No.498)  Original Bill Filed 26 Feb. 1852  John Standfield, Admr. vs John B. Edwards & the widow & heirs of Stephen Parshly, dec'd.


No.499)  Answer of Bill  Filed 26 Feb. 1852  Henry L. King & John H. King  vs The Widow & heirs of Isaac Weaver, Dec'd.  In Mar. 1847 Orators purchased land from Isaac Weaver and received a deed witnessed by Drewary Norman, the only person present; they failed to have said deed acknowledged and registered and Weaver died in a short time Norman died;  they owe a balance which they are willing to pay;  Waaver left a widow Harriett who is the Execx. and eight minor children, John, William, Nancy, James, Bradley, Mary, Lorenzo, and Charlotte. Defendants admit that Bill is true and the Chancellor vests title to the Kings.


No.500)  Original Bill   Filed 1 March 1852  Asa Anderson vs Jefferson Gallaher.  Polly Gallaher died about 1838 testate.  Bequesting land to Jefferson Gallaher and Iredell R. Heart other wise called Thomas H. Gallaher.  Will proven Monroe Co.  His name was Heart, but Thos. H. was raised by Gallaher and was generally known by that name.  Anderson claims he bought share of Thomas H., but answer says Clara C. Gallaher bought Iredells's interest 8 or 10 yrs. ago.  (Note: In deeds, Polly or Mary Gallaher was grandmother to Jefferson and Thomas H. or Iredell R.).


No.503)  Filed 10 May 1852  Nancy, Joseph M., Melissa, and James Selvidge (last two by Gdn.) vs James Sewell and wife Nancy, Wm. Elkins and wife Unicy, John, Erby H., and Green K. Selvidge, Polly Ann Duggan, and John Ricket.  All of Monroe Co. except Sewells, Elkins, and Polly Ann Duggan of Roane Co.. and John Selvidge of Mo.  Geo. Selvidge died Monroe Co. 1849 testate (file contains copy of Will). Rickett is Exec.  Geo. Selvidge had children by a first wife; Eunice who m. Wm. Elkins, Nancy who m. James Sewell, Elizabeth who is dead and who m. John Duggan and had one child Polly Ann a minor, Geo. V., and John Selvidge.  by 2nd wife Nancy he had Green K., Irby H., Joseph M., Melissa Caroline, and James surviving him at his death, and Pryor L. who d. before his father. Widow Nancy,56, is a midwife.  Jan 1853: witness Green K., 29, state that his bro. P.L. left home for Ala. Dec 1844 and is presumed dead.  Was in his 20th year.  P.L. at age 18 got in notion to marry, got license, but father Geo. took license from his pocket and gave bond to return it when P.L. was 19.  1853: witness Joseph M. Selvidge 23, Herby H. Selvidge 25, Melissa C. Selvidge 18.  Slip of paper:   Geo. V. Selvidge, Julian's Gap, Hamilton Co.


No.504)  Filed 14 May 1852  Iredell D. Wright  vs  Thomas G. Harvey  Wright of Blount Co.  About 1845 a judgment was obtained by Mary Wright as Exec. of Isaac Wright dec'd against one Augustus M. Harvey otherwise called Wm. M. Harvey, who has now died intestate and unmarried.  Thomas G. is brother to Augustus M.  Mary Wright has died intestate and Iredell is now Adm. do bonis non of Isaac Wright.


No.505)  Original and Inj. Bill  Filed 7 June 1852  Allen D. Gentry vs Samuel Henry  In 1827  Gentry of Monroe Co. borrowed $35 from Henry of Little River, Blount Co. at rate of 30% per annum.  1854: Case is B.C. Pettitt, Adm. of Gentry vs John A. Gentry and other heirs and Saml Henry.  1857:  Polly Gentry is dispossed of land.


No.506)  Original Bill  Filed 14 Sep 1852  William Burris vs E.C. Hooper  Suit concerns sale of whiskey and groceries to the Indians at Snowbird, Cheoa Valley, Cherokee Co.,N.C.  July 1853, witness Thos. J. Burris,27, is son of Wm. Burris.


No.507)  Original Bill  Filed 20 Sept. 1852  John Standfield Adm. of James Taylor vs The Widow & heirs of James Taylor, deceased.


