No.437)  Original and Inj. Bill  Filed 15 June 1849  John R. Cole vs David Blair   Land suit.  Both of Monroe Co.


No.438) Original Bill  Filed 6 July 1849  Stakely and Smith vs Benj. White and Absalum White  Wm. M. Stakely and James Smith, merchants.  Benj. White's land on Monroe-McMinn Co. line  Absalum White son of Benj. in return for land he to maintain Benj. & wife.  1852; Benj. White says testimony of Hiram White is material and Hiram had been a citizen of Ga. for years, and moved back to Tenn.  and he has just found out where he is.


No.439) Original Bill  Filed 1 Aug. 1849  Alfred M. and Margaret Ann Lyle vs John E. & W.M. Lyle  Wm. G. Lyle died Nov 1834 testate leaving wife Jane who has also died and children;  Alfred M. who arrived at maturity 25 Oct. 1848 and is of Monroe Co. , Margaret Ann who became of age sometime in Mar 1845, and in 1851 her husband F.M. Roberts of Roane Co. signs receipt., John E. of parts unknown, Wm. M. of parts unknown, was a minor at death of father.  Land in Blount Co. where Wm. G. died.


No.440)  Original Bill  Filed 1 Sept 1849  B.M. Russell vs Phillip and John Hamentree (Hammontree)  Barckley M. Russell assignee of Martha Henry of Blount Co. died Aug 1840 testate, wife Sarah, sons Philip, John, Hugh, and Harvey;  daughters Elizabeth Rosin, Martha Henry, Margaret, Phebe, Cintha J. Cathcart, Polly Black, wife of Joseph Black.  Wit: John McClain Jr., David Hammontree and Berry Abernathy.  Will made 18 Aug. 1840. 1850: Dr. Saml. Douthet, 72, of Blount Co. and James W. Lea 42, of Roane Co. witnesses, also Betsey Rosin 54, David Hammontree 53, brother to John Sr., Martha Henry, widow of Wm. Henry had 3 children when father died, has had 2 since, and 1 has died, and they all lived with John Hammontree and mother Sarah for 9 years. after John Sr. died.  1851, witness Sarah Hammontree about 78,  1851: witness Margaret Duncan of Blount Co., 45, is dau. of John Hammontree Sr


No.442)  Filed 3 Sep 1849  David A.S., and Ann E. Henley vs Wm. A. Henley and other heirs of A.H. Henley dec'd. Bill to construe Will.


No.443)  Filed 5 Sept. 1849  Samuel Henry vs. David Freedle and Nathl. D. McNabb. Henry of Blount Co. charges that he recovered judgment against Baptist McNabb of Monroe Co., now dec'd, on notes due.  Baptist McNabb died intestate Jan. 1845.  In his lifetime, his son-in-law David Freedle (Friddle) of Monroe Co. bought land on which he then resided from John and Edward Robertson and McNabb paid for the land except for a small sum and Freedle is ready to make deed to the land when the small balance is paid; that now Nathl. D. son of Baptist claims title to the land claiming it was purchased for him; that when Baptist made the payment, Nathl. was a minor living in his father's family; that now Nathl. has filed his Bill against Freedle for the land.  Nathl. B. notifies  Freddle that he will take deposition of Margaret McNabb at house of Saml. Smalling Jr. for use in case he has against Freedle.  Incomplete file.


No.444)  Petition Ex Parte for Sale of Negro  Guilford Cannon, Guardian of Wm. Ramsey Bogle   Matthew H. Bogle of Blount Co. died 21 Jun 1847 testate. J.G.M. Ramsey app. Gdn. of Wm. Ramsay Bogle, one of minor heirs but he refused to serve.                


No.445)  Inj. Bill  Filed 17 Sept 1849  James Johnston & wife Anna vs James Thompson, John Hafley, & John Gamble,   Coonrod (in some places called Cornelius) Hafley of Blount Co. died 1806 testate, leaving widow Elizabeth who died 1847 ( but respondents say she died 5 Sep 1845) and children, Elizabeth, Mary, Caty or Catharine who married John Shafer, Jean, John, Coonrad, David, Sarah who married Morgan Edwards, Margaret or Peggy who married _____ Wolf, Susannah, Barbary, Fanny who married _______ Reed or Rud, and Anna wife of complainant James Johnson (signed this way), 13 in all.  In one paper, Cornelius is an heir and in others he is the dec'd.  James Upton & Warner Martin were Execs. of Hafley.  Morgan Edwards has been dead some 20 yrs. Peggy Wolf was a widow 1843 and sold her share.  Fanny Rud or Reed was a widow in 1845.  1850, witness Gen. Wm. Wallace says he was sheriff of Blount Co. from 1822 until 1842. 1850, witness James Wolf says he sold the one share interest of his wife in the farm and there were 13 heirs. ( Is Peggy Wolf formerly Harmon the wife of James and was she married before? R.B.B.)


