No.380)     Cross Bill  Filed 29 Sept 1846 W.C. Christian & wife vs James Witten & others   Walter Nicholas,Sec.


No381)   O. and Inj.  Bill  Filed 2 Oct. 1846 John Caldwell  vs The Commrs. of Jones County  C.W.C. Norwood, Sec.


No.382)   Inj. Bill  Filed 29 Dec. 1846 John R. Cole vs Abraham Haun


No.382B) (there are two by this number)   Filed 29 Dec. 1846

George Brown vs Elijah Yearwood and George Gibson  Land Suit.

382 Cole  By 1849 deft. is Newton W. Haun, Adm. of A. Haun 1847, Tishamingo Co., Miss., Witness Andrew Cole,45, says Henry Brakebill had moved to Iowa Country in 1843.


No.383)   O. and Inj. Bill  Filed 11 Jan. 1847 Elizabeth Carter vs Saml. N. Johnston & Jesse Cunningham  File contains Grant signed by Neil S. Brown 1846.  Mrs. Elizabeth Carter's son-in-law is James Brown.  1847, witness Col. Saml. Bayles, 64.


No.384)     O. Bill  Filed 13 Jan. 1847 James C. Wright vs Joseph B. Milligan  Saml. Ghormley, Sec.


No.385)     O. Bill   Filed 14 Jan. 1847  James Wilson vs John Denton, Samuel H. Armstrong & William A. Armstrong, Minors

R.H. Hynds,Sec.


No.386)  O. and Inj. Bill  Filed 23 Jan 1847 B.F. Duncan vs Andrew Kirkpatrick, Robt Pickens, Thos Pickens, Saml McHenry, Campbell Shadden, John Davis & John Gamble   Jno C. McNutt, W.D. McGinley, Secs.  Suit for Debt.  All parties are of Blount Co.  In Bill name is plainly Saml. McHenry.


No.387)   O. Bill  Filed 1 Feb 1847 Elizabeth Wright vs Dahlilah Wright & W.T.J. Wright  Thomas Wright died 1826 in Monroe Co. intestate leaving widow Elizabeth and their son Wm. M. as his only heirs.  Wm. a cripple, made baskets and received a paupers pension from Co., but was shrewd trader.  In Jun 1845, Wm. married Delila Jane Miller who had been living with Elizabeth and William.  Wm. died unexpectedly in May 1846 leaving widow Deliala and an infant son Wm. T.J. Wright.  Elizabeth is 73 and was hurt by fall from horse before Wm. died, and went to live with her son John A. Wright, 52 in 1848.  The lawyer in case, McGinley, is a nephew of Elizabeth.  John A. Wright has a brother who has children.  1848, witness James C. Wright,22, is grandson of Elizabeth.  witness Nicy Miller, 39, appears to live with Deliala.  Witness Jesse Miller 47.  Title to two farms made to Wm. but Elizabeth claims he helped him pay.


No.388)  O. and Inj. Bill  Filed 29 Jan 1847  Douthet Hix, Elizabeth Hix, Talbot, George & Garrett Hix, Ruth Raper, Saml. Cartwright & wife Mahala Marady & Isaac & Jno. B. Hix vs Guilford Cannon & Jas Hix a minor heir of Geo. B. Hix   Martin M. Hix,Sec.

Shadrach Hix died in McMinn Co. July 1846 intestate leaving Elizabeth Hix widow, and children Douthet Hix of McMinn Co., Talbot, George, Garrett Hix, Ruth whose husband Wm. Raper is dead.  Mahala wife of Samuel Cartwright, Marady Hix, citizens of Monroe Co., Isaac and John B. Hix citizens of Bradley Co.  Defendant James Hix, monor of Monroe Co.  Shadrach's trade was shoe making. 1847, witness John C. Robison,21, father is dead.  1847, Ruthy Raper is 47.  Suit over land.


No.388B)  Filed 2 Feb. 1847  (In Loose Papers)  Hiram Lea vs William P. Kitral.  Kiteral married Nancy Benton daughter of Robert Benton who died and afterwards Lea sold land to Kiteral.  Benton died intestate leaving five sons who were minors and their Gdn. had rented out the land (on Fork Creek).  Kiteral agreed that he and his wife would convey his wife's interest in land to Lea for balance they owed.  Lea and Kiteral did not know how to draw the bond and went to George C. Montgomery to get him to draw it;  Montgomery sent his son to his brother James Montgomery, a J.P., to get a law book, and then drew an instrument which Lea who cannot read understood to be a title bond, and Kiteral was supposed to bring his wife to town to sign a deed, but did not do so;  Kiteral then took the instrument to a neighbor's and found it was a deed not a title bond.  Petition for relief.


