No.696)  Filed 7 Nov 1859  John S. Torbett, David A., Agnes A., William W., and Mary E. Torbett  vs Samuel M. Haun, Exec. of Wm. Watson dec'd, Henry T., James M., William P., Robert D., George W., and Nancy Watson, Joseph Atkinson and wife Betsy, Thomas Malone and wife Polly, Marion McDaniel and wife Jane, heirs of Wm. Watson dec'd, and Rebecca Watson widow, and Mary E. Torbett widow of Hugh Torbett dec'd father of Complainants.  File contains Orig. Grants 1845 and 1849.  All of Monroe Co.  Hugh Torbett died Aug. 13 years ago.  William Watson died Dec 1858.  They were bros-in-law, Hugh's wife Mary E. being sister to Wm. Watson.  About 20 years ago Torbett moved to Ga. for about 3 yrs.  1860; witness Margaret Watson,48, and her father David Watson lived on land and she still lives there.  Her father died 7 or 8 yrs. ago. She has lived on the whole quarter 27 yrs. and now lives on 4 acres.  Note:  It is believed by aurthor  that Agnes A. should be Nancy Ann- see grave stone in Notchey Creek Cemetery


No.697  Filed 16 Nov. 1859  David Lowry, Gdn. of James A. (M.) Lillerd, insane  vs James A. (M.) Lillard et al.  Lowry of Monroe Co.  Lillard of Unsound mind and is in Asylum in Davidson Co.  Lillard has a wife Mary Ann and two infant children Amanda T. and Laura of Monroe Co.  John B. is bro. of James A.   Elizabeth Lillard will relinquish her undiv. int. in slave if he is not taken South but is sold to a good citizen of Monroe Co.  Land sold 1861 to Francis Moser and in June 1869 Francis Moser is dead and title is vested in his heirs; D.M., Francis, J.S., and Wm. H. Moser, Mary A. Lillard, Sarah Jane Airhart, and Nancy L. Brakebill.


No.698) Original Bill  Filed 17 Nov 1859.  Saml. M. Johnson vs J.C. Stewart and Robt. Stewart.  Johnson and J.C. Stewart of Monroe Co.  Robt. Stewart of Bradley Co.  J.C. had tested for gold in Calif.  Suit concerns J.C. searching for gold on Johnston's land on Coker Creek.  1860; wit. Rufus Witt lives Polk Co.


No.699)  Filed Nov 1859 Rebecca Ann Stephens vs Isaac Stephens, B.P. Hankins, James B. Wilson, Stephen Anderson, W.H. Plumlee, and Saml. White.  All of Monroe Co.  File contains copy of invt. sale of Jethro Stephens dec'd held 22 Nov 1838.  Jethro Stephens died in Fall of 1838 intestate leaving Rebecca Ann, then an infant, as his only heir; Saml. White was app. Adm.; In Jan 1839 John Stephens app. Gdn. with White as Sec.;  John Stephens died 1846; Isaac Stephens app. Gdn. with Wilson and James Saffles who has since died, as his secs.


No.700)  Filed 29 Nov 1859  E.B. Stoddard & Co. vs Cyrus A. Humphrey.  Stoddard & Co. of Charleston S.C., Cyrus is father of R.C. Humphreys.


No.701 Original Bill  Filed 14 Nov 1859 Hugh Bogle, Admr. of Mathew Bogle vs Benjamin Johnston and Caswell Walker.  Bogles of Blount Co., also Walker.  Suit over debts and judgements. John P. Harden is now dead (since 1847 has died) Case still in Court 1866.  Letters Jan 1862 and Dec 1865 from D.A. Walker.  Dalton, Ga. wants to pay note of his father Caswell.


No.702) Filed 5 Dec 1859  Abraham Burris vs Wiley Laughter (Laffiter)  Still in Court 1872.   Notice of sale of land on which Laughter lives.


No.703) Filed 6 Dec 1859  H.H. and P.C. Porter vs John Crippen and J.J. Cotton.  Porters are partners; all of Monroe Co. except Cotton is a nonresident.


No.704) (31) Filed 8 Dec 1859 Joseph Barnett vs John Cotton and J.J. Crippen.  Porters are partners; all of Monroe Co. except Cotton is a nonresident.


