Cole - Davis
Cole, Celia-55 Decker, J.C.-53 2/14/1915

Cole, Elliott Sherman-21 Long, Susie-18 5/20/1917

Cole, Emory-21 Russell, Sophie-18 11/17/1912

Cole, Helen-19 Lester, John/Robert? A.-23 3/22/1924

Cole, Henry Grady-29 Hutchison, Willie-20 7/24/1922

Cole, Lona-19 Johnson, Walter-21 5/10/1913

Cole, Marion-22 Hogsed, Pearl?-21 3/4/1911 issue date
Cole, Mark D.-50 Stalcup, Veanna-46 5/19/1915

Cole, Mary-30 Bradley, Isaac-37 6/7/1912

Cole, Myrtle-24 Davis, Fred-27 8/25/1929

Cole, Nettie-44 Duncan, Alford-66
The marriage was missplaced and not recorded till 1914
Cole, Oliver J.-26 McClain, Etta-19 4/9/1921

Cole, Pauline-21 Waldroup, Walter W.-27 5/9/1930

Cole, Robert B.-21 Nelson, Lella-17 9/15/1907

Cole, Robert-21 Morrow, Cordia-18 10/2/1915 issue date
Cole, Thelma-18 West, John C.-21 9/6/1919

Cole, William F.-22 Crain, Nancy J.-21 9/10/1906

Coleman, A.-55 Thompson, Florence-35 8/5/1915

Coleman, Absolom-21 Ledford, May-19 7/26/1908

Coleman, Addie-22 McDonald, Boyd-18 1/23/1930

Coleman, Bertha-19 Hogsed, Carl-27 4/20/1929

Coleman, Carrie-18 Elliott, J.L.-25 9/16/1909

Coleman, Charlie-20 Worley, Macy-18 8/19/1917

Coleman, E. (Elias) M.-56 Scales, Julia M.-56 4/19/1908

Coleman, Ed-17 Hembree, Matie-15 10/17/1917

Coleman, Emma-18 Martin, R.W.-22 12/4/1915

Coleman, Ernest-17 Crain, Merl-18 3/6/1929

Coleman, Evelyn-21 Dockery, Ralph Burton-22 1/12/1930

Coleman, Florence-18 Smith, Grady-36 7/10/1927

Coleman, Florence-35 Brown, J.B.-54 6/30/1917

Coleman, Frances-19 Crain, Elias M.-20 12/13/1919

Coleman, Frank-21 Reed, Mary-21 8/15/1918

Coleman, Frank-23 Ledford, Lou Anna Bell-15 8/17/1907

Coleman, Fred-21 Lunsford, Lenna Mae-19 3/12/1916

Coleman, Ida-21 Lovingood, Thomas A.-32 11/8/1914

Coleman, Janie-20 McClure, Zed H.-29 4/11/1909 or 12th
Coleman, John Milton-19 Lawrence, Nancy Cordia-19 12/24/1918

Coleman, John-23 Rogers, Elener Emma-26 11/16/1913

Coleman, Leslie-21 Timpson, May-19 10/13/1912

Coleman, Lidia-21 Johnson, S.H.-22 1/22/1928

Coleman, Margaret-53 Haney, A.M.-59 1/2/1926

Coleman, Mary-18 Watson, Albert-18 12/22/1919

Coleman, Sarah-20 Burchfield, Will-22 8/29/1920

Coleman, Walter-22 Dyer, Anice-18 5/29/1928

Collett, Charles A.-58 Ledford, Sallie-38 2/7/1910

Collett, Grover-26 Powers, Hester-19 6/7/1920

Collett, Minnie-22 McHaffy/Mehaffey?, Richard Paul-22 3/7/1925 issue date-not executed
Collett, Vertie-24 Lambert, Ruben P.-23 12/22/1907

Collins, Ella-B-21 Austin, Benjamin-B-24 3/16/1917 issue date
Collins, Ervin-22 Stiles, Ethel-18 7/31/1913

