No.630)  Filed 8 Feb. 1858  James H. Ragan vs Thomas Wallis and others.  Ragan   of McMinn Co.  Wm. Wallis died Monroe Co. 1851 testate; left land and slaves to widow Tempy for her lifetime and then to be divided among children.  Tempy died about 1855 intestate.  Thomas is son of Wm. and is Adm. with Will annexed.  In 1852 Ragan bought interest of Malinda Cadle, a daughter of Wallis, and her husband Mark Cadle, who then and now live in Washington Co. Ind.


No.631)  Filed 22 Feb 1858  Stephens, Upton, & Co. vs Henry Onderdouk and others.  Michael H. and John Stephens, and Wm. A. Upton D.B.A. Stephens, Upton & Co. in Blount Co.  Debt.  Onderdouk about to remove to Maryland.  Prof. Onderdouk has piano in possession of J.W.J. Niles.  Onderdouk's answer filed from Baltimore, Md.; he says slave Ned is not his but is property of Mrs. M.D. Henry of Baltimore, widow of Gen. R.J. Henry.  Suit concerns sale of wheat, also.


No.632)  Attachment Bill Filed 15 March 1858  Oliver Fuller vs Henry Doolittle & others.  Defendants; Henry Doolittle of Ohio, Wm. Goodrich and wife Sarah of Conn.  Joseph L. King of Knox Co., C.D. Smith one of Execs of M.D. d dec'd of N.C. Hugh L. McClung of Ga., R.R. Bearden in his own right and as one of the Execs. of M.D. Bearden also of Ga.  Fuller of Pa.  Suit concerns notes and mineral lands in Monroe Co.


No.634)  Inj. Bill  Filed 6 Apr. 1858  Mordecal S. Benton, Louisa E. his wife vs H.H. Stephens.  Bentons of Roane Co.  Jacob Baker died intestate in Monroe Co. 5 Oct. 1852 leaving widwo Ann and Oratrix Louisa E. and five other children.  Not long before her father died, Louisa E. then age 14 married Daniel Shrader of Va., lived with him for 6 mos., and was divorced; then on 7 Oct. 1856 she, still a minor, married Benton;  H.H. Stephens who lives at Loudon in Roane Co. and who married her sister, not long after death of father, purchased the interests of the widow and the brothers and sisters of Oratrix in the 640 acres of the Baker land known as the Island Farm or Parks Reservation on Little Tenn. River; that shortly after she married Shrader, Stephens a lawyer whom she trusted, presented her with a paper which she signed; she and Benton have lived in Ga. until recently; that Stephens has not paid for the land and Isaac Baker one of the heirs has filed suit to enforce vendor's lien and land was sold to S.H. (Howard) Henry of Loudon;  she is seeking her interest in the sale money.  In Amended Bill, a bill was filed in 1853 in names of C.C. Herd and wife Sarah J. (sister to Louisa) and in Louisa and Shraders to confirm sale of their shares, all unknown to Louisa, that H.H. Stephens died in July or Aug. 1858 probably in Roane Co., and no Adm. has been appointed on his inolvent estate; asks for her interest.  Witness C.B. Neal deposes 1861 at Greenwood, Sebastian Co., Ark., he was Deputy C&m at Madisonville when Benton filed his Bill.  1860, Atty for respondents is informed that Complainants now live outside of Tenn.  1865, Tenn. Supreme Ct. rules that the Contract between the Bentons and their lawyer is lawful and not tainted with champerty, and reverses decree of Chancellor in dismissing Bill.  Decree 1867, that Henry pay the Bentons and he is to have title to land.


No.635)  Filed 12 Apr. 1858  Benjamin F. Barksdale  vs G.M. McGhee et al.


No.636)  Filed 15 Apr 1858  Wm. Dyer and David Lowry, as next friends of Nancy M., Martha L., and Barnett H. Watson, minor children of Elizabeth Watson de'd.  vs Isam Watson and others.  Isaam Watson app. Gdn of said minors July 1854 and complainants are his securities.  Isam has until recently lived Monroe Co. but has sold his land and property and is on his way to Mo., it is believed taking said wards with him.  Concerns sale of land by John McGhee now dec'd.  N.G. Barksdale died 1855 intestate leaving widow Mary S. of Ga. and 8 children;  B.F., T.A., James W., Sarah A. wife of James H. Willis, Fanny L. wife of L.B. Willis, Mary, Louisa G., and Nancy G., last 3 minors of Ga.  Barclay McGhee's heirs given again as in all the other McGhee suits.