No.389)  O. Bill  Filed 27 Feb. 1847.  Brabson & Toole vs Jesse B. Thompson, Malinda Thompson & Reps J. Davis  Jesse B. Thompson and wife Malinda formerly Malinda George both of Blount Co.  John Brabson of Sevier Co., Benj. D. Branson, & James  M. Toole, DBA Brabson & Toole.  Thompsons made Mortgage for slaves Jan 1844  and since then Jesse left State and now lives in Mo.  Malinda summoned in Blount Co.  Brabson and Reps J. Davis DBA as John Brabson & Co.


No. 390)  Filed 9 March 1847  P.J. Lea & wife, Francis W. Lea & wife, Arthur H. Henly, Guardians Thomas H. Callaway, Executor of Jos. Callaway, Dec.


No.391) Filed 13 March 1847 John Carden vs Larkin Cardin,Jr. and R. Stephenson,Sec.  John Carden of Polk Co. is bro. of Larkin Carden Jr.  John Daugherty Sr. was 85 on 1 Jan 1847 and died 25 Apr 1846 and lived Hamilton Co. his wife Isabel, 57 in 1847 was Isabel Brown and is stepmother to John's daughter Elizabeth  Lawson, 50 in 1847, whose own mother died 16 years ago.  1848 Polk Co., witness Albert Grogan 33, is brother-in-law of John Carden.  1847, Meridah Lawson,21, says "I pass for his grandson" in answer to question as to his relation to John Daughtery Sr.  1850 Nathaniel T. Lawson,20, is grandson of John Daughtery.  1848, Larkin Carden wants Wm. Patterson of Coweta Co., Ga. as witness.  Exhibit is affidavit of Isabel & John Daughtery Sr. Hamilton Co., 18 Nov 1845, claiming that assignment to land given by Wm. Patterson to Isabel before her marriage, is lost.  1849, witness Leonard Cardin Sr. 66 1848, witness Larkin Carden Sr. 61, Alfred Carden is bro. to John 7 Larkin Jr.  Larkin Jr. got Grant  sold land to Thos. Giles now decd and Giles heirs are now in possession.


No.392)  Petition to Sell Negro  March 16 Term 1847 Amanda A. Patton vs Harris F. Patton & others  Francis A. Patton died in Monroe Co. in Fall of 1846 testate, leaving wife Amanda A. and five children, Harris F., Francis L., Mary A., Elizabeth M., and James, all minors.  Petition to sell unruly slave who is now in jail.  File contains copy of Will of Francis A. Patton.


No.393)  Filed in Ch. Court in Athens 30 Jan. 1845 Transferred & filed in Ch. Court Madisonville 16 March 1847.  Heirs of Richd Richards, decd.  Exparte, Petition to Sell Land  Some years ago Richard Richards died in McMinn Co. intestate leaving only children John V. and Elijah L. of age, and Catharine, Edward, Samuel, Elizabeth, Daniel, & Susannah, minors.  Daniel Richards is their Gdn.  Children live in Tenn. but some distance from land.  1850 Jefferson Co., P of A from John V. & Catharine E. Richards to brother E.L. Richards.  1853 Hamilton Co., letters from Edward Richards.


No.394)     O. and Inj. Bill  Filed 9 April 1847 Elizabeth Hains by next friend Jno King vs Wm. Lowry, Jno. McGhee & S.B. Haines  S.B. Haines,Sec.


No.395)   Circuit Court  Filed about May 1847 Joseph Boyd vs Hubbard Ragsdale  Original Bill missing.


No.395B)  O. Bill  Filed 13 May 1847 Joseph R. Douglass and Alexander Hogshead & wife Harriet C. vs Robt. H. Snead and John Stanfield, Admr. of Jonathan Douglass, decd, Jane C. Douglass, widow & De Witt Clinton, Mary E., Oscar E. & Theodore C. Douglass minors by their Gdn. Elika A. Taylor. File contains copy of will of Jonathan Douglass.  Jonathan Douglass made his will on 10 Dec 1840 in Monroe Co. He left widow Jane C. who dissented from the Will, and six children, Joseph R. (who seems to be Rufus),  Harriet C. Hogsett, and minors Dewitt Clinton, Mary E., Oscar E., & Theodore C. whose Gdn is Elika A. Taylor.  Execs. named wee Jacob Pearson and col. John Ramsey, who declined to serve. & appointed Robert Sneed & J. John Stanfield.  1852. Alexander Hogsett, 36, and Joseph R. Douglass 28.  Jonathan Douglass died in Mo. and an Adm. appoint in that State.  Suit asks Court to construe will, as to personal property.