Collins, Frank A.-24 Wood, Connie L.-19 9/24/1914

Collins, Homer Cathey-23 Clark, Vesta 8/10/1924

Collins, John-23 Clarke, Berdie-22 8/28/1908

Collins, Noland-25 Hughes, Norman-28 4/21/1924

Colotee/Cotolu?, John-B-29 Johnson, Julia-B-26 5/25/1907

Colvard, Flora-19 Cothren, Raleigh-24 10/9/1928

Colvard, Loyd-B-26 Stewart, Stella-B-20 12/29/1917 issue date
Colvard, Vartie/Vandie?-C-20 Gaston, Louise-C-18 8/7/1928

Colven/Clark?, Rebecca-19 Truett, John-25 9/21/1907

Colvin, Ed-26 Stewart, Belle-21 12/22/1911

Colwell, Albert C.-32/37 England, Grapell-24 8/16/1928

Conley, Albert-28 Wright, Della-17 1/25/1914

Conley, Bettie-20 Padgett, Wymak-30 11/28/1923

Conley, Blanche Dale-22 Young, James Moltan-26 12/25/1916

Conley, Claud B.-29 Moore, Mary-24 3/11/1914

Conley, Columbus F.-34 Stalcup, Florence D.-29 2/19/1911

Conley, Ethel M.-35 Swan, Ralph V.-41 8/17/1911

Conley, Frank-25 Nichols, Flonnie-21 5/16/1929

Conley, H.W.-25 Wilson, Ethel-18 4/5/1908

Conley, Hazel-18 West, Frank-22 12/26/1930

Conley, Mary L./S.?-25 Taylor, Robert R.-44 12/25/1926

Conley, Merley-23 Cochran, Floyd-22 1/3/1917

Conley, Oraah (Oralee)-20 Hurt, Arvell-20 1/8/1907

Conley, Patsie-23 Lail, James-22 8/11/1912

Conley, Robert-C-23 Sanders, Willie-C-18 2/8/1925

Conley, Thelma-14 Dockery, Cliff W.-22 5/1/1924

Conley, Willie-19 Woody, Clarence-21 12/31/1912

Conley, Wymer-31 Batten, Mary C.-28 4/23/1916

Conors, Clyde R.-23 Davis, Cordie-17 12/26/1921

Cook, Alfred-21 Hampton, Orah-16 5/26/1906

Cook, B.M.-30 Garrett, Lula-22 12/5/1918

Cook, Bertha Jane-26 Thomas, William C.-30 9/1/1929

Cook, Bertie-19 Dockery, Frank-23 12/27/1914

Cook, Bird-33 Sylvester, Frank-47 2/1/1930

Cook, Earnest-22 Breedlove, Florence-21 7/4/1921

Cook, Ellen/Eller-18 Garrett, Gudger-20 7/5/1925

Cook, Garfield-23 Dockery, Hattie-22 7/5/1907 issue date-prob. not married
Cook, Garfield-31 Dockery, Arizona-17 3/22/1915

Cook, Georgie-22 St. John, Jessie L.-25 8/25/1908

Cook, Jess-22 Carver, Maggie-18 3/19/1911

Cook, Joseph-23 Graves, Martha-18 2/10/1906

Cook, Lavenia-15 Huey, Zebulon-24 5/7/1906 1930 Anderson Co.,Tn
Cook, Louise-C-20 Culberson, James-C-21 2/28/1925

Cook, Lula-21 Chastain, L.C.-27 12/19/1920

Cook, Mary Ann-21 Briggs, Charles E.-27 11/8/1922

Cook, Mary-40 Satterfield, T.A.-51 10/4/1928

Cook, Millie-21 Deaver, Paul-24 1/22/1929

Cook, Nancy-19 Young, Acey-21 12/25/1907

Cook, Noah Webster-20 Bandy, Edith-18 8/24/1926 or July
Cook, Poley-29 Derreberry, Darcus-39 1/2/1912

Cook, Poly-30 McTiger, Lydia-21 1/22/1930

Cook, Theodore C.-19 Davis, Tinnie-19 5/12/1908 issue date
Cook, Tom-22 Meroney, Gertrude-18 11/4/1917