No.446) Ex Parte  Filed 17 Sept. 1849  Richard Kirby and others  File contains copy of Will.  James Kirby of Blount Co. died about 1835 sic testate.  Will proven Dec. 1835.  Execs. refused to serve and widow Lydia app. Admns.  She died 18 (sic) intestate and Richard Kirby app. Adm. Oct. 1838.  By James Kirby's will all propery to be sold and divided when youngest child reached 21.  James left widow Lydia and as only heirs the petitioners Richard, Joseph, Francis, Nancy S., James L., Rhoda Kirby, and Caroline Kirby a minor with Wm. Singleton as Gdn.  all of Blount Co., and he also left Franklin and Wm. Kirby who have since died without issue or widow. All now of age except Caroline.  30 Oct. 1849:  Rhoda Miller and husband John K. Miller receipt for her share.


No.447)  Filed about Sep-Dec 1849  David W. Harvey vs Thomas G., Charles N., and Wm. M. Harvey.  Land Suit.  Original Bill missing.  18 Mar 1851; witness Iredell D. Wright states that Polly Harvey the mother of all parties and that he believed himself to be the father of complainant David W. Harvey and so helped her make entry for land and paid for it.  Answer of Thos. G. Harvey:  Act of Assemby 25 Nov 1823 giving Polly's minor childern right to enter land and Polly had but 3 children, the defendants, and that David W. was not born until Aug. 1824 and his name on Grant was a fraud.  8 Feb 1851: witness Mary Harvey, mother of David W., says he was born 9 Aug  but she forgets the year.  8 Feb 1851: witness John B. Tipton,53 states that  he and Iredell D. Wright, the reputed father of David, roomed together at time David was born in Aug or Sep 1824 and he remembers date because he was married in same year.


No.448) Injuction and Attachment Bill Filed 26 Nov 1849  John Stanfield vs James V. Stout, Walter F. Lenoir, & John W. Webster.  Stout & Dr. Webster made contract for Stout to build for Dr. Wester a house in Kingston called Union Hall.  Stout a non-res.                  

No.449)  Filed 17 Dec 1849  George Brown vs Hubbard and Francis Avery Ragsdale and Larkin Carden.  F.A. Ragsdale is son of Hubbard.


No.450)  Bill of Revision  Filed   Feb. Rules 1852  Charles M. McGhee  vs Ann E. Henley & Heirs of A.H. Henley dec'd.   Charles McGhee states that his father John McGhee and Arthur Henley both citizens of Monroe Co. were the joint owners of a tract of land in Blount and Monroe Counties on which they had a saw mill and grist mill.  Henley died leaving a will with David and Alexander Henley and the widow Ann E. Henley as executors. On Feb. 4th 1850 John McGhee had filed a bill against the heirs of Henley asking for a sale of the lands.  John McGhee dies in June 1851  His will was propated and he left his interest in said land to Charles McGhee who now asks that said cause may stand in revision in the name of Charles McGhee.  Heirs of Arthur Henley are stated in the bill as;  Ann E. Henley; David; Alexander S.; Barclay McGhee and wife Mary K.; Arthur H.; Thomas; Samuel; Sarah Williamson; Evelina; Charles; Lavinia; and Elizabeth McGhee.  Ann E. Henley was guardian for the minor heirs except for Elizabeth McGhee minor whose guardian is Barclay McGhee who has not as yet answers the Bill.


No.451) Cross Bill  Filed 8 Feb 1850  Benj. White vs Mastin Henderson, Abraham Stakely, Wm. M. Stakely, and James Smith.  Mastin Henderson now of Texas, former sheriff, when he left the contry left note with his son-in-law Abraham Stakely.  Mar 1842: Sub Poena to Polk Co. for Wm. Jr. and Wm. Sr. White and David White, and they now live in Murray Co. Ga.   30 Jan 1851: witness Esther White, 25, daughter of Benjamin White;  witness Absalom White 24, son of Benjamin; Wm. White is brother of Benjamin.  7 Aug. 1852: witness Hiram White son of Wm. White and brother to David.


