No.241) Filed 21 Sep 1867. Andrew W. Torbett vs S.A. McDermott et al.  Jane E. McDermott, widow of Col. Wm. P.H. McDermott died intestate 1862 and left children:  S.A. who Adm.., John M., Louisa A., Penelope wife of James B. Cooke, Inez, and Julia McDermott, last two minors.  S.A. McDermott and his sec. on his Adm. Bond, G.P. Carmichael are both insolvent and the other sec. Benj. F. Barksdale, left the State during the late Civil War and is Wilkes Co., Ga.  In 1866 Torbett revoered judg. which is still unpaid.  1871: Fildelia A. Stephens, widow of W.W. Stephens, and his Adm. is also a Creditor.  Jane E. McDermott was only dau. of Thomas Henderson.  Federal Troops took all stock, crops, etc of farm of Jane E. on Tellico;  S.A. McDermott calls them Sherman's Army; all McDermott children live Chattanooga except S.A. and John M. who live at old home.


No.242) Filed 20 Sep 1867.  James A. Wright and wife Letitia Jane vs James Lackey and wife Josie et al.  Will of Josiah K. Johnston in file.  Josiah K. Johnston died Monroe Co. 1862 testate: David A. Browder is Adm. with Will annexed.  Widow Clarissa died 1864 Monroe Co. intestate.  Josiah K. had 6 children:  1. Letitia Jane, one of older children, wife of James A. Wright of Ga. She has 4 children, Josiah K., Nannie W., Benj. P., and Dicky G., all minors and her husband has one child by former wife and asks that funds be put in her name. 2. Sophia wife of Archd. Bacome- Monroe Co. 3. Nancy Prater Johnston dec'd wife of Wm.E. Sneed a. Willie Prater Sneed, minor of Monroe Co. 4. Caladonia E. 27 in 1869, wife of Henry C. Peak of Callatin Co., Ky.  She was 19 and unmarried at death of father. 5. Josie C. 24 in 1869, wife of Dr. James B. Lackey, Blount Co. By 1877 she is Mrs. Josie Holton or Holston 6. Susie Johnston, a minor who died Aug 1867 in Monroe Co., unmarried and without issue Dec 1872: deaths of James A. Wright and James A. Coffin both admitted.  Dec 1874: witness Saml. H. Dickey, bro-in-law of James A. Wright, at Sulphur Springs, Rhea Co. says J.A. Wright at close of War was living in Macon, removed to Atlanta where he was declared bankrupt, and removed to Little Rock Ark. where he died.  He had farm in Hamilton Co. where he lived before he moved to Ga.  Nov 1874: witness James Prater 52, says Willie Prater Sneed was born about 1853.  Witness Josie C. Lackey says Willie Prater was born 31 Dec 1853 and his mother died same day, and he remained in Johnston family until they broke up housekeeping 12 Oct 1865.  May 1874: witness David Cleage, 66, says that during War J.A. Wright moved to Tyner's Station and went to Macon Ga. in 1863 where he was engaged in a large distillery, and was bankrupt in 1870.  J.A. died 1872.


No.243) Filed 30 Sep 1867.  Richard F. Crowder vs Nancy Crowder.  Petition for divorce.  Richard F. Crowder married Nancy Burchfield in Monroe Co. Aug 1863; In Sep 1863 he enlisted in U.S. Army for 2 yrs. and was at home on visit to Nancy in Sep 1864; he was honorably discharged Sep, 1865 and on returning home, found that Nancy had gone off with Robert Powell and has not been heard from since.


No.245) Filed 12 Oct 1867. Edwin Hall, Adm. of Patrick T. Trotter vs Heirs of P.T. Trotter dec'd.  Patrick T. Trotter died Monroe Co. 1864 unmarried and intestate leaving bros. and sister; 1. Emily M. wife of F.D. Blankenship- Monroe Co. 2. Nancy Moore dec'd whos children are a. Mary Ann White b. Elizabeth Jane White c. Mahala A. Moore d. Thomas Moore e. John T. Moore all of Monroe Co. 3. John Trotter-Missouri 4. T.L.D. Trotter dec'd whose children are a. Isaac b. Mary A. c. John d. Elizabeth e. Charles all minors of Ga. 5. Elizabeth wife of Wm. H. Findley- of Ga.