No.637)  Filed 15 Apr 1858 John Hightower vs Catharine Cunningham and others.  David Cunningham, brother-in-law of Hightwoer, and son of Joseph Cunningham, died 1857 intestate in Ark. where he ahd gone from Monroe Co.; left widow Catharine and children, Henry Marshall, Margaret Jane, Phillip, Susan Adalide, Elizabeth, James Hasten, William, and Sarah Ann, all minors except first.  Hightower let David have money to move on and note to be paid when David's father dies.  David had funds in hands of H. Marshall Misemer and Wm. E. Wisemer.  Amended Bill 7 Feb 1859; widow Catharine is dead and father Joseph d. May 1858 and all the children are minors except first three.  Letter 13 Dec 1857, Jackson, Ark., from Catharine to bro. H.M. Misemer, says cousin Lafayett Porter Bible was here last week, he lives in Can Buren Co. and has gone to New Orleans with drove of cattle.  Answer of Wm. B. and H.M. Misemer, 24 May 1858; Some 8 or 10 yrs. ago their father Henry Misemer died testate his widow and their mother Susannah died intestate Feb. 1856 leaving respondents as heirs with ten other heirs including Catahrine now widow of David Cunningham.  Letter 10 Oct 1860, Jacksonport, Ark., to Joseph Walker and signed by A.S. and J.M. (or I.M.) Wilks, C.W. and S.A. McHenry, Philip and L.E. Cunningham, Attest: Henry M. Cunningham; says they are enclosing P of A;  they are heirs and Henry M. is Gdn., of the minor heirs.


No.638)  Filed 19 Apr 1858  Thomas Stephens, Adm. of David F. Shelton vs Heirs, Creditors and Widow. David F. Shelton died intestate in Monroe Co.: left widow Mary and minor children Martha Jane, Winnifert, Isabella, William, James, Frances, Sarah, and Mary Lavenia.  In Dec 1855 Joab H. Terry and Mary Shelton app. Adms., Wm. H. Terry of McMinn Co. as Security, but they resigned Sept 1857 and Stephens was app.  David owned land known as Old Isaac Shelton land, on which his mother Winnifert Shelton of Grainger Co. has dower interest.  James W. Shelton of Grainger Co. is bro. to David.  Lavenia Rogers also had interest in land.  Letter 19 Jun 1858 from J.W. Shelton, Morristown.  24 May 1858, minor Martha Jane Shelton is dead.  Letters 26 Dec. 1858 and 15 Mar 1859 from Lavenia Rogers Oak Hill Seminary, Coffee Co., Tenn.  she is widow and must raise her little child.  Letter 3 May 1860 from J.W. Shelton, Oak Hill Seminary, Coffee Co.


No.640)  Original Bill Filed 4 May 1858  John C. and Sarah Duff vs James A. Duff et al.  Complainants of Bradley Co.  John Duff died intestate in Monroe Co. Nov. 1829 leaving widow Sarah (the Oratrix) and seven children, John C. (the Orator) of Bradley Co. and Jacob N. who gave his share of land to mother Sarah for taking care of two of his children.  He has been gone and unheard of for 22 or 23 yrs.  He has 3 children, John W. of Polk Co., Nancy wife of Hamilton McGhee or McGill of Benton Co., and Saml. A. of Calif: and James H. who did live Polk Co. but left state and has not been heard of since, and has widow Emaline and five children, Washington, John, Hillard, William, and Adaline, all of Texas and all minors.  John Duff's other four children not named.  Sub Poena may 1859 to Polk Co. for John W. Duff marked "Not to be found".


No.642) Filed 5 May 1858  Josiah I. Wright vs Coswell B. Neal, W.L. Adams, and Richard Harris.  Suit concerns gold watch.


No.644)  Original and Inj. Bill Filed 6 May 1858  Jos. F. and Francis L. Milligan vs Andrew L. Rogers  Joseph of Monroe Co. and Francis L. of Missouri.  Rogers of McMinn Co. concerns law suits with Gideon Morgan going back to 1834.


No.645)  Filed 12 may 1858  Berry L. White vs Susan Davis, Daniel Daily and wife Nancy, Wm. Miller and wife Martha. White claims Susan owed him and fraudulently deeded property to other defendants.


No.647)  Filed 1 June 1858  Samuel Henry vs John Strutton & others.  Suit dismissed before Court Term.  Henry of Blount Co. in 1840 was partner in firm of Samuel and Pleasant Henry and they recovered judg. against Strutton.