No.452)  Original Bill Filed 22 Feb. 1850  George Brown vs N.J. Spillman, S.S. Glen, Jacob Cain, Elisha Johnson, A.W. Torbitt, E.E. Griffith, Ch. F. Keith & W.F. Keith.  Geo. Brown recovered judgment in 1849 against John, Jacob, and Peter Cain.


No.453)  Filed 23 Feb 1850  John Rust vs Edward and Gabriel Ragsdale.  Gabriel is son of Edward.  7 Sep 1850; witness Thos. L.D. Trotter,31, states that Edward was married a second time perhaps 12 yrs. ago and has boys by 2nd wife big enough to plow.  14 Sept. 1850; witness Sterling Ragsdale bro. to Gabriel and son of Edward, says Edward has 12 children living and the youngest being 3 or 4.  Witness Isaac Lindsey, 70, is father-in-law of Rust.


No.454)  Inj. Bill Filed 25 February 1850  James Thompson vs

James Johnson   Both of Blount Co.


No.455) Petition for Dower.  Filed 4 Mar 1850  Mary Parsons vs J.A.S. Parsons et al  Petition for Dower Blount Co.  Joshua Parsons died intestate 4 Jun 1845 leaving widow Mary and children James A.S. Parons of Texas, Sarah, Modena, and Jesse H. Parsons, and Jehu Rhea and wife Elizabeth Adaline, all of Blount Co.  Joshua owned land and a Turnpike road from mouth of Abraham's Creek on Tenn River in Blount Co. to N.C. line on Bald Mt. called the Tenn. River Turnpike Road.


No.456) Original Bill  Filed 5 March 1850  N.J. Spillman, vs John C. Vaughn.  Original Bill torn and part is missing.  Mark McKenzie died about Dec 1848 testate but Exec. failed to act and Newton J. Spillman app. Adm.


No.457)  Original Bill  Filed 7 March 1850  Smith Inglehart & W.P.H. McDermott, adms. of Ebenezer Johnson  vs Elisha Johnson & Tellico Mfg. Co. Ebenezer Johnson, late of Monroe Co. died in latter part Sept. 1849, leaving a will made and executed in Buffalo N.Y.  Will was probated in Buffalo.  Joseph Clary, Charles Townsend and Albert K. Tracy, then of Buffalo were appointed as executors, but Clary & Townsend were both dead so Tracy was appointed in Buffalo as exec.  In Monroe Co. Jan. 1850 session of the court, Inglehart and McDermott were appointed adms. Johnson left a widow and children, some of whom were minors.  In 1845 Ebenezer Johnson and his brother Elisha Johnson came to East Tenn. and jointly bought property of the Tellico Iron Worksand the works, also property adjoining same.  They had written agreement about the transaction.  Bill charges Elisha Johnson with many actions taken by him defrauding his brother before his death and his estate thereafter.


No.458)  Filed 18 Mar 1850 Joseph Pritchard vs Jospeh H. Pritchard & Wm. Iles, Sr.  All of Blount Co.  Exhibits A. is deed made 26 Jul 1847 from Joseph H. Pritchard of Cass Co., Ga. to Wm. Iles.  Joseph Pritchard, about 80, made Marriage Contract with Mrs. Barbara M. Bicknell, a widow with six children, she sued him for Breach of Contract, and he later married her.  Before marriage he deeded land to his son Joseph H. Pritchard, who deeded half of land to Wm. Iles Sr. who is step-son of Joseph Pritchard and step-bro to Joseph H.  Joseph also has son Benoi Pritchard and his other son is Winslow.  1851, witness Wm. R. Iles Jr., 34, is son of Wm. Iles Sr.  1852, witness Chas. W.C. Norwood, 57, states that before Wm. Iles Sr's late marriage, Iles told him that his son Wm. Iles Jr. was going to live with old man Pritchard to keep him company.  Joseph of Blount Co. married Barbara 13 Jan. 1847.


No.459)  Orig. and Inj. Bill  Filed 19 March 1850  Miller and Chamberlain, surviving Partners of Miller, Chamberlain & Peek vs Sam'l. F. Cox, John B. Cox, H. Talbet Cox, and Jas. F. Dever  Ephraim Miller and Chas.V. Chamberlain of Charleston,S.C.  Cox and Dever of Maryville.  John B. Cox of Knox Co. H. Talbot Cox of Blount Co.