No.246) Filed 16 Oct 1867.  Isam J. Lunsford vs Elizabeth Lunsford.  Petition for Divorce.  Elizabeth of McMinn Co.  They married Monroe Co. 29 Apr 1865.  He charges adultery with Thos. Kirlby and others, and divorce granted 11 Jun 1869.  Nov. 1868: witnesses Wm. Shoat, 36, in Marshall, Madison Co., N.C., and wife Rachel J. Shoat, 21, lived in Monroe Co. and testify that they saw Elizabeth in adulterous acts.


No.247)  Filed 21 Oct 1867.  Anderson Hawkins and wife E.A. and David B.S. Allen vs Henderson Allen, S.M. Haun, John Bell, et al.  Thomas J. Allen died Aug 1866 intestate leaving widow Renah Allen and children; 1. E.A. wife of Anderson Hawkins- Monroe Co. 2. David B.S. Allen- Monroe Co. 3. Henderson Allen-minor Monroe Co. 4. Eliza J. dec'd wife of____ Bell whose children are Mary A., Silias, Ann Eliza and T.J.A. Bell, all minors of Monroe Co.


No.248) Filed 29 Oct 1867.  Thomas J. Lewis vs Althea Lewis.  Petition for Divorce.  Althea a nonresident.  Thomas Lewis and Althea Waldroop married Cherokee Co. N.C. 22 Oct 1850.  In Mar 1864 Thomas moved to Tenn. and she refused to remove and in Aug 1865 was caught in act of adultry.


No.250) Filed 5 Nov 1867.  Arch. Mason, Adm. of James Mason et al vs Anderson W. Mason et al.  James Mason died July 1867 Monroe Co.; widow Hepsaby and children; 1. Arch. of Monroe Co. 2. Rufus of Monroe Co. 3. John of Monroe Co. 4. Anderson of Iowa 5. James of Ill. 6. William- residence unknown 7. Mary Campbell, dec'd whose children are James, Arch. S., and William minors of Iowa, and Joseph P. Campbell dec'd who has infant in Iowa. 8. Hulda Mathis, dec'd whose children are a. Elizabeth wife of S.H. Hicks- Monroe Co. b. Louiza wife of Thomas Webb c. Mary Jane York dec'd whose children are Wm. C. and Emeline York, minors of Bradley Co. d. Wm. Mathis dec'd whose children are Mary Jane and Cornelia A. minors of Bradley Co.


No.252) Filed 16 Nov 1867.  Jospeh S. Dickson vs John W. Stratton.  Both of Monroe. Business.  Strutton a gallant officer in the so called Confederate Army "gallant as any who wore the gray".  Oct. 1868: James Kirkland, dec'd, was father of Christopher Kirkland.


No.253)  Filed 2 Dec 1867.  Elizabeth Clark, Exec. of Lewis Clark vs Caswell Hall.  Elizabeth of Hall Co., Ga. Lewis Clark died Hall Co. Ga. 1842 testate. Eliz. his widow is daughter of Elizabeth Ingram who married John Hall late of Monroe Co. about 1827; Hall owed Clark;  By 1862 Hall was quite old and Complainant's mother had died without having any children by John Hall.  Elizabeth Clark authorized her son W.J. Clark to proceed from Ga. to Tenn. to collect said debt and John Hall gave note.  Aug 1867; John Hall died intestate at age of 82 or 83; his bro. is Caswell Hall.


No.254)             J.S. Bonham vs Kentucky and Tenn. Oil, Salt, Mining,& Mfg. Co., J.W. Thompson, John R. Gaines, and M.J. Bulger.  Bonham of Blount Co. put money in Co.  May 1872, notice to Bonahm says he has been gone to Mo. for some time- he lived at Louisville, Tenn.


No.256) Filed 28 Dec 1867.  W.H. Clemmer vs J.P. and John Moser. Debt.


No.257)  Filed 1 Jan 1868.  Tenn. Hospital for the Insane vs Martha E. Stephens et al.  Martha E. Stephens, widow of Henry H. Stephens, has been an inmate for last 15 or 20 years as a pay patient.  Henry H. died about 1858 or 1859 insolvent.  Jacob Baker, father of Martha E., died intestate Oct 1852 and Martha entitled to 1/7 of his estate.  1. Dec 1893: Martha E. died in said hospital near Nashville on 11 Sep 1893 and was buried in their cemetery 12 Sep 1893.  Martha E. has two children: Wm. B. Stephens an Atty.  of Madisonville, and Mary E. who by June 1873 has married E.E. Tedford. 

