No.79)  Filed May or Sep 1864.  Campbell Gillespie, Adm. of Wm. C. Gillespie vs Thomas L. and W. A. Upton.  Gillaspie of Blount Co. says defendants have absconded but Thomas L. answers, saying he was at home then and now.


No.80)  Filed 13 May 1864.  B.F. Duncan, Adm. of George Duncan vs F.B. Carter.  Duncan of Blount Co.


No.81)  Filed Jun or Aug 1864.  A.T. Bruce & Co. vs Wright & Snead.  Debt.


No.82)  Filed 10 Aug 1864.  H.J. Werdebaugh & Co. vs John C. Vaughn, surv. partner of J.C. Boyd & Co.  Vaughn a nonres. and a Brig. General in Rebel Army.  Boyd a Rebel and rumored dead.


No.83)  Filed 15 Aug 1864.  J.D. Jones, R.R. and J.F. Cleveland, Execs of Eli Cleveland vs J.A. Rowan   Debt.  Eli Cleveland died 23 Nov 1859 testate in Rowan outside limits of Tenn.


No.84)  Filed about 8 Nov 1864.  George Brown vs Wm. M. and Samuel Stakely.  Debt. Wm. M. and Saml. S. Stakely are both Rebels and have gone South.


No.85)  Filed 16 Nov 1864.  James A. Coffin vs Cornelius W. Coffin, J.G. Peace, et al.  From 1846 until 1863 James A. and brother Cornelius were partners in mercantile business in Madisonville.  C.W. now in West Va. (Western Va.?).


No.86) Filed 6 Dec. 1864.  A.W. Cozart vs S.H. Caldwell.  Cozart and Caldwell have been in general partnership for a number of years; their accounts have been kept loosely and no full settlement has ever been made.  Cozart charges that Caldwell owes him and that some 6 mos. ago Caldwell abandoned his home and fled to Ga.  Asks attachment of Caldwells property.


No.87) (9)   Filed 9 Dec 1864.  Mathew Cagle, Adm. of Jonathan M. Hankins vs B.F. Hankins and E.E. Hankins, Adm. of C.N. Hankins.  in 1863 C.N. Hankins borrowed from J.M. Hankins; both now dead.  Edward E. Hankins app. Adm. with Will annexed of C.N. Hankins Dec 1864;  and later by 1869 Charles W. Hicks is Adm. de bonis non of C.N. Hankins.  Later (no dates) death of E.E. Hankins is admitted.  B.P., J.M., and C.N. are brothers.  B.P. is in Army.  J.M. had wife and child.  In answer of E.E., 5 Jun 1865, he states that the Register's Books of Monroe Co. are not kept at the County Town as required by law (may be reason they are all still in Madisonville!)  Mar 1869; wit. Julia Ann Love, 29, was the wife of J.M. Hankins.  Name is Hankins in printed notice.


No.88) (10)  Filed 19 Dec 1864.  Pinniman & Bros. et al vs John C. Vaughn, surviving partner of J.C. Boyd & Co., and the heirs of Joseph C. Boyd.  Joseph C. Boyd dead more than 18 months.  He died without issue and his heirs, bros, and sisters, are 1. Mary Ann Boyd wife of Randolph Ross, he a nonres. 2. Nancy Ann Boyd wife of John C. Vaughn, his res. unknown. 3. Eliza Jane Boyd wife of Benj. C. Pettitt- Monroe Co. 4. Caroline Boyd wife of James M. Charles- McMinn Co. 5. Andrew S. Boyd res. unknown 6. Thomas Boyd res. unknown.  7. Alvin Boyd, a minor, res. unknown.  Thomas G. Boyd, Adm. of J.C., says Vaughn not a partner and had no interest.


No.89)  Filed 19 Dec 1864.  Enisely, Stout, & Kellogg vs J.A. Wright and Wm. Snead.  Debt of firm of Wright and Snead.


No.90) (12)  Filed 19 Dec 1864.  J.B. Lippicott & Co. et al vs Stakely 7 Co.  Original Bill missing.  Debt.