No.396)    O. & Inj. Bill  Filed 7 June 1847 William R. Utter Adm. of Ann Lowry dec'd vs David and William Lowry  Exhibit 1 is Orig. B of S. from Wm. Lowry of Blount Co. to Abraham Wallace for slaves, Mary Wallace is witness.  Abraham assigns to Wm. M. and David Lowry.  About 1796 Wm. Lowry, fater of Wm. M. & David, married Ann Wallace widow of John Wallace who died about 1793, and at that time they lived in Blount Co.  moved to Monore Co. 1819.  Wm. died about 1820 intestate.   Ann Lowry died 1843 Monroe Co. intestate, age 83,  Ann Lowry was mother of Wm. M. and David Lowry, and also mother of Abraham Wallace by her husband John Wallace, and also mother of Polly (Mary) Edington and Asenith Edington.  1849 witness Asenith Edington 65, at house of Jesse Edington, Monroe Co.  James Edington is half-brother-in-law of the Lowrys.  John Edington is son (son-in-law?) of Ann Lowry.  Adm. on Est. of Ann Lowry granted 3 May 1847 to Wm. Utter "a stranger in blood and interest to Ann Lowry", who even resides in another state.  Deed 1819 or 1820 from Wm. & Ann Lowry to Wm. M. & David for slaves was written & witnessess by Col. John Lowry and wife Jane, both now dec'd. 1850, witness Augustine Lillard says he left state about 19 yrs. ago.  1849, witness Mary Ann Trotter 69, says she and Mrs. Ann Lowry moved to Hiwassee Purchase at same time, witness Joseph A. Upton moved to Western Dist. and remained 14 yrs. and David Lowry went with him and stayed 2 yrs;  witness John McCroskey ,69, lives now on Fork Creek and has known Lowry's since 1818; witness John Sheets ,52, has known them for 35 yrs; witness, Margaret Toomey,62, moved from County 10 years ago.


No. 397)     O. Bill  Filed 7 June 1847 Abraham Taylor vs John B. Tipton and Edmond Wayman  Joseph Taylor and Wm. G. Anderson,Sec.

Hieskell Brown,Sol.  Taylor of Macon Co.,N.C.  In 1842 Taylor was in partnership with Wm. Barnes, who died in Blount Co. 17 Sept 1846, and they wre indebted to Geo. W. Carmichael & James W. Kelso, Adms. of Saml. W. Carmichael, assignee of Geo. W. Carmichael, and Tipton & Wayman were their Securities.  John M. Barnes & Complainant Taylor are two of heirs of Wm. Barnes.  1849, Murray Co., Ga. witness  Wm. P. Chester,47, at his house in Dalton- he lives at Spring Place Ga. in 1843. 1849, Blount Co., witness John Wayman,23, and Edmund Wayman 60.


No.398)   O. Bill  Filed 27 July 1847  Polly Lowry, by her nex friend, Spencer Jarnagin vs John McGhee, Thomas Henderson and others   Will. Lowry,Sec.  Jarnigan, Sol.


No.399)    O. and Inj. Bill  Filed 18 Aug 1847 Elizabeth Gordan Dismissed vs Silvester Blackwell & Thos. W. Mastin  Van Kyke & Cooks, Sol.  Elizabeth Gorden of McMinn Co. a widow, near 65, says she made B of S in moment of extreme illness, at Blackwell's insistence.


No.400)     O. Bill  Filed 3 Sept. 1847 Gideon Morgan vs Joseph S. Miligan, & F.L. Milligan  R. McD. McElrath,Sec.  Heiskell, Hynde, Sol.  Morgan of Monroe Co. bought land of Joseph B. Milligan at judgement sale. Land adjoining that of Thos. H. Callaway on Little Tenn. River at mouth of Tallassee Creek.  Francis L. and Joseph Washinton Milligan (24 in 1850) are sons of Joseph S. Milligan.  Morgan dies during suit and it is continued by Andrew L. Rogers.


No.401)   O. Bill  Filed 4 Sept 1847 Will. P. Allison  Transferred to Ch. Court at Athens,    vs  March 1848  Wm. McCamey, N.N. Armstrong, A.W. Armstrong  Keith, Sol.   Only paper left is Pro. Bond.


