No.322) Filed 29 May 1869. Robert H. Cardin vs James, Jordan, Leonard Cardin, Execs of Larkin Cardin. Larkin Cardin died 1866 intestate; Robert H. his son says he lived with him about 8 yrs and claims his father owed him. Defendants deny, say Robert absconded to an old arrest for violations of criminal laws and at one time was absent until he was supposed to be dead; that the only reason father put in clause in Will giving something to Robert was that Robert worried him to death in his last illness.


No.323) Filed about Jun 1869. George Brown next friend of Euphemia Howard vs Samuel P. Hall. Euphemia wife of Burton Howard. Original Bill missing. Answer of Saml. P. Hall, Dec 1869; he was Adm. of his father James W. Hall. Receipt 2 Apr 1859 from Euphemia Howard to Saml. P. Hall for sum due her from father's estate.


No.324) Filed Jun 1869. M.S. Benton and wife Louiza et al vs James Cliborne and W.W. Porter. Baker-Stephens as we have had several times before. John M. and Mary Ann Baker, children of Jacob Baker dec'd have both died. Mars. Martha E. Stephens first became insane while in Nashville with her husband while he was a member of the Legislature. She gave birth to son W.B. later 1849 or early 1850 and to daughter Mary 1 Jan 1852, and was a confirmed lunatic when Mary was born, and one witness says also when son W.B. was born.


No.326) Filed 21 Jun 1869. Amaziah T. Morgan vs Terrell Hunt. Morgan owns note dated Dec 1860 on Hunt for $300 in American coin Gold, payable to Stephen Elledge; Elledge is dead. Answer of Hunt; his information is that Elledge died at Morgan's house where he had lived for several years and that Morgan found the note in Elledge effects and is not legal owner.


No.327) Filed 21 Jun 1869. T.C. Douglass and E.M. Cleveland vs Daniel Jones, Adm. of Reps Jones, et al. Debt. Douglass of Texas; Cleveland of Bradley Co. Reps Jones Sr. died intestate in Spring of 1866 leaving widow Delilah and only children; William P., M. Ann, Daniel, Reps, and Charles H. all of Monroe Co., James of Jefferson Co., and Mary wife of W.G. Clark of Rhea Co. Wm. P. has been declared Bankrupt.


No.328) Filed 6 Jul 1869. Daniel R. Kennedy vs Jefferson L. Carson. On 24 May 1867 Kennedy was appointed Commissioner of Registration for Monroe Co. by Wm. G. Brownlow Gov. of Tenn; now Gov. D.W.C. Senter has attempted to remove him from office and has appointed Carson and has ordered him to turn over all books, papers, etc. Kennedy claims such removal is judicial act and Gov. has no legal right to do it.


