No.174) Filed 26 may 1866.  J.R. Leonard and Larkin Webb, Adms. of Robert Eakin vs James M. Eakin.  Robert Eakin died intestate Monroe Co. early 1866; for a number of years he was Agent and Atty. for his bro. James M. of Texas.  Jacob J. Tipton buys land and files receipts 1869 from heirs of Robert Eakin, viz: Susannah Eakins, Hettie Lane Eakins, and Susannah Elender Eakins, William and Nancy Ann Webb, L. or T. W. Webb, A. (her mark) Webb., Mary E. Boring.


No.175) Filed 26 May 1866. Archibald Mason vs James Divine et al and Cross Bill.  Suit to clear title- taken to Supreme Court.  Thomas Divine died Monroe Co. intestate 185 (sic) leaving widow Elizabeth of Monroe Co. and children; 1. Joseph who died intestate 1864, leaving widow Nancy and children; a. Mary J. wife of ___ Pearson. b. James  c. Jacob d. Martha who by 1867 is wife of James Yates e. Margaret f. Julia g. Lucinda who by 1868 is Lucinda Burriss. All of above of Monroe Co and minors except 2. James C. nonres. 3. James C. nonres. 4. Andrew J. nonres. 5. John of Claiborn Co. 6. Martha wife of Matin Cagle 7. Mary Jane wife of ___ Tallent 8. Lucinda wife of James R. Webb.  The papers and books of the Co. Court Clerk were thrown on the floor, pages torn from books, many destroyed, and office ransacked, by soldiers of Federal Army.  Papers ordering sale of Thomas' land are only partly preserved. Some heirs claiming it not legal (after 12 years:)


No.176) Filed 9 Jun 1866. James A. Crowder vs Peyton Hudson and Cross Bill.  Land Sale


No.177) Filed 20 Jun 1866.  Wm. S. Callaway vs John and J.N. Griffith. Callaway of McMinn Co. Edward Griffith died McMinn Co. owing Callaway.  Edward Griffith had no widow and J.N. is his only heir and child.


No.178) Filed 2 Aug 1866. S.A. McDermott vs Frank Bogart and John R. Gaines.  Land sale and payment by Confederate money.


No.180) Filed 28 Aug 1866. David McDaniel vs Samuel Moses.  McDaniel of Ill. Debts, judgements etc.


No.181) Filed 8 Sep 1866. Thomas A. Higdon, Adm. with Will Annexed of Noah C. Higdon vs Martin Williams and others, and Heirs and Creditors.  File contains copy of Will of Noah C. Higdon.  Will: made 3 Feb 1866: Brother Thomas if I should never get back; dower to Lida; Thomma to have $500 in land.  Noah C. Higdon died without issue Feb. 1866 testate; left widow Lidia A. who dissented from Will and is entitled to dower; and brothers and sisters; 1. Thomas A. who writes letters from Ducktown. 2. Michael C. of Polk Co. 3. Mary A. wife of Robert Rivers of Polk Co. 4. Rebecca M. wife of James Womack of Polk Co. 5. Calvin of Polk Co. 6. Nancy Miller wife of George Miller of Ark. (or she may be daughter of No. 7 John suity not clear). 7. John dec'd with children Mary C. 15 in 1867 and Matilda Caroline 13 in 1867, both of McMinn Co. 8. E.C. dec'd whose heir is William Thomas Higdon a minor of Bradley Co. Devisee Thomas Barnard, called Tomma is not a legal heir but was raised by Noah- Tomma answers notice in Polk Co; 1867 and McMinn Co. 1868.  This is petition to cancel sale of land that Noah made before he died, from Martin Williams, now of Ill.


No.182) Filed 10 Sep 1966. Andrew Pickens vs James Tallent.  Note and debt.