No.258)  Filed 1 Jan 1868.  Briant & Richmond vs Thomas J. Lee and wife Eliza Catharine, Rhoda Smith, J.R. Leonard and Larkin Webb, Adms. of Robert Eakin, and J.C. Boring.  Jacob C. Boring absconds, owes note to complits. of McMinn Co. Rhoda Smith, near 79 in 1868, recovered judg. before her son Dennis S. Smith a J.P. Eliza Catherine Lee is daughter of Robt. Eakin Dec'd and Boring purchased her interest.  Mary E. is wife of Jacob C. Boring.  Jacob Boring was wanted for murder, was taken to jail at Athens, but escaped.  Wm. Webb, 37 in 1868, is bro-in-law to Jacob C. Boring.


No.259) Filed 6 Jan 1869.  James Brannum vs Wellington Palmer. Palmer of Ohio.


No.260)  Filed 13 Jan 1868. Elizabeth Taylor by next friend Thomas D. Taylor vs Elika A. Taylor.  File contains copy of Will of James Mayes.  Elizabeth Mayes, daughter of James Mayes, married Elika A. in Grainger Co. about 30 Mar 1830 and she is still his wife.  About 17 Mar 1842 James Mayes died Grainger Co. testate: Henry Mayes, Elika A. Taylor, and Daniel C. Carmichael were Adms., who filed suit for sale of lands.  Elizabeth was not made party to suit and deed to their farm in Monroe and McMinn Co. was made to Elika A. alone.   She wants it in her name.  Nuncupative Will of James Mayes, made to Alfred H. Tarr and Hugh W. Taylor, 17 Sep 1842; equal div. among children; borrowed money from Ethelred Williams for son Wm.., Elika A. and wife Elizabeth are living on his land in Monroe and McMinn Co.  James Mayes left widow Jane who marries Reubin Groves, and 8 children; William Mayes, Martha wife of J.J. Bell, Mary wife of Robt. S. Turley or Farley, James Mayes, Henry Mayes, Thomas Mayes, Eliza Mayes last 3 minors, and Elizabeth wife of Elika A. Taylor.  22 May 1868; Clerk & Master at Tazewell certifies that all his records up to 1863 have been destroyed.


No.261)  Filed 23 Jan 1868.  William Kerr and J.M. King vs J.A. Kimbrough et al.  King of McMinn Co.   Wm. I. Kimbrough died intestate unmarried leaving mother Judith M. who has since died, and bro. J.A. of Ga., sisters Nancy W. wife of John Honeycutt, Mary D. wife of Henry Henderson, and Elizabeth C. Kimbrough all of Monroe Co.  Wm. I. held 1/6 int. in land known as Rocky Spring Farm with his bro., sisters, and mother, Publication to be made in Sweetwater Forerunner.


No.262)  Filed 23 Jan 1868.  John G. Peace vs James Denton et al.  In May 1867 Denton entered into contract for brick work for a Court House, and Peace entered into partnership with him.


No.263)  Filed 23 Jan 1868.  C.T. Dunham surviving partner of Dunham, Taft, & Co. vs James Denton, Wm. A. or Coon Denton, et al. Debt. Wm. A. or Coon of Polk Co.


No.264) Filed 25 Jan 1868. Nathaniel Watson vs William Dyer et al.  Watson of N.C. claims he bought land on Ball Play Creek in 1839 or 1840 from Enos C. Hooper and lived there until summer of 1864 when his house was burnt by band of lawless men and he was compelled to leave to avoid violence; he had made deed in name of his bro-in-law Jehu A. Stephens.  Jehu denies Watson owned land, that land was paid for by him.  Prior L. Watson, son of Nathaniel is dead by 1865.  Witness J.M. Roane in Macon Co., N.C., 45 in 1873, is son-in-law of Nathl. Watson.  1873, witness E.C. Hooper of Graham Co., N.C. 1873, witness Thos. Hensley, 65, married sister of Maj. Nat Watson.


No.265)  Filed 25 Jan 1868.  William Burris, Adm. of Joseph Devine vs Nancy Devine et al.  Joseph Devine died early in 1865 Monroe Co. intestate leaving widow Nancy and children;  Mary J. Pearson, James Devine, Jacob Devine, Martha wife of James Yates, Margaret Devine, Julia Devine and Lucinda wife of T.J. Burris Jr., all of Monroe Co. and last 5 minors.  Pro rata payment of debts.