No.648)  Filed 7 June 1858  Jehu Cunningham vs Hardin Cunningham, Joseph A. Walker and Robert Cunningham, Adms., et al.  Jehu of Monroe Co.  Hardin of Ala.  Hardin a child of Joseph Cunningham who died Monroe Co. a short time since intestate.  Joseph had several other children.  June 1859: Jno. A. Rowan is app. Adm. of Jehu Cunningham dec'd.


No.649)  Filed 9 Jun 1858  John Hightower vs Hardin Cunningham, Joseph A. Walker, and Robert Cunningham, Adms., and Heirs of      David Cunningham dec'd.  Hardin owes Hightower- same as last suit.  David dec'd was son of Joseph.


No.650)  Original and Attachment Bill Filed 28 July 1858  George Young vs Isaac N. Baker, et al.  Young of N.C. Isaac N. Baker of Miss. Danl. L. Carmichael of Monroe Co.  Baker owes Young.


No.651)  Filed 28 July 1858  Zephaniah Young vs Isaac N. Baker and Danl. L. Carmichael.  Young of Yancy Co. N.C.  Baker of Miss. Carmichael of Monroe Co.


No.652)  Filed 7 Aug. 1858  William M. Stakely vs Lercy Cunningham et al.  Stakely surviving partner of Stakely & Smith.  Leroy a nonresident thought to be of Miss.  gave Firm note in 1842.  Leroy entitled to share in estate of Joseph Cunningham dec'd.


No.654) Filed 18 Sep 1858  Hoskins, Heiskell & Co. vs Dr. Wm. W. Gahagen, Joshua C., John R. and M.L. Hays, and John Rowe.  Complainants Francis, Hoskins, Colson, and James F. Heiskell, and Thos S. Young all of Philadelphia, Pa. Joshua C. and John R. (now of Roane Co.) made note to Robert McLinn and McLinn's brothers procured McLin to assign note to Complainants.  Joshua C. is father of John R. and M.L. is a younger brother of John R.  John Rowe of Roane Co.  M.L. Hays and Dr. Gahagen of Monroe Co.


No.655)  Filed 10 Oct 1858  James B. Craighead vs John B., William James, Charles D., and Jane Craighead, minors, children of Joseph E. Craighead dec'd, and their Gdn. Phereby Owens, and Thomas B. Craighead, insane , by Gdn. Mathew Johnson.   Letter July 1861 from W.Y.C. Humes has been in Military service at Ft. Randolph 60 mi. above Memphis and will prob. be ordered to Mo.  Col. Joseph Boyd is at Vicksburg.  Letter Feb 1862, from Thomas W. Preston bro. of Mrs. Jane P. Craighead; he is here (Columbus Ky.) in Army; the wife of W.Y.C. Humes was my neice.  The James B. Craigheads of Ala.  and the James A. Coffins of Madisonville spend summers at the "Springs" evidently in Monroe Co. or close by, and in 1858 Craighead is having a house built there. 1855 Co. Ct. of Shelby Co., Tenn. acts in Raleigh.  Additional information on bros. of Wm. B. Craighead dec'd.  1. James B. Craighead of Dayton, Margengo Co., Ala. is dead by 10 Jun 1859 and his widow is Jane P. (not over 35 in 1861) who is sister to Alfred and Thomas W. Preston. They have 6 children: David, James B., John B., Preston, Thomas, and Jane P. Preston Craighead, minors with John T. Walton as Gdn.  Lawyer Young Humes is a relative of Mrs. Jane P. Craighead's.  2.  Thomas B. Craighead is of Ark.  3. David dec'd; his children James B. Jr., of Nashville, Joanna wife of _____ Ellis of Nashville, Thomas D. of Ark.,  and Mary C. dec'd wife of Thomas W. Preston of Memphis , whose infant son is David C.  4.  John B. Craighead who has died; widow Lavinia who has a daughter (wife of J.T. Hill) by her first husband and children: a. Joseph E. dec'd (children as given in Bill) .   John B.'s widow Lavenia dissented to Will and had dower assigned.  Letter 3 Dec. 1857 Nashville (has picture of Capitol) from James B. to uncle James B., Dayton, Ala.  Phereby was m. last week to a Col. Owen- she is his 5th wife.  See Case 483, 486 and 713.  File contains copy of Will of John B. Craighead, Originial Grants, Original Deeds, and many letters.  Case is to get clear title to land which James B. bought 7 Mar 1857, as bro. John B. was represented in Suit but had died before Sale was made.  Below is information which is not in # 486.  Wm. B. Craighead was hardly sane.  He was left a legacy by James Brown dec'd.  Will of John B. Craighead; proven Davidson Co. 27 Oct 1854; first part 27 Sept 1853  wills plantation 3 mi. S. of Nashville to Jane and Wm. James, two of minor children of dec'd son Joseph E.;  second part 29 June 1853; of Plaquimine, La. but residing for present Davidson Co.; friends J.W. Burbridge, Lewis Dexbry, and Chas. Clement to be Execs. in La., to look after plantation there until suit now pending is resolved;  Wm. R. Meigs, Joseph T.Elliston, James B. and Thomas D. Craighead sons of bro. David, as Execs. in Tenn.  Wit: R.J. Meigs, Joseph T. Elliston Jr. Both Wills proven Davidson Co., Jul 1854, one by wit. and one by handwriting.   Letter 1862, on Board Steamer Senator, from John T. Walton, on my way to Nashville; will go to Chatt. and will have his wife, 5 children, servants, etc. with him.  Letter from Abingdon, Va. from Mrs. Jane P. Craighead who is evidently visiting there.  Letter 1860 from Wm. A. Preston, Clear Branch P.O. Washington Co.,Va.