No.705)  Filed 9 Dec 1859  John F. Payne vs Ellas Pressnell and John S. Bain.  Debt. Pressnell now gone to parts unknown.


No.706)  Filed 27 Dec 1859  Campbell Gillespy vs Benjamin Johnston and Caswell L. Walker.  Gillespy of Blount Co. attaches money due on note from Walker to Johnston.  Perry Johnston, now gone to N.C., stayed judgement.  Rumored that Benjamin is about to move to N.C.  Caswell of N.C. but lately of Blount Co.  Letter 11 Feb 1863 from D.A. Walker Dalton, Ga. who wants to pay for father Caswell's note.


No.707) Filed 28 Dec 1859  Thomas Barrett and John B. Carter vs John Cotton and J.J. Crippen.  Comp. are partners of Augusta.


No.708)  Filed 5 Jan. 1860  Joseph C. Boyd and John C. Vaughn vs Crimes A. Spillman and Charles Owens.  Spillman who is now of Mo., and Boyd and Vaughn were partners in firm of Boyd, Spillman, & Co.. They made note to E. McPherson which was assigned to John H. Pickel now of Mo. who assigned to Owens.


No.709)  Filed 6 Jan. 1860  Joseph Johnston  vs Charles P.T. Davis, Adm. and Widow and Heirs of David Kelsoe dec'd and others.  Other defendants are Nancy J. Kelsoe in her own right and as Gdn. of William S., Charles A., Mary L., and Martha C. Kelso minor children of David Kelsoe dec'd.  Johnston purchased slave Jim at a County Court sale by Davis to pay debts of the dec'd.  Charge that the proceedings were informal and illegal; that sd. Court has made no decree vesting title in him; that Davis has not paid out the money; asks for either clear title or return of money.  J.W. Kelsoe (Signed Kelso) deposes that he as Adm. received money due estate of C. Kelsoe dec'd from C.T.P. Davis.  Robert Carter deposes that David Kelso was his brother-in-law and he as Adm. of Garland Smith was due money from the estate.  Davis denies fraud and states that he has paid out the money and that the reason the title was not vested is because of his Atty. A.J. Vaughn was absent.


No.710)  Filed 10 Jan 1860 Wm. B.(H.) Camp and later Camp's Heirs vs Heirs of Wm. P.H. McDermott dec'd.  Defendants, of McMinn Co.; W.P.H., Louisa A., Samuel A., Joseph A., John M., Inez C., and Julia McDermott, J.B. Cooke and wife Penelope, children of Wm. P.H. dec'd, and J.B. Cooke and Jane McDermott Adms.  Suit concerns sale of lands, mare, etc.  By 1867 suit is in mane of Camps heirs.  Camps heirs: John M.F. Duggan and wife Sarah F., Mary Ann Duggan and husband Samuel Duggan, Julia Witt and husband Wm. Witt, Martha McCommack and husband James McCommack, and Wm. T. Camp.  1867; wit. N.J.B.F. Payne, 34, at res. of Geo. W. Payne.  Final Decree May 1871; Marriage of Louisa A. McDermott to Joseph F. Mee is admitted.


No.711) Filed 10 Jan 1860 Joseph S. and Francis L. Milligan vs A.L. Rogers.  Gideon Morgan land again, as in other suits.


No.712) Filed 10 Feb 1860 E.C. Hooper vs Jonathan Thomas et al.  Hooper of N.C.  Suit concerns Ball Play Furnace Property.


No.713) Original Bill  Filed 9 March 1860 Alfred Preston, next friend of the minor heirs of Jas. B. Craighead dec'd vs Jane P. Craighead widow and the heirs of Jas. B.  See Cases # 486 and 655 Below is additional information to those cases.  Alfred Preston, brother of Jane P. Craighead who is widow of James B., is of Washington Co., Va.  James B. Craighead died within the last 12 months intestate in Marengo Co., Ala. his home.  Defendants are all of there and of ages 2 to 14.  Petition to sell land in Monroe Co.


No.715) Filed about 5 May 1860 John S. Bain vs Elias and W.R. Pressnell, Joseph Ellis and Larkin Cardin.  Land suit.  Elias Pressnell residence unknown- others of Monroe Co.  Henry Ellis was father of Joseph.  1860; wit. Jones Carden, 48, is son of Larkin Cardin and his sister's daughter married Joseph Ellis.