No.508)   Filed 20 Sep 1852  Thomas Hensley vs Lewis Rhea and J.R. Gaines.  Taylor of Monroe Co. died intestate Feb 1851 without issue and left widow Purlina of Monroe Co. and brothers and sisters:  Jesse Taylor of Perry Co. and Polly wife of Elijah Welch, Nancy wife of Wm. Walker, all of Hickman Co., Tenn.  Wm. Taylor, Thos. Taylor, Susannah wife of Thos. Andrews, all nonresidents.  Notice to Jesse Taylor marked that he lives Decatur Co.   Hensly and Rhea had been in partnership.


No.510) Inj. Bill Filed Sept 1852  James Vaughn vs Campbell Gillaspie  Francis V. Bulfinch recovered judgement against Thos. Hunt in 1833 but before it was paid Hunt died.  Wm. Bayless and Martina Hunt are Adms. with Mastin Henderson, John Morrow, John F. Gillespie, & Hiram Bayless as Secs.  Bulfinch sold judgement to eo. C. Harris and Benj. M. Bayless and Bayless sold his part to Vaughn.  Gillespie had Due Bill but he went to Maryville, got badly burned, and died after transferring Bill to Campbell Gillaspie.


No.511)  Filed about Sep-Dce 1852  Arthur H. Henley Jr.  vs David Henley, Alex S. and Ann E. Henley Sr., Execs. of A.H. Henley Sr. dec'd, and heirs.  Original Bill missing.  Arthur H. Jr. is bro. to David and both are sons of A.H. Sr.  Original Bill found.  Arthur H. Henley died about 15th Feb. 1849 leaving a will Execs were Anne E. Henley, David Henley, and Alexander S. Henley.  Arthur Henley left a widow Ann E. Henley, and children; David ( cit. of Blount Co.); Alexander S. (Cal.); Sarah H. Williamson, formerly Henley, wife of John R. Williamson, husband now dec'd of Blount Co.; Elizabeth M. McGhee, formerly Henley wife of Barclay McGhee, she is now deceased leaving 1 child Elizabeth M. McGhee whose guardian is her father Barclay McGhee; William A. of Roane Co.; Anne E. Henley Jr.; Thomas; Samuel; Lavinia W.; and Charles F.; the last 4 are minors.  Barclay McGhee is guardian of Thomas.  C.W. Coffin is guardian of the other 3.  Arthur H. Henley the petitioner is the other child of Arthur H. Henley Sr.  He states he is now of age and wants the court to appoint commissioners to lay off the land according to the Will of Arthur Henley Sr.


No.512)  Original Bill  Filed 1 Jan. 1853  Carter Hudgens vs William Dillard & other heirs of John Dillard dec'd.  John Dillard in 1839 gave Hudgens Title Bond for land but died before making deed;  He left Wm. and Elijah Dillard, Reuben Campbell and wife Polly, Joseph Boeman and wife Fanny, Jesse Fuquay and wife Sinthy, Wm. Haskins and wife Lotty, Joseph B. McSpadden and wife Edy, Evan Campbell and wife Sarah, and Wm. Goodin and wife Jane, all nonresidents and supposed to live in Ky. and Ga.


No.513)  Petition for Divorce Filed 12 Jan 1853  George W. Givens vs Polly Ann Givens   Geo. W. Givens and Polly Ann Miller married 7 Jan 1851  They were both of Monroe Co., she about 21 and he young and tender.  She was of respectable family, and member of Baptist Church, but unknown to him, she was pregnant, and in 5 mos. 4 days gave birth to two children who were perfectly formed and lived several days.  Her parents moved with her to Mo. and live in Ark., he thinks.


No.514)  Original Bill  Filed Jan 1853  Absalom White for self and as Guard. of Jno. M. Cartwright  vs  William Cartwright & wife Thomas Symonds and Benj. White  David Cartwright died 1839 intestate leaving children and heirs;  Sarah Cartwright who married Wilson Cartwright of Ga., and John M. Cartwright both of Bradley Co., and John M. Cartwright a minor of Monroe Co. Benj. White and John Cartwright app. Adms. of David Cartwright but John has died.


No.515) Original Bill Filed 18 Jan 1853  James W. Shadden & Leah Sahdden, his wife vs Jas. W. Edington, W.R. Smith, Mary E.