No.91)  Original Bill. Filed 30 Mar 1865.  C.M. McGhee vs C.L. Rice and John Matlock, Jesse Kerr of Blount Co., Martha Gurley, widow of C.A. Gurley dec'd., minor children of Gurley.  Business suit.  Jesse Kerr of Blount Co. had loaned Gurley $1000 and had taken a note secured by C.M. McGhee as security.  Gurley had given McGhee a note he held on C.L. Rice and Henry Matlock as collateral security.  Minor children of Gurley are George, Josephine, Daniel, Texana, Charles, Calvin and Sallie.  Gurley died in month of June 1862.


No.92) (14)  Filed 3 April 1865.  John Ramsey Exec. of Francis A. Patton vs J.J. Browder et al.  Land notes.  Patton left children H.F., M.A., F.T., Ann E., and James all of age except James.  Says copy of Will here but it is not.


No.93)  Filed 17 Apr. 1865.  Charles Owens vs Polly Rowan et al.  John A. Rowan entered Rebel Army as a Capt. in early part of 1861 and was promoted to Colonel;  about time Federal Army occupied East Tenn. he fled and kept within Rebel lines until about 12 Oct 1864 he died intestate or was killed in battle in upper East Tenn.; he left widow Polly and children Mary H. and Joseph.


No.94)  Filed about 4 Apr. 1865.  Eli C. Johnson, Adm. of John Simpson vs Louisa Carmichael et al.  Debt.  In 1862 Daniel L. and James H. Carmichael bought corn from Simpson.  Daniel now dead and his widow is Louisa and his minor heirs are John Floyd Carmichael and one name unknown, infant.  Daniel removed to Fla. about 1863 and was within the Rebel lines and died there.  Daniel L. died about early part of 1864.  James R. Robinson Gdn. ad litem of the Carmichael children answers that he understands that Daniel died seized of farm on Tenn. River and an interest in the Bell Town reservation.


No.95)  Filed 22 Apr 1865.  Eli C. Johnson, Adm. of John Simpson vs Polly Rowan et al.  Suit combined with No. 100 and others for judgment.  See No.93.


No.96) (18)  Filed 18 Apr. 1865.  J.D. Jones et al, Execs of Eli Cleveland vs Charles Cannon and Wm. H. Taylor.  Debt.


No.97) Filed 24 Apr. 1865. F.A. Newton vs Phillip and John P. Moser.  Note John P. late of Monroe Co., who absconds.


No.98) Filed 29 Apr 1865.  Wm. C. Juliann, Gdn. of Thomas J. and John A. Holston, minors and Julia A. Holston vs James Harrison and Phineas Thurston.  Harrison of Roane Co.  John Holston died about 1853.  Julia now of age.


No.99) Filed 1 May 1865.  Andrew W. Torbett vs Mary Rowan, Lodusky Walker eta al.  Joseph Walker died latter part of 1862 leaving widow Lodusky and four children, Mary C., Elizabeth J., Emma A., and Laura E., aged respectively 12,10,8, 5.  Other defendants are May, Mary H., and Joseph Rowan.


No.100)  Filed 1 May 1865.  Joseph Johnston, Adm. of John A. Rowan vs Mary Rowan widow, and the heirs and creditors of John A. Rowan.  John A. Rowan died intestate about 1 Oct 1864 leaving widow Mary and Minors Mary H. and Joseph.  Joseph absconds and is within the Confederate State before suit ends, dau. Mary is Mollie Dicky.  1867, Wm. M. Smith is Adm. of John A. Rowan.  1868; wit. Josiah K. Rowan, 29, bro. to John A. dec'd and R.C. Rowan; wit. D.P. Walker, 65, says D.L. Walker is said to live in Ark. and H. Hargis is said to live in Ind.


