn Co.  James Wilson Jr. son of Complainant James Wilson Sr., Another son was Robert who died 30 Sept 1841.  Robert H. Hickey is son of James Hickey.  James Wilson Jr. states that slave Jacob is a good distiller and is his father's stiller, that they average out 14 gals. to the run, and make 70 to 80 gals. a week.  1848, Witness Wm. Terry,55, was offered hire of slaves by his brother-in-law in Jackson Co. Tn.  Witnesses McConnell Chambers and Nicholas Dodson both are owners of distilleries.


No. 377) No. 3 in Chancery at Athens.  Transferred & Papers filed 21 Sept. 1846  Buck & Potter vs William Lowry and Hilton Humphreys


NO.378) No.19 in Chancery Court at Athens.  Papers filed in Chancery Court at Madisonville 21 Sept 1846.  Filed Athens 22 April 1845  Warnin Smith vs Charles Metcalfe,  Wm. Burris & Others  Filed contains Copy of Will of Stephen Smith.  Stephen Smith of McMinn Co. made will 22 Sept 1844 and died shortly thereafter, leaving no children, and widow Warnin, old & feeble, dissented to the will.  Legatees in Will (and Defts. in suit) are John William, William Pinckney, Nathaniel Henry, Samuel Houston, Emily Jane, James Coleman, Laura Smith, and Martha Marie Metcalfe widow of Thos. J., and Sarah Thomas Metcalfe.  All are children of late Nathaniel Smith of Republic of Texas except Sarah Thomas Metcalfe who is a grandchild.  Stephen willed to Mary Myres Carr, oldest dau. of Nat Smith , 25 cents and to his sister Susan Smith.  All children are minors except John W. and Wm. P. and all the Smith children are non residents.


No.379) No.33 at Athens Ch. Ct. Transferred by Order 21 Sept. 184? and papers filed.  Filed Athens 16 Aug. 1846  George Julian vs Thomas Frazier & Charles Thornton  Julian of Hamilton Co.  Frazier of Mo.