No.716) Filed 12 may 1860 William H. Taylor vs Joseph C. Boyd. Settlement of partnership of Taylor and Boyd, of Sweetwater.  By 1867, Boyd is dead and Thomas G. Boyd is Adm.  Case taken to Supreme Ct.


No.717)  Filed May 1860.  Alexander and Brazzeal Dougherty and Jeremiah Calfee vs Elizabeth Dougherty et al.  File contains copy of Will of John Dougherty. Bill to construe Will.  Will; exec. 12 May 1857; four sons, Alexander and Brazzeal (oldest sons), Jason and William; four daughters Sarah Catharine, Eliza Jane, Malinda, and Nancy Ann; (none of children seem to be of age) bro. Wm. Dougherty; Joseph Dougherty, but no realationship given; (sister) Eliza Jane Doughterty's children (heirs) in Mo.;Execs; Alex. and Brazzeal, and Jeremiah Calfee; wit; John Thomas, John Morgan.  John Dougherty died Monroe Co. 10 may 1857.  Dau. Sarah Catharine is wife of John Loftis.  Daughters Eliza Jane and Malinda have died since Father, without issue.  Jason, Nancy Ann, and Wm. are still minors, the youngest being 8 or 9.  John's widow Elizabeth is of unsound mind and has been for about 4 yrs.  Elizabeth is due small sum from estate of her mother Elizabeth Ritchey.  Tobt. Cunningham has known Elizabeth since she was a small girl some 40 yrs..


No.719) (39) Filed 20 May 1860. Alfred B. Clift et al vs George W. Crawford et al.  Petition to sell land.  Old James Levins died about 1850.  His children; Lutitia wife of James Redman, Delia wife of Geo. W. Crawford, Cynthia wife of Tillman Fry, James Levins dec'd whose children are Nancy Ann and Delia Levins, minors of Mo., and Shelton Levins who died intestate in Monroe Co. Clift was app. Adm. of Shelton Jun 1859.  Shelton had no wife or children alive.  1868; J.L. Cline is Adm. of A.B. Clift.  1861; witness Catherine Linn, 51, has known the land and owners since 1827; in 1828 or 29 Henry Rhea sold land to Sam Carter and moved to Ill. 4 or 5 yrs. later Carter's wife died, and he sold land to Green Fry who sold to old James Levins, but all this time since Sam Carter, John McGhee had mortgage on land;  Catharine shaved old James Levins before he died; wit. Wm. Linn, 51. David Hammontree and Shelton Levins jointly paid off debt.


No.720)(40) Filed 7 Jul 1860 Baker & Caswell vs Rowe & Henegar, and Geo. W. Morgan.  Alfred Baker and T.D. Caswell a firm of Augusta G.  John O. Rowe and Wm. C. Henegar a former firm of Roane Co.  Morgan has a distillery; whiskey is 75 cents wholesale a gallon.  Morgan willing to pay note when Court decides whom he should pay.


No.721) Filed 20 Jul 1860 James Gaston, David Gaston, John Knox, Henry Sheets vs Issac N. and James M. Baker, A.B. Clift.  Judgement and debts.  All of Monroe Co. except Isaac N.  of Hinds Co., Miss.  and James M. of Roane Co.


No.722)(42) Original Bill Filed 8 Sept 1860 J.M. Robinet vs Thomas M. Young et al. Petition to sell land.  Elizabeth Young died Sep 1858 intestate. leaving Thomas M. age 19, James K. age 15, and Wm. H. Young age 13, her only children and heirs.  John Redmond is Adm. Robinet is Gdn.


No.723) Filed 8 Sep 1860 William Lynn and wife Catharine vs John Redmond and the heirs of Edmond Vann.  Edmund Vann died intestate Oct 1859 leaving children; 1. Catharine wife of Wm. Lynn of Monroe Co. 2. James M. Vann, nonresident if living. 3, Jesse Vann dec'd; two children May of Ga. and Thomas of Ill. 4. Lavicy wife of Jackson Young of Monroe Co. 5. Jorden Vann, nonres. if living. 6. Elizabeth wife of John Redmond of Monroe Co. 7. Edmund Vann, nonresident.


No.724)(44) Filed 11 Sep 1860 A.W. Cozart and S.H. Caldwell vs John Stanfield et al.  Business.