No.329) Filed 23 Aug 1869. Calvin M. Hall et al vs Caswell Hall et al. Wm. Cowan and wife Malinda formerly Cobb of Bradley Co., Elvira Hall widow of Wm. Hall dec'd and their children James, Joseph, William, John, Susan, and Ruth M. Hall, all of Blount Co.; A.B. Howard and wife Ophemia formerly Hall a dau. of James Hall dec'd; M.H. Stephens and wife Mary of Ga.; James A. Blair of Texas; John C. Montgomery and wife Martha; Joseph Upton and wife Margaret; James W. Kelso, Wm. Fowler and wife Josephine, all of Monroe Co.; Margaret and James Torbett of Monroe Co.; Mahala Cannon of Bradley Co.; N.R. Montgomery and Margaret (does not say wife) of Monroe Co. (all above are complainants); (and all below are defendants) John Hall and wife Sarah whose father is John Blair of Monroe Co.; John R. Gaines and wife Betty of Monroe Co.; James C. Hall of Monroe Co.; Teresa Watkins of Hamilton Co.; Milton Y. Heiskell and wife Caroline of Va.; Elizabeth Smith widow of Garland Smith and daughter of Elizabeth Kelsoe, of Monroe Co.; Nancy Jane Kelsoe widow of David Kelsoe and her children whose names are unknown, one is William, one is Absalum, and one is dau. Lavinia who married A.W. Gregory, all of Monroe Co. (but Gregorys not found are supposed to live in Va.); Robert Carter husband of Martha Kelsoe now dec'd and his children names unknown all of Texas; George W. Carmichael husband of Myra Kelsoe now dec'd and their children names unknown of Ala.; and the children of Caswell and Marsena Torbett whose names are unknown of Mo. Martha Mays is summoned as a Deft. but is not in list of Original Bill (she may be dau. of Nancy Jane Kelsoe. John Hall died instate at age of 74 or 76 (original bill says 82-83) in Monroe Co. on 23 July 1867; his wife died 11 or 12 yrs. before and they had no children; he had bros and sisters; 1. James now dead 2. Elizabeth Kelsoe now dead 3. Patsy Torbitt now dead 4. Mahala Upton now dead 5. Uphemia Persley of Ark. 6. Caswell Hall. Complits. say Caswell Hall, a younger bro. to John, about 1865 removed from Hamilton Co. to John's home in Monroe Co. and persuaded John to give him all his property. Caswell denies as do most witnesses who any John strong-willed and gave to Caswell of own accord. John was robbers under command of John Duncan and Hard Duncan. Wm. Clark owed note to John and John went to Gordon Co., Ga. in 1866 to get a new note for the one lost. Caswell Hall answered from Bradley Co. Calvin M. Hall swears to Bill in Hamilton Co. and name is Calvin M. here and in all places except an original Bill it is Calvin C. The heirs of the four dec'd brothers and sisters are given (they are not divided as to their parents); Calvin C. Hall of Ga. (is this Calvin M. or not ?); Samuel P. and Joseph C. Hall of Ga.: Sylvester T. or Y. Hall of Monore C.; Caswell Hall of Texas (not the deft.), E.S. Cobb, Wm. Cobb, Saml. Cobb, John Cobb, Joseph B. Cobb, Thomas Cobb, Harvey C. Cobb all of Blount Co.; Grave stone N.B. Montgomery.


No.330) Filed 13 Sep 1869. William J. Bilderback and wife Louiza vs Eunice Elkins et al. William Elkins died 1863 intestate leaving widow Eunice and children; Louisa wife of W. J. Bilderback, Mary and John, all of Monroe Co., Eliza wife of Hardin Waller of Roane co., Samuel of Missouri who died soon after father, Leaving widow Martha and 4 or 5 children and they have removed from their former residence in Mo. and Complaintants know not where, and James F., Nathaniel H. Thomas, and R.E. Elkins, who have sold their shares.


No.331) Filed 13 Sep 1869. Nancy C. Alexander vs William Bailey. Nancy's husband Joseph Alexander died 27 Jan 1869 and they were married for 7 yrs. lacking a few days; she is dau. of John Simpson dec'd.


No.332) Filed 13 Sep 1869. Joseph Cathcart, Adm. of T.L.D. Trotter vs E.M. Sloane et al. Thomas L.D. Trotter died in Knox Co. in 1863 but was a citizen of Ga. (one paper says Monroe Co.) left widow E.M. now wife of _____ Sloan (married 1867) of Ga. and children; Isaac, John, Elizabeth, and Charles minors of Ga., and Mary, the oldest daughter of Ga. who has been twice married but name of present husband unknown. T.L.D. had a 1/5 child's part in lands of his father Phillip which is in possession of Phillip's widow who was at least 93 yrears old. T.L.D. had bro. Patrick dec'd.


No.333) Filed 23 Sep 1869. J.T.M. Haire vs Lucretia Carson et al. A.L. Carson died 1867 or early 1868 intestate in Monroe Co. leaving widow Lucretia and children John H., Alice, Adda, Martha, Lillie, and A.L. Jr. all of Monroe Co.


No.334) Filed 29 Sep 1869. Joseph W. Dunn, James Tallent, and Jesse Ferguson vs Elijah Cagle and Elisha Tallent. Debt.


No.335) Filed 13 Oct 1869. J.W. Axley and Joseph Hunt vs Guilford Cannon. Business.