No.656)  Original Bill  Filed 23 Oct. 1858  Louisa Shadden and Joseph W. Shadden vs Heirs and Representatives of W.P.H. McDermott Heirs of J.T. Wilson, Executors of A.H. Henley, John Henderson & P.B. Haraldson.  Complicated suit over a tract of land.  Louisa Shadden, widow of William Shadden.  Her children, minors, Penelope, Nancy Olivan, Elizabeth Jane and Darcus A.  William Shadden died 2 July 1858, intestate in Monroe Co.  Shadden had bought the land from W.P.H. McDermott, now dec'd and still owed a small amount on the note.  However a law suit had been filed by the heirs of A.H. Henley to satisfy a claim their father had on the land.  This suit was filed in the lifetime of McDermott.


No.657)  Filed 4 Nov. 1858  Martin A. Kennedy vs William Nunn or Non, Wiley Laughter or Lafter, and Abraham Burris. Kenedy of Meigs Co., in 1849 sold land in Monroe Co. to Wm. Nunn or Non then of Monroe but now of Texas and notes are unpaid; assigned to Laughter and he brought suit.  In 1855 Kenedy lived in McMinn Co.  Case still in Court 1871.


No.658)  Filed 6 Nov. 1858  S.S. Glen and Henry Donohoo vs Robert Parks, Joseph Johnston, John M.T. Haire, John M. Lowry, Wm. M. Stakely.  All of Monroe Co.  Debt.


No.659)  Filed 24 Nov. 1858  Squire S. Glen vs Jonathan Thomas et al.  Concerns Mt. Savage Iron Works property on  Ball Play.


No.660)  Filed 27 Nov 1858  Daniel Daily vs Benjamin D. Clift  Suit concerns land sales.  May 1859; wit Wm. Sitzler, 16 or 17, says he lives with Daniel Daily, and Daniel raised him.  Nov 1859; wit. Louisa Hicks, 19, is step-dau. of Daily and he raised her from time she was 12; her bro. is James Triplett, her grandmother is ____ Davis; her husband is a little kin to Mr. Clift.  June 1859; wit. Peter A. Newton, 48, is bro-in-law of John Williams; wit. Elizabeth Newton, 42.


No.661)  Filed 30 Nov 1858  James Clibourne vs James M. Baker, Martha E. Stephens, John C. Vaughn, Jehu A. Stephens.  Martha E. of Davidson Co.  Baker of Roane Co.  In 1853 Clibourne bought the Jacob Baker home farm, sold by H.H. Stephens, now dec'd, by decree of Court upon petition of Baker widow and heirs.  He paid for land and now finds that Martha E. who owned 1/7, was unsound of mind and had no Gdn.  to represent her.  Martha E. seems to have right of dower in some lands in Va.  Henry H. Stephens d. July 1858.