No.266) Filed 15 Feb 1868.  G.L. Henderson, Exec. of Samuel Henderson vs Amanda M.L. Henderson et al.  Samuel Henderson of Monroe Co. died 8 Mar 1867 testate.  William Henderson dec'd was his son and William's wife is Amanda M.I. and their children are Saml. L., nonresident, Henry C. and Amanda Maria of Monroe Co., William T. and Catharine N., minors of Monroe Co., John H. of McMinn Co., and Caroline M. wife of H. Douglas Long of McMinn Co. 1869: witness O.C. Henderson, son of Samuel dec'd and bro. of John C. Henderson.  20 Jan. 1870: Heirs of Samuel Henderson signing Compromise are: J.C. Henderson, O.C. Henderson, H.B. Henderson, S. Beard, M.B. Beard, G.L. Henderson, R.M. Henderson, Rebecca C. Morris, A.M.L. Henderson and (her 7 heirs as given above).


No.267) Filed 16 Mar 1869.  James Atkins vs B.J. Rowan et al.  Atkins of Washington Co., Va.  Rowan a nonresident.  Concerns sale of house in Sweetwater.


No.268)  Filed 21 Mar 1868.  Mary K. Parker, Admx. with Will annexed of B. McGhee vs W.W. and Isaac Stephens.  Suing on note.  Paper too fragile to handle.


No.269) Filed 8 Apr. 1868).  J. Harvey Johnston et al vs Ephraim Sawtell and wife Elizabeth.   has since married Ephraim Sawtell and children; 1. John H. Johnston of Monroe Co. 2. J. Harvey Johnston of Monroe Co. 3. Sallie M. Johnston minor of Monroe Co. 4. Columbus M. Johnston minor of Monroe Co. 5. Clara wife of Lawrence Forkner of Monroe Co. 6. E.C. wife of H.B. Russell of Texas 7. Mary A. Abernathy dec'd whose minor children are Allie and Ethel Abernathy of Rhea Co., with Joseph D. Abernathy as Gdn.  Petition to prevent Sawtell from cutting timber and shade trees on dower land of wife, known as land of Frank Johnston.


No.270) Filed 27 Apr. 1868. Richard Ten Broeck vs A.L. Rogers.  Ten Broeck of Ky.  Debt.


No.272) Filed 29 Apr 1868.  J.G. Click vs Joseph W. Dunn. Debt.


No.273) Filed about 1 May 1868.  Charles W. Hicks, Adm. of Joseph F. Allison vs James H. Scott et al.  Joseph F. Allison died 1863 intestate leaving widow Penelope G. and only children Elizabeth, Robert, and Franklin, minors.  Allison and Scott in partnership in farming.  


No.274) Filed 6 Jun 1868. Frank K. Berry and Sidney G. Cleveland, Adms. of Robert R. Cleveland vs W.N.B. Jones.  Robert R. Cleveland died 7 Apr 1868 in Monroe Co. intestate leaving widow Sidney G. and only child Caroline wife of Berry.  Cleveland and his nephew Jones entered into partnership.


No.275)  Filed 15 Jun 1868.  Thomas E. Snead and wife A.E. vs A.W. Cozart et al.  A.E. Snead is daughter of Francis A. Patton dec'd.


No.276)  Filed 15 Jun 1868. E.C. Johnson, Adm. of John Simpson and Lewis Johnson vs A.W. Cozart et al.


No.277)  Filed 16 Jun 1868.  James Cliborne et al vs James Tallent et al.  Cliborne of Texas.  R.F. Cooke of Rhea Co.


No.278) Filed 17 Jun 1868.  M. Carter et al vs Vandergrift & Ellis. Debt.


No.279)  Filed 25 Jun 1868. Joseph and Moses Ros et al vs Vandergrift & Ellis.  Debt.


No.280) Filed 30 Jun 1868.  Daniel Jones vs C.B. Clark and Dock McKeehen.  Clark who absconds sold 1868 to Jones an undivided 1/5 interest in lands of which Thomas Clark died possessed but Complainant believes C.B. Clark did now own 1/5, that Thomas Clark left more than 5 heirs.


No.281) Filed 2 Jul 1868.  A.W. Johnson et al vs Vandergrift & Ellis.  Debt.