Cook, Toy-21 Nicholson, Nancy-18 12/13/1914

Cook, Toy-26 Davis, Bell-19 9/6/1918

Cook/Cooper?, Tennie-18 Dockery, James Worley-24 9/12/1920

Cooper, Audrey-22 Mason, H.E.-31 8/12/1916

Cooper, Bird-19 Pace, Roy-22 10/26/1919

Cooper, Emily Eliz.-19 Davidson, Jerry W.-27 10/28/1914

Cooper, Louise-21 McFalls, John-24 6/1/1929

Cooper, Willard-33 Mauney, Dot-27 2/2/1915

Cooper, William T.-23 Williams, Audra-18 6/19/1912

Cooper/Cook?, Tennie-18 Dockery, James Worley-24 9/12/1920

Cope, W.F.-60 Johnson, Lillie-40 11/14/1925

Copening/Copinger?, Clifford-28 Crisp, Maggie-26 8/24/1911 issue date
Coppinger, John-35 Laney, Florance-25 3/12/1914

Corbin, Forest L.-21 Smith, Winnie-18 2/19/1928

Cordell, Grace-18 Beal, Oliver-21 7/27/1913

Cordell, Robert-25 Phillips, Lillie-28 3/15/1912

Corn, Ellen-20 Nelms, Fredrick-22 12/6/1926 or 27th
Cornett, Earl-21 Brock, Callie-19 11/22/1920

Cornett, J.L.-25 Turner, Pearl-22 5/14/1910

Cornsilk, Emeline-Red-19 Rattler, John-Ind-21 3/27/1907

Cornwell, Ada-19 Pickelsimer, Clyde-20 1/27/1924

Cornwell, Arthur-20 Long, Alma-16 7/25/1906

Cornwell, Bertha-19 Wilson, Oscar-22 9/9/1921

Cornwell, Berton-21 Beal, Anna-19 6/2/1920

Cornwell, Bessie-18 Hembree, James C.-17 12/3/1921

Cornwell, Frankie-21 Adams, Ernest-21 6/14/1925

Cornwell, George C.-24 Lovingood, Lillie-16 10/30/1909

Cornwell, Grace-19 Dockery, Arthur-21 10/24/1925

Cornwell, Hilton-22 Decker, Cora-18 4/14/1917

Cornwell, James-22 Allen, Dora-18 4/29/1917

Cornwell, Jim-26 Lovingood, Maggie-22 9/26/1909

Cornwell, John L.-64 Radford, Missouri-42 7/7/1917 issue date
Cornwell, Lester-23 Umphries, Lillie-28? 10/8/1910

Cornwell, Martha-22 Fritz, Francis-28 10/22/1910

Cornwell, Oliver D.-25 Killiam, Emma-20 2/14/1909

Cornwell, R.C.-42 McDonald, Roxie-27 3/22/1911

Cornwell, William W.-31 Witt, Maud-26 3/24/1910

Cornwell, William-23 Taylor, Rosanna-18 9/23/1906

Coster, Milson-C-40 Jones, Hester-C-45 5/25/1918 iss. Date
Cothern, N.G.-22 Gregory, Ollie-27 12/24/1923

Cothren, Donnie-23 (bride) Duvall, Grady-23 12/18/1925

Cothren, Raleigh-24 Colvard, Flora-19 10/9/1928

Couch, Lytle-20 Sosebee, Ola Mae-19 5/5/1923

Couch, Margurete-22 Watts, Jesse Clayborne-22 11/13/1924

Coullias, Louis-34 Reese, Sarah Eliz.-22 8/23/1930

Cover, Giles William-23 Brittain, Lillie Mayfield 12/24/1908

Cox, Elsie-21 Queen, Kenneth-24 2/27/1921

Cox, James Ules-34 Campbell, Ollie-22 4/1/1916

Cox, John-56 Coffee, Ruth, Mrs.-53 6/25/1925

Cox, Lela-20 Adams, John D.-40 4/25/1917

Cox, William E.-40 McGuire, Willie-21 11/1/1924 iss. Date
Coxey, Hallie/Hollie?-18 Howard, John H.-20 3/26/1919

