No.567) (Red Star on Folder)  Filed 5 Nov 1855  Thomas Wallace (Wallis) Adm. of Wm. Wallis dec'd vs Wm. Wallace (Wallis) Jr. and others.  Original Bill missing.  File contains copy of Will of Wm. Wallis dec'd. Wm. Wallace died Aug 1851, Monroe Co. Will made 25 Jun 1851:  He was originally of Claiborne Co. He left wife Tempy who has died and following children:  1. William Jr. of Monroe Co. - was appointed Exec. but resigned. 2. Goodwin of Carroll Co., Mo. and , in 1859, has been in Mo. 25 years - sold his int. to Robt. C. Martin of Carrol Co. Va.  3. Major L. of McMinn Co., sold his int. to Thos. Yearwood 4. Thomas of Monroe Co. now Exec. of Will. 5. Chas. Henderson Wallis, a nonresident; sold his int. to Major L. Wallis:  he is dead by 15 Feb 1858. 6. Malinda wife of Mark Cadle, a nonresident; sold her int. to James H. Reagan; she is dead by Feb. 185? 7. Nancy English , widow of Calif. 8. John, died several years before his father- his children and heirs are Huston and Thomas Wallis, nonresidents, and Lucinda wife of Wiley Sanders of Claiborne Co. 9. James, dead when Will was made.; 6 children: a. Sterling of McMinn Co. but "not to be found"there 1856 b. Wiley of Monroe Co. c. Polly wife of Elias W. Hyden of McMinn Co. d. Martha wife of Osker C. Cate of McMinn Co. e. Neely Wallis, minor of Monroe Co. f. Pryor Wallis, minor of Monroe Co. 10. Lee Preston Wallis dead at date of Will, has four children in Mo., names unknown 11. Elizabeth wife of John Cardwell- she dead at date of Will, left a. Obediah Cardwell b. William G. Cardwell of Claiborne Co.,    No children have died since Williams death.  Letter 13 Oct. 1856, Woolsey's Flat, Calif. from Nancy English to brother Major L. Wallis; she has son Wiley, daughter Tempy who lives close by and has a fine dau;  Minerva or Mrs. Hopper lives down in the valley about 150 miles from here; has previously learned of mother's death and of bro. Wm. moving to Mo.; bro. Thomas wrote that he was Exec. of fathers Will; bro. Wiley not her legal agent; bro. Preston slave was hired to bro. Wiley previous to death of her husband; her address is Clinton P.O., Nevada Co., Letter 25 Feb 1872, Athens, from Wm. H. Briant to C.W. Coffin; Coffin's bro. Jas. A. was C&M and the interest of Nancy English was in his hands when he died.


No.569)  Filed 22 Nov 1856  Thomas Strong vs John Carson.  Parties made contract 1854  Strong to raise crops on Carson's land.


No.570) Filed 4 Dec 1855  Wm. M. Stakely and James A. Coffin, Execs. of James Smith, dec'd. Petition Ex parte to sell Town Lot  James Smith for many years a resident of Madisonville died 1852 testate. Martha Adaline Smith is infant daughter and only child and heir.  Bill states that Copy of Will is hers, but it is not.


No.571)  Inj. Bill  Filed 24 Dec. 1855 A.W. Cozart vs William C. Nelson & John Stanfield  Cozart and Nelson of Philadelphia, Tenn.  1856: wit. Thomas J. Moore, 32, was depot agent there.  Cozart buys Nelson's 2/3 int. in land in Monroe & Roane.  Cos of Mathew Nelson dec'd.  Father of Wm. C. suit to lifetime int. of mother Martha 72 in 1856. 1/3 was Wm. C.'s and he bought the 1/3 of his bro. Mathew J. Arch Bacom owns the other 1/3.  Nelson and wife lived on place with mother and he wanted to move away.  Cozart claims deal made in jest and he wants out.  Wm. C. turned Cozart's note over to Stanfield for land.  Cozart's children had a legacy from some source in Ga.


No.572)  Filed 24 Dec 1855  Robert Buchanan vs Daniel Welch, J.H. Dobbins, W.T. Harris, Tellico Mfg. Co.  Suit for Debt.  Buchanan of Ohio.