No.460)  Original Bill  Filed 19 March 1850  Robert Richey vs David & Ambrose Hunter  Richey of Blount Co. bought land on Baker's Creek from Hunters, who were at that time of Ala. in 1830, land has been paid for nearly 20 yrs. but Hunters will not Make deed.  Richey has lived on land that time.  Ambrose now of Miss.  and David now of Va.


No.461) Inj. Bill  Filed 3 Jun 1850  John Griffith and Henry Marshall, Admrs. of Wm. Griffith vs The Creditors of William Griffith.  William Griffith of Monroe Co. died intestate Mar 1848


No.462)  Filed about Jun 1850  Paul Parks vs John Simpson,Hiram P. Parks, and Richard W. Hudson  Original Bill missing.  10 Jan 1852; witness David S. Parks, 30, was living in N.C. in 1849;  Hiram and Paul Parks are brothers.  22 Jan 1853; witness Hugh C. Kelso,32, is brother-in-law to John M. Hall.  1 Feb. 1853; in Hamilton Co., witness Elizabeth Parks, 50, and John Parks 18.  11 Mar 1853; witness Thos. H. Cannon's wife is John Simpson's niece.  13 Aug 1853; witness Joshua Parks, 17; has brothers Abraham and John.


No.463) Filed 2 July 1850  Lucretia V. Pugh vs Wm. Stephens, Joshia D. Pugh Adm. of James Trice JR., and the Heirs of Hulda Pugh dec'd.  File contains copy of Will.  James Trice Sr. died Blount Co. Apr. 1840 testate.  Widow Mary and son James Jr. Execs. with securities Wm. Stephens and John Oldham, who has since died.  Will:  6 Jan 1836, all to wife mary during her lifetime; bequests to son James, and $300 each to two children of Unity D. Brezeal; at wifes death estate to be divided between Elizabeth McElwee, Mariah Kirby, Nathan S. Trice, Mary Kirby, James Trice, Tandy H. Trice, Lucretia Pugh, & Hulda Ann Pugh.  Widow Mary in 1844 released her estate to the Legatees,, children and grandchildren, because she wished to remove to Ky. with son Tandy H.  All heirs except Hulda Pugh formerly Trice wife of Josiah D. Pugh ( she now dead) and Lucretia having rec'd their shares.  Hulda left 5 minor children. James Trice Jr. died 1848 intestate.  20 mar 1847; Receipt form Louisa Mutlow for $300 left her by Will of James Trice.  Long List of sale Bill of James Trice dec'd.


No.464)  Original Bill  Filed 5 Aug. 1850  Geo. C. Harris vs Jeremiah Freeland   Sale of land.


No.465)  Original Bill  Filed 19 Aug. 1850  Isaac D. Wear vs Thomas G. Harvey and his wife Adaline.  Wear of Blount Co.  Harveys of Monroe Co.  Robert Wear of Blount Co. died intestate leaving twelve heirs of interests in land near or on Tenn. River.  Lucretia Adaline, heir, wife of Thos. Harvey sold her interest ot Isaac D. Wear, another heir, Isaac D. claims that he has paid the Harveys but they refuse to make deed; and now Lucretia P. Wear and Margaret E. Wear by Gdn.  Wm. G. Bogle hadve filed a petition to sell the land for distribution.  The Harveys answer that Thos. G. started to Ga. with his wagon and team and near Madisonville he found that he had with him Isaac D.'s note for $100 paybable in a wagon and six other notes;  that he wrapped these all in a paper and gave them to Augustus M. Harvey (Miner Harvey) to take back to his wife; that A.M. sold the Wear note to Isaac D. altho Harvey had warned him not to buy it. (Much testimony as to the wagon, how Miner got the note, whether witness Mary (Polly) Harvey can be believed on oath, etc) A.M and Thomas seem to be brothers. Chancellor decrees for the Harveys.