No.183) Filed 20 Sep 1866.  John F. Stephens and wife Lavina vs E.E. Griffith et al.  Filed contains copy of Will of Jess Rhea.  This suit combined with No.173, and part of info. below is in that suit.  Jesse Rhea died testate Oct 1859, Will: of old age; to present wife; all heirs; to James Rheas's heirs $5 each; Execs: Wm. Rhea and Elisha Griffith; exec. 20 Oct 1855; wit: David Stephens, Wm. Ritchey. Both suits say there were 11 heirs,  but Suit 173 papers were lost by Clerk and he made new one by copy No.183.  There are 14 children (or children's children) listed, with all but one specified as son or dau. and this one is in list with all the others and is presumably a son.  The widow is Amelia Rhea of Monroe Co. The children: 1. James Rhea who d. intestate in Mo. leaving children Jesse, Nancy, James, Margaret, and Spencer all Exec. Griffith paid James his share. 2. Mary, dec'd wife of John Coulter of Ill.  a. Martha J. Brown of Iowa b. John c. William d. Margaret wife of E.W. Tate e. Sarah dec'd wife of ___ Fox whose child Sarah Jane Fox is minor.  Mary Coulters share was confiscated by Confederate Government. 3. Rebecca Keeble dec'd wife of Manley Keeble; heirs: a. Mary wife of M.B. Garner of Blount Co. b. Katherine W. wife of Jesse Kagle of Sevier Co. c. Pleasant and d. Richard H. both of Blount Co. 4. John who died intestate about 1862-3 Monroe Co. a. Maragaret A. wife of O.M. Dixon b. Elizabeth wife of Jefferson Smalling c. Wm. Rhea Jr. d. Ellison T. e. Saml. M. f. Lewis g. Harvey and h. Hettie C. both minors and all of Monroe Co. 5. William Rhea Sr. of Monroe Co. 6. Elizabeth wife of Richard Keeble of Blount Co. 7. Sarah wife of John Morgan of Mo. 8. Margaret dec'd wife of Stephens_____Stephens of Ill. a. Wm. R. Stephens b. Mary Ann wife of ___ Church c. Margaret Jane wife of D.H. McMillan d. James M. e. Louis A. f. Sarah E.  Margarets share was confiscated by Confederate Government. 9. Eveline wife of John Magill or McGill of Ill. Her share confisc. by Confed. Gov. 10. Lavina wife of John F. Stephens of Ill. Her share confiscated by Confederate Gov. 11. Wyly Rhea of Monroe Co. 12. Lewis Rhea of Oregon - his share confisc. also. 13. Riley Rhea of California- his share confisc. also. 14. Eliza dec'd wife of Alexander Lee of Monroe Co. a. Margaret wife of Wm. Ferguson b. thru i: Pleasant, Mary C., Sarah F., John, Elizabeth, Jesse, Nancy J., Evaline Lee, all minors of Monroe Co.  Witness give testimony as to conditions of Monroe Co. during War: County strongly Rebel; Thomas J. Campbell Major in Confed. Army was in charge of confiscation by Confederate Gov. of property of Union men, and was Judge Advocate of Ct. Martial in Knoxville when some Union men were condemed on charge of bridge burning.  The Defendant, Elisha E. Griffith, Exec. of Jesse Rhea, says he paid all the heirs who were residents, but he has no way to send money to those in States outside of the Confederacy.  He kept money until Confederate Gov. brought suit against him and they confiscated shares (995.16 each) of Nos. 2,8,9,10,12,and 13.  Judge rules that Griffith is liable to these 6 for their shares, with interest from 1861.


No.184) Filed 6 Oct 1866.  Stirling Neal vs Benjamin F. White et al.  Neal now of Ga. was in Rebel Army and the U.S. confiscated his property in Monroe Co.  On 18 Oct. 1865 Andrew Johnson then and now Pres. of U.S. granted Neal a full pardon and amnesty and he has taken Oath of fidelity.


No.185)  Filed about 13 Oct 1866.  J.H. Carmichael and John R. Henry, Adms. of D.L. Carmichael vs J.R. Wiley et al.  Wiley has absconded; he owned farm in Blount Co.


No.186)  Filed 24 Oct 1866.  Wilson Parker, Adm. of D.W. and M.C. Parker vs Wm. H. and E.A. Taylor.  Parkers of Knox Co. Wilson Parker's son M.C. died intestate 1858 and D.W. Parker was app. Adm. D.W. died and Wilson has been app. Adm. of both.


No.188) Filed 7 Dec 1866. A.D. Rhea and S.A. Rodgers vs George P. Carmichael et al.  Comp. of Roane Co.  Debt.


No.189) Filed 7 Dec 1866.  W.L. Eakin vs A.H. King et al.  Sarah Hart died 1854 testate without issue; left land to M.E. Church south.  Heirs A.H. King, Robt. Woods and wife Mary, Henry Swisher and wife Elizabeth, Jesse G. Swisher and wife Rebecca contestes the Will.  Eakin suing for unpaid lawyer fees.


No.190)  Filed 8 Dec 1866. J.E. Houston et al vs Jehu Kitchens and Henry Stephens.  Debt and land sale.