No.402)      O. and Inj. Bill  Filed 7 Sept 1847 James Dyer  1 Feb 1848, Publication in Athens Courier vs as to Deft. Crow who is represtented to have B.C. Jameson, & gone to Mexico  Wilson Crow,  P. Gross,Sec. Thomas J. Campbell,Sol.  All of McMinn Co. Land and debt suit.  Sept 1848: Death of Wilson Crow is suggested and Scire facias issued to Sarah Ann, Abel, Martha, William, Wilson Jr. & Evelina Crow, children and Juliann Crow.   No date:  Jarnagin Shipley is Gdn. of minor heirs and is a Deft. in case. 1851, McMinn Co., witness John C. Crawford, about ,28, says Julyan Crow is "said to be" his sister. and witness James W. Crawford, 18, says "they say" she is his sister.  1850, witness James Riddle says he heard Wilson Crow say that Jameson his old master had redeemed the land for him and he was not afraid Campbell Jamison fooling  of him.


No.403) Filed 10 Sept.1847  Heirs of B.H. Mayo    Petition to sell Slaves  Blackwell H. Mayo died intestate 29 Jan 1844 leaving widow Grizzy L. Mayo, and heirs E.W.P. Mayo, Peyton Blankenship and wife Martha Elizabeth,  Wm. Gay & b wife Louisa M., E.G.A., Emily H., Nancy Jane, Miriam A., Cynthia R., Mary G.A., and B.H. Mayo, the last five minors by their Gdn. James A. Haire.  In 1850 Wm. Gay is the Gdn.  14 May 1849, reciept from Emily H. and Ellison Gay, heirs.


No.403B)     Inj. Bill  Filed 13 Sept 1847  Andrew Smyth & M.F. Johnson vs James M. Sharp & Saml. Pride  J.C. Vaughn,Sec. 


No.404)  Filed 18 Sept. 1847 John Wolfe vs Heirs of Peter Moser, Deceased, and Mary Mosier, widow Stephens,Sol.Peter Moser (Mosier) died testate leaving children; Wm. Brakebill & wife Viny, Jacob, and Daniel Moser, Phillip Keller & wife Catherine, Francis, John, Peter, Miller, & Jackson Moser, the last three minors with Saml. Edington as Gdn. The widow is Mary and land is on Bat Creek.


No.405)   Exparts Petition  Filed by W. Lowry, C&M of the  The Heirs of Ira Bell  Chancery Court lately abolished at for Distribution  Athens, Sept. 1847  Filed Athens 10 Nov 1845 Filed  Madisonville 20 Sept. 1847  Some yrs. ago Ira Bell died intestate in McMinn Co., leaving only heirs widow Pamela J. (or I.), James P., John P., & Wm. J. Bell, minors with Peter H. Bell as Gdn.  All now live in Franklin Co., Va.  Letter 29 Dec 1849 Washington Tenn. from John H. Colville to Peter H. Bell, Gladehill, Va. telling him land is sold.  Letter, 20 Oct 1843, from Emanuel Haney, McMinn Co. to Ira Bell, Franklin Co. Va., Glade Hill P.O. Haney evidently in charge of renting Bell's farm.


No.406)  Filed 20 Sept. 1847 Ex Parte  Sept. Term 1847, Order for sale of land.Heirs of Saml. Johnston Partition to Sell Land Heiskell, Sol. Petition to lay off dower to widow Nancy (mother) and to sell land in Bradley Co. and land known as Starr's Reservation in Monroe Co. for division.  Samuel Johnston Sr. died intestate 11 Aug. 1846 leaving widow Nancy and children; 1. John H. of Polk co. 1. Samuel M. of McMinn Co. 3. Esther wife of Joshiah Rowan of McMinn Co. 4. Margaret wife of Samuel Johnston of Monroe Co. 5.  Francis H. 6. Joshiah K. 7. James H. 8. Hamilton last four of Monroe Co. and the children of dec'd son  Wm.E. who are; Samuel H., and minors James H. Jr., Sarah A., Esther, Findley S., and Eliza J. all of Monroe Co. with Hamilton Johnson as their Gdn.


No.407)    Ex Parte    Filed 20 Sept 1847  John Grubb & Elener Robinson, Admrs. of Thos. Robinson Sept. Term 1847 Order to Sell Slaves. Petition to Sell Slaves  Keith,Sol.


No.408) Filed 20 Sept. 1847 Elisha Williams, Commr. of School land vs G. Cox & F.W. Lea  David Cunningham,Sec. Heiskell, Brown, Gaut,Sol. On 23 Jan 1840, Gen. Assembly of Tenn. appointed Ezekiel Spriggs of Bradley Co., Benj. B. Cannon, of Hamilton Co., and Avery Hannah of Meigs Co. as Comm. to value improvements which ahd been made in land set apart in Ocoee Dist. as school lands.  Before Ocoee Land Law passed (Nov. 1837) Chesley McKinzie lived upon land and had made improvements.  He died Mar 1838 and John Cain was Adm.  His widow and family left land when School Comm. took it.  Augustus Presswood, app. Comm. with Elijah Williams, has long since removed to N.C.  Cox of Polk Co.  1852:  John Cain,30, says Chesley McKenzie had lived on the land but "in the time of the intrusion"  he was driven off by the regular troop and he does not think Cheslsy had returned when land was surveyed, but he still cultivated it, as he lived on land in Hiwassee Dist. and part of his buildings were on Ocoee side.  The troops burnt his dwelling house on Occoe side.