Coxey, Hollie-22 Lunsford, Ted-21 12/7/1927

Craig, Bonnie-17/18 Emory, Harley/Parlie?-21 4/17/1927

Craig, J.I.-48 Hendrix, Maude-35 1/15/1930

Craig, Mary-18 Coffey, Frank-24 6/2/1923

Craig, Minnie-18 Raper, Alvin-31 6/1/1928

Craig, Robert-24 Brockman, Bonnie-16 2/1/1930

Craig, Sam-38 Welch, Bessie-28 6/17/1917

Crain, Allen-21 Barton, Lola-15? 10/23/1924

Crain, Columbus-25 Phillips, Josie-25 3/16/1913 or 15th
Crain, Elias M.-20 Coleman, Frances-19 12/13/1919

Crain, Howard L.-37 Lenderman, Victoria-30 5/16/1907

Crain, J.J.-40 Stanberry, Avie-15 4/4/1920

Crain, Jeff-46 Mashburn, Melvina-32 10/31/1920

Crain, Laura-36 Crain, Spencer-43 2/1/1920

Crain, Mary Leona-20 Carr, James H., R.N.-40 7/18/1930

Crain, Mary-17 Hamby, Del-24 8/8/1908 or 9th
Crain, Merl-18 Coleman, Ernest-17 3/6/1929

Crain, Nancy J.-21 Cole, William F.-22 9/10/1906

Crain, Nora-20 Floyd, John-21 10/26/1913

Crain, Oscar-19 Rose, Mamie-18 1/7/1917 or 1916
Crain, Poley-25 Radford, Isadora-17 1/5/1913

Crain, Spencer-43 Crain, Laura-36 2/1/1920

Crain, William N.-45 Henson, Laura-35 10/16/1920

Crawford, Charlie T.-23 McConnell, Johnnie-18 2/4/1921

Crawford, David Lee-21 Morgan, Winnie-18 1/10/1915

Crawford, Elga-20 Johnson, Jewel W.-21 7/20/1924

Crawford, Elsie-23 Woodard, George-23 3/23/1913

Crawford, Elza-22 Johnson, Jewel W.-23 4/30/1927 1930 Mahoning Co, Oh
Crawford, Florence-26 McGee, W.A.-38 8/9/1919

Crawford, George-21 Crow, Tisha-18 8/28/1915

Crawford, Gertrude-20 West, R.C.-22 2/1/1928 or Jan. 28th
Crawford, James P.-30 Hollifield, Ellen-26 10/22/1911

Crawford, Lawson-23 Philips, Patsie-20 5/23/1915

Crawford, Perlie-21 Phillips, Lula-19 6/16/1918

Crawford, Ross-21 Leadford, Iowa-21 2/15/1914

Crawford, S.G.C.-19 Carpenter, Anna-19 11/18/1908

Crawford, T.J.-55 Phillips, Ida-28 6/26/1918

Creaseman, Della-19 Arrowood, John-25 7/6/1918

Creaseman, Elda-20 Hardin, Thomas-21 2/18/1917

Creasman, Bell-19 Whitaker, Judge-19 1/12/1920

Creasman, David-21 Wheeler, May-19 9/12/1919

Creasman, Ed-21 Hardin, Lillian-18 3/19/1916

Creasman, Ed-24 Beaver, Kate-16 7/31/1919

Creasman, Effie-22 Whitaker, Willburn-20 11/21/1910

Creasman, Gladuth-21 Flowers, Florence-21 12/31/1930

Creasman, John-24 Garland, Roena-18 11/2/1919

Creasman, Nannie-20 Truett, Spurgeon-21 12/25/1913 or 1912
Creasman, Willie/Mellie?-21 Flowers, Benjamin R.-23 8/22/1929