No.101)  Filed 3 May 1865.  Benjamin C. Pettitt vs Mary Ann Ross, et al, heirs of Joseph C. Boyd dec'd.  Heirs of Joseph C. Boyd. 1. Mary Ann Boyd of Monroe Co. wife of Randolph Ross who absconds. 2. Andrew L. Boyd formerly of Knox Co., who absconds.  3. Eliza Jane Boyd wife of John C. Vaughn, who both abscond. 4. Nancy Ann Boyd wife of John C. Vaughn, who both abscond 5.  Thomas G. Boyd who absconds 6. Caroline Boyd wife of James M. Charles of McMinn Co. 7. Alvin Boyd, a minor, who absconds; his father is Joseph Boyd of Monroe Co. ("is" is the word in Bill).


No.103)  Filed 7 May 1865.  H.B. Yearwood vs James A. Wright and I.T. Lenior.  Wright a nonres.  Sale of lots.


No.104)  Filed about 24 Apr. 1865.  James H. Carmichael vs Louisa C. Carmichael et al.  File contains many petitions from Creditors and one is J.R. Robinson and Wm. F. Johnston, Adms. of J.D. Johnston.  Letter, 8 Jun 1874, from J.G. Carmichael, Robertsville, Anderson Co.  John Carmichael died 1840-41 intestate; left widow Margaret who is still living in Monroe Co. and six children; 1. Wm. B. died intestate in 1860 in Roane Co., never married. 2. Jacob G. of Roane Co. 3. John, a nonresident. 4. George P. 5. Daniel L. died 24 mar 1864 in Fla. where he was living temporarily for his health; he left widow Louisa Q. and two children, infants.  John B.F. and a daughter name unknown, all nonresidents. 6. James H.   Daniel L. and James H., the two youngest, were in partnership in farming and all business operations- kept no books; had confidence in each other; bought two farms, one for each of them, the first in Roane Co. on N. side of Tenn river opposite Loudon which had belonged to their father and is subject to dower of widow Margaret, the other in Monroe Co. on S. side of Tenn. river.  Receipt 1867 of R.R. Anderson Adm. of Joseph Anderson dec'd for note to Joseph Anderson & Son.  Suit transferred to Athens Chancery by 1871 as James H. Carmichael & John R. Henry Adms. vs Louisa Q. & Jacob G. Carmichael & others.  Dr. Edward Goetz files acct. against est. of D.L. for medical services from 15 May 1861 to 7 Oct 1863.


No.105) (27) Filed 9 May 1865.  John Ross vs J.P. Moser and James Giles.  Ross of Blount Co.  Moser late of Monroe who absconds.  Giles of Monroe.


No.106)  Filed 9 May 1865.  Elizabeth Simpson et al vs Nancy C. and Joseph Alexander.  Bill for partition of land. John Simpson died 7 Jun 1864 intestate; left widow Elizabeth and children; 1. Margaret Jane wife of John Jefferson Prater. 2. Mary Elizabeth wife of Darius B. Jackson. 3. Bowman George Simpson, minor. 4. Martha Terissa Simpson, minor. 5. James Crawford Simpson, minor. 6. David Flemming Simpson, minor. 7. Sarah Tennessee Simpson, minor. 8. John Tate Simpson, minor. 9. Nancy Catherine wife of Joseph Alexander of Polk Co.


No.107)  Filed 11 May 1865.  Francis Satterwhite vs Samuel B. Rogers and Sampson Halcom.  Attachment Bill. 


No.108) Filed 7 Jun 1865.  Andrew Pickens vs Heirs of Larkin W. Raper dec'd.  Raper a soldier died 1863; left minors Ruthy J., Marcus C., Jacob A., James L., and Hester L.


No.110) Filed 8 Jun 1865.  J.H. Williams and Geo. W. Stephenson vs Frances Jane Presley et al, Heirs of John (Jno.) Cunningham.  John (Jno.) Cunningham died early in 1863 intestate; left widow Frances Jane now wife of Isaac Presley and four minors Jackson, Jefferson D., Mary Frances, and Martha Adaline, all of Monroe Co.; one Best is father of Frances Jane and he is of Blount Co.