No.573)  Filed 17 Jan 1856  Tellico Mfg. Co. vs Daniel Welch, George Welch, W.T. Harris, Lucen Haris et al.  Tellico Mgf. Co. on 25 Dec 1852 made lease to defendants then of Monroe Co. of the Iron Works and fixtures:  they had previously leased to Daniel Welch and he had become heavily indebted to Complainant.  Payments behind.  Geo. Welch and W.T. Harris believed to be in Pa. James H. Dobbins late of Pa. but now of Monroe Co. has been admitted as a partner in Welch, Harris & Co.  Complicated business transactions.  Much testimony as to operation of Iron Works.  Wm. Miller of Ky. is uncle of Wm. T. Harris.


No.574)  Filed 17 Jan 1856  Eli K. Ludwig vs Welch, Harris & Co.  Attachment Bill.


No.575) Original Bill  Filed 17 Jan. 1856  Barclay McGhee vs Margaret Morgan, widow of Gideon Morgan and other Heirs of Gideon Morgan.  Business suit over land agreements.  Gideon Morgan Heirs; R.M. Morgan; H.M.D. McElrath & wife E.L. McElrath; Cherokee Rogers & husband A.L. Rogers;  Geo. W. Morgan; Amanda Morgan a minor with no guardian; Margaret A. A. Eiffert and husband Hanry Eiffert; Robt. T. or L. Morgan, a minor with no guardian; and Margaret Morgan, widow of Gideon Morgan, who resides in Ark.  All heirs are of McMinn County except the widow.


No.576)  Filed 18 Jan 1856  Isaac N. and Ann Baker vs  James M. Baker et al.  Jacob Baker died intestate in Monroe Co. in 1852, leaving widow and now of Roane Co. and 6 children: 1. Isaac N. of Roane Co. 2. James M. of Monroe Co. 3. Sarah J. wife of C.C. Heard of Miss. 4. John of Roane Co., an idiot with James M. Gdn. 5. Louisa of Roane Co. wife of Daniel J. Shrader from who she is divorced during case and by June 1857 is marrried to M.S. Benton. 6. Martha E. of Roane Co., a lunatic but has not been declared such by a court, wife of Henry H. Stephens of Monroe Co. Lawsuit to sell land: all agreed but those who are incompetent can not act.  Jacob Baker owned Island Creek Farm where he lived and also farm near mouth of Little Tenn. known as Jacob Baker's Island farm. Land sold 1857 but in 1872 case still in court as notes not paid. 


No.577)  Filed 18 Jan 1856  James W. Shelton and Lavenia Rogers vs Mary Shelton, widow, the Heirs of D.F. Shelton, and Joab H. Terry, Adm.  and Cross Bill.   David F. Shelton died Monroe Co., intestate 1855:  Left widow Mary and 7 children: Martha Jane, Winifret Isabella, William, James, Francis, Sarah and Mary L. all minors of Monroe Co.: widow and Joab Terry app.  Adm.  Isaac Shelton dec'd was father of Lavenia Rogers whose husband is dead, of David F. dec'd, James W., and evidently of Wm. T. (30 in 1857) and Isaac's widow is Winny F. Shelton (69 in 1857) of Bradley Co. 1857, Winny F. Says the house on the old place where they lived burnt down 18 Jul 1854.  David F. lived Bradley Co. when deed made Aug 1849.  1857: Grainger Co., witness G.A. Shelton ,28.  James F. Shelton of Jefferson Co. in 1852 when deed made.


No.578)  Original Bill  Filed 11 March 1856  P.T. Butler & others vs Geo. W. Butler and others.  Jesse Butler d. intestate Monroe Co. about 29 Sep 1854 leaving as heirs complainants and defendants: 1.P.T. Butler 2. Baily S. wife of Jonathan Sumitt 3. Wm. H. Butler 4. Leaah wife of A.B. Fletcher ( all of Monroe )5. Francis S. Butler of Jefferson Co. 6. George W. Butler of Monroe. 7. John H. or N. Butler, minor, of Monroe Mary, Mary Butler the widow of of Monroe Co.


No.579)  Filed 19 Mar 1856  Thomas Robinson and W.C. Juliann, Adms. of John Holston dec'd  vs James Gettys and T.T. Coffin.  Complainants of Roane Co.  John Holston of Monroe Co. died about 17 Jan 1853 intestate.  He left 5 children.  Holston entered into contract with Gettys of McMinn Co. and Coffin probably of Knox. Co. to furnish lumber for bridge over Tenn. River at Loudon, but probably furnished none as he died soon after.


No.580)  Filed 3 Apr. 1856  George W. Morgan  vs Eppy Everett and R.C. Cameron.  Debt.