No.409)    Pros. Bond   executed  30 Oct 1847  Morris K. Taylor and wife, Harriet R. Taylor vs N.J. Spilman, S.S. Glen, Austin Glen  W.R. Grubb,Sec. Brown, Lyon & Heiskell Taylors of Ala.  Thomas Glen died Monroe Co. testate, Apr 1838, leaving infant child Sarah Ann, and widow Harriet R. who has married in 1845 Morris K. Taylor,  Execs. Newton J. Spilman and Squire S. Glen have not filed Invt. nor made settlement in these 10 years.  Thos. Glen and Newton J. Spilman made agreement in N.C. in June 1836 and former merchantile business of Spilman and Glen and papers left with Henry P. Poindexter who at that time lived Surry Co., N.C. but now in Ark.  After Thos. Glen died, Spilman & Squire S. Glen formed business of N.J. Spillman and Co., in same store house, and this was disolved 1848.  Thos. Glen's father and sisters reside in N.C.  Squire S. Austin is Gdn. of Sarah Ann.  1852 at Geo. W. Mayo's Tavern in McMinn Co., witness Francis P. Pettitt, 57, lives McMinn but was on visit to his family in Surry Co., N.C. when he loaned money to Thomas Glen Jr. that James Pettitt now lives in Texas: that Geo.F. Wilson from whom Thos. Glen Jr. borrowed money, lived in N.C. when note was due.  Notes of Thomas Glen Jr. to Jane Gelnn to Thos. Glen Sr. & to Tyre Glen of Surry Co., N.C. 1849:  Spillman says there are 2 R.H. Cardens but one named is (called Roane Jim).  1853: Madison Co., Ala., witness Frederick Gulledge 66, rented farm of Thos. Glen at Mt. Vernon from 1839 to 1847.  1853: Harriet Taylor & father lived at Spillman's for 8 mos. after Thos' death.  Fredrick Gulledge is father of Harriet. Tyre Glen's mother is Ann Glen and father is Thos. Glenn Sr. decd. and brother is Thomas Glen Jr. decd.


No.410)   Attachment Bill  Filed 4 Dec. 1847 Chas. M. McGhee & H.A.M. White, Admrs. of A.R. Hume vs John McGhee, Jr.


No.411)  Petition for Dower  Filed 22 Dec 1847 Ann Lotspeich vs John W. Lotspeich & Jno. J. Browder, Admrs. of John Lotspeich & Ralph Lotspeich, Henry, Felix Lotspeich & Wm. J. Robinson & wife Mary A., Christopher M. Lotspeich, Rufus M. Pickle & his wife Emeline, John J. Browder & his wife Betsy Jane, Jno. W. Lotspeich, Amanda M. Lotspeich & Charles W. Lotspeich. Non-resident Defendants  Ralph, Henry & Felix Lotspeich, Will J. Robinson & his wife Mary A.--Missouri.  Christopher M. Lotspeich, Rufus M. Pickle & wife Emeline--Iowa.


No.412)    O. Bill  Filed 18 Jan 1848 Susan Curd, widow of Jas. H. Curd, minor heir of Richard Curd vs Simeon & Benj. Eldridge and Heirs of Richd. Curd, viz: Wm. P. Copeland & wife Eveline of Polk Co., Squire North and wife Eliza Jane, McMinn, (Benj. C. Curd, Jos. A. Curd & Mary Curd, Minors Wm. P. Copeland their Guardian)  Benjamin Eldridge of Roane Co., Copeland and Joseph A. and Mary of Polk  Co. and rest of McMinn.  About 18 (sic) Susan married Richard Curd a widow of McMinn Co.; by harsh treatment she was forced from her domicile and shortly after she gave birth to their infant son Jas. H.: she filed suit for divorce which was abated by death of Richd.  Copy of D of T:  Simeon Eldridge & Richard Curd to Benj. Eldridge. Simeon of McMinn, upon marriage of his daughter Mary with Richard Curd gave.....Mary has died leaving issue Eveline now wife of Wm. P. Copeland, Eliza Jane, Benj. C., Joseph A., & Mary Curd.


No.413)  Filed 7 Feb 1848 Isaac Weaver  Dismissed before Court vs Alfred M. Peace & wife Martha M. & John H. Snider  H.I. King, Sec.  Weaver & Peaces of Monroe Co.  Slave was bequeathed to Martha M. by Will of (blank)  Pettitt dec'd for her lifetime.