Creech, James-21 Stacy, Alma-19 8/6/1928

Crisp, Cora-16 Ensley, Lonnie-19 11/18/1917

Crisp, Dellie-18 Dodson, John-21 7/31/1913

Crisp, Emmer-18 Griggs, W.G.-21 11/30/1922

Crisp, Ernie-19 Simonds, Lawson-21 12/24/1922

Crisp, G.C.-29 Slack, Martha E.-21 2/11/1916

Crisp, G.H.-22 Sudderth, Edith-25 6/12/1928

Crisp, G.W.-37 Rose, Ollie-28 1/29/1914

Crisp, Grace-19 Ledford, E.G.-21 1/30/1926

Crisp, Gracie Nina-19 Ricks, John Dillard-26 3/11/1929

Crisp, Gracy-15 Pullium, Osro-22 7/14/1907

Crisp, Harley-20 Hogsed, Clara-17 9/8/1912

Crisp, Icy-20 Payne, G.E.-21 10/31/1915

Crisp, John B.-20 Wiggins, Amanda-19 2/16/1914

Crisp, Lonnie-27 Smith, Lucy-24 3/5/1920

Crisp, Maggie-26 Copening/Copinger?, Clifford-28 8/24/1911 issue date
Crisp, Martha-21 Hogsed, Quincie-20 7/9/1915

Crisp, Maudie-22 Roberts, Ross-30 4/24/1926

Crisp, Nora E.-25 McClelland, R.L.-48 9/8/1915

Crisp, Nora-18 Vaughn, Wade-22 3/3/1906 issue date
Crisp, Posey-27 Allen, Grace-20 12/18/1927

Crisp, William L.-23 Wright, Minnie V.-20 3/26/1911

Crofts, Harley-26 Tilson, Fannie-25 5/18/1917

Crook, Robert C.-37 Branch, Etta-22 3/2/1912

Crooks, R. (Robt.) F.-27 Meroney, Bessie-23 12/20/1908

Cross, Ed-24 Grant, Ethel-18 12/6/1926 or 23rd
Cross, J.H.-62 Hughes, Georgia-60 12/17/1929 issue date
Cross, Jessie-26 Baker, W.L.-39 1/19/1930

Cross, Mamie-18 Taylor, Andrew-25 9/1/1929

Cross, Nancy-19 Burrell, Lou/Lon-19 7/1/1906

Cross, Samantha-18 Darling, Mack-20 11/19/1912

Cross, T.C.-28 Grant, Lois-24 11/2/1929

Crow, Bessie-18 Plemons, Mack-22 12/23/1916

Crow, Bill-22 Forister, Ethel-18 2/13/1926

Crow, Dock F.-B-54 Johnson, Hester-B-22 8/4/1906

Crow, Elizabeth-B-21 Reels, W.R.-B-39 9/21/1908

Crow, J.S.-31 Haigler, Aline-20 11/30/1916

Crow, Kate-21 Bryson, Walter-20 8/31/1913

Crow, Lissie-19 Burgess, Jeff-20 6/25/1912

Crow, Thomas L.-25 Henderson, Mattie-20 8/24/1919

Crow, Tina-18 Thompson, George-25 12/24/1917

Crow, Tisha-18 Crawford, George-21 8/28/1915

Crowder, Alpheus M.-26 Mull, Rebecca-18 6/22/1910

Crowder, Edward, R.-39 Haigler, Bertha-33 6/20/1917 see also Orenda, Edward
Crowder, Lee-18 Ledford, Homer-21 8/25/1928

Crowder, Ora-24 Hudson, Bob-28 3/7/1920

Crowder, Willie-21 Quinn, Grace-18 8/21/1918 issue date
Crowe, Maud-20 Hubbard, Vick-31 6/4/1926

Cruse, Dink-22 Martin, Weldon-21 5/1/1915

Cruse, Lillie-21 Wooton, Larkin-21 11/12/1910

Cruse, Wint-27 Lovingood, Dovie-20 12/23/1915

Crye, William E.-27 Bryson, Lillian Cooper-27 4/27/1915

Culberson, Hattie-35 Tilson, W.G.-30 6/20/1915 1920 McM.Co.Tn
Culberson, James-C-21 Cook, Louise-C-20 2/28/1925