No.282)  Filed 5 Jul 1868.  Wattson & De Young et al vs Vandergrift & Ellis.  Debt.


No.283) Filed 14 Jul 1868.  Thomas J. Moore vs S.E. Caldwell et al.  Business.


No.284) Filed 18 Jul 1868. Abijah Fowler et al vs J.R. Henley et al.  Complicated land deals and law suits.  Joseph Brakebill is bro-in-law of Frederick Dean dec'd who was a Constable in Monroe Co.  Eliza wife of J.R. Henley is daughter of Samuel Edington and Samuel has one other child.  J.R. Henley's brother is G.W., a single man "without any means, and engaged in the practice of medicine who would not of course be very likely to be purchasing lands even if he had means".


No.286) Filed 18 Aug 1868.  Sterling Neil vs William L. Richesin.  Neil of Houston Co., Ga. Richesin was in Union Army.


No.287)  Filed 23 Sep 1868.  David McDaniel vs Samuel Moses Jr., Samuel Moses Sr., and Henry Moses.  McDaniel of Ill.  Samuel Moses Sr. was placed in possession of land by his father Joshua Moses some 15 or 30 years since and before other defents. were born.  Henry is minor son of Saml. Sr.  Saml. Jr. is not son of Saml. Sr. but is a grandson of Joshua.


No.288) Filed 5 Oct 1868.  James and John Robinson (Robertson) vs Henry Sheets et al.  James of Roane Co.  John of Monroe Co. About 14 Feb 1865, Sarah, the mother of James and John and the widow of John Robinson dec'd died intestate leaving nine children or children's representatives.  James signs "Robertson".  1871: witness Henry Sheets, 39, says his wife dec'd was a daughter of John Robertson.  Samuel Robertson sold his share.  Wm A. is also a son of John Robertson dec'd.  John Robertson died Jun 1856 and there were 11 heirs in all and one was a minor.


No.289)  Filed 9 Oct 1868.  S.C. Curtis et al vs D.W. Lattimore.  File contains copy of Will of James Curtis.  Will of James Curtis: Monroe Co., 29 Jul 1867: sons S.C., H.W., W.R., I.A., D.B., and daughter S.A. Peeler.  Sons D.B. and W.R. heirs.  Wit: Thomas Russell and I.A. Curtis.  James Curtis died Monroe Co. 31 Dec 1867 leaving no widow, and children: 1. S.C. Curtis of McMinn Co. 2. Isaac C. Curtis of McMinn Co. 3. S.A. wife of Joseph Peeler of Monroe Co. 4. W.R. Curtis, dec'd whose minor children are James and J.R. 5. D.B. Curtis dec'd whose minor children are William and I.B.


No.290)  Filed 10 Oct 1868.  W.S. Adkins and Wm. C. Julian vs A.W. Cozart, J.W. Kelso et al.  Julian of Roane Co.


No.291)  Filed 21 Oct 1868. Jesse F. Owen and John Hightower vs Robert C. Rowan et al.  Rowan of Ga.  Aquila Cunningham of Texas.  Josiah Rowan is dead and Josiah K. Rowan is in possession of the property.  Robert C. Rowan is in Bankruptcy in North Div. of Bankruptcy Court in Ga.  Samuel J. Rowan of Waco, Texas.  May 1871; at Peoria, Hill Co., Texas, witness Saml. J. Rowan, 53, is brother to F.M., R.C., and J.K., Rowan, and he left Tenn. about 11 Sep 1867 and landed in Texas Oct 1867.  May 1871: Rome, Ga., witness Robert C. Rowan, 41, lives Floyd Co., Ga.  1872: witness G.M. Cuson has son living near Saml. Rowan in Texas.


No.292) Filed Oct 1868.  James R. Robinson vs J.V. Gaston et al.  James Gaston died 1865 intestate leaving widow Mary and children:  1. Joseph Gaston, Sr. 2. J.V. Gaston 3. George W. Gaston 4. Melinda wife of Jones Kizer 5. Rachael wife of Eli Kizer 6. J.R. Gaston, a nonresident 7. David Gaston dec'd whose children are Thomas, James, Margaret, Jane wife of George Snider, Jane (listed thus), Nancy, and Joseph Gaston Jr. last two minors. 8. Eliza Rhines dec'd whose children are Jacob, Melinda, John, Eliza, Isabella Rhines, last 4 minors and last 3 of Blount Co. 9. John Gaston dec'd whose only child is James a minor nonresident.