No.111)  Filed 17 Jun 1865. R.H. Culton vs A.A. Humphreys and George C. Montgomery.  Attachment Bill.  Culton of Blount Co.


No.112) Filed Jul 1865.  Andrew L. Rogers, Exec. of Geo. W. Morgan vs Martin K. Morgan et al.  George W. Morgan of Monroe Co. died Nov 1862 testate left widow Martha K. and heirs, all of McMinn Co., Mary S., Gideon, Frank, Elizabeth M., Wash, Ellen, and Olney (see Will) who by May 1866 is resident of Miss.  Will: in service of Country: wife Martha K. and at her death to children by her and to Olney S. Morgan an illegitimate child of Nancy Burnett, share and share alike; Andrew L. Rogers having married my sister Cherokee A.; Execs; Wm. A. Mayo and A.L. Rodgers; exec. 25 Apr 1861; Wit: J.I. Wright, Jonathan Thomas.  This copy made 18 Jun 1863.  Petition of Amanda P. Fowler of Cherokee Nation, sister of George W. Morgan; their youngest bro. Robt. T. Morgan died 1860 a minor in Cherokee Nation; Robert T. had 2 bros. and 3 sisters including Amanda.  E.L. Eblin and Margaret A. Eiffort also sisters, all children of Gideon.


No.113) Filed about 9 Aug 1865.  James Cameron and wife Melinda vs A.W.P. Lawson.  Debt. Camerons of Sevier Co. Lawson formerly of Monroe but now a nonresident.  Melinda formerly Lawson.  This case combined with Wm. & Nancy Davis vs A.W. Lawson.


No.114) Filed 18 Aug 1865.  Wm. and Mary Davis vs A.W. Lawson.  Debt.  Nancy formerly Lawson of Blount Co.


No.115)  Filed about 6 Sept 1865.  E.J. Stanford vs A.W. Cozart and Richard C. Roberts.  Stanford of Knox Co.  Roberts formerly of Monroe Co. now a nonresident.


No.117) Filed 14 Sep 1865.  A.B. Howard vs Samuel Henley. Howard of Blount Co. Henley a nonresident.


No.118) Filed 15 Sep 1865.  James R. Henley vs Jasper N. Stephens and R.C. Roberts.  Debt.


No.119) James R. Henly vs. Jasper N. Stephens & R.C. Roberts.  * (You’ll have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.120) Filed 16 Sep 1865.  John Cochran vs John Carson and Alonzo B. and Alfred B. Carson and Narcissa E. Adams and husband Samuel Adams.  John Carson is father of other defts.  The Adams are of Ind.


No.121)  Filed 14 Sep 1865.  J.A. and C.W. Coffin vs John Carson et al.  Same information as in No.120.


No.122)  Filed 16 Sep 1865.  A.D. Looney vs Wm. H. Taylor and E.A. Talylor.  E.A. is father of Wm. H.


No.124) Filed 10 Oct. 1865. Isaac Elliott vs Ruth Elliott.  Petition for Divorcee.  Ruth of N.C.  Isaac Elliott and Ruth Lanry married Oct 1846 in Haywood Co. N.C.; moved to Tenn. 1849; in 1864 when Isaac was in Ga., Ruth committed adultry with one Perry Johnson and they moved to N.C.; asks divorce and custody of their children Martha Jane, Esther C., Wm. H., Myra M., and John B. Elliott, all minors.


No.125) Filed 13 Oct 1865. A.W. Cozart vs Richard C. Roberts. Sale of land.  Roberts a nonresident.


