Francis Moser

Born: March 15, 1763
Died: October 22, 1836

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Son of
Leonard Moser and Sarah Binkley

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Introduction To The Family

Submitted By: Emily Stelly

Francis was born in Graceham, Frederick Co, MD to German emigrant, Leonard Moser and Swiss emigrant, Sarah Binkley. Leonard had come to America on September 23, 1732 aboard the ship "Adventure". In May of 1747 Leonard married Sarah and they soon started their family. Leonard Jr b. ca 1749, Jacob b. ca 1751, Peter b. June 23, 1753, Maria Sarah b. ca 1755, Anna Maria b. ca 1756, John Michael b. Aug 1, 1759, Samuel b. Apr. 4, 1761, Francis b. Mar 15, 1763, Christian b. Jan 1, 1765, Johanna Elizabeth b. Jan 30, 1867, Henrich b. Sept 12, 1769, Joseph b. July 21, 1772, Christina b. March 14, 1774. Leonard, Sarah and the children moved to Surry Co, NC about 1776. In 1778 Leonard got a land grant for 640 acres "on the Grassey Fork of Muddy Creek" in Surry Co, NC.

Francis Moser
Revolutionary War Server

Francis inlisted in 1779 at Surry Co, NC. He was in Micajah Lewis's company of a brigade commanded by General Benjamin Lincoln. When his nine month term was about to expire he was stationed at the Black Swamp on the Savannah River. He remembered while at the Black Swamp a Sgt Campbell brought around a paper for the men to sign stating that their term was expired and that they wished to go home. The troops could not be spared and he stated that Sgt Campbell was whipped for his actions in the matter. Francis then came down with camp fever, laying sick for several months. When he was able to travel, he started home and traveled about four hundred miles in a crippled condition. He was so reduced at his arrival home that his father did not know him. A couple months later he re-inlisted in a unit commanded by Col. Martin Armstrong, as a substitute for Jacob Spoonhower. Francis was in the Battle of Camden and after Gates defeat his unit scattered. Again he went home and found the country "so full of Tories" that he felt unsafe. In 1781 Francis and one of his brothers took horses and went to Maryland where they joined the militia. Francis was in Capt Murdocks Co. Francis witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis. Shortly afterwards he received his discharge and returned to Surry Co, NC and to his family.
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Francis Moser and Elizabeth Miller

About 1785 or so, Francis met and married Elizabeth Miller. They moved to Lincoln Co, NC shortly thereafter and soon started a family. These are the children of that union.
Peter Moser b. Nov 17, 1790 d. Jan 31, 1834
John Paul Moser b. Aug 16, 1793 d. Jan 2, 1882
Sarah Moser b. May 24, 1795 d. June 30, 1856
Molly Ann Moser b. ca 1800 d. unknown at present
Joseph Moser b. Mar 15, 1806 d. Mar 21, 1887
Francis Moser, Jr b. Jan 31, 1810 d. Oct 30, 1865
Elizabeth Miller died when her last child was about 4 yrs old. About 1815 Francis moved his family to Green Co, TN. Several of his older children had moved to Tennessee after they married and Francis wanted to be near them. On Sept 17, 1816 Francis is on the list of Communicants of St James Lutheran Church in Green Co, TN. It is believed that Francis and his family moved to Jefferson Co, TN in the spring or early summer of 1818 because the last time Francis is listed in St James Lutheran is Apr 11, 1818.

Francis Moser and Mary Ann "Polly" Sipes

On June 13, 1820 in Jefferson Co, TN, Francis married Mary Ann "Polly" Sipes. Francis and Polly started their family before too long. These are the children of that union.
Mary Ann Moser b. Jan 1, 1821 d. July 18, 1907
Leonard Moser b ca. 1823 1865
Eliza Moser b. ca 1824 d. unknown at present
Henry Moser 1828 d. ca 1859
Jackson Moser b. ca 1835 d. unknown at present
On Jan 3, 1826 Francis received a land grant of fifty acres in Jefferson Co, TN. In 1828, Francis, Polly and the children moved to Monroe Co, TN. Francis's eldest son Peter, born by Elizabeth Miller, had settled in the Bat Creek area of Monroe Co, TN in the mid 1820's. In the late 1820's, Francis and his new family moved near Peter and his wife Mary. When Francis died in 1863 he was buried at St Paul Lutheran Cem. A Revolutionary War marker was placed on the grave site in 1989. When Francis died he had 9 children living and 39 grandchildren.

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