No.662)  Original Bill  Filed 3 Jan 1859  J.G. Peace, J.H. Bruner, Carroll Long  vs  M.E. Church, South, J.I. Wright, A.H. King, H.R. Swisher & wife, Jesse G. Swisher & wife.  File contains Copy of Will of Sarah Hart Peace and Bruner of Monroe Co. and Long of McMinn Co. sue for Holston Conf. of M.E. Ch. South.  Sarah Hart died Monroe Co. shortly after making Will on 7 Sep 1857.  Will contested but Ct. upheld it. Left all estate to Holston Conf.  Brownlow  Swisher of Knox Co. refused to serve as Exec. and J.I. Wright app. Adm.  Sarah left bros and sisters as her only heirs. to wit, Andrew H. King of Monroe Co., Henry R. Swisher and wife of Hamilton Co., and Jesse G. Swisher and wife of Bradley Co.  Will; Exec. 7 Sep 1857; graves of her dec'd dau. Malissa Louisa Wright, her dec'd husband, and her own to be enclosed and tombstones erected; to stepson, John Hart; to sisters daughters; to Robt. Woods dau. Mary Ann Wood; all real est. to Holston Conf. but they to bear expense of winding up est. wit: Allen C. Broome and Geo. Brown.  Answer of Wm. and Andrew H. King, Henry R. Swisher and wife Elizabeth; heirs Wm. King and Robt. Wood and wife Mary of Blount Co., Wm. Woolf and wife Catharine, Standford Sutton and wife Margaret all of whom left country some 15 yrs. ago and have not been heard from;  also Charity Chadwick who died several years ago leaving heirs names unknown also Jesse Kerr Jr. and wife Julia Ann and Ephraim C. King of Blount Co.  the last 2 being half bro and sis to Sarah Hart.


No.663)  Filed 3 Jan 1859  John Strutton Sr. and John W. Strutton and Thomas G. Harvey vs Robert Parks, William M. Stakely, John H. Lowry, Joseph Johnston, J.M.T. Haire.   Original Bill missing.


No.664)  Filed 4 Jan 1859  Samuel P. Hall vs John A. Stephens, W.L. Eakin and others.  Sale of land.


No.665)  Filed 7 Jan 1859  F.D. Fanning vs James West, John Stanfield, and John Crippin. Fanning of S.C.  West of Monroe Co. Debt


No.666) Inj. and Attachment Bill  Filed 14 Jan 1859  H.J. McCord vs Thomas & George Dye & J.L. Pearson.  Debt.


No.667)  Filed about Jan 1859.  W.W. Howard and McLin Kerr vs C.B. Neal and D.W. Lattimore. Original Bill missing land dispute


No.668)  Filed 28 Jan 1859  Haas, Guthman & Co. vs James West and others.  Herman Haas, Lewis & Isaac Guthman of Bradley Co.   Debt. Mention of Fork Creek Lead Mining Co.


No.669)  Original Bill  Filed 7 Feb 1859  C.A. Tipton and others vs George R. Tipton, Jos. Wilkinson, Margaret Wilkinson, and Mary Alice Wilkenson.  File contains Copy of Will of Jonathan Tipton.  Jonathan Tipton and second wife Margaret married 1837 and had no children.  At that time Margaret had considerable property and 7 slaves which came under control of her husband.  This is Bill to sell land known as Taylor Reservation and to construe Will.  Jonathan Tipton died Monroe Co. 8 Nov. 1858 testate leaving Margaret as his 2nd wife and not the mother of his children, who are: 1. Col. John B. Tipton of Monroe Co. 2. Mary Ann Wear of Ala.3. Edward W. Tipton of Dyer Co., Tn. 4. Lucretia A. Bradford of Mo. 5. Lorenzo D. Tipton of Bradley Co. 6. Lavinia Hall and hus. Calvin M. Hall of Ga.  7. Willie Blount Tipton of Dyer Co. 8. Jonathan C. Tipton of Bradley Co. 9. Tryphina Wear and hus. Pleasant M. Wear of Mo. 10. Pleasant M. Tipton of Dyer Co. 11. Theophilas, Jonathan, and Joseph Wilkinson of Blount Co., Margaret and Mary Ann Wilkinson of Ala., minor children of daughter Sarah Wilkinson dec'd and her husband. 12. Quincy A. Tipton of Roane Co. or Monroe Co. 13. George P. Tipton only son of son Elbrige G. Tipton dec'd of Dyer Co.; a minor.  Copy of Supreme Ct. Decree.  Taylor Reservation on Tenn River between Fork and Bat Creeks.  Will was made 25 Sep. 1843.  Execs. Wm. Heiskell and John B. Tipton; witnesses John McClain, John Rider, Codicil 28 Nov 1855, grandson Geo. B. to be made equal to one of Sarah Wilkinson's children; same witnesses.  Codicil 23 Oct 1858 (this not in Record Books now) Wit. John McClain has died; John Rider of Blount Co., Quincy A. app. Exec in his place; wit: A. McNutt and John Rider.