No.191)  Filed about 1866-67.  J.W. Kelso vs Samuel J. Rowan and Robert Carter.  Rowan and Carter of Ga.  Debt.


No.192)  Filed 8 Dec. 1866.  James W. Kelso vs A.W. Cozart et al.  Land deals and debts.  Mary W. Caldwell is sister-in-law of Cozart and lives with him.  Copy of Deed Nov. 1865 from Saml. H. Caldwell of Loundes Co., Ala; to Cozart.  1867: witness J.H. Cozart, 19, is son of A.W. and nephew of Mary W. Caldwell.


No.193) Filed 8 Dec 1866.  Wm. P. Jones vs S.H. Caldwell et al. Attachment Bill.


No.194) F. D. Blankenship vs A.M. Crowder * (You’ll have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.195)  Filed 19 Dec 1866.  Joseph Johnston vs Joseph A. Young and Jocob Wolaver.  Attachment Bill.


No.196)  Filed 21 Dec 1866.  James Tallent vs Andrew W. King et al.  Sarah Hart's heirs as in other cases.


No.197)  Filed 15 Jan 1867.  Wiley Laughter vs G.C. Simpson.  Land sale and unpaid note.


No.198)  Filed 26 Jan 1867.  Daniel L. Stephens vs John Moore.  Stephens of Mo.


No.199)  Filed 11 Feb 1867.  Daniel L. Stephens vs L.H. Pardue.  Stepens of Mo.


No.200)  Filed 26 Feb 1867.  Wm. M. Murry vs John Stanfield.  Murry of Knox. Co.  Stanfield late of Monroe Co. but now a nonresident.


No.201)  Filed 12 Mar 1867.  Joseph Hodgson vs John Carringer, Adm. of Andrew Millsaps and the Heirs.  Hodgson of Blount Co.  Andrew Millsaps' heirs: widow Rebecca and Henry S., William, Joseph, Houston, Bartlett, and Andrew Millsaps.  Dec 1867: Hodgson has died since last Court, and Millsaps' widow Rebecca has married John Carringer, the Adm.


No.202)  Filed 29 Mar 1867. Joseph Brakebill vs Frederic Dean et al.  On night of 18 Mar 1867 Brakebill had barn, stock, corn etc. all worth about $2000 wilfully and maliciously burned by Frederic Dean then of Monroe Co. Douthet Axley is son-in-law of Dean.  Jun 1870: Death of Dean is proven and suit revived against widow Elizabeth and Elizabeth, Martha, Polly A., Tennessee, G.C. and Jehu Dean, Eliza J. Axley and husband S.D. Axley, heirs, all nonresidents except the Axleys.  Publication made in the Sweetwater Enterprise. Dean was arrested for the arson but fled out of State.  21 Sep 1869: depositions to be taken in Dallas, Texas of Elizabeth, Martha, and Polly Dean, and of Elizabeth Dean.


No.203) George W. Alexander vs Evaline Temple & others. * (You’ll have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.204)  Filed about 16 Mar 1867.  John Stillwell vs Jordan Carden.  Jordan son of Larkin Carden who died winter of 1866.


No.205)  Filed April 1867.  Thomas G. Boyd, Adm. of Joseph C. Boyd vs B.C. Pettitt and wife and others.  Joseph C. Boyd died June 1863 unmarried without issue, leaving father Joseph (and mother?) and brothers and sisters.  1. Mary Ann wife of Randolph Ross of Ga.  2. Andrew L. Boyd of Ga. 3. Elizabeth Jane wife of B.C. Pettitt- Monroe 4. Nancy A. wife of John C. Vaughn of Ga. 5. Caroline M. wife of James M. Charles of McMinn 6. Albin A. Boyd of Monroe Co. 7. Thomas G. Boyd of Monroe Co.  1869: Thomas G. Boyd, 27, says that bro. Joseph C. made his last Will at Vicksburg, Miss. in Spring of 1863; Will not probated because it was destroyed by robbers during the War, as he understood from his mother in whose possession it had been left.  1869: wit. Margaret Boyd, 63.