No 725)(45) Filed 15 Sep 1860 Wm. Burris vs Thomas White.  File contains copy of Will of John Burris.  John Burris died 1839 testate, bequeathing land to sons William and John A. subject to widow's dower.  Will; wife Mary; daughter Elizabeth France, sons Wm. and John A.; Exec; Squire S. Glenn; Will exec. 17 Mar  1838, wit; Thomas W. Davis, Jackson B. McNabb.  Widow died 13 May 1859.  white has bought John A.'s share.


No.726)(46) Filed 15 Sep 1860. Elisha Williams vs Mary A. Spillman, Admx. of N.J. Spillman.  Elisha and others formed company to test for minerals. Spillman died Spring of 1859.  1861; witness Joseph Cheek, 57, in Polk Co. witness James Williams, 63, is father of G.W. Williams,38, and Martin Williams.


No.No.726B)(47) Filed 3 Oct 1860  William Brannum vs Mary A. Spillman, Admx.  Brannum served in Capt. Jefferson Caldwell's Company of Mounted Men as Volunteer about 1836 and 1837.  Suit concerns land warrant.


No.729)  Filed 26 Oct. 1860  Edward Hudgins vs David M. Carter and Joseph Hunt.  Sale of land.


No.730) Filed 30 Oct 1860  Joseph Upton, Adm. with Will annexed of Anderson North vs Jourdan Carden and wife et al.  File contains copy of Will of Anderson North.  Will; wife Delila; dau. Nancy Jane Carden; grandsons Anderson,John and William Hance; exec. 31 Jan 1851; wit; James Hamilton, Robt. Cunningham.  Jourdan Carden protest Will.  The Hance children are nonresidents and  one is believed dead.  Delila is dead.  Anderson North died Mar 1851.  Jourdan is husband of Nancy Jane.


No.731)(49) Filed 8 Nov 1860 Henry S. Hensly and wife Dollie Jane vs John H. Milligan.  File contains Copy of Will of John Grant.  Will; of Blount Co.; children; Execs; eldest son James M. Grant and Joseph S. Milligan; exec. 3 May 1842; wit; Francis L. and Joseph W. Milligan.  John Grant had 9 heirs and died some 14 yrs. ago.  Some of children were minors when father died.  The children named in testimony and in Bill are: 1. John Grant, 38 in 1867. 2. Mrs. Harrison (may be wit. Mrs. Sarah Harrison 40 in 1866, who was one of Execs. 3. Elizabeth or Eliza, wife of John H. Milligan 4. Catharine, older than Dollie Jane, but young when father died. 5. Henry Grant 6. James M. Grant who was living in Texas when Father died.  7. Dollie Jane wife of Henry S. Hensly.  She is due sum from estate of her grandfather in N.C.  Dollie Jane was youngest child and lived in family of John H. Milligan (her bro-in-law) who was app. her Gdn. Dec 1851 by Monroe Co. Ct.  She was 9 or 10 when she went to live there, and lived there 11 (one wit. says 13) yrs. until she married April last (Apr. 1860)  1866; wit. Joseph S. Milligan, 77, has daughter Elizabeth.


No.732)  Filed 8 Nov 1860 John Cotton vs Mary E. Cotton and John J. Crippin.  See # 685.  Some papers may belong there and vice versa.  About 16 June 1859 John Standfield, uncle of Mary E. Cotton whose father was dead, and she had no grown brothers procured warrant for arrest of John Cotton who was in Bradley Co. on business, for gross conduct with woman named Rhoda Jane Pearce or Groves.  He was arrested.  Crippin being one of the officers, and John Cotton charges that he was kept in custody by Crippin and others until he signe D of T appointing Crippin to take charge of his estate.  No date; marriage of Mary E. Cotton with H.H. Porter is proven.  1872; Case stricken from Docket by Chancellor because no steps taken.


No.733) Filed 1860  Charles M. McGhee vs Mary K. Parker, and other heirs of John McGhee.  Original Bill missing.  Answer of J.I. Wright Gdn. ad litum of Bettie M., Ann E., Margaret W., John, and Lavinia McGhee minor children of Barclay McGhee dec'd and grandchildren of John McGhee dec'd.  Mary K. now Parker is widow of Barclay.  Since Bill was filed, Mary K. McGhee another dau. of Barclay has died.  Suit concerns bequest of John McGhee to Sally and Jim, two of his slaves.  Paper (may belong in some other McGhee suit); 18 Oct 1856, Bill to Execs. of John McGhee dec'd for one marble slab over grave of Mrs. Jane McGhee.