No.293) Filed 9 Nov 1868. R.H. Ransom & Co. vs A.W. Cozart et al. Debt.


No.294) Filed 9 Nov 1868. Nancy Bradford vs Darthula A. Bradford et al.  Mary A.D. Bradford bought land in 1843 and retained Grant until she died May 1859 and now her daughter (her only child) Nancy Bradford has the Grant, and they have lived on land, but Grant was in name of James S. Bradford a son of Nancy and grandson of Mary A.D. but he never claimed land as his own.  Said James S. has died leaving widow Mary Ann, and minor children Darthula A., Frances Rebecca, Nancy E., Sarah A., James and Thomas C. Bradford all of Bradley Co.  In answer of Mary Ann Bradford, child Nancy E. is listed as Ella A.  1869: witness Rachel C. Daugherty, 28, is sister to Marion Bradford, and dau. of Nancy Bradford.


No.295)  Filed 21 Nov 1868.  A.C. Kaylor vs A.W. Cozart and R.L. Wood.  Notes.


No.296)  Filed 24 Nov 1868.  John B. Lillard vs Hugh Lowry, Adm. of Jacob Cook et al.  Jacob Cook bought land in 1865 from Lillard.  Jacob Cook died intestate leaving widow Jane who is a lunatic, and children; Emily wife of George Vinzant, Isabella wife of Hugh Lowry, Ed. Cook, Margaret wife of L.M. Blackman, Hetty Cook, Cassandra wife of Peter Cook and James Cook a nonresident.


No.297)  Filed 26 Nov 1868.  Peyton Hudson vs James A. Crowder, G.M. Cuson et al.  Crowder of Texas and Bankrupt.


No.298)  Filed 30 Nov 1868. Hugh K. Lowrey, Adm. of Jacob Cook vs Freeman Cabels.  Land notes.


No.299)  Filed 8 Dec. 1868.  Ezekiel J. Richman vs James Tallent. Land sale.


No.300)  Filed 18 Dec 1868.  James A. Lillard by his Gdn. J.H. Worthy vs Elijah Wiggins et al.  File very fragile.  James A. is a lunatic inmate of Tenn. Hospital for insane.  Francis Moser died intestate and his children are 1. D.M. 2. Francis M. 3 Elizabeth (she is wife) 4. J.S. a minor 5. Wm. H. a minor 6. Mary Ann wife of James A. Lillard, complainant 7. Sarah Jane wife of Isham Airhart 8. Nancy L. wife of Spencer Brakebill. See heirs as given in #302.


No.301) Filed 26 Dec 1868. Peyton Hudson vs James Tallent et al. Land sale.


No.302) Filed 11 Jan 1869. D.M. Moser et al vs Isham Airhart and wife et al.  See Suit # 300.  Francis Moser died Oct 1865 intestate leaving widow Elizabeth and heirs as given in Suit # 300 except child 3, Elizabeth is wife instead of child.


No.303)  Filed 12 Jan 1869.  Fethias Smith vs W.E. Davidson.  Davidson of Ohio.  Sale of mare and gelding by Davidson and he did not have title.


No.304)  Filed 12 Jan 1869. John C. Vaughn vs J.E. Houston.  John C. Vaughn of N.Y. was Sheriff of Monroe Co. from 1st. Monday in April 1856 till the beginning of late War when he joined the Confederate Army; after the attempted separation of Tenn. he was never in Monroe Co. except temporarily upon visits to his family etc and from that time till the 1st Mon. of Apr. 1862 when his term of office would have expired without the previous overturning of rightful authority, the duties of said office (Sheriff's) were performed by those who were Vaughn's deputies when the War began.  From May 1856 until said attempted separation, Houston was Clerk of Cirt. Ct. and continued to act as Clerk till Federal Troops occuptied East Tenn.  Houston collected great many fees for Vaughn for which he has failed to account.  (From suit, Houston is suing Vaughn and his bondsmen for alledged debts, but Vaughn says he is willing to pay what he owes if Houston will settle; he is sure Houston owes him more than he owes Houston.


No.305)  Filed 13 Jan 1869.  Cleveland National Bank vs Vandergrift & Ellis.  Debt.