No.206)  Filed about 6 Apr. 1867.  John L. Cline, Adm. with Will annexed of Alfred B. Clift vs Jacob Hefner, Elisha Tallent Adm. of C.H. Clift, B.D. Clift, and Arch Mason.  Alfred B. Clift died Jul 1862 testate Monroe Co.; C.H. Clift was Exec.  C.H. Clift died intestate in Fall of 1864 and Elisha Tallent is Adm.  Nov 1871: Cause revived against A.D. McLemore, Adm. of B.D. Clift dec'd.  Will of Alfred B. Clift; exec. 8 Jul 1862; to two children left by 1st wife, James Monroe and Polly Ann, minors; to wife Nancy Caroline; to children by wife Nancy Caroline, viz, Hugh Peeler Margaret Matilda Nancy Jane and Missouri Adaline (no punc.), all minors; Execs: bro. Cyrus H. Clift; Wit: E.E. Griffith, Jacob Sheets.  1872: Amended Bill: widow Nancy C. now Cline of Mo.: Polly A. wife of T.B. Ross of Monroe Co.; other children all of Mo.


No.207) Filed 10 Apr 1867.  Hugh D. Chesnutt, Adm. of Wm. Reynolds vs F.H. Gregory and wife and others.   Wm. Reynolds died Monroe Co. intestate about 15 Jun 1862.  Leaving no widow or issue.  Bros. and sisters: 1. Martha wife of F.H. Gregory of Monroe Co. 2. Jackson Reynolds dec'd whose children are William, Lucy wife of J.Vance, and Martha wife of J.R. Landers, all of Hawkins Co. but Wm. is not found there, has gone to Mo., Medaley P.O. 3. Green Reynolds dec'd; whose children are Hugh C., Wm. R., and Lucy Jane wife of Benj. Glaze, all of McMinn Co. 4. Nancy dec'd wife of ____ Long, whose children are a. John Long b. Carroll Long, c. Wm. Long d. Mary H. wife of Wm. Shugart e. Nancy wife of Henderson Stephenson (Stinso:)  all above of McMinn Co. f. A.G. Long of Bradley Co. g. Lucy wife of J. Goodner of Bradley Co. h. Rufus Long of Va. 5. Zilpha dec'd wife of ____ Brown whose children are a. Wm. Brown of Polk Co. b. Nancy Jane Brown of Polk Co. c. James R. Brown of Morgan Co. d. A.J. Brown of McMinn Co. e. George Brown a nonresident. 6. Robert L. Reynolds a nonresident. 7. Hannah Long- McMinn Co. 8. George Long -McMinn Co.  1867: Hugh Chestnutt is Adm. de bonis non of Wm. Reynolds whose Adms. have been first Geo Reynolds, then Hugh D., then Hugh.


No.208)  Filed 10 Apr 1867.  John W. Brooks vs Wesley Wright and the Ky. & Tenn. Oil, Salt, Mining & Mgf. Co.  Wright of Ky.


No.209)  Filed 19 Apr 1867.  Mary Ann Leslie vs Anna Leslie et al.  James Leslie died intestate in Spring of 1855 leaving widow Anna and children; 1. Mary J. wife of G.W. Williams Monroe Co. 2. A.A. wife of Griffin Lee of Monroe Co. 3. Wm. L. Leslie of Monroe Co. 4. Andrew M. Leslie of Monroe Co. 5. Jesse Leslie of Monroe Co. 6. Thomas P. Leslie of Ill. 7. John E. Leslie of Oregeon.  Mary Ann, the Complainant, is a sister to James dec'd; James bought land for her in his name.


No.210) Filed 20 Apr 1867.  J.H. Worthy, Gdn. of James A. Lillard vs James A. Lillard.  James A. Lillard an inmate of lunatic asylum in Davidson Co.; petition to sell land to pay debts; sale necessary for support and education of minor daughter, 8 or 9 in 1868, of said James A.


No.211)  Filed 23 Apr 1867.  David J. Marshall vs Nancy A. Marshall.  Petition for Divorce and custody of children, Paralee, ll, and Rutha E., 8.  Two years ago Nancy absconded and went to Ohio.  David is informed that Nancy before leaving Monroe Co. contracted to marry a soldier in Fed. Army name unknown, and she took the two children, minors, and left in direction of Nashville and some time afterwards the children were taken up in Nashville by Daughters of Charity under whose care they still remain.  Nancy forced the children from his possession by aid of armed soldiers.  Petition is granted.


No.212)  Filed 29 Apr 1867.  Newton Bogart vs A.W. Cozart et al. Business.


No.214)  Filed 1 May 1867.  Frank Anderson vs Mary K. Parker.  Barclay McGhee died testate before July 1864 leaving widow Mary K. now widow of Wm. Parker, and children: Ann, Lavina, and John minors of Monroe Co., Bettie wife of Layfayette Johnston of Roane Co., and Maggie wife of Chas. C. Jones of Monroe Co.  Anderson was employed to manage of the farms.  Parker was in Rebel Army.