No.670)  Filed 11 Feb 1859  James A. Wright vs Robt. Parks, et al  Debt.


No.671)  Filed 15 Feb 1859  Susan Davis vs Daniel Daily and wife Nancy and Wm. Miller and wife Martha.  Daily and Miller are Susan's son-in-law.  She deeded her land to them in 1856 for their support, and now wants deed rescinded.  She aged.  She has a son who has not been heard of for 25 or 30 years.  She has a dau.  Mr. Coan or Coun of Ga. who had rec'd her portion.  Judge voids deed and Daily appeals to Supreme Ct.  Susan has a grandson James Triplett and a granddau. Miss Triplett, both children of her dau. Nancy Daily.  Daily and Mrs. Triplet married some 7 or 8 yrs. ago.  John R. Davis, bro. of Susan died 10 or 15 yrs. ago. 1859: wit. Wm. Mason, 58; his dau. married Arch Sloan's nephew.


No.672)  Filed 19 Feb 1859  John F. Payne vs Richard and Thomas McDaniel and James  and W. Russell Tallent.  Land sale and note.  W. Russell Tallent of Bradley Co.  Thomas McDaniel has gone to parts unknown.  1859; wit. Jetha Tallent,47, is father of W. Russell Tallent.


No.673)  Filed 21 Mar 1859  Joseph Johnton, Guilford Cannon et al vs Samuel H. Henry, J.R. Henry, Ann Baker et al.  H.H. Stephens died intestate July 1858.  Concerns Baker land as in other suits.  Case still in Court 1867.


No.674)  Filed 22 Mar 1859  George M. Cuson vs John F. Galbreath.  Suit as to whether Cuson owes Galbreath or other way around.  Cuson married as his 2nd wife, Andeline, dau of John G. Gilbreath and divorced wife of Thomas H. McCray, now of Texas, by whom she had two little girls. one named Alice.  Angeline died and was buried on 24 Apr. 1857.  Angeline and Cuson had a 3 mo. old infant when she died.  Gilbreath and his wife cared for the 3 children until a little less than a year Cuson married again and brought his own child home.  Gilbreath still has the McCray children.  Part of the money came from McCray.  1859: wit. Abijah Fowler,22, married a niece of John F. Gilbreath's . wit. Mrs. Spicy Orr,57, also called Spicy Meek in report.  Amanda Griffith is dau. of Gilbreath.  Saml Edington is bro-in-law of Gilbreath. 1859; witness Joshua P.T. McCrosky, 31, on his way home from Calif. saw McCray in Ellis Co., Texas in Mar or Apr. 1858, where McCray lived and he seemed to be worth 65 or 70 thous. dollars but is supposed to be broke now.  McCroskey has heard.  Gilbreath moved to Mo. and back.


No.676)  Petition for Divorce  Filed 30 Mar 1859  Amanda M. (J.) Griffith vs G.R. Griffith.  Amanda and G.R. he now of Ten Mile, Meigs Co., married 14 Aug 1856.  After marriage they went to his father James Griffith in Meigs Co. for a few days, and then to his grandfather's a man named Ragland, in Meigs Co. where G.R. taught school some 10 or 12 miles away.  Ill treatment by G.R. caused her distress and she became ill, and he and his father took her to her father's in Monroe Co. where he has abandoned her.  1859: Isabella Gilbreath, 61, and John F. Gilbreath, 63, are parents of Amanda.  Dec. Decree 1860 Amanda restored to her maiden name of Gilbreath.


No.677) Filed 1 Apr. 1859.  Guilford Cannon, James A. Wright, James A. and C.W. Coffin, and S.Y.B. Williams vs Joseph R. Rudd.  Debt-  charge fraud as in 667 with which this case is combined for judgment.


No.678)  Inj. and Attachment Bill Filed 19 apr 1859  Joseph Divine vs E.E., B.P., & Jonathan M. Hankins, and Mathew Cagle.  All of Monroe Co. except Johnathan M. who has gone to Ark.  About 12 May 1856 Divine and John Hankins, father of the 3 defendants, entered into agreement with Gaines, Stephens & Co.  Suit concerns steam saw mill and timber cut.  July 1859, Supplemental Bill; B.P. and E.E. are wanted for felony of Malicious Shooting, and are in hiding from Officers.  1859; wit. Thomas Divine, 23, and John Divine, 25, are sons of Berry Divine.  Isaac Stephens is son-in-law of John Hankins dec'd.  18 Oct 1859; taking of proof postponed because of death in one of Complainants family.  Witness John Minis is brother to Samuel.