No.414)    Inj. Bill  Filed 15 Feb. 1848  March Rules 1849: Pro confesso, Deft. having failed to answer. W.R. Grubb vs  John C. Duncan, Admr. of M. Edwards  Geo. Brown,Sec.


No.415)   O. Bill  Filed 17 Feb 1848  Pauper  Hannah Steele  vs John Carson Dismissed March Rules 1848  In 1834, Hannah Steele and her late husband Samuel Steele, who died 6 Apr 1845, entered into contract with their son-in-law John Carson that he, in return for Steele's land and property, would support them their lifetime.  John & David Steele are sons.  Samuel Steele received pension from U.S. Govt. Hannah says John Carson has not lived up to contract and Deed was not registered. ( See Monroe Co. Vol. I-Deed was reg. 1834).


No.416)   Cross Bill   Filed 2 March 1848 Nicholas S. Peck vs Thomas M. Isbell, Sarah Blackwell & Joel Blackwell  J.R. Rudd,Sec.  Joel Blackwell bought the improvement on land from Thomas Duggan before the Ocoee Land Law was passed (it passed 29 Nov. 1837) and put Sarah, his mother, on land as tenant.  She moved off when law was passed.  Sarah answers that she & Joel jointly paid Thomas Dugan and also paid Henry Dugan for an improvement on the land.  She moved from land to across the line in what is now Polk Co. because she had let some females go into a house and they turned out to be of bad character and she had put them off, and they got Warrant for her.  She is old and illiterate.


No.417)   O. Bill  Filed 7 March 1848  Will Anderson, Admr. of John Stephens, Decd. vs Danl. R., Mary J., Synthia E., Margaret J. Stephens, minor heirs of John Stephens, dec. and thier Guardian ad litem W. H. Plumlee  John Stephens died intestate Monroe Co. 1845:  Wm. Anderson app. Adm. Jan 1846.  Widow had dower assigned.  John Stephens left children Daniel P., Mary J., Scnthia E., and Margaret J. Stephens.  By 1850 Daniel Plumlee is Adm. of John Stephens.


No. 418   Exparte    Filed 9 Mar 1848 John Montgomery, Guardian of Thos. E., Sarah Ann, Mary Jane, Margaret L., Eliza K., James and Nancy J. Scott minor heirs of Joseph Scott.  Joseph Scott, father of wards, died Apr. 1845 testate.  Will was made 23 Apr. 1845, and named as Execs. Samuel P. Hall, who declined to serve, and G.W. Carmichael who qualified and has settled up and removed from the State.  Joseph's widow Sarah Ann dissented to the Will and Dower was assigned to her.


No.419)  Petition to Sell Land & assign Dower Filed March 1848

Saml. N. Robison, Elinor Robison, Jno. Grubb, Nancy A. Grubb, John S. Raper, and Polly A. Raper, heirs vs Wm. Robison, Thos. F. Robison and their Guardian Sam'l Wilson   March Term 1848:  Decree ordering sale of land  Sept. Term 1848:  Sale of Commrs.  confirmed  Eleanor, Samuel N. and Grubbs of McMinn Co. and Rapers and J.C. fo Bradley Co.  Thomas Robison died McMinn Co. intestate in 1845.  Eleanor is his widow and the other parties are his children and heirs.


No. 420)  O. Bill  Filed 3 August 1848  Lewis Davis vs Susan Davis Lewis Davis of Hawkins Co.  John R. Davis died Monroe Co. intestate July 1841 leaving neither wife nor children.  John R. left bro. the complainant Lewis, and sister Susan who now is in possession of the land.  John R. at one time had brothers and sisters, to wit.  Peter Davis, Polly Davis who married Robt. Kennedy, Martha & Elizabeth Davis who married John and Joseph Smotherman, all of whom are very old and have not been heard from for about 15 yrs. and are believed dead.