No.336) Filed 30 Oct 1869. Lucinda Oody vs John Oody. They married Blount Co. Oct 1856 and removed to Monroe Co. 1859; he deserted her Feb 1865 and is living with one Martha Pressley as husband and wife in Washington Co.; asks divorce and custody of children.


No.338) Filed 1 Nov. 1869. Ives, Cunningham, and Douglass vs Lyman W. Ayers. Complaintants of N.Y. Ayers of Wisconsin.


No.339) Filed 1 Nov 1869. Rufus M. Witt vs Margaret J. Witt. Married 1848 in McMinn Co.; she deserted him Apr 1852; she committed adultery in Meigs Co. with Wm. L. Adams and bore a child by him; she remarried in Meigs Co. with Matthew Roberts (while still married to Witt) and they still live together in Ala. and she bore Roberts a child; she also has child by Witt. Divorce granted Dec. 1869.


No.340) Filed Nov 1869. Nancy A. Looney by next friend John M. Anderson vs A.D. Looney et al. A.D. of McMinn Co. James M. Brett of Miss. H.B. Pennington residence unknown. Nancy wife of A.D. and they bought land with her means and deed was to have been made to her.


No.341) Filed 29 Nov 1869. Isaac Denton, Adm. of Abraham Denton and Thomas Denton vs Wm. Stephens et al. Isaac Denton's bro. Abraham Denton while a minor and resident at or near Vicksburg in 1863, intestate and without having married. In 1857 Daniel L. Stephens then of Monroe Co. a bro-in-law of Abraham was app. Gdn. of Abraham and Thomas heirs of Wm. Denton. Stephens surities were Lewis Stephens now of Washington Co., Mo. and James Denton now of Texas, a bro. of Abraham. Danl. L. Denton made a Gdn. settlement Mar 1866 and shortly after moved to Mo. where he died about 6 Jan 1869 leaving children William, Martha E., Laura, and Alice, all minors of Mo.; his wife died before he died. 1874: Wm. A. Stephens app. Gdn. of Wm. A. Stephens Jr. over 14, in Amden Co., Mo. 1873: wit. Calvin Denton, 43, was Adm. of Wm. Denton. 1872; wit. Amanda Denton, McMinn Co., says son Abraham was born 25 Oct 1840. On a paper is written: Lewis Stephens, Lebanon, Mo.


No.342) Filed 30 Nov 1869. Eli C. Jones vs C.H. Jones et al. Jesse F. Jones died intestate in Monroe Co. 31 Dec 1868 leaving widow Clarissa H. and children Eli C., W.N.B., Aley M. who married W.H.H. Ragon (signed Ragon) before her father died, R. Matthew, and Florence C. Jones last two minors.


No.343) Filed 30 Nov 1869. Elisha Tallent vs Heirs of Willis Cagle. Willis Cagle died 1863 intestate leaving widow Lucinda J. now wife of Elisha Tallent and daughter of Isham Avens, and children William I., Eliza Jane both of Monroe Co., and Tennessee wife of Henry Goad nonresidents, all minors.


No.344) Filed 30 Nov 1869. Allen M. Henly and wife Mary Ann vs Fanny Fowler et al. Abijah Fowler died Monroe Co. intestate baout 27 May 1864 leaving widow, and children Fanny, Samuel & Mary all under 14. Mary Ann and Allen M. Henley married 21 Jun 1868.


No.345) Filed 10 Dec 1869. Isaac Stephens vs Andrew J. Cagle and Stephens Wells. Land sales.


No.346) Filed 16 Dec 1869. Jeremiah Boyd et al vs Andrew L. Boyd et al. Jeremiah Boyd died Monroe Co. intestate 1869, leaving widow Susannah of Monroe Co. and children; 1. Jeremiah Boyd- Monroe Co. 2. Darius E. Boyd Monroe Co. 3. David L. Boyd McMinn Co. 4. Joseph A. Boyd of Ark. 5. Sarah wife of Eusebius Summitt- Monroe Co. 6. Mary A. Endsley- Ark. 7. Andrew Boyd- Ill. 8. Martin Boyd- Ill 9. Martha Boyd- Monroe Co. 10. John K. Boyd, dec'd whose children are Mary A. Pullen, and Susan C., Sarah F., John W., Phillip M., Martha E., Wilber B., Abraham W., and Alie M. Boyd, all of Bradley Co. and last six minors.