No.126)  Filed 13 Oct 1865.  Thomas Crowder vs Mary A. Cunningham et al.  Claiborne Cunningham died intestate 1863 leaving widow Mary A. of Roane Co. and children; 1. James C. minor of Roane Co. 2. Minerva J. minor of Roane Co. 3. David C. minor of Roane Co. 4. Martha C of age, Roane Co. 5. Elizabeth of age Roane Co. 6. Moses, a nonresident 7. John who died 1863 leaving widow Frances J. now wife of Isaac Presley and minor children; Jackson, Jefferson, Mary F., and Martha A. all of Monroe Co. 8. Margaret wife of W.A. Hartsell, nonresident.  Dec 1869: Thomas Crowder had died and suit revived in name of James A., A.O., A.M., U.A., R.P., and B.F. Crowder, and J.B. Williams and wife Margaret T. formerly Crowder, all of full age and of Monroe Co., and children of Thomas.  Nov 1870: Amended Bill:  R.P. Crowder is of Hamblen Co. and is Adm. of Thomas Crowder, and defendants are widow Mary and children 1 thru 6 above, all of Texas and of full age and the Hartsells are of Ga., the Presley's of Monroe Co., and the children of John dec'd of Monroe Co. have J.M. Best of Blount Co. as Gdn.


No.127) Filed 20 Oct 1865. Elizabeth Borden vs E.J. Reagan.  Reagan absconds.  His not for land unpaid. 


No.129) Original Bill.  Filed Nov. 15, 1865.  John Cannon & wife Lavinia W. Cannon, & Thomas Henley vs Sallie H. Williamson and others.  Copy of Arthur H. Henley in file.  Suit between heirs of Arthur Henrly, Ann Evelina, wife of Henley was dead when suit was filed.  Elder children of Arthur Henley: Sarah mar. to John R. Williamson; David deceased when bill filed; Elizabeth mar. to Barclay McGhee, died before father die; Mary K.; Alexander S. of Roane Co.; William of Rutherford Co.; younger children: Ann Evelina; Arthur H. dead before suit filed; Thomas of Ga.; Samuel non resident; Lavinia W.; Charles F. non resident.  Executors of estate were widow Ann and sons David and Alexander S.  After death of Ann and David, Alexander resigned as executor and Samuel was appointed administrator.  Petition of Charles F. Henley, the youngest child says he has never received his share of the estate.


No.130)  Filed 15 Nov. 1865. Wm. P. Jones vs W.G. Molliston et al.  Jones of Jefferson Co.


No.131) Filed 27 Nov 1865.  John G. and Wm. F. Peace, James Axley, E.E. Griffith, James A. Dyer, John F. Key, W.J. Hicks, J.I. Wright, and O.P. Pence, Trustees of Methodist Church at Madisonville  vs John R. Stradley.


No.133)  Filed 4 Dec 1865.  Jospeh Shields vs James M. Baker and John J. Crippen.  Baker of Roane Co.


No.134)  Filed 4 Dec 1865.  Daniel Daily vs Benjamin D. Clift  Suit dismissed Dec 1866.   Note for lot not paid.


No.135)(and 102) Filed 6 Dec 1865.  Joseph D. Jones, Adm. of Joseph Walker vs Geo. Brown and Heirs and Creditors of Joseph Walker.  Joseph Walker died 30 Dec 1862 Monroe Co. intestate, left widow Lodusky and minor children Mary C., 12, Elizabeth J., 10, Emma A., 8, Laura E., 5, Jesse F. Jones is thier Gdn.  One of Creditors is Nancy Fine who is now Nancy Starrett.


No.136) Original Bill.  Filed 6 Dec 1865.  Robert F. Cooke, James Cliborne & James R. Henley vs Lawrence and Thomas Forkner.  The complainants as partners in business took notes against Lawrence Forkner which are past due.  Forkner has deeded a valuable tract of land to Thomas Forkner.  Ask the court to sell the land to pay note.


No.137) Hyatt, McBurney & Co. vs J.C. Vaughn, A. L. Boyd, et al. * (You’ll have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.138)  Filed 5 Dec 1865.  Young & Benson vs James A. Wright and Wm. Sneed.  Debt.


No.139)  Filed 11 Dec 1865. James W. Clark vs S.Y.B. Williams et al.  Attachment Bill.  Debt.  Defendants Geo. C. Montgomery, S.Y.B. Williams and Anderson Humphreys are all nonresidents.  S.Y.B. answers from Fulton Co., Ga.  Aug 1866: Anwers of John C. and Alpha Montogmery Adm. and Admx. of George C. Montgomery.