No.215)  Filed 22 May 1867.  M.H. Stephens vs Wm. A. Upton.  Dismissed Jun 1867.  Stephens of Ga.  They were in partnership in Morganton before 1854.


No.216)  Filed 22 May 1867.  Charles McDaniel and John C. McSpadden, Gdn. of George McDaniel, minor vs B.J. Harrill, Adm. of Charles McDaniel, and Solomon Wilson and Berry W. Slaten.  All thru suit the name McDaniel but Chas., jr., signs his name as Chas. A. McDonald.  All of Monroe Co.  Charles McDaniel now dead was Gdn. of Charles and George McDaniel;  Charles has come of age.  Charles (Sr) died 19 Feb 1863 intestate.  1868: wit. Allen McDaniel, 64, says Chas. Sr. was Gdn.  for two boys about 14 years from 1849 to 1862; the two boys get pension money from US as minor heirs of Gates McDaniel dec'd.  1869: Wm. Sitzler, 56, says Charles (Jr.) lived with him from about 1849 until he (Chas. Jr.) went into Army in 1861; he (Wm.) married his present wife 22 Apr 1849; wit. Elizabeth Sitzler 43, wife of Wm.; her former husband has been dead more than 2 years when she married Wm.;  she drew pension before her marriage to Sitzler.


No.217)  Filed 22 May 1867.  David Cunningham, Adm. of Moses Cunningham vs Alfred Cunningham.  David dismisses suit, which concerns notes and land.  Moses Cunningham died about 1857 in Blount Co. at home of son Alfred.  Son David of Monroe Co. is ____.  Also had a son John dec'd of Mo. and son Claiborne who had large family.  Alfred and Moses arranged to let Claiborne have note to assist him in moving West where land was cheap.


No.218) George W. & James R. Henley vs James & Robert K. Cliborne. * (You’ll have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.219)  Filed 24 may 1867.  M.H. Stephens and wife Mary vs William A. Upton and James W. Kelso.  William S. Blair Sr. died leaving widow who then married Wm. A. Upton, and six children; 1. William S. who d. intestate without having been married 2. Margaret Upton 3. Bettie Gaines 4. Martha wife of John C. Montgomery 5. James M. 6. Mary wife of M.H. Stephens of Ga.  One witness says Wm. S. Blair died about 1848 (but which Wm.?)  Dec 1869: Death of James W. Kelso is admitted.  In 1862-3 the crops on farm were consumed by Confederate Army, in 1864 Upton was absent from the country, in 1865 farm was seized by U.S.  Upton let Mary Stephens have a horse to go to Americus, Ga.


No.220) Filed 3 Jun 1867.  Thomas F. Carter, Adm. of Wm. Carter vs Susan Carter et al.  Thomas F. Carter of Roane Co. Wm. Carter, who had been of unsound mind since 1863, died Monroe Co. 16 Mar 1867 intestate; left widow Susan of Monroe Co. and children; 1. Randolph of Monroe Co.; his wife Elizabeth, 44 in 1869 2. Nancy widow of W.D. Wilson of Monroe Co. 3. Martha dec'd wife of John Henderson Lenonard; she left minors Anderson, Thomas, Jane, and David Leonard all of Monroe Co. 4. Jackson of Roane Co., 52 in 1870 5. W.A. of Tell Co., Ark. 6. Calvin of Howard Co. Ind. 7. Martin dec'd, whose child is Nancy J. a minor of Overton Co.    The "Union Pilot" is a newspaper published at Loudon.  Thomas F. is "Uncle Thomas" to Jackson Carter.


No.221) Filed 3 Jun 1867.  Elihu J. Mumford, Adm. with Will annexed of Elisha Johnson vs Mary Ann Payne et al.  John F. Payne died 19 Oct 1863 Monroe Co. intestate; left widow Mary Ann and children:  George W., John H., Lemeul D., James W. (22 in 1868),  Mary Jane wife of Newton Hamilton, Loyd L., Malinda A., Susan P.; last three minors.  Payne owed Johnson.  1868: witness B.F. Payne 35 is bro. to John F. 1869: Petition of Susannah H.M. Bryson, Adm. of Goldman Bryson; Payne owed Bryson. Presley Payne is dead.