Smith, James Lesley, Ann M. Lesley, Mary J. Shadden, J.C. Edington.  John Edinton died intestate about 1829-30 Monroe Co. leaving Leah who married James W. Shadden, Ann who married James Lesly, John W., Phillip C., Mary E. who married Wm. R. Smith, all of Monroe Co., James, Wm. L., and Jesse M. of Tallapoosa Co., Ala., and Abram A. of Ill.  Estate kept together until youngest child became of age, and in 1848 they agreed to divide.  At that time the Shaddens had the following children:  Mary J., Margaret A., Synthia J., John, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Penelope C. Shadden, all minors then but sd. Mary Jane has now reached 21, all of Monroe Co.  Deed to negro made to children when it should have been made to Leah and children.  Mar 1854: Mary Jane Shadden is wife of Allen Nipper and Margaret A. Shadden is wife of John Helms.


No.516)  Answer 516 is Filed 17 March 1854  Original Bill missing  David Kelso vs Elijah Wiggins and others and James L. Wiggins and Thos. Presly.  James L. is son of Elijah and Thomas is son-in-law.  Suit over judgments.


No.517)  Filed 22 Mar 1853  Christopher C. Herd and wife Sarah J. and Daniel J. Shoeder and wife Louisa E. vs Henry H. Stephens.  Petition to have sale of shares of land confirmed.  Jacob Baker died intestate Monroe Co. owning farm on Little Tenn. River known as the Island farm or the Parks reservation. He had seven heirs and Isaac N. Baker was app. Adm. and is Gdn. for Sarah J. Herd formerly Baker of Miss., a minor child of Jacob.  Wm. Heiskell is Gdn. for Louisa E. formerly Baker a minor child of Jacob, who lives outside Tenn.  Later, Ann Baker is Special receiver for Louisa Shrader now Louisa Benton wife of M.S. Benton.


No.518)  Original & Inj. Bill  Filed 22 March 1853  Samuel Tipton vs Morris K. Taylor, Harriet R. Taylor, & Newton J. Spillman  Tipton of Union Co., Ga. but formerly of N.C. Taylors of Madison Co., Ala.  Tipton on Bond for appearance of Caleb Kiphart and Morris K. Taylor in judgement suit in Cherokee Co., N.C.  He surrendered Kiphart but Taylor left State.  Taylor & wife now have funds gained from lawsuit with Spillman.


No.519)  Filed 22 Mar 1853  James A. Haire Gdn.  of John M. Baker  Petition to sell land.  Baker, an idiot child of Jacob Baker dec'd owns 1/7 part of Island farm or the Parks reservation.  2 Jun 1857:  James M. Baker is present Gdn. of John Baker. 


No.521)  Filed 16 Sep 1853  Louisa Shrader by Ann Baker  vs Daniel J. Shrader and Henry H. Stephens and Isaac N. Baker, Adm.  Ann and Louisa of Roane Co.  Jacob Baker died Monroe Co. in fall of 1852, owning Bakers Island farm at mouth of Little Tenn. River.  He Left 6 children and a widow.  Louisa a daughter, Petition to have funds from sale placed in her own hands and for divorce from Shrader, in Amended Bill 16 May 1855, Louisa Shrader vs Daniel J. Shrader.  Louisa Baker married Daniel J. Shrader of Amherst Co., Ca. Sept 1852.  They lived Monroe Co. until Dec. 1852 when they removed to Amherst Co., taking her own servant girl and her own money.  He took both, leaving her almost destitute and he sent her home to parents,  He did return to Tenn in May 1853 but left soon and they have remained apart and she is informed that he has remarried.  Divorce granted.


No.522)  Original and Inj. Bill  Filed July 1854  A.L. Regan vs. The heirs and Creditors of G. (Gideon) Morgan deceased.


No.523)  Filed 13 Sep 1853  James Phillips  vs John D. Boren and Jackson Mitchell.   Phillips of Monroe Co. and Mitchell now of Polk Co.  Mitchell is son-in-law of Boren.  Suit over land is dismissed.


No.524)  Filed 1854  Nancy Gentry vs Susan Ivy & others.  Allen D. Gentry died 18 Aug 1853  Monroe Co. leaving Pleasant M. Riley, John Franklin and Adaline, Margaret, Nancy Ann minor heirs of David Gentry dec'd, and Malinda Jane who intermarried with Richd. Hawkins.  Nancy who intermarried with a man by the name of Gentry who abandoned her almost as soon as married & Polly Gentry  his heirs at law and children.  Cratrix Nancy married Allen D. in 1811 and lived together until 1839 when he and Susan Ivy were arrested for lewdness and Nancy was persuaded to grant a divorce  and Allen and Susan pretended marriage.  Nancy learned that paper she signed was not permission for divorce but was her own petition and divorce granted 1846 but she remained until Allen D.'s control.  Allen and Susan were married 1 May 1848 and had no children.   They lived together for 8-10 years before marriage.  Susan had a son Jim and daughter Margaret.  John A. and Pleasant M. Gentry, sons of Allen D. and Nancy answer Bill.  (See Suit No. 753)