No.734) Filed 15 Dec. 1860 F.H. Gregory vs John C. Vaughn et al. Sheriff Vaughn levied in slaves as property of John Stanfield, Gregory claims he bought slaves from Stanfield.  File also contains proceedings of Supreme Court 1875. Jesse F. Owen Adm. of F.H. Gregory dec'd vs Vaughn et al.


No.735)(52) Filed 22 Dec 1860 Elisha Johnson and E.M. Grant vs Benjamin Ratledge and his two sons, David and Daniel.  Son Daniel has mail contract between Tellico Plains and Madisonville, and Benjamin has mail contract betweeen Tellico Plains and Murphy N.C. by June 1866, sons Daniel and David are dead and M.F. Johnson is Adm.  Much testimony as to ages of sons and as to wealth of Benjamin.  Benj. has given horses and mules to sons. Orators claim gift is fraudulent and that mail contract of Daniel's is really Benjamin's.  From all testimony, David is 23 and Daniel 26 in 1861. Benjamin lived Green Co., and then Monroe Co. but lived in N.C. part of that time and moved back to Monroe Co. 13 yrs. ago.  1861; wit. John Coppenger, 63, says his son Elbert was 18 the 16th of Sep last; wit. Wm. Wilson, 30,  Wit. Margaret Presnell came from Green Co. to Monroe Co. in 1840; knew Benj. before he married; her mother died 1837 and Daniel (David?) was b. same day; wit. Wm. R. Presnell, 40, has been living Tellico Plains 21 yrs; knew Benj. in Greene Co.; Benjamin's younger son Pinkney carried the mail most of the time.  Daniel is married. David lives with Father.  1861: wit. Abby Graves, 36, says here dau. Nancy was 12 last Feb.


No.736)(53) Petition to sell land.  Filed about 7 Jan 1861 Jacob Givens vs Esther Givens and others, Heirs of Zachariah Givens.  Only part of Orig. Bill here.  Zachariah Givens died Monroe Co.; left widow Esther F., and Jacob, Jonas who is of Mo., Mary wife of Wm. Ervin, James, Elizabeth J., John M. and Martha as his only children, last two minors.  Jabob is Adm. Land is sold in 1865.  There is a bill from Dr. Lewis E. Miller in the file. Abstract.


No.738)(55) Filed 24 Dec 1860 Thomas S. Harvey vs Isaac Robison and John Crippin.  File contains serveral deeds and a Grant.  Sale of land. 1865, Cross Bill, Isaac Robinson of Blount Co. 1871; Suit is Harvey vs Adm. of Isaac Robertson.  Land claimed by John and Richard Swanson, brothers, was levied on for debt.  Robert Parks bought land, and after John Swanson died, Parks deeded it to Pinina, Peggy Ann, and John Swanson three children of John dec'd who sold it to Robison.  Richard Swanson was single.  John Swanson had 5 other children two of whom are married women; John also had other children by a 2nd wife. 1868; wit. A.J. Moser, 35, says his dec'd wife was a child of John Swanson and other heirs moved to Ark.  Cross Bill (seems to be No.118). 1870 and titled Harvey vs Saml. Lingerfelt Adm.  Dec. 1869; dower in land of Isaac Robertson assigned to Mrs. Rebecca Thompson wife of John Thompson and widow of Isaac. (Plat of land). The Lingerfelts are heirs of Isaac, Eliz. being only heir.  by Dec 1867 in undated paper, the death of Isaac Robinson is suggested.


No.740)(57) Filed about 5 Feb 1861 or 25 Jan 1861.  Phillip Roberts (and later) Elias Bivins, Adm. of Phillip Roberts dec'd vs Enos C. Hooper.  Phillip Roberts died about 1865 or 1866. Children; 1. William Roberts 2. Phillip Roberts Sr. 3. Polly wife of James Kirkland 4. Nancy wife of Andrew Rogers 5. Jane Roberts 6. Eliza Roberts (23 in 1869) 7. Sarah E. wife of Elias Bivens 8. Margaret Harmon 9. Dec'd son; whose only child is James Roberts 10. Jackson Roberts dec'd; whose only children are Phillip Roberts Jr., Jackson Roberts and Nancy? 11. Anna Rogers dec'd; whose children are minors Leissa, Rena, Thomas, and David Rogers.