No.222) Filed 12 Jun 1867.  Also see #227 and #477.  Robert Kitrell et al vs Thomas Henley et al.  Half of papers too fragile to read.  The children of Arthur H. Henley Sr., who died before his son A.H. Jr. are: 1.Sarah H. Williamson 2. David Henley, died without issue 3. Elizabeth M. McGhee dec'd whose only child is Elizabeth M. McGhee wife of J.L. Johnston of Roane Co. 4. Mary K. Parker 5. Alexander S. Henley 6. Wm. A. Henley 7. Ann E. Parshall 8. Arthur H. Henley Jr. who died fall of 1863, unmarried, without issue; he was in Rebel Army 9. Thomas Henley 10. Samuel Henley 11. Lavinia W. wife of John O. Cannon 12. Charles F. Henley of Abbeville Dist., S.C.  By time land was divided Arthur J. Jr. and David dead and land was divided among 10 heirs. Guilford Cannon Adm. with Will annexed of Mrs. S.J.E. Henley who was Creditor of A.H. Henley Jr. 1874: Z.L. Hicks widow of G.M. Hicks is due his Atty. fees.  1872: M.M. Tipton, Loudon Co., is Adm. of John Rider dec'd who was also creditor.  Dec 1872: Mrs. Mary K. Parker, Loudon says bro. Arthur left gold with Elizabeth McGhee now Johnston in 1864, Arthur thought she and Mary K. might be robbed and Elizabeth had some influence with those in power.


No.223) Filed 12 Jun 1867.  Elihu J. Mumford, Adm. of Elisha Johnson et al vs Susan Hankins et al.  Filed contains two Wills.  Debt.  Will of John Hankins; exec. 3 Sep 1856; wife Susan and sons Bird P. and Nuten Cannon Hankins, his home place on Notchey Creek; his old place to same but at death of wife to be divided between sons Edward and Jonathan M. and daughters Anne Stephens and Malissa Broom; other children already given land; Execs; Joseph Divine and Bird P. Hankins; sons Bird P. and N. Cannon Hankins to care for wife; wit: John Wilkins, Joseph Divine, Wm. K. Morgan, M. Raper. Copy made 11 June 1867.  Will of C.N. Hankins: made 27 Apr 1863; to mother Susannah during her life and then to bros. and sisters; wit: M.M. Young, A.L. Carson.  Copy made 11 Jun 1867. Signed C.N. Hankins but on outside is "Will of Nuton Cannon Hankins".  C.N. Hankins died 1864 unmarried and without issue, and bro. E.E. was Adm. Bro. E.E. died 9 Dec 1866 without taking any steps to wind up estate.  C.N. owned undivided interest in lands of father John jointly with mother Susan and B.P.; Susan Hankins says that up to 1864 when the Home Guards carried property away belonging to B.P. at her house, there was sufficient to pay all debts, C.N. Hankins' heirs; mother Susan, bros. & sisters: 1. bro. E.E. who died intestate leaving children Amelia, Saphronia, Martha, Rufus, John, Alice R., Nancy C., and Ed. L., all minors except first two. 2. Bird P. Hankins a nonresident 3. Amelia wife of Allen Broom 4. Phebe wife of James Wilson of Rhea Co.  By 26 Nov 1867 Phebe has died leaving Elizabeth wife of Isaac B. Honeycutt, Jane wife of Bart Craig, John, Nancy, and James Wilson Jr., Last two being minors. By Jan 1869 Nancy Wilson has married John Ball. 5. Anne Stephens dec'd, whose children are John, Mary wife of James Love, Susan wife of W.R. Dean, Margaret Birchfield, and Cynthia, Cassandra, Jane and Newton Stephens, last four minors. 6. J.M. Hankins dec'd whose only child is William Hankins of Meigs Co.


No.224)  Filed 12 Jun 1867.  Wm. Burris Adm. of Joseph Divine  vs Jonathan Thomas et al.  On 13 Sep 1864 Joseph Divine commenced suit of attachment on Monroe Circt. Ct. against Thomas; levied on land and also a garnishment issued to Thomas Arp.  Before Aug. term 1865 Divine was captured and assissinated by Rebel raiders and Thomas Arp was captured, carried away, and died so garnishment was never answered.  Thomas Arp left heirs Emaline, Laurintha E., James, Tennessee, and Thomas Arp, minors.  Alfred Arp is Adm. of Thos.  Jonathan Thomas is nonresident.