No.581)  Filed 1 Apr. 1856  James H. Johnston and John Caldwell vs Columbus C. and Wm.P. Caldwell et al.  heirs of John Caldwell.  File contains copy of Will of John Caldwell.  Copy made 12 Apr. 1856.  Will exec. Dec 1854;  to two sons John E. and Thomas L., farm where he lives and they to support their mother her lifetime, and his dau. Elizabeth as long as she remains single and with the family;  balance to be divided amongst all children except two named: Execs: James H. Johnston and son John E. Caldwell: wit: E. Kimbrough, E.E. Griffith, John Caldwell died Monroe Co. Jun 1855- left children, 1. John E. of McMinn Co. 2. Columbus C. of McMinn Co. 3. Minerva wife of John M. McSpadden of Bradley Co. 4. Dorthuin S. wife of Thomas T. McSpadden of Bradley. 5. Wm. P. of Bradley Co. 6. F.M. of Roane Co. 7. Jane H. wife of James H. Johnston of Roane Co. 8. Mary A.E. Caldwell of Roane Co.  9. Leonidas M. of Ga. (he summoned Roane Co.) 10. Thomas L. of McMinn Co. 11. Minors James A., Mary E., and Saml. J. Caldwell   Minor children (of Monroe Co.) of son O.P.H. Caldwell who died Nov 1854, before his father, wife Elizabeth died before John Caldwell.  Bill to consture Will as to whether the heirs of O.P.H. who died before Will was made, should share in estate.


No.582)  Filed 21 Apr. 1856  Daniel Welch, James H. Dobbins, and Wm. T. Harris vs Elisha Johnson   Welch and Dobbins of Knox Co.  Harris of Pa.  One Larkin Cardin Sr. obtained judgment against Orators, as "Welch,Harris & Co."  when they were doing business in Tellico Plains, 4 Nov 1854, at Tellico Irons Works.


No.583)  Original Bill (Red Star on Folder)  Filed 26 Apr 1856  Esther & Robert Cheney, Admrs. of Able R. Cheney, decd.  vs Wm. Williams & wife & others.  Petition to sell land.  Able R. Cheney d. intestate in Monroe Co. Sep. 1854 leaving widow Easter (Admx of Estate) the following children and grandchildren:  1. Robert C. 2. Darthula wife of Rice C. Spears 3. Elizabeth wife of Wm. Williams 4. K. Sefrona Minis formerly Cheney 6. Etherelrend Ichobod Cheney ( a minor?) 7. Jane A. wife of James Roy of Hamilton Co. 8. Margaret Minis formerly Cheney, dec'd  a. Susan A. Minis minor of Ga. b. Sefrona Tennessee N. Minis minor of Ga.  John Minis is app. Gdn. of the minors.


No.584)  Filed 26 Apr 1856  James Long and others vs Wm. Dyer, Adm. of John Key  Coonrod Cansler died June 1846 intestate in Monroe Co.  John Key was app. Adm. and has died; Cansler's children: 1. Euly wife of James Long of Union Co. Ga. 2. Barbara wife of Adam Nichols of Union Co. Ga. 3. Sally wife of Conelius Welsh of Union Co. Ga. 4. Polly wife of Willis Woody of Fannin Co. Ga. 5. Catharine Cansler of Monroe Co. 6. Betsy dec'd wife of Willis Allen also dec'd.  They lived in the ______ Nation about 1837-8 where Betsy died and afterwards 4 or 5 yrs. Willis died in Texas; their six children: Sally, William, Poston, Coonrod, Joseph, Allen and 2 others names unknown.  Sally died before her father and 1 or 2 others have died; nothing heard of them.  Petition to have share of Betsy's children, which was retained with their consent, divided .  Last heard of 2 or 3 yrs. before Coonrod's death. Copy of Gdn. settlement, John Key, Gdn. of Willis Allen heirs.  Letter 21 Sep 1856 from Wm. M. Allen, friend and relative of Allen heirs, Skeinah P.O., Fannin Co., Ga.: says some of Allen children are living in Texas and thinks he can find them.  Letter 14 Nov 1857 from same.  has heard from Allen heirs in La.; they intend making him their Agent, asks about proof of their identity.


No.585)  Sampson Holcomb Adm. of W. Collaque vs Sally Collaque, N.J. Spillman, et al  Wm. Collaque died Monroe Co. intestate summer of 1855 Leaving widow Sally and minor children William, L.J., and Crawford Collaque.