No.466)  Original Bill Filed __________  Scranton,Stark and Davis vs James Vaughn, Thomas Lloyd, and Jonathan Thomas.  Vaughn bought land warrants from soldiers of Mexican War and took then to Dubuque, Iowa for sale or locating,  Three of warrants were cancelled by Commissioner of Pensions at Washington City and one had been caveted.  These he sold to Thomas Lloyd at Chattanooga, and Complainants of Augusta Ga. had bought them at Dalton, not knowing they were cancelled.  Warrants were to James Filyaw or Filyeo late a private in Capt. D___'s Co. Tenn.  Reg.: to Elizabeth Young widow, Thomas M., Geo. W., James K.P.,& Wm. Young, children of James Young dec'd late a private in Capt. Anderson's Co., Tenn. Reg.; to Wm. Latham father and heir of Nathan Latham dec'd late a private in Capt. Septon's Co. N.C. Reg.  It is not clear in the suit whether one warrant was issued to Jonathan Thomas or was bought by him.  Jul 1852, Rocklan Co., N.Y. witness Wm. Woodberry, 50, at his home in Clarkstown.


No.467)  Filed 6 Sep 1850 Newton J. Spillman vs Squire S. Glen and Cross Bill and Mary Ann Spillman, Admx, of N.J. Spillman vs Squire S. Glenn and Cross Bill.  Parties entered into mercantile partnership at Mt. Vernon, Monroe Co., as Newton J. Spillman and Co. on 13 Aug 1835, into tanning business on Ball Play Creek; and dissolved partnership by mutual consent 6 Jan 1848.  1850: Geo. North has been dead several yrs. and his widow is still on land.  Witness Andrew Boyd, born & raised in Monroe Co., went to Calif. in 1850 but left wife and children at home, returned and in 1853 moved to Concord, Tenn. where he is in business which he started with his bro-in-law B.C. Pettitt, but his partner now is J.C. Vaughn who lives in Sweetwater.  Boyd's cousin is Thomas Wilson.  One of Boyd's sisters is wife of B.C. Pettitt and another is wife of N.J. Spillman.  Boyd joined U.S. service in 1846 and was in Mexico in Jan 1848.  Squire S. Glen has son Thomas and Son-in-law Henry Donohoo (31 in 1857).  1852: Witness W.L. Hart is son of Alex Hart the tanner.  1857: Edgar Col, Ill.: witness Vance Ackland,37, and Warner Ackland,34, did brick work at Mt. Vernon in 1838.  1857: Alex Hart & Geo. T. Glen are both dead.  1857: witness Saml. M. Henderson, 43, appears to be son of Esq. John Henderson (but another Saml. M. is son of Legrand Henderson). 1857: witness Guilford Cannon was Adm. of est. of John O. Cannon which was wound up in Bradley Co.  1857: witness Andrew Newcomb, abt. 31, lived on Spillman's farm with his father who is now in Mo.


No.468) Prosecution Bond  Filed about Sep 1850   W.P.H. McDermott & Smith Inglehart, Admrs. of Ebenezer Johnson, decd. vs The Crediters of Ebenezer Johnson  Part of Original Bill About Oct 1849 Ebenezer Johnson late of Tellico, Monroe Co. died at his residence in said county leaving a Will executed in Buffalo N.Y. at which place Will was duly proved since the death:  Will provided that Joseph Clay, Charles Lowvend, and Albert H. Tracy then of Buffalo; Clay and Lowvend died before Johnson and said Tracy declined to serve, and afterwards Adms. with Will annexed were app. in Buffalo and at Jan Session 1850 McDermott and Inglehart were app. Adms.  with Will annexed in Monroe Co. Estate insolvent.  Lucy E. Johnson widow of Doct E. Johnson firm of E.& E. Johnson (Elisha & Ebenezer)  Interesting list of items sold.


No.469)  Original Bill Missing   John Stanfield vs John Simpson and Nelson Allway.  Nelson Allway has left the country.


No.470)  Original Bill Filed 27 Sept 1850  Isaac D. McReynolds vs Robert McReynolds & Hugh McReynolds.  Robt. is father of Isaac B. and Hugh who is the older brother and is of Ga.  Isaac married daughter of Floyd McGonial.  Suit is the brothers fight over land.


No.471)  Original Bill  Filed 1850  N.J. Spillman vs Jacob Cain & others.  Buisness Suit.