No.525)  Filed 8 Oct 1853  Robt. R. Young & Thomas J. Young vs  Francis McGowen & James McGowen.  Youngs in practice of medicine as R.R. Young & Son.  James McGowan resides with his father Francis.  Suit over debt.


No.527)  Inj. & Attachment Bill  Filed 2 Jan 1854  Mary Ann Walker vs Prier H. Walker  Mary Ann, daughter of Elijah Cate of McMinn Co., and Prior Walker son of David P. and Jane Walker of Monroe Co. were married McMinn Co., 12 Jan 1843 and they have 2 sons and 2 daus.  On 6 Dec 1853 Prior left country with Ellen Jane McKinny.   28 Mar 1855, Fort Smith Sebastian Co., Ark.: witness Eliza Jane McKinney, about 20, states that she and Prior came to Sebastian Co. Dec 1853 and he changed his name to Prior H. Walton.  He died 1 Sep 1854, Eliza Jane knew Walkers of Monroe Co. all her life, lived with family of David P. Walker, her uncle, about 13 mos. before she and Prior left for Ark.  Witness Polly Sylvester says that Prior H. on his death bed confessed his identity and had a letter written to his father in Monroe Co.


No.528)  Process Bond  Filed 11 Jan 1854  John Ramsey, Exec. of Francis A. Patton  vs W.P. Wilson  In Feb 1841 Francis A. Patton made Title Bond to James Wilson who assigned it to his son Wm. P. Wilson of McMinn Co.  Patton died before making deed altho money was paid.  Francis M. and Wm. Patton were bros.  Ramsey claims mistake made in writing Bond but Wilson denies this.  13 Sep 1853 at Tavern of Joseph R. Rudd in Madisonville James Wilson, 66, testifies.  11 Oct 1854  Monroe Co.,:  witness Ann Wilson,36, is widow of Wm. Patton and Jacob H. Patton, 33, is her son:  6 Nov 1854 in Gentry Co., Mo., at house of James C. Patton,70, he and Wm. A. Patton, 35, testify.  1 Jun 1855, Monroe Co.; James Wilson is dead.


No.529)  Filed about Jan to Mar 1854  Henry Sheets vs John and Margaret Sheets    Original Bill missing.  Jacob Sheets, father of Henry and John, entered land 1824.  A few months ago Henry attempted to break Will of Jacob devising land to John.  No date: death of Margaret is admitted. Henry Sheets and father and mother lived together and two daughters now wives of John Bogart and Joseph Shields lived with them.  Jacob was blind for 3 or 4 yrs. before he and Henry separated and according to his declaration he was over 100.  10 Aug 1855: witness John Sheets, 28, is son of John and nephew to Henry.


No.530)  Filed 10 Mar 1854  Iredell D. Wright and David W. Harvey  vs Thomas C. and Polly Harvey  David W., Charles M., Thos. C., and Wm. Minor Harvey are Grantees of land.  Wright of Blount Co. Thos. C. and Polly of Monroe Co.  David is listed as David W. Wright in some places and in Apr 1855 he is in West Tenn. or Miss.  May 1855; witness Wm. Pendergrass,23, son of witness John A. Pendergrass, over 40, own no land and they worked for Thos. C. Harvey.


No.531)  Filed 13 May 1854  Albert G. Carden vs David P. Walker & Rufus M. Carden   Bill is signed by O.R. Carden agent for A.G. Carden.  Copy of Deed 1847, Rachel Harmon of McDowell Co., N.C. to David P. Walker.  Rachel widow of Thos. Harmon lately dec'd in Monroe Co.;  her dower in land in Monroe and Hawkins Cos.  A.G. and Rufus are brothers.  Exhibit 3 is copy of Decree in case of David P. Walker Adm of Thos. Harmon dec'd, Thos. H. Jones at al vs James A. Jones, Geo. Bailey and wife Susannah formerly Jones et al.  (In one place Rachel is called Catherine).