No.586) Original Bill Filed 29 April 1856  Thos. S. Green vs Sam'l Armstrong & others   Suit over copper lands in Carroll, Polk, and Paulding Counties Ga.  Defendants: Wm.D. Smith, Saml. Armstrong, and David Caldwell of Monroe Co.  File contains 13 or 14 copies of deeds and two copies of Grants for land in Paulding Co. or Cherokee Co. now Paulding Co.  1842, John C. Snider of Effingham Co., Ga. to John W. Exley of same- lots drawn by Snider in the late land lottery.  1851, Harrison Y. Renfro of Carroll Co., Ga. to Francis ? Little of same. 1847, Wm. Edwards to Harrison T. Renfro 1852, James Kuykendall of Ala. to Moses Ayers of Paulding Co., Ga. - land granted to Silas Ray.  1851, Saml. R. Hartsfield of Campbell Co., Ga. to Francis M. Little  1846, James M. Ware Sheriff of Paulding Co. to above Harsfield. 1838, Elijah Tippins of Cobb Co., Ga. to James Roberts of Forsythe Co., Ga. 1838, James Roberts to Zachariah Rentfro of Paulding Co.  1839, Zachariah Rentfro to Deskin H. Witcher both of Paulding Co., Ga. etc.


No.587)  Filed 5 May 1856  William R. Tallent vs Houston McDaniel and wife Delilah  Tallent bought land from McDaniels in 1851 or 52.  took deeds to Co. Ct. Clks Office, they acknowledged and then deeds lost before registering.  Shortly after McDaniels moved to Ark. or Mo.


No.588)  Original Bill Filed 8 May 1856  Noah Moiser vs M.E. Smith and others   Moiser bought land 24 Sept 1849 from Garland Smith now dec'd, getting Title Bond.  Garland Smith d. 1853 intestate- Robt. Carter is Adm. and Margaret E. is widow.  Children, all minors are Hazeltine, Elizabeth, Martha, Mariah, Sidney, and Garland.


No.589)  Filed about 1856  Jackson R. Wylie and Jacob B. Russell vs George W. Parks, Lucien B. Miller, et al  Original Bill missing.  Bill of discovery.  Catherine Key and Margaret Starr, two of plaintiffs, are blood cousins of Parks.


No.590)  Filed 19 May 1856  F.H. Gregory vs Caswell L. Walker et al   Land sales.  Gregory boughty from Stephen Parshley,  Stephen Parshley died intestate and left widow Martha and children  Sarahetta, who has married one Porter, and 3 minors, Sophie, Virginia, and Stephen, all of Monroe Co. except Sarahetta of Roane Co.


No.591)  Filed 23 May 1856  Wm. Lenoir & Bros. vs A.H. Hurley, L.D. Carter & E.T. & Ga. R.R.  Lewis and L.D. Carter on Monroe Co. were engaged in grading a portion of the R.R. thru Monroe Co.  Lewis is dead, A.H. Hurley of Roane Co. and L.D. Carter are Adms.  R.R. owes Lewis and Lewis owes the Leniors.


No.592)  Filed 31 May 1856  William Hudgings and wife Anna Mirah.  Petition to Sell Slaves.  File contains Will of Wm. Johnson.  Will:  made 16 May 1837 (copy made 14 Feb 1838); Wit: Jesse F. Jones, Robt R. Cleveland, D.F. Walker,: to wife Lavinda, all to her during her lifetime, but if she remarry property to be sold and she to have equal share with old set of children by first wife; to son John Ruffin Johnson; to dau. Anna Mirah Hudgins; balance to be divided among old set of children:  Execs:  Henry Chesnutt and John Pennington.  Wm. Johnson died 1837, widow Lavinia died 1854.  Hudgins have sold land in Monroe Co. with view to moving to Mo., and this is petition to sell two slaves willed to Anna Mirah by Wm. Johnson.


No.593)  Original Bill Filed 3 June 1856  James M. Wheeler vs McLin & Henry & others, Wheeler and McLin of Roane Co. Henry of Loudon, Roane Co.  Suit concerns notes due from Lewis Carter & Co.  as in No.591.


No.594)  Original Bill Filed 3 Jun 1856 Johnson, Bell & Co. vs McLin & Henry & others.  James Johnson, D.N. Bell, and J.J. Bell, merchants of Roane Co. held note on Lewis Carter, contractor on R.R. who has died.