No.347) Filed 11 Dec 1869. Wm. J. Fowler and wife Mary Josephine et al vs Wm. S. Kelso et al. File contains Copy of Will. Charles Kelso died testate about Nov 1853 leaving widow Elizabeth now dead and children; 1. J.W. who has died testate without having been married 2. David who has died intestate leaving only children: Martha wife of Blackmore H. Mayo of Monroe Co., Mary L. wife of Watt Gregory of Va., Wm. S. and Charles A. Kelso of Monroe Co. 3. Myra L. Carmichael who has died intestate leaving only children; James A., Bettie M., Connie or Cornie C., Mattie A., and Fuller D. Carmichael, all nonresidents, and last 3 minors 4. Teressa M. Watkins of Hamilton Co. 5. Margaret E. Smith of Monroe Co. 6. Martha M. Carter who has died intestate leaving children; John, Bettie, Maggie, Jennie, and Mattie Carter all of Texas and last 3 minors. 7. Caroline wife of Milton Y. Heiskell of Va. 8. Mary Josephine Kelso now wife of Wm. J. Fowler of Monroe Co. Will: made 22 Oct 1853; to wife Elizabeth; dau. Mary Josephine to have schooling; all my children: Execs; Finley Watkins of Hamilton Co. and neighbor Lorenzo Tipton; wit; Solon McCroskey, Wm. Kile. Findley Watkins is dead.


No.348) Filed 29 Dec 1869. Daniel Heiskell vs M. McGuire, Arch. Bacom, et al. Land sale.


No.349) Filed 7 Jan 1870. Joseph R. Douglass vs Daniel Jones et al. Jane C. Douglass died 1861 testate leaving children 1. Joseph R. of Mo. 2. Dewitt C., a younger son who died Mar last and left no children 3. T.C., a younger son of Texas, 4. Harriett wife of J.Y. Hogsett of Anderson Co. 5. Mary E. wife of John Day of Texas.


No.350) County Court Filed 7 Mar 1870. Edwin Hall, Adm. of Toliver White vs Caroline White et al. Toliver White died Monroe Co. 1867 intestate leaving widow Caroline and children; 1. Sarah A. wife of Clifton Henry 2. Judith wife of Marion Breeden 3. Mary J. wife of John Harris 4. George R. 5. Harriet, a minor, wife of David Loveday. 6. Susan E. a minor 7. Nancy M. a minor 8. Louisa A. a minor 9. Margaret J. a minor 10. Martha C. a minor, all of Monroe Co.


No.351) Filed 14 Jan 1870. Ransom Moree vs Sarah W. Moree. Petition for Divorce. Sarah of Knox Co. Married 4 Apr 1868 in Knox Co.; adultery with Robert Ruley and she had child by him.


No.352) Filed 24 Mar 1870. Wm. Fowler, Adm. of John McCrackin vs Abraham Early et al. John McCrackin died 1864 in Nashville; Wm. Fowler now of Sevier Co. was app. Adm. by Monroe Co. Ct. in 1866; John's widow Dicy died a short time after her husband; children; 1. Mary J. wife of Abraham Early 2. Thomas 3. Eliza wife of Pleasant Little 4. James 5. Julia A.A.R. wife of Taylor Royston 6. D.J.E. (son) nonresident 7. Samuel 8. Anna wife of James Smith nonresident.


No.353) Filed 22 Mar 1870. J.E. McCallie et al vs T.N. McCallie et al. Thomas McCallie died Monroe Co. 25 Aug 1864 leaving children, all of Monroe Co.; 1.S.H. 2. J.E. 3. Mary N. now wife of J.H. Rausin 4. Elizabeth J. now wife of J.H. Scott 5. Margaret A. 6. T.N. 7. W.S. 8. B.T. last 3 minors.