No.532)  Filed 10 May 1854  Robert McReynolds vs Isaac D. McReynolds, John Hightower, and Solomon Horton  Suit over Land and rents.  Robert is father of Hugh and Isaac D.  Isaac D. has lately moved to Ark.


No.533)  Divorce   Filed 10 Jun 1854  George A. Shelton vs Barbara Anne Shelton.     Letter.


No.534)  Filed 28 July 1854  Daniel Daily  vs Wm. Dyer, Joseph Forshee & Fuquay Beazely   About 2 yrs after Fuquay Beazely took Bankrupt Law in 1841 or 1842, Daily married Mary Beazely the surety for Fuquay.  In 1852 Fuqua moved to Rome, Ga.  John Key Adm. of John L. McKenzie dec'd. died winter of 1853-4 and Wm. Dyer is his Adm.  In answer Mary Beazely is called Nancy.


No.535)  Filed 18 Sep 1854  Mary Wyly, Jackson Randolph Wyly, John Jackson and wife Aris Amy formerly Wyly vs Benjamin Franklin Layfayette Wyly, John Calhoun Wyly, Mary Martha Wyly, and Saml. P. Hall their Gdn., and Isaac N. Baker.  File contains copy of Will.  James Wyly died Blount Co. about 12 Dec 1850 testate.  Leaving Complainants of Monroe and Blount Cos. as his widow and children, and also the three named minor defendants as his children.   He left large amount of land in Monroe, Blount, & Roane Cos. mostly lying on Tenn. River.  He devised farm near mouth of Little Tenn. River known as Coyatee farm to J.R. and Benj. F.L. Wyly.  Judge rules that provision in Will requiring Legatees to live upon land and not sell or give up title is void.  Bill does not mention children Mahala Jane and Felix Grundy Wyly who are named in Will.  Will made 7 June 1847 and named as Execs. wife Mary, Josiah and John H. Jackson, Joseph Scates, and sons J.R. and B.F.L.


No.537)   Filed 23 Aug 1854  Benjamin B. Babington vs S.S. Glen, S.F. Hall, Joseph Whitson, and E.C. Hooper  Babington of Roane Co. Hooper now of N.C.  Suit concerns sale or mortgage of Ball Play Furnace property.


No.538)  Filed 17 Oct 1854  Richard Presly  vs Philips Roberts  Land suit.


No.540)  Filed 10 Nov 1854  Thomas C. Whitlock and wife Elizabeth, James Millsaps & wife H.D., Benjamin Davis and wife Mahala, Wm. Marrs and wife Gelina, and James Gray and wife Polly, all of Tenn.  vs Sarah Starrett and the Heirs of Wm. Wright dec'd.  Jonathan Wright died Monroe Co. about 1842 testate.  (Will not an Exhibit)  He left land to wife Sarah and at her death to infant daughter Melizza (death or marriage).  About 1848 widow Sarah married David Starrett and he and Melizza died within a month or two of each other.  Melizza a minor and not marrried.  Jonathan Wright left 7 children: Melizza, the 5 Oratrixes, and a son William who was drowned in Little River in Blount Co. about 1844 or 1845 and left widow Barbara and seven children as follows: Elizabeth who marries James Rhea, Mary now dec'd and never married but she left two minor children Wm. and Isabella Wright, Isabella who marries Jasper Pitman, Saml. M. Wright, James Wright, John Wright, and Wm. Wright Jr., all of Blount, Roane & Knox Cos. 1861: Blount Co. Ct. appoints S.J. McReynolds as Gdn. of Wm. & Isabella Wright children of Mary Wright dec'd.  19 May 1861: Knox Co., Elanah Taylor states that Barbara widow of Wm. Wright moved to neighborhood 10 yrs. ago. Elanah is Gdn. of John Wright.  4 June 1861: W.R. Meroney, J.P. Knox Co. states that James and Wm. Wright have been voting (at Campbell Station) and are over 21.  Wm. and Angeline (Gelina) Marrs are of Polk Co.  27 Sep 1861: Deed of Saml Wright (son of Wm.) witnesses by J.H. McKamy, Capt. of his Co.    Mary Wright dau. of Wm. is still alive in Blount Co. in 1858.


No.541)  Inj. Bill Filed 14 Nov. 1854  J.A. Wright & Co. vs Zach J. Everett & Wm. Barnes and Tellico Lodge (MASONIC LODGE FOR TELLICO LODGE NO.80)  Defendants made agreement to burn brick for building Masonic Hall in Madisonville.  Barnes left country owing Complainant and he wants money due Barnes from Everett.  Everett denies that he owes Barnes anything that Barnes was itinerant drunk.