No.595)  Original Bill  Filed 10 June 1856  Francis M. Roberts and wife Margaret Ann Roberts  vs John E. & Wm. M. Lyle.  Roberts of Dade Co., Mo.; married in Roane Co. and at that time she had bro. Alfred M. Lyle who was single, unmarried, who had lived Monroe Co. previous to 1850, and who left Madisonville 1849 or 1850 for Calif. going land route across plains from St. Louis; nothing heard from him since Mar or Apr 1850.  She also had that time had bro. WM. M. Lyle in Calif. and also bro. John E. Lyle then and now of Polk Co., Oregon Territory.  Soon after Alfred M. left, money was paid into Chancery Ct. for his use: these are the only bros. some having died without issue and without being married, and she had no sisters.


No.596)  Filed 20 Jun 1856  Isaac Stephens, Gdn. of Rebecca Ann Stephens vs Daniel and Wm. H. Plumlee, and Wm. Burris.  John Stephens now dec'd was about 1842 appointed Gdn. and had died a year or two later intestate and on 3 Apr 1848 Daniel Plumlee was app. his Adm. other defendants are his securities.  Daniel summoned from Bledsoe Co. but answers from Meigs Co.


No.597)  Original Bill Filed 10 July 1856  William & Elijah Beard & Alfred Green vs James M. & Isaac N. Baker & Robert Gains.  Welcome Beard, Green, and Gains and James M. Baker took lease of Stacy of Ala. to test for copper.  John T. Chambners of Carroll Col, Ga. necessary.  James M. and Isaac N. are bros.  Elijah is son of Welcome.


No.598)  Amended Bill Bill  Filed 30 Sept 1856  Petition to sell land Nancy Marshall vs Henry Marshall, et al.  John W. Marshall bought land 1849, with Henry furnishing part of money.  John W. Marshall died May 1851 Monroe Co. intestate: widow Nancy and Israel C. Smith app. Adms. and served until Aug or Sep 1856 when they resigned.  They kept up payments on land.  John W. left minor children William H., Martha J., John W., and Mary C. who, since filing Original Bill, have removed with Nancy to Texas.  1857: witness Robert G. Marshall 27, is bro. of John W. and son of Henry.  Copy of P of A, 1859, Cherokee Co., Texas, Nancy Marshall to John Griffith of Monroe Co.:  Wm. P. Brittain is Cllk. of Cherokee Co. Ct.  Mrs. Marshall's P.O. is Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., Texas.


No.599) Original Bill  Filed 13 Oct. 1856  Ansel Gad vs Joseph Hunnicutt & others  In 1846  Zachariah C. Tucker, now said to be of Texas, sold land to Hunnicut of Monroe Co. who afterwards sold to Wm. Golston Stapp, now believed to be of Ga. who sold to Benj. C. Smith of Monroe Co. to be sold to Orator.  1857: Benj. C. Smith lives Roane Co. between Kingston and Knoxville.


No.600)  Orginal BIll  Filed 22 Nov 1856  Martha Parshley and others vs John Standfield, as Administrator of Stephen Parshley.  Stephen Parshley died Monroe Co. Feb or Mar 1851 intestate: left widow Martin S. (Patsy) and minor heirs Stephen, Sarah E., Sophia, and Virginia.  Suit charges fraud, neglignce, etc. to Stanfield.  Stanfield with James A. Mitchell, bro-in-law of Martha, were app. Adms. but Mitchell resigned.  In the lists of book accounts and in testimony, are the following statements:  Martha Alford moved to Mo. in Parsly's lifetime:  Nancy Adams left the country long since: G.W. Dougan, James McCampbell, Robert A. Friar, John C. Grimet, and Alfred Lee all removed to Mo. before Parshley died:  John Cole removed to Texas before Parshly dide:  Wm. Golden has gone to Mo.,:  J.W. Knox removed to Knox Co. before Parshly d. and has since died there:  Wm. T. Johnston d. before Parshly and James Glass and Featherston Clark d. about same time as Parshley:  Clem Hall died: Sam'l. McCollister went to Ky.: James Patton, a young man, went West before Parshly died as did Wm. Snodgrass:  Wm. Rose went West long since:  Wm. S. Robinson believed to have gone to Oregon:  Wm. D. Trew lives perhaps in Meigs Co.; Margaret Lea has removed from country but Parshly owed her more than she owed him;  Wm. D. Wilson lived Polk Co. and has recently moved back to Roane Co.; J.L. Hodges took Bankrupt Law, went to Ala., and d. in Parshly's lifetime:  Zilpha Christian, Sanford Simpson, George Jones, James Witten, N. Grossham, James A. Small all had left country;  James J. Synes died before and Jess Wiatt d. after Parshley.  1859: wit James R. Stanfield, 25, is son of John.  