No.354) Filed 22 Mar 1870. Thomas A. Harrison, Adm. with Will Annexed of A.J. Humphreys vs Moses Humphreys et al. File contains nuncupative Will of A.J. Humphreys. Will: 13 Dec 1868, at house of Wm. Rogers at Belltown Monroe Co. where he was surprised by sickness from home on 12 Dec 1868; made to Thomas a Harrison and Ben P. Reagan; estate to sister Margaret and brother Joshua Job Humphreys; requests Thomas A. Harrison to be Exec. A.J. Humphreys died latter part of 1868; he had never been married and left heirs; Moses, John J., Washington, Alfred (minor nearly 21), Joshua J. (minor) Sarah widow of John Harrison, Jane wife of J.W. Milligan, Margaret (minor), all of Monroe Co., and Emeline wife of Wm. Chandler supposed to be Wisc. A.J. was owner of 1/10 int. in lands of Nathaniel Humphreys.


No.355) Filed 19 Apr 1870. Lucretia Gibson et al vs G.W. Patterson et al. George Patterson of Monroe Co. died intestate Mar 1867 leaving widow Susan and children: J.M. Patterson of Monroe Co.; George W. of Texas; Elizabeth J. wife of Houston Rogers; Survilla wife of John Stephens of Ala; Polly wife of John Ball, residence unknown; Caroline wife of John Patterson; a dec'd child whose only child is Survilla Henderson; and Leander, Robert, Susan Jr., and Eliza Patterson. Lucretia and John dec'd Gibson's children are Mary, Sarah, Susan M., Phebe, Caroline, Elijah, George W., and John Gibson, minors.


No.356) Filed 20 Apr 1870. Mary Murray vs Coleman Murray. Coleman a nonresident. They married Meigs Co. 18 Sep 1866 and soon after moved to Monroe Co. He committed adultry with Catherine Cash. Divorce granted and name changed to Mary Dotson.


No.357) Filed 20 Apr. 1870. Polly Cagle vs Mathew M. Young and Thomas G. Boyd. Polly is mother of Rufus Cagle dec'd late, a Private in Co. G. 10th Cav. She is trying to get land warrant.


No.358) Filed 2 May 1870. J.L. Carson et al vs George Carson et al. Amos Carson of Monroe Co. died intestate Aug 1864 leaving widow Caroline B. and children; 1. J.L. of Monroe Co. 2. Eliza wife of Wallace McReynolds 3. Martha wife of John B. Cochran of McMinn Co. 4. Sarah E. wife of Daniel Grubb of Calif. 5. Minerva B. wife of John O. Henderson of McMinn Co. 6. Mary E. wife of James Scruggs of Monroe Co. 7. George W. a minor of Monroe Co.


No.359) Filed 6 May 1870. Margaret Mason vs Robert S. Mason. Robert went off with Peg Morelock. Margaret and Robert married Monroe Co. 28 Feb 1867 and he deserted her 23 Dec 1867; on 5 Jan 1868 she gave birth to their only child a daughter named Ermina.


No.360) Filed 7 May 1870. J.S. Thayer vs B.F.L. Wylie & James B. Jackson. Debt


No.361) Filed 10 May 1870. James L. Wilson vs Mary Ballard et al. Wilson of Roane Co. but formerly resided in Monroe Co. Thomas J. Ballard bought his Monroe Co. land; Ballard died 9 Jul 1869 Monroe Co. testate without lawful issue. Will: to wife Mary; to sister Sarah E. Ballard; made 9 Jun 1869. Sarah E. Ballard marries Lafayette Johnston and earlier she is of Abingdon, Va. Mary Ballard marries Wm. A. Upton Jr. Thomas Ballard has other bros. and sisters; W.L., John T., and sisters M.J. Wilson (wife of James L.____) there may be others.