No.421)    O. Bill  Filed 12 August 1848 Thomas Jones and other, heirs and D.P. Walker, Admr. of Thomas Harmon decd. vs Wm. Owens & wife & Alfred Baily & wife Catherine, Nelly Murphy et al

Thomas Harmon died intestate in Monroe Co. July 1847, owning land in Monroe & Hawkins Cos. Letter 26 Feb 1853, Rogersville, to Jas. A. Coffin from Jos. B. Heiskell concerning sale of Rotherwood residence for $5000.  Thos. Harmon left widow Rachel.  Thomas Harmon had in his lifetime 3 children, (1) Catharine Harmon, afflicted , of Monroe Co. whose Gdn. is Revd. Lewis Carter, (2) David Harmon now dead and heirs are: Nelly of Mo., who married Edward Murphy now dec'd, John and Susannah minors of Bradley Co. Catharine wife of Alfred Bailey of parts unknown, Judia of Bradley Co. who married one Smith who is now dead, Elizabeth wife of Thos. H. Jones, Louisa wife of James F. Jones, Lucinda wife of P. Miller Stacy, Peter who has sold his interest to David Walker, Nancy wife of Wm. P.K. Barrett of Bradley Co., who sold his interest to Walker but Nancy refuses to sign; and (3) Nancy Harmon who married Elijah Jones and both are now dead and their heirs are:  Thos. H. Jones, Phebe wife of Branch Tucker, Nancy wife of Enoch Jones, David H. Jones, Mahala wife of Othiel Brooner or Briner, Jane wife of Wm. Owen, Elender wife of John Morrison, Geo. Bailey, John & Elijah Jones all of Hawkins Co.  1850, Monroe Co., witness Susan Wiggins, 40, says that slave Milly lived with Uncle Thos. Harmon and that Catharine Harmon lived with her sister in Greene Co. for 6 or 7 yrs. and then back with father.  "Rotherwood" a show place mansion on the conference of the river just west of Kingsport Tenn. Milburn Divine June 3,1980  opposite site of old Fort.


No.422)   O. Bill  Filed 11 August 1848 Sarah A. Ragsdale vs Sterling Ragsdale  14 Sept. 1848: Complt dismisses her Bill in this case.


No.423)   O. Bill  Filed 6 Sept 1848 Guilford Cannon 12 Sept. 1848: Complt dismisses his bill vs Alexr. Hood  Debt.  Both of Monroe Co.


No.424)  O. Bill  Filed 15 Sept 1848 John H. Bright & Harvey S. Bright, Admrs. of Moviett B. Bright, and Wm., Wilson, & Mary C. Gay vs Elizabeth Bright, Widow, Nancy Anne, Wm. & Jesse E. Bright, Minors and Wm. Williams, Guardian ad litem.5 Feb. 1849: Report of Commrs. to lay off Dower filed.5 Feb 1849: Sale of land postponed in consequence of high waters  detaining Admrs.  til March 5, 1849.  5 March 1849:Land sold as decreed- 20 acres with necessary interest in dower to widow Eliazbeth Bright for $20. 60 acres-- tract to W.L.Colevill for $90.  Marritt B. Bright died 30 Aug 1846 leaving widow Betsey and 3 minor children, Nancy Anne, Wm. D., & Jesse E. Bright.  Before 1839: Oct., Richard Gay died leaving widow Catharine who is now dead, and 3 heirs, William, Ellison, & Mary C. Gay at that time minors but now of age.


No.425)   Petition to sell land  Filed 18 Sept. 1848 Joseph C. Scates, Elizabeth Scates vs Scates et al  In 1839 Joseph Scates died Monroe Co. leaving widow Elizabeth and 3 children, Joseph C. Scates.  They are moving to Mo. or Ark.


No.426)  Filed 18 Sept. 1848 John McGhee vs S.D. Caldwell & Andrew Smith  R.H. Hynds,Sec.


No.427) O. Bill  Filed 6 Nov. 1848.  Nathaniel B. McNabb vs David Freedle,  Saml Smalling Sec.  In 1835 Baptist McNabb bought land of John and Edward Robinson, moved on land, and lived there until his death in Jan 1845, and son Nathaniel still lives there.  Deed was made to David Freedle, son-in-law of Baptist, who advanced part of money.  Nathaniel says Baptist was a confirmed drunkard and he had to care for him, but Baptist's daughter says she does not know what confirmed means, but he was not drunk all the time.  Nathaniel claims Freedle was to make deed to him when money paid. Freedle claims he was to make it to Baptist.  1850, witness Margaret McNabb says her son Nathaniel was born 25 Aug. 1817.  1850,witness Mrs. Artimesa Divine, 33, daughter of Baptist McNabb.  1849, witness Alfred Divine,32, says he married Baptist's daughter, when Nathaniel was in U.S. service, in 1838.  Nathaniel married after he returned from service.  David McNabb is brother (or was) to Baptist McNabb.  1850, witness James Divine, 57.


No.428)  O. Bill  Filed 10 Nov. 1848  Will Burriss vs Stephen Harmon Sr. and Peter Harmon,    A. Hood, N. Watson & Jos. Vaughn, Sec.  Suit for collection of judgment against Stephen Harmon Jr. and Sr. of Monroe Co.   Peter Harmon is son of Stephen Sr.  Stephen Sr., is a gunsmith.