No.225) Filed 13 Jun 1867.  Johnston W. Howard vs Thomas and Samuel Henley et al. Defendants are Henleys as given in No.222.  Ann E. Henley died intestate Monroe Co. leaving defendants as heirs.  Suit for collection of note of Ann E.


No.226) Filed 14 Jun 1867.  Stakely & Co. vs Amanda, George, and Charles Strickland.  James F. Strickland made note 1 Jan 1862 and afterwards died intestate leaving widow Amanda and minors George and Charles his only children.


No.227) Filed 20 Jun 1867. John and James Griffitts vs Thomas Henley et al.  File contains copy of Will of Arthur Henley Sr.  Will; of Monroe Co., age 67, being subject of a lingering disorder; landed property to be kept undivided until yougest child comes of age; farm where I live to be kept as homestead for wife Ann Evalina and Younger children at control of wife; six elder children, Sarah, David, Elizabeth, Mary, Alexander, and William; younger children to be educated as older ones were; given  to daughter Sarah at her marriage to John R. Williams; daughters Elizabeth M. McGhee and Mary K. McGhee evidently gone to school at Tuscumbia, Ala; remaining younger children Ann Evalina, Arthur H., Thomas, Samuel, Lavinia W., and Charles R.; Execs; wife Ann Evelina and sons David and Alex. S.; exec. 10 Feb 1849; wit. E. Johnson, A.B. Howard, Jeremier Skidmore.  Copy made 14 Dec 1867.  Case still in Court 1878.  Family of A.H. Henley same as in No.222 Thomas and Samuel Henley are nonresidents.  Charles F. of Abbeville Dist. S.C.  Sallie H. Williamson answers Orig. Bill Mar 1868 but before copy of Amended Bill, Oct 1869, could be served on her, she had died leaving Henley Williamson of Blount Co., Thomas Williamson residence unknown, and Ann E. wife of Thomas H. Russell of Knox. Co. her only children; her death suggested at June Court 1869.


No.228) Filed 29 Jun 1867.  John L. Cline Adm. with Will annexed of A.B. Clift vs Joseph Johnston et al.  File contains copy of Will of A.B. Clift (which is also another suit and we have copy)  Alfred B. Clift died summer of 1862 Monroe Co. testate, naming C.H. Clift as Exec. Said C.H. died and Cline was named Adm. Jan 1867.  A.B. Clift left widow Nancy C. now wife of Complainant John L. Cline  but they are seperated and living apart, and children; Polly A. wife of T.B. Ross, and James M., Hugh P., Margaret M., Nancy J., and Missouri A. Clift all minors except Polly A. 1868: John T.M. Haire of Oglethorpe Co. Ga. is Creditor.


No.229) Filed 22 Jul 1867.  Joseph Upton and Samuel Grigsby vs Mary A. Ross et al.  N.J. Spillman died 1858 intestate Monroe Co.; left widow Mary A. now wife of Randolph Ross, and children Fannie J. wife of E.M. Grant (who answer from Thompkins Co., N.Y.), William Spillman 20, of Monroe Co., Texie Spillman 18, Amelia Spillman 14, and Ella Spillman 12, nonresidents. Upton was Gdn. and Mary A. Ross also nonresident. Mary A. Ross, Texie, Amelia and Ella answer from Clarke Co., Ga.


No.230) Filed 29 Jul 1867.  M.B. Goddard, Adm. of John R. Orr, and Aquilla Cunningham vs Robert C. Rowan et al.  Rowan's notes for land unpaid. Goddard of Monroe Co. Aquilia Cunningham of Texas. Robert C. Rowan of Georgia.  Exhibit A. is Circt. Ct. Case 17 Sep 1859, Joseph Walker and Robt. Cunningham, Adms. of Joseph Cunningham, Hastin Cunningham, John R. and Edith Orr, John, Joseph, Caswell T., and David Hightower, Robert and Narcissa Harrell, Phebe, Eliza, Anne J., Sarah L., and James J. Hightower, Sampson and John C. Stephens,  John and E.O. Ferguson, John H., Joseph H., Mary H., Sarah M., Nancy J., John M., Lodusca C., and Mahala H. Cunningham, and Sarah Cunningham widow of Jehu Cunningham vs William and Hardin Cunningham, Solomon, Nancy, Marha L., Neary A., Bersheba, Mahala, Louisa J., and Hasten Horton, Riley and Sarah M. Shamely, John, Sophia, John (twice), and Mary Newcomb, Joseph and Louisa Rodgers, Hardin, Mathew, Equilla, Terry, Henry M., Elizabeth, James H., William, Sarah A., and Mahala Cunningham, G.A. Gowen Exec of Wm. Cunningham, Mahala C. and Matilda C. Brook, and Eliza Lawson.  All parties are heirs of Joseph Cunningham.