No.362) Filed 12 May 1870. James G. Mitchell, Adm. of James W. Mitchell vs Malinda J. Mitchell et al. James W. Mitchell of Monroe Co. died Aug 1869 leaving widow Malinda J. and children; F.M., Mary wife of Washington Rogers, James G., Griffin A., Lewis A., William C., Albert, Phebe G., Eliza A. (last 6 minors), and Martha J. dec'd wife of Isaac C. Lee, (she died before her father), and she left one infant who died soon after.


No.363) George Brown vs James R. Henley & James R. Robinson. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.364) Filed 13 May 1870. Sarah Hyde vs Wm. H. Hyde. Divorce granted- cruel treatment, m. 15 Nov 1865 or 3 or 8.


No.365) Filed 12 May 1870. C.B. Taylor, Adm. of F.D. Blankenship vs Mahala Blankenship et al. F.D. Blankenship died 1869 leaving widow Mahala and children; Joseph, Mary A. wife of C.B. Taylor, Nancy E.C., Philip, Malinda, Gilbert who died since father died leaving on child Gilbert Jr.


No. 366) Hudgings vs. R.W. Hudson & others. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.367) William L. Rice vs James Denton & others. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.368) Filed 21 May 1870. Aaron Robinett and wife vs Chesley Carter et al. John Carter died 20 Nov 1864 Monroe Co. intestate leaving widow Marina who has since married Thomas Allen who soon died and she then married Joseph Marr and is still his wife, and children; Lavinia wife of Aaron Robinett, Chesley Carter, and Eliza then the wife and now the widow of Mathew Hudgings.


No.369) E.C. & G.W. Harris, Execs. of George C. Harris decd vs. John Carson & others. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.370) Edwin Hall vs. A.T.W. Payne. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.371) Thomas Rodgers, Exec. of John Rodgers decd vs. William E. Clark & J.P.T. McCroskey. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.372) Filed 16 Jul 1870. T.H. McCroskey, Adm. of J.M. Grubb vs S.J. Martin, Adm. of J.M. Edwards. Grubb died Sep 1863. Had note on Edwards which was taken by robbers during War. Edwards died 1874 in Louisa Co., Iowa, Mrs. Elizabeth L. Edwards, 48, in Jan 1874, lives Union Township sd. Co., and in 1862 and 1863 lived on Fork Creek, Monroe Co., is widow of J.C.M. Edwards and their children are Kezia now Rowan, John, Arah Jane, Margaret Alice, Anna Laura and Marion dec'd.


No.374) Filed 3 Oct. 1870. John G. Peace vs. R.W. Julian & others. Peace of Bradley Co. Julian of Loudon Co. Suit concerns notes.


No. 375) Filed 17 Oct 1870. Archibald Bacom vs. James H. Scott et al. Debt. Scott answers from Salem, Marion Co. Oregon that he borrowed the money the late War to hire a substitute to serve in the Rebel Army; he had been Gdn. Of the wife of W.F. Hudson.


No. 377) Filed 26 Nov 1870. Joseph Gaston vs. James R. Robinson et al. Land sale. James Gaston died 4 July 1865 leaving wife Mary of Monroe Co. His heirs seem to be as follows: 1. Joseph the complainant; 2. Mary Gaston of Monroe Co, widow of son David decd and her seven children: Thomas, James, Margaret, Jane, Nancy, Joseph, and George; 3. Eliza Ryne whose husband Jones Ryne of Mo.; her children are given as Jacob, John, Isabel, Eliza, and Malinda, so she may be deceased; 4. Martha widow of John Gaston and her son James of Ga.; 5. James R. Gaston of Mo.; 6. Jacob V. Gaston of Loudon Co., who is the adm. of James Gaston;7. George Gaston of Monroe Co.; 8. Malinda wife of Ely Kiser of Loudon Co.; 9. Rachael wife of Jones Kiser. In the Demurrer, the bill is 砥nintelligible and 田ontradictory. (The name 笛ones may be James, the Ryne children names seem to be mixed up, or there may be two Ryne families, etc.) J.L. Lane is a the atty. For complainant. Chancellor dismisses the bill.