No.472)  File contains 3 Orig. Grants, with Brown as Gov Tenn. Filed 4 Nov. 1850  Josiah D. Pugh, Wm. C. Fate and wife Martha E. formerly Pugh, Wm. B. Bingham and wife Glaphery, Elizaberth Pugh, and Sam. Jackson, Gdn. of W.J.T., Karen H., Francis M., Marcus Lafayette, & Sam. P. Pugh minors.  vs  Jacob and Mary Neiman, Geo. and Amanda Cope, James and Susan May, Lucretin V. and Wm. N. Pugh.  W. Pugh died Blount Co. 4 Jan 1850 intestate leaving widow Lucretia V. of Blount Co. and 12 children; Mary wife of Jacob Neiman of Ala. Susan wife of James May of Ga., Amanda wife of Geo. W. Cope of Mo., Josiah D., Martha E. wife of Wm. C. Pate of Henry's Cross Rds, Sevier Co., Glasphery wife of Wm. B. Bingham, Johathan (oldest son) dec'd leaving 2 children, Elizabeth J. (E.E.J.) who M. Henderson Kerr and is dead by 12 Aug 1852, and Wm. N. Pugh, minor of Blount Co. who signs receipt 12 Aug 1852.  W.James T. of age by 12 Aug 1852.  Karen H,. Francis M., Marcus Lafayette, and Saml. P. by their Gdn. Saml. Jackson.


No.473)  Answer  Filed 21 Dec 1850   Emeline E. Samples, John J. Samples, Malinda Samples, James H. Samples, and Jane Pasely in her own right and as next friend vs James Pitts  Suit over land.  All of Blount Co.  Suit says all complainants except Jane are minors but James H. signs Bill  John Samples died about 1832 and complainants are his widow and heirs.


No.474)  Inj. Bill Filed Feb 1851  John Knox vs William B. Carmichael  Knox of Monroe Co.  Carmichael of Roane Co.  John Carmichael father of Wm. B. died about 1840.  Wm. B. and John T. Carmichael are Adms.  Sept 1851, witnesses Margaret Carmichael 59 and Jacob G. Carmichael 41. 


No.475)  Original Bill Filed 10 Feb 1851  Trustees of Hiwassee College vs Trustees of Boliviar Academy  Seems to be friendly suit to test legality of Act of Legislature by which Hiwassee was to get funds of Bolivar Academy.  Act incorporating Hiwassee College 23 Jan 1850, Robt. E. Doak elected Pres.  Suit gives history of Acts establishing county Academies, beginning 1806 with Congress.


No.476)  Original Bill No date on Bill.  Prob. 1850 as 1st Subpoena Sept. 1850.  David Henley, ALexander S. Henley & Ann E. Henley Execs. of A.H. Henley dec'd.  vs Heirs of  John T. Wilson, John Henderson, W.P.H. McDermot and Peter Haraldson.  Heirs of Wilson are: John H. Wilson; Penelope J.; Margaret C.M.: Alexander M; Thomas H.; Evaline N.; Sarah L.; Mary E.  All except John H. are minors. Business suit.  Complicated.  Haraldson removed from Monroe Co. about 1845.  Arthur Henley had sold land in Tellico Plains in 1830 to J.T. Wilson and took in payment for it a note for $650 on Peter Haroldson.  Previously Haraldson had bought an interest in some land on Sink Hole Creek and signed the note in payment to Wilson.  If Haraldson failed to pay the note Henley was to have the land it was on.  McDermott and John Henderson were the surities of John Wilson on a note he had made to his father for 120 acres of land.  He failed to pay the note and McDermott & Henderson paid the note and title was issued to them.  This was evidently the land sold to Haraldson by Wilson on which Henley had the note.


No.477)  Original Bill  Filed 7 March 1851  John R. Bain vs Daniel Bain, John S. Bain & George Brown.  Business Suit.  John R. of Davidson Co.


No.479)  Original Bill  Filed 18 March 1851  Saml. P. Hall and others  Estate of James Wyly  Blount Co.   Petition to sell land and negroes.  James Wyly died Feb. 1850 leaving widow Mary and seven children, namely, 1. Anise A. wife of John H. Jackson 2. Jackson R. who arrives at mature age 11 Oct. 1853; 3. B.F.L.; 4. John C.; 5. Felix G. who dies by 1855; 6. Mary M. who marries Joseph Davison (last five minors with Hale as Gdn.); 7. Mahala Jane who dies without issue. Saml. P. Hale is Saml. Parks Hale.  John Holston who bought land at sale dies by 1855 and Thomas Robinson is his Adm.  File contains several deeds and grants; Orig. Grant to James Browder of Roane Co. 1827 signed by Gov. Wm. Carroll;  Title Bond 7 Apr. 1815 for Lot. No. 2 From Wm. Lowry, Joseph Duncan, Richard Dearmond, and James J. Greene, Commissioners of the Town of Morganton, to James Wyly of Blount Co.; Original Grant to George Fulks occupant enterer assigned to James Wyly signed by Gov. Wm. Carroll; three original deeds 1829 from Feldon (Fealdon, Fieldon) Morton of Monroe Co. to James Wyly of Blount Co.; Title Bond 1839 from Christopher Mulvaney of Blount Co. to James Wyly; Original Grant 1812 to Robert Sloan signed by Gov. Willie Blount; and another small piece of a Grant with Willie Blount's signature.