No.600B)  Inj. Bill  Filed June 1856  John S. Bain vs Daniel Bain.

In 1844 or 1845 Parker Hood, now dec'd bought suit or ejectment against Daniel Bain to recover land.  John S. is son of Daniel.  Suit was compromised and John S. paid and Daniel made him deed.  In Mar 1851 one John R. Bain filed suit.  1854, Dade Co., Mo.: witness Eliza A. Webb 30, is sister of John S. Bain and neice of John R. Bain.  Daniel's bro. John R. lived near Nashville.  1857: witness James C. Bain, 30, is son of Daniel and wit. Wm. W. Bain, 36, is also a son.


No.601)  Filed 19 Oct 1856  John A. Dalzell vs McLinn & Henry, et al.  Dalzell of McMinn Co.  E.T. & Ga. R.R.  Lewis Carter & Co. - as in other suits.


No.602)  Divorce and Attachment Bill  Filed 10 Nov 1856   Amanda J. Davis vs Andrew S. Davis  (Divorce)  Both of Monroe Co.  Married 2 Oct 1855.  Ill treatment forced her to seek protection in her father's house.


No.603)  Original Bill Filed 13 Nov. 1856  C.M. McGhee vs J.W. Niles and wife and others.  John McGhee died in June 1851.  Barclay McGhee and Charles McGhee, his sons were named executors in the Will.  His other child was Margaret W. who had first married Andrew R. Humes and then J.W. Niles.  The estate was mostly settled when Barclay McGhee died in June 12856.  He left a widow Mary K. McGhee and children; Betty M.; Ann E.; Margaret W.; John; Lavinia; Mary K.;  There are still some assets in the estate including some land.  The executor wants the balance sold in court to make final settlement among the heirs.


No.605)  Original Bill   Filed 22 Nov. 1856  John G. Peace vs Bolivar Academy   Peace in 1855 bought lot West of M.E. Church from Trustees of Academy: paid but no title given.  Lot known as Old Male Dept.


No.608)  Filed 26 Dec. 1857  R.F. Cooke & J.L. Hopkins, Exrs of Sarah Bayliss vs Thomas D. Bilotte.  Sarah died testate.  Will proven Oct 1854.  Belotte a nonresident.  Petition to sell Lot 36 in Madisonville to pay debts.  Copy of Will is here.


No.609)  Filed 5 Jan 1857.  Fielding F. Henry and wife Emiline vs Thomas L.D. Trotter et al.  File contains Copy of Will of Henry Tucker.  Henry Tucker died in Monroe Co. testate.  His Will was probated Sep 1840, He bequeathed all lands to wife Sally until youngest son James comes of age and then sold and monry divided among all children by last wife Sally: $1 each to beloved son Kintchen Tucker, beloved dau. Pursey or Pussey Davis, and beloved dau. Anny Sheden: one filly to beloved son William: Exec. 10 Aug 1840: witnesses Wm. Isbill, Isaac Hicks; probated 7 Sep 1840.  David M. Tucker app. Adm. with Will annexed: he now lives Ark. in Jan 1847 David sold land to Trotter who sold it to Phillip Trotter.  David had no right to sell.  Case taken to Supreme Ct. and decision reversed.  Henry Tucker's children by last wife Sally: 1. James Tucker of Ga., now between 22 and 23 yr. 2. David M. of Ark. 3. Henry of Ga. 4. John of Monroe Co. 5. Patrick of Monroe Co. 6. Emiline wife of Fielding F. Henry 7. Jane dec'd wife of John Lindsey of Monroe Co. 2 children, David Lindsey and _______. 8. William died 1847-48, no issue, no wife.  Children by previous wife: Kinchen Tucker supposed to be of Va., Pursey Davis supposed to be of Miss.; Anny Shedden of parts unknown.


No.610)  Filed 14 Jan 1857  Daniel Welch, James H. Dobbins, and John Caldwell  vs Tellico Mfg. Co.  Welch and Dobbins of Pa.  Caldwell of Jefferson Co.


No.611)  Filed 20 Mar 1857  Nicholas G. Walker  vs  Abraham Fine.  Walker of Green Co., No.  Walker and Fine entered into partnership in Mo. about 1 Feb 1833, buying and selling clocks.  In June Fine bought interest of Walker, giving notes.  Fine absconded from Mo. 20 June 1853 and now of parts unknown, but he owns 1/7 int. in land of his father John Fine dec'd in Monroe Co. on Sweetwater Creek, encumbered with life estate of Nancy Fine, Sr., who is very infirm and aged.  Sept 1857, Greene Co. Mo. Witness: Peter L. Fine, 45, is bro. to Abraham:  witness N.P. Hight is bro. of John L. Hight.