No.379) Filed 8 Dec. 1870. E.A. Taylor vs. A.D. Looney and wife Nancy A. et al. Original bill is missing. Controversy over land. 1872, witness H.B. Pennington, 46, at Warrensburg, Greene Co., deposes that he sold the land to Looney who paid for same; his wife Margaret A. Pennington has been long afflicted and her memory is impaired. 1872, witness Michael Looney, 45, at Rogersville, Hawkins Co., is brother to A.D. and bought his land in Hawkins Co. and brother Joseph Looney owns it. 1872, witness A.D. Johnson, 45, at residence of John Looney, Sr. in Rogersville, deposes that A.D. Looney is his half nephew and Nancy A. is his half niece who is the dau. of Howard Harless and gr.dau. of James J. Johnson, and her mother died in Hawkins Co. 1872, witness Wm. C. Looney, 49, at his residence near Marshall痴 Ferry, Grainger Co., is own cousin to A.D. Looney and his wife. 1872, Witness Rachel Looney 50, at residence of Wm. C. Looney, is cousin by marriage to A.D. and his wife.


No.380) Filed 30 Dec. 1870. John J. Grubb et al vs. William W. Grubb. All of Monroe Co. Bill aks injunction to prevent William W., brother to John J., from cutting trees on their farm, around the spring. John J. and brother James M., now decd, owned in 1853 land on Fork Creek, Monroe Co., as a gift from their father Washington R. Grubb. James M. died in 1862 or 1863 and the other complainants are his minor children Joseph R., Alice, and Ellen Grubb. William W. answers that he was a small boy when his father Washington R. gave title bond to John J. and James M., that he reached majority during the War, his father gave him land before his father moved to Ga., and this is the land where he is cutting trees. All submit to arbitration and land is divided into two equal parts, one for William W. and the other for complainants. 1872, witness Mrs. Sarah Grubb, wife of John J. and former wife of James M. Grubb decd. The file has notice to take deposition of W.R. Grubb at his residence near Ootlewah, James Co. in March 1872 but the deposition is not in the file.


No. 381) Filed 12 Jan. 1871. Injunction to prevent John J. Grubb from cutting timber on his land. Case consolidated with No. 380.


No.382) Filed about 22 Jan 1871. Thomas G. Boyd vs Erby Boyd, Mathew M. Young et al. Erby Boyd of Polk Co. Young now of Republic of Mexico. Young was a Capt. in Confederate Army. Thomas G. Boyd says Erby let Young have the money to pay off a man in New Orleans and send him to Europe because he was the only witness to a murder that Young had committed in New Orleans, and Young had to stand trial. Erby denies; says Thomas G. helped Young family to leave Madisonville. Erby says that Young did tell him that in 1852 he had a misunderstanding with an old man and his two sons in Louisiana, they took Young out from home, where his wife was in child bed, and beat him; wife and child died; later he saw one of the sons (the other son and the old man had died) and Young killed him. The witness was an Irishman. But Erby denies this was reason for loan.


No.383) Filed 25 Jan. 1871. George D. Snider vs. Isaac Will Snider. George of Loudon Co., sold land to Isaac W., called Wills Snider of Monroe Co., giving what he, unable to read and write, thought was a Title Bond but was a deed. Land not yet paid for in full. Wills denies that deed was not read to George D. who is the younger brother. Wills or Willis claims the land is paid for. George E. was 10 years old when father George died and Wills was his gdn. George D. acquired the land by bequest of his grandfather, also George Snider, in his will dated 27 Aug 1846. Grandfather George died about Aug. 1846; father George died 19 Jan. 1856; George D. was born 12 June 1845; Wills was appointed gdn. 1852 or 1853; Wills was married 20 July 1856, was born 29 Jan. 1831, the oldest of his father痴 children; at time father died there were eight children at home and the mother; wills and wife remained there until Spring of 1862; about 1857 son James arrived at full age, married and left home; about 1858 or 1859 son John arrived at full age and left home; mother is still alive; all lived as one family. Decree that Wills owes balance on land.