No.231) Filed 2 Aug 1867.  Elijah Walker et al vs S.J. Rowan and Robert Carter.  Walker of Blount Co. Rowan answers from McLennan Co., Texas.


No. 232) Filed 3 Aug. 1867.  Hamilton Pearce, Adm. of Wm. Borden vs Lyman W. Ayer et al.  Pearce of McMinn Co.  Borden sold lot in Phila. to Ayer who is now a nonresident.


No. 234) Filed 9 Sept 1867.  Abijah Fowler vs L.D. Alexander.  Alexander of Sevier Co. and Fowler of Monroe Co. are bros-in-law.


No. 235) Filed 11 Sep. 1867.  J.H. Johnston et al. vs Elizabeth C. Russell et al.  Petition to sell land, subject to widow's dower.  James H. Johnston Sr. died intestate Monroe Co. December 1864; children: 1. James H. Monroe Co. 2. John H. Monroe Co. 3. Elizabeth C. wife of Hamilton Russell- Bradley Co. 4. Nancy Clarissa wife of Lawrence Forkner Jr. of Monroe Co. 5. Sarah M. minor of Monroe Co. over 14. 6. Columbus M. minor of Monroe Co. over 14 7. Mary A. dec'd before her father, wife of Joseph L. Abernathy of Rhea Co.; her children are Nancy A. and Mary E. Abernathy minors under 14, of Rhea Co.  Dec 1867: Division of lands by Commissioners: widow of J.H. is now wife of Emphraim Sawtell.


No.236) Filed 11 Sep 1867.  A.C. Humphreys vs John J. Humphreys.  Debt. John J. a nonresident.  Dec 1870: death of John J. proven and suit revived against widow Sarah of Hamilton Co. and brothers and sisters (John J. had no children); 1. Anna Stephens dec'd whose children are a. Henry b. John c. Isaac d. Thomas Jefferson e. Margaret McLendon f. Frelinghuyson g. Washington dec'd whose 6 children are Mary A., Sarah G., John B., Lillie L., Wm. W., Henry C. Stephens h. Sarah Wiley dec'd whose only child is Anna Wiley of Ala. a minor. 2. Nathaniel Humphreys dec'd; a. Moses b. Eliza Jane wife of J. Washington Milligan c. Sarah Harrison d. John J.  e. Washington f. Alfred g. Margaret h. Joshua Job i. Emelina wife of Wm. Chandler of Wisconsin 3. David Humphreys of Monroe Co. 4. Emeline wife of Harrison Plumley -McMinn Co.  By Act of Leg. Chancery at Madisonville has been abolished and removed to Athens. A.C. and old man and sick. 


No.237) Filed 14 Sep 1867.  George Brown vs James Forshee.  Forshee, a nonresident, owes Brown for defending him on an indictment of robbery; Forshee broke jail.


No.239) Filed 19 Sep 1867.  Stephen P. Hale vs David and Mahala C. Cunningham.  Mahala daughter of David and lives with him.  Hale sued David in Circ. Ct. for maliciously destroying his property in Oct 1863. 


No.240)  Filed 20 Sep 1867.  D.W. Lattimore et al vs George Gurley et al.  Debt.  Calvin A. Gurley died 1863 intestate Monroe Co. leaving widow Martha and children Josephine, Texanna, Daniel, Charles, Sallie, and Calvin Gurley all of Blount Co. and George Gurley a nonresident, all minors.  Complainants are all creditors.  Calvin A. Gurley was Gdn. of Adeline, Nancy, and Margaret Gentry, heirs of David Gentry who was heir of Allen D. Gentry who was heir of Allen D. Gentry; witness E.C. Hawkins' wife is daughter of Allen D. Gentry.  Letter 1873, Limestone Co., Ala., from S.J. Roddy to Calvin Harrison.  P of A., Dec 1867, Macon Co. N.C. from Andrew McDonnell and wife Adaline and Asa Mullins and wife Nancy to E.C. Hawkins;  Adaline and Nancy heirs of David Gentry.  Martin Gurley the widow died 14 Oct 1867.  Margaret Gentry dau. of David is wife of Wm. White.  1876: receipt from Gurley heirs; Josephine E. Thompson, M.T. Kerr, G.L., D.C. and S.A. Gurley.