Culpepper, Dolph-21 Kilpatrick, Maud-17 10/10/1907

Cummins, Clara Harwood, Garrett A. 2/17/1915

Cunningham, Enoch J./Y?-65 Bell, Phebie-40 1/19/1909

Cunningham, Paul-21 Moss, Sallie-21 1/9/1911

Cunningham, Sallie-20 Brittain, John V.-19 9/6/1920 issue date-not executed
Curtis, Annie-19 Palmer, Worth-24 3/28/1915

Curtis, Bettie-17 Derreberry, Poley-21 11/29/1906 or March
Curtis, Florence-18 Ferguson, Octavius B.-27 8/29/1920

Curtis, Jess-30 Murphy, Lizzie-22 9/5/1912

Curtis, John-17 Brown, Laura-18 9/11/1918

Curtis, Lizzie-18 Hatchett, Peter-22 2/14/1906 or 15th
Curtis, Mary-20 Holt, John Gus-25 3/9/1926

Curtis, Vick-24 Ledford, Millie-18 9/26/1912

Cuthbertson, Dixie-28 Newman, Ross-29 5/6/1921

Dailey, Arthur B.-26 Carver, Bell-18 8/16/1914

Dailey, Frank-22/23 Spinks, S.C.-25 12/5/1929

Dailey, Hanna-21 McDonald, Robert-20 10/16/1926

Dailey, Mark-21 Champion, Cleo-17 2/18/1925

Dailey, Paul-31 Panther, Anna-29 11/28/1929

Dailey, San/Sam?-23 Adams, Florence-19 3/7/1912 issue date
Daily, Clint-22 Gibby, Mollie-21 6/6/1916

Daily, Paul-21 Adams, Parrie M.-19 5/22/1922

Daily, Roda? Berthe-21 Radford, H.B.-23 4/17/1916

Daily, Tennessee-39 Hampton, George W.-68 6/27/1906

Dale, Callie-35 Yother, Amos-35 2/2/1921 or 3rd
Dale, Ruby-19 Thorten, J.M.-24 9/20/1924

Dalton, Clay-23 Watson, Dora-22 12/17/1910 not executed-issue date
Dalton, John R.-25 Dockery, Lillie Ann-18 7/1/1917

Darling, Mack-20 Cross, Samantha-18 11/19/1912

Daughty, William F.-51 Johnson, Lena-33 4/11/1917

Davenport, Dovie Caroline, Mrs.-44/45 Butt, Virgil Ira-45/49 1/8/1929

Davenport, Marie-25 Holbrook, Roy-22 7/28/1930

Davenport, Virgie Norine-18 Rogers, Joseph Fletcher-31 12/24/1928

David, Ader-18 Burgess, G.L.-23 11/1/1908

Davidson, Callie-18 Radford, Gerry-19 3/4/1909 Callie died 1922
Davidson, Homer-31 Beavers, Rodie/Radie-19 11/5/1927

Davidson, Jerry W.-27 Cooper, Emily Eliz.-19 10/28/1914

Davidson, William Edwin-37 McCombs, Willie Anne-22 10/8/1916

Davis, Addie/Aggie?-19 Douthit, D.L.-25 6/22/1929

Davis, Addie-22 Rose, Ben-20 10/1/1911

Davis, Allen-18 Gilbart, Ella-18 2/9/1913

Davis, Andrew-18 Allen, Blanchie-18 5/28/1911

Davis, Anie-30 Bradley, J./I.? A.-39 2/27/1916

Davis, Azalee-18 Gibson, Buster-21 9/3/1927

Davis, Azelia/Angela?-18 Loudermilk, John-20 12/5/1923

Davis, Baxter-27/37 Lunsford, Mary J.-20 4/19/1908

Davis, Bell-19 Cook, Toy-26 9/6/1918

Davis, Bell-20 Farmer, Carl-21 10/13/1918

Davis, Birdie-22 Mashburn, James-30 10/22/1912

Davis, Bob-21 Morrow, Lora-19 12/9/1906

Davis, Callie-19 Hamby, Alger-21 5/27/1917

Davis, Columbus-21 Powell, Cordie-10 8/26/1908 issue date
Davis, Cordie-17 Conors, Clyde R.-23 12/26/1921