No.612)  Filed 27 Mar 1857  J.L. and L. Bowrie & Co. vs James R. Lawrence and Abury Howard et al.  Business suit.


No.613)  Filed 22 Apr. 1857.  Rebecca Wilson, Gdn & c. vs Elizabeth Wilson et als.  Charles Wilson died in Monroe Co. intestate 10 June 1841 leaving widow Ellizabeth and children (seven of whom were minors when father died): 1. oldest child Isaac N. who was married Sept or Oct. 1839, died in Monroe Co. July 1848 or 1849(both given) leaving widow Rebecca and minor children George, Isaac, Sarah, and Mary who sue by their mother Rebecca; 2. James B.; 3. Uriah H. of Ill., 4. Polly wife of Joseph Winkle; 5. Ellender wife of Samuel K. Winkle; 6. Malinda wife of John W. Bell (last three now of Mo.) 7. Rosanna wife of King M. Jines (Joines); 8. John B. (John Jr.) age 28, 1857, single who lives with mother and runs the Dodd's farm; 9. Elijah M.; 10. S. Jane who by 1867 is wife of W.H. Dodd; 11. Eliza or Elizabeth who marries Oct. 1859 Thomas R. Jones.  Petition to have dower assigned to widow Elizabeth and land sold for division.  Issac N. died without claiming his share of estate.  One tract of Charles Wilson's land was the farm of Hoyal Harrell dec'd and Charles purchased the dower of widow Catharine Harrell in 1834 for $30 to be paid annually.  Widow Elizabeth answers that she used money which she received from her father's estate in Washington Co. and from sale of land left her by her brother Ephraim Broyles; that Isaac N. lived on the land rent free, and they are all against sale of land (on Chestuee Creek headwaters).  Catharine Harrell is in Bradley Co. in 1849, Bledsoe Co. 1852, and dies 8 Aug. 1858.  By 1867 Rosannah Joines is Rosannah Dodd and J.B. Dodd also signs her receipt.  Land is sold 1860 to John B. and James B. by decree of Court.


No.614)  Filed 4 May 1857 N.J. Spillman vs James Rogers In 1854 Spillman contracted with Rogers to buy 160 acres of land on which Rogers resided but land was only 120 acres.  Rogers claims he cannot read and did not know the boundaries of the land.


No.616)  Filed 18 May 1857  Benjamin C. Pettitt, Adm. of Allen D. Gentry  vs  Mary K. McGhee, Admx. of Barclay McGhee, and others, heirs and creditors of Allen D. Gentry.   Suit over slaves.  Allen D. Gentry died Aug 1853 intestate- 9 heirs.  Children and grandchildren: 1. Malinda Jincy, daughter, wife of Richard Hawkins of Blount Co. 2. Pleasant M. Gentry of Monroe Co. 3. John A. Gentry of Monroe Co. 4. James Riley Gentry of Monroe Co. 5. Son David Gentry dec'd; his minor children are Adaline, Margrete, and Nancy Ann Gentry 6. Nancy Gentry wife of A.J. Mullins of Monroe Co. 7. Benjamin Franklin Gentry, summoned in Blount and Monroe Co. 8. Polly Gentry wife of E. Calvin Hawkins of Monore Co.  Son David's wife is Polly: David left the country and his death is presumed. Susan Gentry is mentioned. Geo. T. Glenn was app. Adm. of Allen D. Gentry in Sep 1853, but he died in 1854 intestate.  1858, Bradley Co.; witness Saml. Donohoo, 30, formerly lived in Monroe Co.


No.617)  Filed 29 May 1857  William Morris and wife Jane et al Ex parte vs C.L. Walker.  Reuben Wilhight died intestate in Monore Co. about Nov. 1851 leaving widow Jane who has since married William Morris, and children Anne Caroline, Mary Matilda, and Joseph Madison Wilhight of whom Caswell L. Walker is the Gdn. and the father of Jane Morris and grandfather of the minors.  Reuben Wilhight died possessed of land in Monroe Co. on headwaters of Eastanallee Creek. Petition to sell land.  Jane, being a comparatively young woman of 36, relinquishes her right of dower and asks for child's part.