No.741) Filed about 11 Mar 1861 William E. Johnson vs W.C. Nelson and Melvin Porter.  Business. Johnson of Roane Co.


No.742) (Between 741 and 744) Filed 29 Mar 1861.  Elijah M. Wilson vs Richard S. Marshall and James Bradley and O.R. Marshall. Elijah M. Wilson of McMinn Co. Richard S. Marshall and James Bradley of Monroe Co.  O.R. Marshall of Ark. Land sale.


No.742B) Loose papers. Filed 17 Apr. 1861.  Sarah E. Callaway vs Marshall E. Callaway.  Bill for divorce.  Married 28 Dec. 1854; he abandoned her in Monroe Co.  Mar. 1859 and is in parts unknown; they have one child living named Ellen Mayo; asks for divorce, injunction against him or anyone else taking child, custody of child, and restoration of her maiden name of Mayo.


No.743)(No.59)  Filed 17 Apr. 1861  R.F. Cooke Jr. and James B. Cooke, Adms.  vs D.J. White and William Hunt.  Cookes of McMinn Co.  Hezekiah C. Cooke died intestate in McMinn Co. Jan. 1859.  He had sold land, giving title bond, in Monroe Co. to White now a nonresident and notes are due;  Cooke had bought the land from Robert Cate who had bought from Hunt who is ready to make deed as he has been paid.  Petition to sell land to satisfy debt.  Land is sold to Armstrong Cass who by 1870 still owes for land and it is levied on again.  R.F. and James B. Cooke resign as Adms. and suit revived in name of William H. and John B. Cooke, Adms.


No.744)  Filed 25 Apr 1861 John C. Peace vs Trustees of Bolviar Academy.  Sanction of Court for sale of part of Old Academy Lot.


No.745) Filed 28 Apr. 1861.  W.P. Jones vs L. Bowrie and J. Carter, Surviving partners of J.S. & L. Bowrie & Co.  Debt.


No.746)  Filed 26 Apr 1861  Elijah M. Wilson vs Richard S. Marshall, R.C. Blanton, J.W. Bradley and Orville R. Marshall.  Wilson of McMinn Co. Defendants of Monroe Co. except Orville A nonres. Debt for land sold to Marshall.


No.747)  Filed Apr. 1861  Mary Ellen Sneed vs Dr. Scynes S. Sneed.  Bill for divorce.  Abandonment.  Dr. Sneed now of Ala.  They had one child which lived six weeks.  They were married 2 Nov 1855.


No.748)(62)  Filed 14 May 1861 John Pressly vs James Giles.  Pressly bought land of heirs of Wesley Davis dec'd from Giles who was to make Title.  Land was granted to father of Wesley dec'd and there are other heirs of the father to wit. Wm. Davis, Tilman Davis and others.  Giles is husband of one of Wesley's daughters.  But land are claimed by one Mrs. Mary T. Dangerfield under a Grant to one Jeptha Foulkes and deeded to Foulkes to her, and this Grant is older than other Grant and has superior Title.


No.750)(63) Filed 25 Aug 1861  M.L. Phillips vs George W. Lindsey and others heirs of Isaac Lindsey.  Isaac Lindsey died Monroe Co. 1861 leaving widow Mary and children; 1. Elizabeth wife of John West of Knox Co. 2. Alexander Lindsey of Campbell Co. 3. George W. Lindsey who moved to Ark. about 10 or 15 yrs ago; Bill attaches his part of fathers estate 4. David Lindsey of Monroe Co. 5. Isaac Lindsey of Campbell Co. 6. Mary dec'd wife of ____ Rhea, whose minor children are Thomas and George Rhea of Monroe 7. John Lindsey dec'd whose minor children are David of Ga., Mary of Knox Co., Martha and Tennessee of Monroe Co.   R. Jasper White was app. Adm.