No.542) Original Bill  Filed 2 Dec 1854  James Clibourne,Admr. of M. Clibourne, decd. & Malvina Cliborne  vs  The heirs of M. Clibourne, dec'd. (P.C. WANTS THIS COPIED)            Madison Cliborne, of Monroe Co., died Jul 1854 intestate leaving widow Malvina or Amanda Malvina, and children Harbard T., Charlotte, Madison B., Scott, & Robert King Cliborne, all minors.  Madison was Deputy Marshall under D. McCallum, Marshall for Blount Co.  McCallum forced them to buy from him the patent for a worthless candle-stick for $100 each before he would appoint them.  Madison has brother John,  Malvina is owner in her own right of 1/7 of land of Madison.  Madison owned 1/12 part and a 1/24 part (1 share and 1/1 share) in land in Knox Co. that Jubal Cliborne, his father, bequeathed to heirs when youngest child reached 21 which has not yet taken place and widow was to have possession until that time.


No.543)  Filed 22 Dec 1854  Elizabeth Humphreys vs Robert C. Humphreys  Married May 1854 and he has gone to parts unknown,  He is son of Cyrus A. of Monroe Co.  Petition for Divorce.


No.544)  Original Bill  Filed 2 Dec 1854  Robert Carter, Admr. of Garland Smith, dec'd.  vs  Margaret Elizabeth Smith, widow & John Chappell, Haseltine, Elizabeth, Martha, Mirah, Sidney & Garland Smith, Minor heirs of Garland Smith, dec'd.  Garland Smith of Monore Co. died intestate about Apr 1854 leaving widow and 6 children as named.


No.546)  Filed 4 Dec. 1854  Petition of George C. Montgomery, Guard. of Mary S. and Nancy A., minor heirs of Franklin Grubb.  Petition to sell Slave.  John Mee, owner of wife of the slave, buys him.


No.547)  Petition to sell land   Filed 4 Dec. 1854  Ansel Gad vs Julian Brannum & others.  Wm. Gad died Monroe Co. testate and son Ansel qual. as Exec.  Left estate, upon death or marriage of wife Sarah to equal division among children, and widow Sarah is now dead.  Following children and grandchildren are the legatees: (1) Polly wife of Julian Brannum, (2) Betsy Ann wife of Leander Moses (3) Sarah Jane wife of Wm. R. Hix, (4) Martha wife of John Patterson, (5) Elender dec'd wife of Wm. Brannum whose heirs are Mary Jane, Lewis, James Elizabeth, Nancy Ann, William, Caroline, Margaret and Martha, minors (6) Nancy dec'd wife of ---- McDaniel whose heir is Julia Ann wife of Anderson Moses, (7) Ansel, all of Monroe Co. (8) Wm. Gad of Marion Co., Tenn., (9) Tellitha Gad of Ill.  (10) Daniel (11) Amos ( he named in Will but not later as a legatee).  Receipt 10 Dec 1859 from Ansel Gad, Gdn. of heirs of Telitha Gad for share of sale of land.


No.548)  Original Bill for Divorce  Filed 8 Jan. 1855  Ezekiel Spriggs vs Mary Ann Spriggs (DIVORCE)  Long with many depositions, also Cross Bill.  Ezekiel Spriggs of Bradley Co. 2 mi. W of Charleston, and Mrs. Mary Ann Houston of Athens when married but formerly of Monroe Co., married in Athens Sept 1850.  Ezekiel had 9 living children by former wife, 5 married and 4 at home, viz: eldest dau. Caroline Cleveland, dau. Adaline Donohoo, dau. Theodosin Donohoo (and one of them is wife of James Donohoo of Bradley Co.), dau. Elizabeth Parks, dau. Sheloina Kenner (probably wife of witness Daniel C. Kenner, 40 in 1856), dau, Caladonia unmarried, son M.D. Lafayette,24 in 1856, son John,29, in 1856, son Wil  some are still under age.  Mrs. Houston had 2 children by 1st husband, dau. Mary Houston 17-18 in 1850, and son Preston Philander Houston 17-18 in 1850, and now of Blount Co.  Mary Ann and Ezekiel have no children and lived together about 9 mos.  1855, Mary Ann now of Blount Co.  She was a seamstress when they married.  Mrs. Martha Aikens of Charleston had a store there.  She is sister to Joel K. Brown and mother of Jasper N. Aiken  Cass Co. Mo. 1856 witness James W. McSpadden 46, says Mrs. Spriggs boarded at his home in Athens. 