No.306)  Filed 11 Jan 1869.  John L. Cline vs Nancy C. Cline.  Nancy of Mo. Divorce granted 11 Jun 1869.  They were married Monroe Co. about 27 Dec 1867;  John L. has resided in Monroe Co. nearly all his life;  Nancy was pregnant at time of marriage by another person, pregancy unknown to John, and she gave birth about 2 Jul 1868.  He separated from Nancy when he found out her condition.


No.307) Filed 2 Mar 1869.  M.F. Johnson, Adm. of John F. Payne vs Isham Cagle et al.  Isham Cagle of Davidson Co. but "not to be found".  John F. Payne died intestate Monroe Co. Oct 1862: In 1861 he sold land to Isham Cagle and son Harvy Cagle; notes destroyed by raiders during late Civil War.  Harvey Cagle died intestate leaving widow Celia who has since married George Thomas and now lives in Ill.  Harvey left no issue but left bros. and sisters; Susanna wife of Pleasant Cagle, William Cagle, Allen and Thomas minors, all of Blount Co., but they are "not found".  1871: witness F.L. Payne 20, son of John F.. says Dan Reagan was present when notes were made and said Reagan is dead and he understands he died in Ga. about 1864.


No.308)  Filed 11 Mar 1869.  M.H. Stephens vs W.A. Upton.  Stephens of Ga.  Concerns mercantile business in Morganton.  June 1870:  Death of Stephens suggested.


309)  Filed 11 Mar 1869.  C.W. Hicks, Adm. of Wm. H. Jones vs Martha E. Jones et al.  Wm. H. Jones died 15 Mar 1863 in Monroe Co. intestate leaving widow Martha E. and children: 1. Susan M. Jones 2. Frankie Louisa Moses of Texas 3. Mary J. wife of G.W. Hide 4. Thomas R. of Ill 5. W.H. of Ill. 6. Saml. H. of Rhea Co. but "not to be found" 7. James M. 8. Mira E. 9. John C. last four minors.


No.310) Filed Mar 1869.  G.W. Patterson, Adm. of George Patterson vs Susan Patterson et al.  George Patterson died about 8 Mar 1867 in Monroe Co. intestate leaving Widow Susan and children; 1. Lucretia Gibson 2. Elizabeth Jane wife of Houston Rogers 3. Surviller wife of John Stephens 4. J.M. 5. Caroline wife of John Patterson 6. Leander 7. Robert a minor 8. Eliza a minor 9. Susan a minor 10. G.W. the Complainant 11. Polly wife of Wm. Ball of McMinn Co. 12. Phebe dec'd before her father, wife of Wm. Henderson, whose only child is Surviller Henderson.


No.311) J.M. Worthy & wife & others vs Joseph Brakebill &wife & others. * (You’ll have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.312) Filed 26 Mar 1869. Mont. Reynolds vs Daniel L. Stephens et al.  Reynolds of McMinn Co.  Stephens of Mo. Amended Bill: Stephens died intestate in Mo.; about 6 Jan 1869 leaving no widow and following children; William, Martha Elvira, Laura, and Alice, minors of Mo.


No.313)  Filed 21 Apr. 1869.  N.B. Stevens and Ansel Gad vs Larkin Cardin.  Gad of Hamilton Co.


No.314)  Filed 3 May 1869.  Sarah Jane Wassom vs Thomas G. Boyd.  Sarah Jane, 31 in 1871, of McMinn Co., widow of Jacob Wassom who was a Private in Co. C. 3rd Tenn. Cav. Vols. in U.S. Army in Civil War and was a prisoner of war and died at or near Cahaba, Ala. on or about 26 Feb 1865, while still in service.  Boyd in business of prosecuting claims for pensions etc.


No.315)  Filed 3 May 1869.  James A. Lillard by his Gdn. J.H. Worthy vs Mary A. Lillard et al.  Lillard a lunatic in Tenn. Hospital for Insane since 1859 is granted divorce from Mary Ann whom he married Oct 1857.  They have one legitimate daughter Amanda T. Worthy, Lillard's Gdn., is granted custody of her.  But Mary Ann, while she never visited James and he has had no access to her, has given birth to Mary J. Lillard about 1862 who is supposed to be the fruit of her illicit intercourse with one Jacob Moser a married man with whom she at one time eloped, and she has also given birth to Alice Lillard about 1865, the fruit of her illicit intercourse with Joseph Brakebill a married man.  Mary Ann and James had another child who is dead.  Mary J. and Alice Lillard are declared illegimate and not heirs to estate of James.  1869: witness says Mary Ann has lately married and gone from this country with one James Parks son of Robert Parks.