No.140)  Filed 21 Dec 1865.  John Davis vs John, Alonzo B., and Alfred B. Carson and E. Adams and husband Saml. Adams.  Attachment Bill.  John Carson is father of the other three defts. and the Adams are nonres.


No.141)  Filed 26 Dec 1865.  W.L. Eakin vs John C. Vaughn et al.  Vaughn a nonresident.  Attorney Eakin now of Hamilton Co. sues for debt for professional services.


No.142)  Filed 8 Jan 1866.  Samuel Grigsby vs A.W. Cozart.  Grigsby of Bradley Co.


No.143)  Filed 9 Jan 1866. Bartz & Brown vs W.P. Jones, S.H. Caldwell, and J.J. Crippen. Debt.


No.144)  Filed 10 Jan 1866. Thomas Osborn vs A.W. Cozart and Saml. Caldwell.  Debt. Osborn of Roane Co. Caldwell has fled beyond the State and is said to be in Ala.


No.145)  Filed 10 Jan 1866.  Hilton Humphreys vs S.J. Rowan, J.C. Rowan, and S.Y.B. Williams.  May 1873: witness James H. Pickell, 51, was with the Federal Troops when they entered Sweetwater about 5 Sep 1863:  Col. Ross was the Commander;  Humphreys shipped 150 sacks of salt to Rowan & Co. to sell on commission.  Nov 1868: witness Daniel Heiskell, 68, says the J.J. Sheldon who died Feb last in Sweetwater was Clerk for S.J. Rowan in 1863, that on day Federal Army was expected Rowan gave him (Heiskell) 3 sacks salt and loaded other sacks in his wagon and he (Heiskell) kept it for him until war closed.  May 1872: witness S.J. Rowan at Store House of J.S. Napier in Peoria, Hill Co., Texas.  J.R. Rowan lives in Ga. S.Y.B. Williams was R.R. Agent at Sweetwater in 1863 and was suceeded by G.G. Stillman who is still agent.  The Depot burned in 1864.


No.146) Filed 10 Jan 1866.  J.A. and C.W. Coffin and Joseph Johnson vs J.I. Wright.  Debt.  Wright, son-in-law of Thomas White, answers from Floyd Co., Ga.


No.147) Filed 11 Jan 1866. John W. Strutton vs M.H. Gallaway et al.  Land sale.


No.148)  Filed 12 Jan 1866.  Thomas Loughlin vs A.W. Cozart et al. Land sale suit.


No.149)  Filed 15 Jan 1866. John Trew vs A.W. Cozart et al. Land sale.


No.151) Filed Jan 1866? Original Bill Missing.  John Edward Coffman vs Martha Coffman.  Married 1 Jan 1859 in Monroe Co. and lived there until 4 Mar. 1859 when she left him; he charges adultery wtih Charles Robinson, Henry Nichols and others and that she gave him a loathsome disease and threatened to poison him.  Edmund Coffman is security for John E.  Margaret Coffman deposes at house of Wm. B. Coffman that Martha's sisters took her away and that the sister Adaline threatened to poison John E.  Martha denies all the bad charges he makes, says he abandoned her, and she never lived in Monroe Co. with him.


No.152)  Filed 5 Feb 1866.  Thomas Stephens, Adm. of Phillip Stephens vs Eliza W. Stephens et al.  Phillip Stephens died about May 1861 intestate leaving widow Eliza W., and children: James M., Sarah Caroline, Wm. S., Geo. M., Lewis P., and Rufus F.B. Stephens, all minors of Monroe Co.


No.153)  Filed 21 Nov. 1866.  A.B. Howard vs John O. Cannon.  Land sale and Confederate money, as so many of the suits are at this time.