No.549)  John R. Williams died intestate Monroe Co. 1854 and son Joseph B., Adm., is about to sell slaves.  John R. in 1852 gave Trust Deed for slave to Rufus M. Henderson as trustee for Cannon.  Rufus has moved to Ala.


No.550) Original Bill  Filed 17 April 1855  G.A. Long vs Wm. C. White  White sold lots in Philadelphia Tenn to Long but failed to acknowledge deed before he left for Mo. or the west.


No.551)  Original Bill  Filed 10 May 1855  Elijah Cate, Admr. of Prior H. Walker  vs Mary Ann Walker and others.  Same information as in No.527.  Mary Ann and Prior's children are Gustavus A., Prior, and Mary   all minors (names only 3 but says they had 4 when he abandoned her).


No.552)  Petition  Filed 15 May 1855  Archibald B. Comer  Petition.  Petition to sell land.  Comer a lunatic.


No.553)  Inj. Bill  Filed 15 May 1855  Benjamin Johnson vs Samuel Edington  Petition to sell land.  Benjamin Johnson has Jesse Williams (1856 Cherokee N.C. age 26)  and William Williams are son-in-laws of Johnson and William Williams (1856 Cherokee Co., N.C. age 52) is father of Wm. and Jesse, the son-in-laws), also has son Perry,31 in 1856 of Blount Co. also Edington is bro-in-law of Benj. Johnson ("that complainant (Johnson) married respondent's (Edington) sister, Mrs. Johnson was dead at the date of the conversation I refer to")  1856: witness John Grant, 26, is husband of one of Johnson's daus.  Abraham Hicks of Blount Co. is 2nd cousin to Saml. Edington and to Benj. Johnson's children and Adams Millsaps with sworn statements.


No.555)  Original Bill   Filed 22 May 1855  James H. Pickel & others vs Elizabeth Pickel & others.   Jonathan Pickel of Monroe Co. died intestate 20 Sep 1854 leaving widow Elizabeth Pickel of Monroe Co. and children and heirs, James H. Pickel, Lewis M. Pickel, Margaret A. wife of Hiram B. Pennington, Saml. W. Pickel a minor, Sarah wife of James H. Jones of Cooke Co., Eliza E. E. McCampbell formerly Pickel of Monroe Co., Jane C. wife of James M. Tate of Hamilton Co., Rufus M. Pickel of Iowa, and John H. Pickel of Monroe Co.


No.556)  Original Bill Filed 22 May 1855  Robert Carter, Admr of Garland Smith, decd. vs Margaret Smith the widow, Haseltine, Elizabeth, Martha, Mariah, Sidney & Garland Smith, the minor heirs of G. Smith & Polly Patterson.  Same information as No.544.  Polly Patterson formerly Smith widow of late Absalum Smith is mother of Garland Smith deceased.  Dec 1855: David Kelso buys land and gives notes.  12 Jan 1858, receipt from Robt. Carter Adm. to C.T.P. Davis Adm. of David Kelso dec'd.


No.558)  Filed 4 Jun 1855  Morris K. Taylor and wife Harriet R., Sarah Ann Glenn by her stepfather and next friend M.K. Taylor, Washington R. Grubb, and Geo. Brown  vs Petition to sell land.  File contains copy of Will of Thomas Glen and several letters from the Taylors and Sarah Ann.  Same family info. as in other suits.  Taylors and Sarah Ann of Madison Co., Ala. Grubb of Hamilton Co., Brown of Monroe Co.  Sarah Ann was 21 on 16 Feb 1859.  Letters from Taylors and Sarah Ann from New Market Ala. and Hayes' Store, Ala.  1 Dec 1854: letter from Taylor at Hayes' Store, Ala. says his neighbor and friend Geo. W. Carmichael is going to Madisonville this winter.