No.481)  Filed 1 Apr 1851  Mary Nimon by next friend Wm. B. Bingham vs Jacob Nimon, and Josiah D. Pugh, Adm. of Wm. Pugh dec'd.  Mary wife of Jacob and daughter of wm. Pugh dec'd/  Wm. Pugh died Blount Co. in fall of year 1849.  Nimons of Ala.  Mary petitions that funds be paid to her as she has large family of children and husband Jacob is embarassed in pecuniary matters.


No.483)  Original Bill  Filed 20 June 1851  John Robertson vs Robert Nichol.  Business suit.


No.484)  Original Bill  Filed 20 June 1851  Jonathan McCrary, Or McCravey by his next friend Archibald McCrary.vs James Vaughn  (INTERESTING).  Vaughn answers from Hamilton Co.  Jonathan entitled to Land Warrant as a soldier in War with Mexico, and Archibald, father of Jonathan, entitled to one as father of Isaiah McCrary who was a soldier in said War and died on his return home.  Vaughn bought warrants.  Jonathan a minor was a private in Capt. John C. Vaughn's Co. in Mexican War; claims that James Vaughn bought warrant before it was issued at less than half value; wants sale declared void.  John C. Vaughn answers as agent for his father James Vaughn who is absent from home that James was a dealer on land warrants, that he let the McCravys (or McCrarys) have a land warrant and $50 to buy some land before warrants came.


No.485)  Copy of Inj.  Bill Filed June 1851  Mina G. Rudd vs Geo. W. Bridges, David Cleage & others.  And Cross Bill  Mina J. Rudd vs George W. Bridges, David Cleage and others.  In Jan. 1839 Jacob Fisher then and now of McMinn Co. purchased land at Chancery Sale to satisfy a judgment which Fisher had obtained against Alexander B. Thompson, the land having been sold to Thompson by Nathaniel Smith then of McMinn Co. but now dec'd but Smith had not conveyed it to Thompson (admitted by Smith); Fisher sold land to Wm. Rudd who sold to Mina J. Rudd of McMinn Co., and sold by Sheriff to David Cleage for a judgment of Dr. John Parshall against the Rudds; Cleage sold to Geo. W. Bridges who brought action of ejectment against James H. Bridges with Wm. Burk defending (yet Cleage states that George W. bought the land for a home of his father James H.); then Mary Rudd brought an action of forcible entry against James H. Bridges;  Mary Rudd is insolvent; James H. Bridges does not know to whom he is responsible for the profits; in all these deeds except the Grant, there is a clerical error and the SW Quarter is described as the SE Quarter and the error has just been discovered.  In Cross Bill, Mina J. states that her mother Sarah Rudd in 1843 made a note to Dr. Parshall with Mina and John Rudd as securities; that Sarah Rudd died 5 Mar. 1845 aged about 106 years; that at time of Sheriffs sale she, Mina, was old and is yet of imbecile mind;  Dr. Parshall has died leaving children Elizabeth since married to S.W. Royston, John R.,Jane, and James Parshall. John L. Bridges and George W. Bridges are sons of James H.   Mrs. Crutchfield is sister to David Cleage.  Part of the land was bequeathe to Thomas Rudd by Herod Rudd.  Witness William Rudd, age 61, 1852, brother to Mina deposes that Mina has had fits ever since he can remember; that Mina lived with Parker Rudd and old man Samuel Hughes.  File contains copy of sale of property of Sarah Rudd dec'd 1845; two copies of Orig. Bill Bridges vs Rudd filed at Madisonville 19 Apr. 1851.