No.154)  Filed 21 Apr. 1866.  James W. Weathers et al. vs Erby Orr et al.  File contains Will of Wilson Weathers. (Very fragile) Will:  to wife Sarah; youngest son James; three daughters; oldest son Henry J. already rec'd his share; other children: execs; John A. Rowan and John Hightower; made 9 Sept. 1859; wit: John Hightower, George Stephens.  (Paper too rotten to photocopy)  Wilson Weathers died May 1859 leaving widow Sarah who died before this Bill was filed, and children: 1. James L. Weathers 2. Wm. Weathers. 3. Sarah C. or E. wife of James R. Cunningham 4. John Weathers of Calif. 5. Henry J. Weathers of Ark. 6. Mary A. wife of Hugh Goddard (By 1879, Hugh is dead and heirs are widow Mary A., and children Bettie, Mark, Lon or Lou, James, and Alvin Goddard. 7. Nancy wife of Erby Orr- she died leaving Erby and children: Sarah J., Julia A., wife of James F. Nichols, and minors Mollie C., John W., Saml. R., William, James, Robert, and Nancy E. Orr.   John A. Rowan died and John Hightower refused to serve as Exec. and James L. Weathers was app. Adm.


No.155)  Filed 3 Apr. 1866. J.A. Wright & Co. et al vs I.H. Orr and J.I. Wright.  Wright of Ga.  Debt.


No.156)  Filed 4 Apr. 1866.  Daniel L. Stephens vs James Tallent.


No.157) Filed 13 Apr. 1866. Charles M. McGhee vs Henry B. Latrobe.  Land sale and Confederate money.


No.158) Filed 13 Apr. 1866. Polly Jackson et al vs Eliza Winton et al.  Case still in Court 1879. Suit concerns land in Loudon Co., of which Asa Ambrister is Lessee.  Darius Browder of Roane Co. died about 1850 (his Will made 16 Apr 1849) leaving widow Ann D. who died 20 may 1863 and was then the wife of Absalom Matlock of Blount Co.  His brothers and sisters are; 1. James Browder of Meigs Co. who died testate in Meigs Co. after brother Darius; his Execs were James Eldridge, now dec'd and widow Louisa E. Browder who has married Jonathan Wood and they are of Montgomery Co. James children; a. Mary Jane dec'd wife of Thomas J. Defries of Hamilton Co. whose only child died soon after Mary Jane. b. John J. Browder of Bradley Co. c. Nancy A. wife of C.C. Carlisle of Mongomery Co. d. William D. Browder, minor of Mongomery Co. 3. Jeptha Browder who died testate in Texas abt. 1863 leaving widow Nancy and children; a. Almira wife of Geo. Kennedy- Roane (Knox) Co. b. Martha wife of W.H. Casady- Knox Co. c. James d. Darius e. George f. Isabella g. Jackson h. Mary A. i. Casandra, all minors of Texas.  4. Jane widow of James Eldridge- James has been dead 18 or 20 years in 1866. 5. Nancy Bowman of Monroe Co- son James B. is her agent. 6. Juda Bussell wife of James W. Bussell- son J.J. Prater is one of her children. 7. Polly wife of Josiah Jackson- thier son John H. Jackson is their agent. 8. Eliza wife of Wesley Winton - Roane Co. 9. Fanny wife of Samuel Edington.


No.159) Filed 27 Apr 1866.  Wm. H.H. Ragon (Reagan) vs Joseph E. Ragon (Reagan) et al.  Bill for partition of land. Wm. H.H. and Robt. D. Ragon were joint owners of land.  Suit compromised before Court.  Robert D. Ragon died Monroe Co  1864 unmarried intestate and his heirs are Joseph E. Ragon, Mary E. wife of John Kimbrough, Delila J. wife of Nicholas Maguire, Martha A. Ragon, Wm. H.H. Ragon.


No.160) Filed 27 Apr 1866. Robert P. Crowder vs Edwin Hall.  Land sale and note.