No.429)  O. Bill  Filed 23 Nov. 1848  Squire S. and Robt. Glenn    vs Stephen Harmon, Peter Harmon, John Bright  Thos. G. Glenn, Sec.  Land suit.  Peter Harmon is son to Stephen.  1849, witness Dooley Harmon, 47, is brother to Peter.  Wilson Harmon is son to Dooley.


No.430) O. Bill  Filed 10 Jan. 1849  Will Clibourne vs Parker Hood and Lewis Stephens  James Clibourne, Sec.   1st decree Sept. 1852  Business suit.  Cliborne bought some lots from Parker Hood and signed notes for various amounts.  One of the notes was assigned to Lewis Stephens.  Cliborne claims Hood misrepresented the lines of the land. 


No.431)  O. Bill  Filed 10 March 1849  Will Carter, Admr. of Robert Carter vs James Gamble, Guardian  H.H. Staples,Sec.  Original Bill missing- warrantry a petition to sell land.  James Gamble is Gdn of minor heirs of Robert Carter dec'd.  Wm. Carter buys land.  "General Gamble"


No.432) O. Bill Filed 10 Mar 1849  Issd. sub. to ans. & copy 10 March 1849  E.W.P. Mayo and others, heirs of B.H. Mayo vs Valentine Mayo  J.W. Kelso,Sec.  Orators all of Monroe Co. except E.W.P. of Polk Co. and Blankenships of Blount Co.  B.H. Mayo died Jan 1845 leaving children, complaintants E.W.P. Mayo, Peyton Blankenship & wife Martha E., Wm. & L.M. Gay, Ellisson & E.H. Gay, E.G.A. Mayo, Nancy Jane, Miram Adaline, Cyntha Rachel, Mary Gregory A., and Blackmon H. Mayo, minors by Wm. Gays Gdn.   B.H. Mayo died owning half interest in land with his brother Valentine Mayo Sr., which they had entered between 1820 and 1825.  There is a saw mill on part of it.


No.433)  Inj. Bill  Filed 25 April 1849  C.M. Howard vs Garland Smith and J.H. Alexander   on 5 Nov. 1825 Benjamin Howard entered land assigned it 15 Mar 1828 to Nancy Howard who lived on land until she died in 1843 but she had assigned it to Orator C.M. Howard her nephew, to take effect at her death.


No.434) Prosecution Bond  Filed Sept. 1852  David, A.S., and Ann E. Henley Exers. of Arthur Henley  vs  James A.S. Parsons and others, James A.S. Parsons Heirs of Joshua Parsons, Only paper is report of sale made in Maryville 6 Sep. 1850 of interest of Joshua Parsons in land and in Turnpike Road. 


No.435) Original Bill  Filed 18 May 1849  Henley Executors for Arthur Henley vs Marshall & Griffith decd heirs of Wm. Griffith  David Henley, Alexander I. Henley and Ann E. Henley Execs. of Arthur H. Henley.  Marshall Griffith adms. of William Griffith dec'd.  Later adms. were John Griffith and Henry Marshall.  William Griffith had bought some lots from Hanley and had signed notes for payment.  These notes had not been paid.


No.436)  Filed 10 June 1849  Lucretia P. and Margaret E. Wear by Gdn. Wm. G. Bogle vs Mary T. Gallaher et al, heirs of Robt. Wear.Robert Wear of Blount Co. died more than two years since, intestate, leaving large real estate.  He left 12 heirs or at least persons who represent 12 shares in land; 1. John B. Tipton and wife Louisiana, dau. of Monroe Co. 2. Thos. G. Harvey & wife Lucretia Adaline, dau., of Monroe Co. 3. Dau. Eliza, dec'd, wife of Michael Girdner and her 7 heirs minors are: (all of Monroe Co.) a. Lorinda or Lavinda Caroline wife of John W. Dearmond b. Elizabeth Jane wife of Wm. Anders or Andis c. Alexander Augustus d. Lucretia Malvina e. Leonidas Haywood f. Mary Emaline g. Maria Louisa 4. Mary T. Gallaher, dau., of Johnson Co., Mo., wo in 1857 signs as Mary T. Hargraves. 5. Gilbert A. of Lawrence Co., Ala. 6. Lettitia wife of Wm. Kerr of Blount Co. 7. Isaac D. of Blount Co. 8. Malvina wife of James W. Lea of Roane Co. 9. Samuel Thompson, non resident, and supposed dead 10. Lucinda J. wife of Wm. Singleton Blount Co. 11. Betsey dec'd wife of Creed Fulton of Knox. Co. - her son Ferdinand M. a minor 12. Erskine H. Wear dec'd, two daughters the complainants.