No.751)(64) Filed 17 Sep 1861 Archibald Bacome vs Thomas Blackstone.  Bill dismissed Dec 1866.  Thomas Blackstone of Philadelphia, Pa., supposed to be woth about $200.00 in 1857.  About Jan 1857, Bacome took charge of an old woman named Joicy Blackstone, believed to be now about 100, still able to be about.  She lives in separate house with negor slave who is owned by Thomas Blackstone, who in letter, gives Bacome right to slave for upkeep of Joicy.  Joicy had a daughter who died in Monroe Co. and Bacome is Exec. of her Will, which leaves everything to Mother.  Thomas Blackstone has sister Mrs. David; the dead sister is evidently Mary; in letters he wants to know if Bacome knows where Robert is.


No.753)(66) Filed about 20 Sep 1861. S.S. Glen, C.H. Coffin, and B.L. White vs Richard Hawkins and wife Gincy and other heirs of Allen D. Gentry.  Original Bill missing.  Heirs seem to be 1. Gincy wife of Richard Hawkins of Blount Co. by May 1862 Richard is dead. 2. P.M. Gentry of N.C. 3. John A. Gentry of N.C. 4. Mary wife of E.C. Hawkins of Monroe Co. but not there when summoned 1861 but there 1862. 5. Nancy wife of Jackson Mullins (not Jacob as called in Bill) of Monroe Co. 6. David Gentry dec'd whose children are a. Adaline a minor of N.C. who by 1867 is wife of Andrew McDaniel b. Margaret a minor of N.C. who by 1867 is wife of Wm. White c. Nancy Ann a minor of N.C. who by 1867 iw wife of Asa Mullins 7. Frank Gentry of Blount Co. (or he may be son of David dec'd. 8. J.R. Gentry of Monroe Co, (or he may be son of David dec'd), George Thomas Glen became Adm. of Allen D. Gentry and Coffin and White were his securities; Glen died May 1854 and B.C. Pettitt became Adm. S.S. Glen is Adm. of G.T. Glen.  1869; wit. Martha White, 38, is widow of B.L. White dec'd.  1868; wit. J.H. Hawkins bro to E.C.


No.754) (67) Filed 26 Sep 1861  Melvin Porter vs Wm. C. Nelson.  Nelson in wheat speculation.


No.755)(68) Filed 21 Oct 1861  John Wright and N. Magill, Execs of J.C. Wright, and others, heirs of John A. Wright  vs Thomas, Joseph A., and Andrew J. Wright, and Selia E. and Sarah J. Glass.  File contains Will of John A. Wright.  Petition to sell land. Will; exec. 29 Jul 1861;  all my children; Execs; son John and N. Magill; wit; J.F. Magill, L.H. Lowry.  This copy was made 29 Aug 1861.  John A. Wright died very suddenly Monroe Co. 29 Aug 1861; children: 1. John 2. James C. Jr. 3. Elizabeth 4. Mary A. wife of James A. Burns or Burris 5. Washington 6. Sarah 7. Saml. H. 8. David N. 9. Madison G. 10. Thomas 11. Joseph A. 12. Andrew J. 13. a dec'd dau. whose children are Selia E. and Sarah Jane Glass 14. Margaret died soon after her father, without issue. Nos. 10,11,12 are of Ill. and may be grandchildren but I think they are children.  All others of Monroe Co.


No.756)(69) Filed 23 Oct. 1861.  John T.M. Haire vs Joseph Johnson et al.  File contains Will of James A. Haire.  Suit seems to be friendly to settle estate.  Will; exec. 23 Apr 1861; wife Ann; library of books to son John T.M.; watch and gold spectacles to son James C.; balance to children (as named below); Exec: Joseph Johnson; wit; J.I. Wright, J.R. Stradley. James A. Haire died 1861 while on visit to Texas to see his relatives; made Will before he left; children and heirs are: widow Ann of Knox Co. 1. Eliza M.C. wife of Joseph E. Houston of Monroe Co. 2. Arthur of Ga. (letters from him 1868-9 from Lexington Ga. 3. Caroline M. wife of Joseph Johnson- Monroe Co. 4. Martha J.A. wife of J. Rufus Smith- Texas (receipt Jun 1861 from J. Rufus at Home, near Hillsboro, Texas) 5. James C. of Ga. 6. John T. M. - Monroe Co. (letters 1868-9 from him at Lexington, Ga.  In Jan 1861 James A. Haire was boarding with M.F. Smith in Knoxville.  Letter 29 Nov 1861, Bell House, Knoxville, from Ann Haire; it took 8 days for letter to reach her from Madisonville.  John T.M. in letter has seen Cousin Peter in Rome Ga.  John T.M. put railing around grave of his mother Mary Haire dec'd, a former wife of James A. , at letters request.