No.161) Filed 17 Apr. 1866. John R. Cole et al. vs Robecca Robinson et al.  Bill for partition. Complaintants and defendants own land on 4-mile branch in 9 unequal shares.  John R. Cole- 2 shares, John Robinson 4- shares, Rhoda M. wife of George H. Peeler 1-share (three above of Monroe Co.). Children of Phillip Robinson dec'd, viz, Rebecca, Samuel, Joseph, and Sarah Robinson, all minors except Rebecca, of Roane Co.-1 share.  John and Sarah U. Sheets, mimor children of Fanny Sheets dec'd, with Henry Sheets Gdn., all of Monroe Co. - 1 share, 1869: Rebecca Robinson is Rebecca A. Malley.


No.162) Filed 27 Apr. 1866.  Eusebius Summitt, Adm. of Peter Moser vs Daniel Moser et al, heirs.  Petition to sell land.  Peter Moser died 1863 intestate; widow Elizabeth is now wife of F.M. Phillips and Peter's only children are minors Daniel, Joseph, and Henry Moser, all of Monroe Co.


No.163)  Filed 2 May 1866. Guilford Cannon vs Edward C. Ragsdale. Debt.


No.164) Filed 7 May 1866.  Jacob Sheets, Adm. of Samuel W. White vs James E. White et al.  Samuel W. White died Sep 1862 intestate leaving widow Nancy and children; 1. James E. 2. Mary L. wife of Isaac Burlison 3. Floyd L., died after father, leaving minors Isaac L. and Wm. N. as only heirs. 4. Wm. M. died after father, leaving minors Nancy A. and John W. as only heirs. 5. Samuel w. 6. Emily C. Clift died before father leaving children; Benjamin A. Clift, Martha J. wife of Taylor Lankford of N.C. (but she seems to be of Monroe), and minors Lucinda M., Alfred T., and Samuel N.  The Adm. paid for coffin and $20 for year's support of widow.


No.166) Filed 7 May 1866. Guilford Cannon vs Dorcas Denton, Execx. of Alfred Denton, Charles Denton, and Lon Martin.  Alfred Denton died 1864 testate.  In Feb. 1864 Charles one of the sons of Alfred and Dorcas attempted to pay note with Confederate money.


No.167) Filed 12 May 1866.  James A. Wright vs F.H. Gregory et al.  Wright of Ga.  Debt. Dec 1872: Deaths of Wright and Gregory both proven in Court.


No.168)  Filed 15 may 1866. Robert Singleton et al vs John E. Duncan.  File contains Will of Jeremiah Duncan.  Will of Jeremiah H. Duncan: wife Mary; minor heirs; son William to stay on farm and take care of family to wit; Samuel, Josephus, and Mary ?, minor heirs; three oldest sons William, James, and John; three married daughters Catharine Singleton, Mary Ann Taylor, and Margaret Roddy; the house I own in Ringgold, Ga. to dau. Margaret; Exec. 3 Sep 1856; Wit: Robert Carter, J.H. Montgomery, Benj. Franklin.  John E. Duncan is of Ga.  Wm. Duncan died Monroe Co. some time ago intestate without issue.  Two of sisters, Catharine P. wife of Robert Singleton and Mary Ann wife of James Taylor, all of Blount Co. sold their shares to John E.


No.169) Filed 15 May 1866.  J.J. Browder vs Elika A. Taylor.  Necessition of war made it necessary for Browder to abandon his home in summer of 1863.  Taylor says Browder left with Rebel Army, voluntarily, stayed with it until surrender, and in meantime returned from N.C. with a lawless raid.


No.170) Filed 16 May 1866.  James Tallent vs James Cliborne et al. Business.


No.171) Filed 19 May 1866. Elihu Beals vs James R. Robinson.  Land sale.  Beals of Roane Co. and Francis Beals is his son.  1866: witness Wm. Robinson, 48, is second cousin and bro-in-law to James R. Robinson.


No.172)  Filed 26 May 1866. George P. Carmichael vs J.H. Carmichael and J.R. Henry, Adms. of D.L. Carmichael et al.  See No. 183.  This Suit and No. 183 were combined and I have put the information that is in this one on the card for 183.


No.173) Filed 1 Aug. 1866.  John Coulter et al vs E.E. Griffith et al.  Land sale and notes.