No.560)  Attachment Bill  Filed 11 Aug 1856  James Metcalfe & Co.  vs Geo. Irving Cunningham.   James Metcalfe of Lawrence Co. and Charles W. Metcalfe of McMinn Co., partners, formed with Cunningham a Co. for butchery in Charleston, S.C., Cunningham now of Ga. He is owner of an undivided 1/8 int. in lands in Monroe Co., viz. a tract belonging to Richard Stephens at his death and another on which Thos. Hollway lived at time (Holloway) of death of sd. Stephens and also 1/8 int in sales of negroes to be divided among heirs and legatees of Richard Stephens.  Jasper N. Stephens of McMinn Co. is uncle to Cunningham.  Cunningham says he was minor when persuaded to go to Charleston and it was against the express wishes of his mother a widow.


No.561)  Original Bill  Filed 18 Aug 1855  John Mashburn vs Thos. H. Callaway, Ebenezer Johnston, Samuel M. Johnston, John B. Tipton, Thos. C. Lyon & John Carmichael.  Callaway, Saml. M. Johnston, and Carmichael made agreement with Wm. Grant of Bradley Co. in 1845 to test his lands in Polk Co. for valuable minerals.  Suit is whether Mashburn, now of Ark., was just an employee or was to have share of profits.  Ebenezer Johnston was bro. -in-law of Sam. M. Johnston, and Saml. M. also has son named Ebenezer.  Mashburns moved to Ark. Fall of 1849. Saml. M. used Ebenezer's name (the bro-in-law) as one of Co. but Ebenezer paid nothing, and later Ebenezer sued for his share.  Saml. paid unwillingly.


No.562)  Original Bill  Filed 1 Sept. 1855  McLinn & Henry vs Lewis Carter, Devers Carter, The East Tenn. & Ga. R.R. Company.  McLin & Henry of Roane Co.  Devers is son of Lewis.  Lewis Carter died Monroe Co. intestate.  Devers Carter is L.D. Carter.


No.563) Filed 11 Sep 1855  William Stephenson, William Bain & others vs William Stephenson & others.  Joseph stephenson Sr. d. Oct. 1853 intestate in Bradley Co. ( he had lived Monroe Co.) His wife Elizabeth d. 1849 and had been blind for 15 years. Their children: 1. Wm. M. of Bradley Co. who took care of father from 1851 until he died. 2. James W. of Ill. 3. Andrew H. of Ark. 4. John H. of Lawrence Co. 5. Joseph Jr. who died before his father: a. Dialtha of Lawrence Co. who is married the last heard from. b. John  and perhaps others. 6. Mary H. dec'd- wife of Wm. Bain- they m. about 1819 and she d. early 1851. a. Wm. M. Bain of Polk Co. b. E.C. wife of James Clayton of Polk Co. c. James S. Bain of Monroe Co. d. Jane A. wife of John Branner, Browner, or Brannum of Polk Co.  e. Andrew R. Bain f. Arthur C. Bain g. Margaret S. Bain H. Martha D. Bain all minors of Monroe.   Joseph Sr. made advancements of land in Monroe Co. and in N.C. about 1818 to 4 sons, and about 1821-22, after the land sales, to son Wm.  Mary H. and Wm. Bain lived with and cared for Joseph Sr. and Elizabeth from 1835 or 1836 until 1851 when Wm. took Old man away.  Suit over land.


No.564)  Inj. Bill Filed 17 Sept. 1855  J.B. Carberry vs George I. Cunningham & E.E. Griffith.  Carberry of Charleston, S.C.  Cunningham owes Carberry.  Cunningham owned 1/8 part of land and slaves in Monroe Co. which was devised to him by Richard Stephens dec'd.  E.E. Griffith, Clk. of Circuit Ct., enjoined from paying funds to Cunningham.  Cunningham says he was a minor when notes were signed.


No.565)  Inj. Bill   Filed 10 Sept 1855  Henry Mayes, M.C. Parker vs W.W. Lillard, R.M. Lillard & Elhanum W. King.  Complainants of Monroe Co.  also R.M. Lillard.  W.W. Lillard now of McMinn Co.  E.W. King of Va. 1856: Elhanum W. King answers from Carroll Co., Va.  Suit concerns lease of lands in Ashe Co., N.C. and Grayson Co., Va for search for copper and sale of same.


No.566)  Filed 25 Sep 1855  Andrew Smyth vs Joseph and John Browder and Henry W. Dickson  Dickson of Monroe Co. is bro-in-law of Joseph Browder of McMinn Co.  John is son of Joseph Browder.  Dickson is bro-in-law of John J. Carroll 1856:witness John F. Browder, 30, is son of Joseph Dickson says he became acquainted with Smyth of Greene Co. in 1837.  Dickson and Joseph Browder married sisters.