No.384) Filed 25 Jan 1871. Drury A. Bacon et al vs Elizabeth Matlock et al. Mary E. wife of Wm. Littleton Jr. is dau. of Bacon. Mary E.'s former husband was James Matlock. Mary E.'s children are; Elizabeth Matlock, Eliza Matlock, Amanda, Alice, and Drury Littleton all of Monroe Co.


No.385) Hugh K. Lowry, gdn. of Jane Cook vs Luther M. Blackman & others. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.386) Filed 10 Apr 1871. T.G. Boyd, Adm. of Joseph C. Boyd vs B.C. Pettitt and wife et al. Brothers and sisters (theirs) of Joseph C. Boyd: 1. Elizabeth Jane wife of B.C. Pettitt. 2. Mary A. dec'd who first married ___ Spillman and second Ross; her children are; a. Fannie Spillman of Ga. b. Ella Spillman of Ga. c. W.T. Spillman of Texas d. Amelia Spillman of Monroe Co. e. Texas Spillman of Monroe Co. f. Emma Ross of Ala. g. Carrie Ross of Ala. 3. Nancy A. dec'd wife of J.C. Vaughn a. Maggie wife of T.F. Gibson of McMinn Co. b. Louie Vaughn of Monroe Co. c. Mollie Vaughn 4. Thomas G. Boyd and others as given in previous suits.


No.387) Filed 10 Apr 1871. J.G. Worthy, Adm. of Lewis Blankenship et al. Lewis Blankenship of Monroe Co. died intestate Jun 1868 leaving children by Mary E. wife of James H. Worthy, Nancy A. wife of John B. Lillard, Fannie J. Pardue, Isham E., W.B., Lewis P., and James H. Blankenship, and John T. Blankenship dec'd whose only child is John S. Blankenship. Lewis also left widow Nancy who is still living.


No.388) Filed 25 Apr 1871. James A. Dyer and wife vs R.G. Marshall et al. Henry Marshall died intestate Monroe Co. Feb 1869 leaving children; 1. Henry S. Marshall of Ark. 2. Wm. N. Marshall of Mo. 3. Joseph E. Marshall of Mo. 4. Robert G. Marshall of Monroe Co. 5. Martha J. wife of James A. Dyer of Monroe Co. 6. John W. Marshall dec'd, who died before his father and whose heirs are a. Martha J. wife of J.L. Wright b. Wm. H. Marshall c. John W. Marshall d. Mary Marshall all of Cherokee Co. Texas. Letter from W.H. Marshall to lawyers to let him know if they need mother's deposition, and that Uncle John Griffith has the particulars.


No.389) A.S. Dean vs John G. Miller. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.390) Filed 9 May 1871. Matilda E. Henry vs Wm. H. Henry. Married 18 Jan 1866 in Monroe Co. He threatened to kill her. In Feb 1871 he was last seen at Riceville going in direction of Ga. She is under her father's care.


No.391) William P. Willson, Jr. vs L.M. Pickel & others. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.392) Filed 17 May 1871. Wm. Dyer, Adm. of L.M. Carter et al vs John Carter et al. L.M. Carter died intestate about 23 May 1870 leaving widow Jane and children; Marion Carter, Evan Carter, Chesley Carter, David Carter, J.K.P. Carter, Nancy Carter all of Monroe Co. and John and Jesse Carter of Loudon Co.

No.393) Filed 7 Jul 1871. Wiley Ray (Rhea) vs Melinsa Ray. Married 17 Nov 1870 in Monroe Co. She deserted him and he says the reason is that she committed adultery with Robert Blanton. She denies adultery and charges his cruel treatment drove her away. Judge denies Wiley the divorce.


No.394) Arch Bacom vs L.M. Pickel & others. * (You値l have to get the case from the Monroe Co. Archives)


No.395) Filed 8 Jun 1871. Hugh L. Fry, John W. Goddard, Noble I. Mays, and Thomas G. Boyd. Petition Ex Parte. Petition to incorporate Bank in Sweetwater to be known as Sweetwater Savings Institute.