No.680)  Summons to Answer Issued 28 April 1859.  Mark M. and W.J. Hicks vs Geo. Milton Hicks, Smith Bayless and his wife, D.H. Joines and wife.  Original Bill missing.  File contains Orig. Grant to Charles Hicks, copy of Adm. settlement made 1842, and a leaf from the Family Bible.  Charles Hicks died 11 June 1856; left widow who got dower, and children; 1. Wesley J. Hicks 2. Mark M. Hicks who was in partnership with his bro. in 1839 in making furniture- bro. Chas. R. 3. Charles Ralston Hicks: d. before 1842 in Talladega, Ala. at home of John F. Henderson.  He had taken boat load of furniture to sell.  His heirs are his bros. and sisters. 4. George Milton Hicks. 5. Narcissa wife of Smith Bayless 6. Eliza C. wife of Daniel H. Joines 7. Albert G. Hicks who d. 5 Aug 1836. He m. 8 Feb 1831 Elizabeth (Betsy) Lassiter (49 in 1860) whose bro. Wm. (40 in 1860) is of McMinn Co., and whose bro. is Jonathan Lassiter; Eliz. Lassiter Hicks married 2nd John Smith (62 in 1859) of McMinn Co.  Eliz. and Albert had children Sarah E. Hicks of McMinn Co., and Cyrus M. Hicks of Texas.  1860: wit. James M. Hicks,42, lived with Chas. Hicks dec'd and his twin bro. lived with Albert G. Hicks.  1860; wit. Wm. O'Conner, 42, says his mother lived on place of Chas. Hicks when Albert G. married.  1860; wit. Mastin M. Hicks, 54, of McMinn Co. is not Mark M.  1860: wit. Martha Lee, 34, wife of Isaac Lee, but later Eliz. Smith says she does not know a Mrs. Isaac Lee.  1860: wit. Saml. Armstrong, 52, says his bro. Baker Armstrong.


No.681) Filed 7 May 1859  Joseph Divine vs Jonathan Thomas.  Both of Monroe Co.  They had run a horse race and Divine won.


No.682) Original Bill Filed 19 May 1859  J.L.J. Pearson  vs Isaac Stephens.  Dismissed before return term.  J.A. Coffin Clk. Land suit.


No.683)  Filed 14 may 1859  Mary Hudgens vs Edward Hudgens et al.  Petition for divorce and Cross Bill.  Mary and Edward married about 11 yrs. ago. Mary charges mistreatment. Edward has made D of T for all his property to Saml. J. Rowan to secure debts alledgedly due his father Carter Hudgens.  Mary charges debt not legal.  Edward says Mary threatened to get her father, who she said was crazy, to come from Greene Co. and kill him.  Edward asks custody of their little children, J.C. and E.J. Hudgens.


No.684)  Original Bill Filed 22 June 1859  J. and J.R. Stanfield vs John P. Philfer, Thos. Denning and E. Tenn. and Georgia Railroad Co.    Business suit.


No.685) Filed 5 Aug. 1859  Mary Cotton vs John Cotton Bill for divorce.  See No. 732  Some papers may be in that case or vice versa.  Mary Elizabeth Jones of Monroe Co. married John Cotton of Monroe Co. 11 Sep 1856 and resided in Philadelphia Tenn.  She charges that John, on return from trip to Indiana, broght home a school teacher, Rhoda Jane Pearce or Groves, whom he claimed was a cousin, and who lived with them.  She charges that John committed acts of adultry with Rhoda Jane.  John has left State.  Divorce and alimonry granted June 1860.  Amended Bill; June 1859, Cotton made D of T for all his effects and property to John J. Crippin, including slaves which came by marriage with Mary E. and were her property from her father's estate.  Mary E. and her child John Cotton Jr.  John Cotton answers Nov 1860 denies all intimacy with Rhoda; was cousin by marriage; he only left State to take his son by former wife to relatives in Ohio; he has worked hard at manufacture and sale of wheat fans.  Letter 3 Oct 1860, Ossian, Wells Co., Ind. from John Cotton to Mr. Coffin; wants copy of Bill.  Trustee Crippin has not executed at Berlin, Ohio by John Cotton to his brother Jackson Cotton.