No.757) Filed 23 Oct 1861 M. Toomey and H.D. Chestnutt (Merchants of Phila. Tenn) vs John Gardner, John Stanfield, and Hugh Chesnutt.  Gardner of Roane Co. owes Stanfield of Morgan Co.  James Chestnutt died without issue and his bros. and sisters are his heirs, viz, John Chestnutt of Hamilton Co., Geo. Chestnutt of Ga., Hugh, Almy__, Elizabeth, and Bitha Chestnutt of Monroe Co. 


No.758)  Filed 23 Oct. 1861  W.P. Jones, Toomey & Chesnutt, and J.M. Hambric  vs William M. Murry.  J.M. Toomey and H.D. Chestnutt dba Toomey and Chestnutt.  Hamric (Hambric, Hamrick) of Van Buren Co. Debt of Murry who recently of Roane Co. has fled from the state and is believed to be now in the US Army in Ky.; asks attachment of Murry's lot in Philadelphia , Tenn.


No.759) Filed 29 Oct 1861 J.E. Houston vs W.H. Goodman  Both of Monroe Co.  Suit concerns Goodman's tan yards.


No.760-62)  Original Bill  Filed 8 Nov. 1861.  Joseph Divine vs Thos. L.D. Trotter and James Claiborne.  Joseph Divine ahd bought a jack from Trotter and Claiborne was the starting basis for the law suits.  Death caused differences in style of case etc.


No.761)(73)  Filed 3 Dec 1861   A.D. Looney vs H.B. Pennington  Both of Monroe Co. Sale of farm which Pennington had just puchased from James Brett of Miss.


No.763)  Filed 1 Sep 1862 Oliver Bayless- Petition to go into slavery.  Chooses B.P. Hankins as his master.  Oliver, 18, free, Comm. find him worth $1463 as a slave.


No.764)  Filed 1 Sep 1862  Nancy Bayless, Petition to go into slavery.  Petition of Nancy Bayless to go into slavery; she chooses B.P. Hankins as her master.  Nancy, 18, is free and valued at $1333 by Commissioners.


No.765)(74)  Filed 1 Sept. 1862  G.C. Harris  vs The Monroe Co. Agricultural Society.  In 1859 George C. Harris executed to W.A. Upton, Pres. of Monroe Co. Agri. Soc., a conveyance of a piece of land to be used as a fair ground.  The Society was to build a plank fence around the land which was partly enclosed by rails and Harris was to get the rails but by error this was not put in the conveyance;  the Society has never put the plank fence up and the land has not been used as a fair ground since Oct. 1860.  The land is near the Old Cumberland Presbyterian encampment.  Paper, not dated, E.C. and G.W. Harris, Execs. of George C. Harris dec'd dismiss the Bill.


No.766)(75)  Filed 26 Sep 1862  F.M. Avens vs Levi Boyd.  While Avans was in Va. in Confederate service Boyd persuaded Avan's wife (his daughter) to remove to his home where she stayed 2 mos. and at that time Boyd sold Avan's wagon.


No.768)(76)  Filed 3 Nov 1862  Henry Donohoo  vs James J. Ely.  Dr. Ely absconds; land on Ball Play where Ely's family lives.


No.769)(77)  Filed 19 Nov 1862  Arch. Bacome vs Robert Cleveland.  Mathew Nelson's widow Martha died about Apr. 1862.  Cleveland and wife one of heirs of Nelson.


No.770) (78) Filed 16 Feb 1863  Payton Hudson by Gdn. Thos. H.S. Smith vs Thos. L.D. Trotter and Cross Bill.  Sale of land.  Payton is of weak mind, incapable of managing his affairs (But is witness for himself).  By Apr 1867 T.L.D. Trotter is dead and E.M. Trotter and Joseph Cathcart are Adms.


No.771)  Filed 17 Aug 1863  Isham Avans, Adm of Larkin Webb dec'd vs W.C. Moreland and Jasper Webb.  About 1 Jan 1860 Larkin Webb sold half int. in grocery store in Madisonville to Wm. C. Morelock and then sold other half to Jasper Webb who soon sold to Morelock.