Davis, Dave J.-26 Sudderth, Fannie-24 3/8/1914

Davis, Dora-25 Rogers, Deveroe-23 8/25/1907

Davis, E. Gertrude-18 Panther, Wilburn-22 1/17/1915

Davis, Edgar E.-24/28 Palmer, Maybell-18 10/3/1908

Davis, Effie-22 Roberts, J.R.-21 8/11/1907

Davis, Ella Payne, F.P. 6/30/1912

Davis, Ella-24 Applewhite, W.H.-26 2/6/1917

Davis, Ellen-18 Gibson, Vader-19 11/25/1928

Davis, Elvie-19 Kirkland, Jim-22 9/14/1913

Davis, Fernia/Fennie?-20 McDonald, John-25 2/28/1907

Davis, Fred William-22 Penland, Maymie-18 5/10/1930

Davis, Fred-27 Cole, Myrtle-24 8/25/1929

Davis, General-23 Worley, Lestie-27 8/19/1918

Davis, George-21 Dye, Minnie-20 2/18/1912

Davis, George-32 Lovingood, Icy-22 9/14/1924

Davis, Girdie-22 Evans, Rosie-20 12/21/1919

Davis, Hamilton E.-30 Pullium, Elizabeth-18 1/20/1920

Davis, Harrison-21 Powell/Howell?, Celia 5/28/1910

Davis, Harrison-21 Howell/Powell?, Celia 5/28/1910

Davis, Ison-20 Burrell, Florence-18 7/4/1919

Davis, J. Wiley S.-29 Porter, Daisy M. N.-29 5/14/1920

Davis, J.L.-21 Rowland, Viola-16 11/19/1926

Davis, Jacob F.-21 Mintz, Julie S.-15 1/17/1909 issue date-or 11th
Davis, Janie-19 McCleland, Buster-21 8/9/1927

Davis, Jessie-18 Pipes, R.C.-22 4/28/1918

Davis, John F.-18 Abernathy, Cordia-18 7/28/1910

Davis, John-18 Allen, Julia-19 8/11/1918

Davis, John-35 Anthony, Susan-35 11/24/1925

Davis, Jonas-20 Abernathy, Sarah-18 2/9/1908

Davis, Joseph-18 Jones, Winnie-20 7/14/1918

Davis, Laura-23 Jones, Arthur-22 12/6/1910

Davis, Leora-18 Lovingood, W.O.-19 8/21/1910

Davis, Lillie Blanche-18 Welch, William Joseph-26 6/18/1910

Davis, Lovie/Lunie?-18 Jones, George-25 9/5/1920

Davis, Mary Florence-26 Posey, Ben, Jr.-25 2/24/1909

Davis, Mary-55 Hall, David-70 1/25/1917

Davis, Mattie-22 Dye, Archibald J.-22 9/11/1910

Davis, Maybell-20 Dockery, Elijah-21 11/3/1907

Davis, Nancy-21 Baker, W.R.-18 12/27/1914

Davis, Nancy-42 Queen, John-42 7/1/1915

Davis, Nannie E.-21 Wells, Roy H.-28 5/16/1920

Davis, Olen-23 Lovingood, Vienna-21 9/2/1906

Davis, Pauline-19 Johnson, Lester-20 10/3/1930

Davis, R.H.-23 Hartness, Diana-22 5/15/1907

Davis, Robert-20 Allen, Dora-19 12/18/1907 issue date
Davis, Stacia-18 Allen, Ira-20 9/4/1910

Davis, Thos. J.-55 Barker, Mary-45 12/6/1906

Davis, Tinnie-19 Cook, Theodore C.-19 5/12/1908 issue date
Davis, V.M.-26 King, Mary-19 4/4/1915

Davis, Vesta-19 Palmer, James-24 4/14/1907

Davis, Walter G./L.?-24 Mills, Fannie-19 3/17/1912

Davis, Wilda-17 Farmer, Edgar C.-21 5/31/1924

Davis, William-20 Burrell, Florence-18 12/30/1917

Davis, Willie-17 Sneed, Berton-23 1/1/1921

Davis, Yula-23? Abernathy, Robert-23 3/20/1907