No. 686)  Filed 15 Sept. 1859  William Wolf  vs Joseph Wolf & W.M. Stakely  Wm. Wolf of Texas.  Joseph Wolf moved to Texas in Jan 1857.  Stakely, as Exec. of John Wolf, father of Joseph has funds due Jospeh.  Joseph owes Wm. Mar. 1860; Joseph Wolf answers in Bonham, Fannin Co., Texas before Saml. J. Galbreath, Comm.


No.687)  Deed  Filed 19 Sep 1859 J. Archibald Sloan and John C. Vaughn vs Joseph R. Rudd, J.C. and Wm. H. Maples. This case was combined with # 677, and papers may be mixed up.  In Nov. 1858, U.S. recovered judg. agianst Rudd, with and Orators as his securities, and levied on lots in Madisonville.  Rudd was Post Master.  Rudd deeded lots to C.B. Neal who deeded them to the Maples who live in Texas and are bros-in-law of Rudd. Wm. Maples dec'd was father of the Maples, and Rudd's wife. Wm. H. Mapels lived in McMinn Co.  James C. Maples of Cherokee Co., Exas.  Wm. Maples d. McMinn co. 1858 testate.  Transcript of decree at Athens Feb 1860;  Wm. H. Maples, James C. Maples, Jonathan Cate and wife Martha M., Rachel C. Rudd wife of Joseph R. Rudd by next friend Wm. H. Maples, and Raleigh Chesnutt, Adm. with Will annexed of Wm. Maples vs Joseph R. Rudd, Alice C. and Wm. Pridmore minors by their Gdn. Wm. S. Chestnutt.


No.688) Filed 22 Sept 1859  Abraham Hicks vs David McDaniel and Samuel Moses and Cross Bill.  Debt.


No.690)  Filed 3 Oct. 1859  Rebecca Keeble by her next friend, Wm. Rhea vs Manly Keeble & E.E. Griffith.  Same petition as in # 691.  Keebles of Blount Co.  Rebecca M. Manly Keeble in 1849 (sic) She was dau. of Jesse Rhea dec'd.  Rebecca age 52 has children  Mary, Catharine, John, Pleasant, Samuel, and Anderson.  In other list of children, Anderson is marked out and M_____ substituted and a Richard is added.


No.691)  Filed 3 Oct. 1859  Eliza A. Lee by her next friend William Rhea et al. vs Alexander Lee, E.E. Griffith, et al.  In 184_ (sic) Eliza married Alexander Lee and remove to Ga. where they now reside.  Eliza A., 30, and Alexander Lee have minor children Margaret 14, Pleasant 12, Mary C. 11, Sarah F. 9, John R. 8, Rebecca E. 6, Jesse H. 4, and Nancy J. 2.  Jesse Rhea died Monroe Co. 1859 testate.  He is father of Wm. Rhea and Eliza A. Lee;  E.E. Griffith is Exec.  Petition to have funds due Eliza A. given to her and not under control of husband.


No.692)  Filed 13 Oct 1859  John Robison  vs Isaac W. Williams & wife Elizabeth.  John Robison (Robertson) and Elizabeth Williams are children of John Robison dec'd.  John Robison (the son) bought in Ill., the 1/11 int. of Elizabeth in father John's land, paid the Williams, they signed agreement until Deed could be made.  John came back to Tenn., sent them Deed to sign, and they have not returned it.  Letter 17 Dec 1858, Sulphur Springs, Ill,. from I.W. Williams to John Robertson.  Sep 1860; interrogations to be made to Samuel Robison at Williamson Co., Ill.  Case dismissed by plaintiff.


No.693)  Filed 25 Oct 1859  W.W. and C.B. Neal vs Wm. and C.W. Cooke.  W.W. Neal of Giles Co., Va. C.W. Cooke of Blount Co.  Other two of Monroe Co.  W.W. and C.B. Neal own Yellow Springs property in Blount Co. and Cookes are their agents.


No.694)  Filed 28 Oct 1859  John Stanfield  vs Hughs & Mills, et al.  Business suit.  1876; witness Melvin Porter summoned from Loudon Co. says he is over 70 and is unable to go to Madisonville to  testify.


No.695)  Filed 4 Nov 1859  Jephtha Tallent vs Richard and Thomas McDaniel, James and W. Russell Tallent.  Same info as in # 672.  Jesse Miller left Monroe Co. for Mo. and is reported no dead.