No.486)  Original Bill  Filed July 1851  James A. Hare vs J.B. Craighead & others  Petition to sell land.  Wm. B. Craighead died 18 Mar 1850  Monroe Co. intestate, Hare the Adm. Considerable estate, part of which is in notes due him from his brothers who are in fact his heirs.  1 Oct 1851; letter from James B. Craighead (Jr.), Nashville, stating that his uncle John has left for his plantation in La.  From all papers the bros. & heirs of Wm. B. are:  James B., a nonresident, Thomas B., a nonresident, David who has d. leaving children; James B. Jr., Joanna M. who later marries ____ Ellis, Thos. D. a minor all of Davidson Co., and Mary C.  now dead who m. Thomas W. Preston of Ark. and one child David C. Preston,  minor.  John B., a non resident who dies leaving widow Lavinia and 2 children; 1) Joseph E. (oldest) now dead leaving widow Phereby now wife of Col. Owen of Nashville, and infant children, John B., Wm. James., Chas.D., and Jane , 2) Thomas B., insane with Gdn. Mathew Johnson.  See Case 655.


No.489) Filed 10 Sep 1851  John M.C. Wear vs Francis and James MCGowan, Arthur Bain, Enoch Higgins, and Wm. Macon.  Wear of McMinn Co.  Higgins now of Ga. gave P of A to Macon but he left the country.  Mar 1853, Sub Poena for Francis McGowan says he has been in Ala. for last 6 mos.  James is son of Francis.


No.490)  Original Bill Filed 10 Sept 1851  Wm. Ainsworth vs Guilford & Wm. H. Cannon   Ainsworth fo Cass Co., Ga.


No.491)  Filed 12 Sept 1851  John Key, Adm. of John H. Allen Decd vs Eliza E. Allen widow, Margaret Allen mother, Wm. Oliver Allen, the only child and a minor, Nancy Marshall & Israel C. Smith, Adms. of John W. Marshall dec'd, Wm. Henry, Martha Jane, John Wesley, and Mary Caroline Marshall, minor children of John W. Marshall dec'd.  John H. Allen of Monroe Co. died Apr 1851 intestate.  John W. Marshall died a short time later. Nancy is his widow.  In 1849 Marshall sold land to Allen.


No.492)  Original Bill  Filed 29 Nov. 1851  Henry Raney and wife Nancy Raney and others  vs Wm. P.H. McDermott.   File contains copy of will.  Wm. Reans (Rains) of Monroe Co. died Mar. 1837 testate leaving widow Nancy (now wife of Raney) and minor children John M., Henley, and Jackson Reans (Rains).  Execs. failed to appear and McDermott was app. Adm. Jackson has died without issue.  Reans had been in partnership with Arthur H. Henley and later with Saml. K. McSpadden.  Raneys and Reans now of Green Co., Ill.


No.493)  Filed 1 Dec 1851  Thomas Hensley vs Lewis Rhea  In 1849 both entered into partnership for selling spiritous liquors in Madisonville.  Rhea was unmarried and attended the business.


No.494)  Filed 24 Jan 1852  John Weldon vs Lucinda, Matthew, & Joseph McSpadden, widow and heirs of Saml. Anderson (called Anderson) McSpadden.  Sale of Land.  McSpadden died March 1851 intestate.  The two boys are minors.


No.495) Original Bill Filed 7 Feb. 1852  Robert Sharp vs Milton Morrison,Admr. of Drury Norman.  In Oct. 1849 Sharp entered into verbal agreement to purchase land from Drury (Drewary) Norman, giving notes but Norman made no title bond.  Norman, whose widow is Elizabeth, died 12 Feb. 1851 in Monroe Co. and Isaac Weaver was appointed Adm. but Weaver died about the first of Nov. 1851 and Milton Morrison was appointed Adm. of Norman.  Said land has been sold by the Adm.  Sharp asks that his notes be cancelled.


No.496)  Original Bill  Filed 13 Feb. 1852  Elisha Williams vs James A. Hare, Trustee & Leander Garren, School com. Rent of land.


No.497)  Filed 25 Feb 1852  Joseph Boyd and Elizabeth Wilson vs Minor heirs of Charles G. Wilson dec'd.  Sale of land to Boyd.  Charles G. Wilson of Monreo Co. died June 1836 leaving widow Elizabeth and Saml. H. Winkle and wife Elender formerly Wilson, Joseph Winkle and wife Mary formerly Wilson, John B., Elijah M., James B., Isaac, Malinda, Rosannna, Sarah J., Eliza Wilson, heirs, the last five being minors.  Since death of Charles, son Isaac has died leaving minors Mary,Sarah, Isaac, and George Wilson.