No.316)  Filed 4 May 1869.  Arch. Bacom vs Madison McGuire.  Debt. Madison borrowed money to hire a substitute to go into Army for him.


No.317) Filed 11 May 1869.  Joseph Upton vs Michael Girdner and J.J. Haney.  1872: witness W.M. Stakely Sr. in Union Springs.  Bullock Co., Ala., formerly of Madisonville.  J.J. Haney formerly of Monroe Co. deposes in Floyd Co., Ga.


No.318) Filed 13 May 1869.  J.D. Jones, Adm. of John R. Johnston vs Louisa Johnston et al.  John R. Johnston died 1862 intestate leaving widow Louiza and minor children William, Harvey, John and Susannah.  John C. Pennington was first appointed Adm. and then Jesse F. Jones but neither acted.  Sale of land to pay debts.  Land bought 1858 from Wm. Hudgings of Green Co., Mo.


No.319)  Filed about 18 May 1869.  John N. Stamper vs John Ramsey and Charles Owen, Execs. of Michael Fender.  File contains copy of Will, made 27 Mar 1858, of Monroe Co.; wife Winney; lawful heirs; land to be sold to grandson John N. Stamper at price set by 2 persons; Ramsey and Owens as Execs; wit: John Webb, P.T. Butler.  Michael Fender died 15 Dec 1865 leaving widow Winney who died 17 Dec 1868, both of them being about 90 when they died.  Stamper is a Circuit Rider (preacher) and was in Army, and is grandson of Michael and claims he took care of them from 1858 until thier deaths.  1870: Kaufman, Kaufman Co., Texas, witness Jonathan Fender, age 66, lived about 1 mi. from Michael and is son of Michael and Winney; sworn to before Henry Ervin, Clk. of Dest. Ct.  1870: wit. John H. Cassady, 71, Roane Co. says his mother was sister to Winney.  Fender's meeting house was near Michael's house.  1870: wit. Adam Sliger, 78, McMinn Co., knew Fenders from 1827; wit. Wm. Browder Sr., 79, McMinn Co. knew Fenders for 30 Yrs.; wit. Robinson Frank, 32, is bro. to Toliver Frank; wit. Charles Owens, 76, files letter from Stamper, 24 Dec 1865, to "Uncle" (they are many miles apart, no news except Grandfather died 15th this inst in the 90th yr. of his life.  Uncle Jonathan Fender had moved to Texas". 1870, Sweetwater: wit. Caroline Crudginton, 38, and husband Elijah, 45.  Andrew Fender is grandson of Michael Fender.  1870, Polk Co.: wit. John Webb, 53, and his wife Emily, 49, lived near Fenders about 20 years ( she about 10 yrs).  No date; death of John Ramsey is admitted in Court.


No.320) Filed 24 May 1869.  Polly Powell vs Robert Powell.  Both of Monroe Co.  They were married in Montgomery Co., N.C. on or about 10 Jan 1849 and she has resided in Monroe Co. since 1854.  In Sep 1866 Robert committed adultry with Nancy Burchfield and has been living with her and begetting numerous children by her.  petition for divorce, custody of minor children, and restoration of maiden name of Polly Story.  Divorce granted 10 Jun 1869.


No.321) Filed 27 May 1869. R. Allie and M. Effie Abernathy by Gdn. Joseph L. Abernathy vs John K. Johnston et al.  Abernathy of Knox Co. are heirs of James H. Johnston who died intestate in Monroe Co. 10 Dec 1864 leaving large estate and he had a son Joseph Walker Johnston who died intestate about 1 Jan 1863 leaving his bros. and sisters as heirs.  Defendants: John H. Johnston and Henry Kyle, Adms. of James H. Johnston, John H. Johnston in his own right, James H. Johnston Jr., Columbus M. Johnston, Hamilton Russell and wife Elizabeth C., L. Forkner Jr. and wife Clara, and Sarah Johnston, heirs of James H. Johnston, all of Monroe Co. except the Russells of Bradley Co., and E. Sawtell and wife Elizabeth, the widow of James H. Johnston.  Mar 1872: Abernathys have moved to Sharp Co., Ark. James H. Johnston was a Union man but some of his property was taken anyway, he had a brother Frank.  1870: wit. Vena Johnston (colored) belonged to James H. (This is first time in these cases that I have found a negro witness).