No.618)  Filed 23 May 1857  Jeptha Tallent vs A.T. Hicks and R.J. McElahney.  Tallent of Monroe Co. was a private in company of mounted men commanded by Capt. Thomas J. Caldwell in 1837 or 1838 engaged in removal of Cherokee Indians.  He applied for Warrant for Bounty Land but never received one.  Now one R.J. McElahney who represents that he is of Mo. has sent to A.T. Hicks a Warrant made out to Tallent (but for Florida War) with request that Hicks get Tallents signature and remail to him (McElhaney).  Tallent makes no charge of improper conduct against Hicks, but asks for injuct.


No.619)  Filed 1857  Wm. Lenoir & Bros.  vs H.H. Stephens and others.  Concerns Baker family as in other suits.  Papers very fragile.


No.620)  Original Bill  Filed 7 July 1857  John J. Humphreys vs Charles M. McGhee Exec.  John Humphreys said that John McGhee wanted the Donohoo property but knew the hirs of Charles Donohoo would not sell it to him on account of bad feelings.  Humphreys wife was Sallie Donohoo.  Humphreys was very friendly with McGhee and agreed to get the heirs to sell the land to Thomas H. Callaway who would then deed it to McGhee, at agreed price that McGhee would pay, except that McGhee would pay Humphreys more than the agreed amount that the other heirs would get.  Before McGhee paid him he got in bad financial trouble by signing a mon's Bond and told McGhee to wait and pay him later. He gave McGhee a receipt as though he had paid him.  He now wants the Exec. of McGhee estate to pay him.


No.621)  Original Bill and Injunction Filed 15 Aug. 1857  George W. Butler vs William R. Hurley & Martha Parshley. Butler and Martha of Monroe Co. Hurley (Dr. Hurley) now of Knox. Co. but formerly of Loudon, Roane Co. Suit concerns stock in mining company.  W.R. Hurley & Co. bought stock, giving not and Hurley transferred note to Martha.  File contains many deeds, leases etc.


No.622)  Filed 15 Sep 1857   Henry Wolf vs Joseph Wolf, Wm. Dyer et al.  Henry of Monroe Co.  Joseph of Texas.  Suit to collect note.  John Wolf died testate in Monroe Co.  Robt. Russell and Wm. M. Stakely are Execs.  Joseph Wolf is one of 13 legatees in Will of his father John, and has given P of A. to Wm. Dyer.  Joseph started to Exas from Bradley Co. about 6 Jan 1857 (horse and wagon) and Henry lived in Monroe Co. at that time.


No.623)  Original Bill Filed 1 Dec. 1857.  Francis M. Hood, Guardian of Hamilton L. Harris  vs Joseph R. Rudd & others.  Hood of Blount Co. was app. Gdn. of Hamilton L. Harris minor son of V.A. Harris dec'd in Blount Co. where Hamilton lives.  Rudd in Apr. 1854 was app. Gdn. in Monroe Co. for said Hamilton, and Louisa, Haywood, and Jackson Harris, all minor children of said V.A. Harris dec'd.  Williams and Clibourne are Rudd's securities.  Rudd refuses to turn over funds.


No. 624)  Original Bill  Filed 8 Dec. 1857  Isaac N. Baker and Saml. J.T. Johnson vs George Young.  Complainants, of Roane Co., were in N.C. securing leases for mineral lands- Young of Yancy Co. N.C.  File contains Orig. Surveyor's Cert. to Geo. Young--land adj. Wesley Young.  Also contains Orig. Grant 18, 1838 signed by John M. Morehead Gov. of N.C.  Also Orig. Deed 4 Mar 1824 from Strawbridg Young to son Geo. Young both of Burk Co., N.C.  for land in Burk Co. on South Towe River;  witnesses Wesley and Thomas Young. Deed proven in Yancey Co. Oct 1854 by wit. Thomas Young.


No.628)  Original Bill  Filed Dec. Term 1857  J.W.J. Nile and wife Margaret W. Nile, guardians of the minor heirs of A.R. Humes, dec'd.   Niles and wife were appointed guardians of Bettie I., Thomas W.,  Margaret and A.R. Humes, the minor children of Andrew R. Humes dec'd. by the County Court of Monroe County in 1856 _____  Session.  Since there is property involved in Knox and Monroe County they want the Chancery court to take jurisdiction from the County Court.


No.629)  Inj. Bill Filed 6 Feb 1858 James A. & Wm. Brakebill vs William G. Bogle.  In 1855 Brakebills bought Lot No. 94 in Madisonville from Bogle then of Monroe Co.  now of Knox Co.; Bogle is suing to collect notes but Brakebill claim they have found Bogle does not have title.