Photographed by Joy Locke

Assisted by Fred Locke

From Povo Rd. take Griffith Branch Rd.  Cross the bridge.  Walk to your left making your way along the creek.  The cemetery is on a ridge overlooking the creek.  N35 30.908' - W84 16.250'

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Elisha R. Wright

 Sarah S. Griffith

Jane Hunt

William Griffith

Elisha E. Griffith

Rebecca J. Griffith-w/oElisha E. Griffith

Callie Griffith

Sallie J. Griffith-w/oSmith Bayless

Paulina Louise Griffith-w/o E.E. Griffith

infant of E.E./Pauline Griffith

infant of E.L./Sina Griffith

Charles E. Griffith

Nevada Mason Griffith-w/o E.L. Griffith

Edward L. Griffith

Oliver Y. Griffith

Betsey Griffith

John Griffith

Richard L. Griffith

Brantley Griffith-s/o R.L.& Detie

Charles F. Griffith-s/o J.L. & Cordie

Levind Burchfild

Anderson W. Mason

Ruffus M. Mason

Suson Adeline Reed


J. M. Burchfild

These are names that were included in previous listings but I could not find them or they are gone:

Ed Duncan Griffith - 28 May 1894-27 Jan 1908 s/o R.L. & Detie
Detie Griffith - (died 1937 per death cert. age 71-d/oTom Jones/Lora Taylor)  w/o Richard L.
J.R. Burchfield - 17 Mar 1818 - 16 Mar 1890
Evaleaner Burchfield - 8 may 1886 - 12 Aug 1887
Elisha Robinson - Oct 1837
M.U  Nov 22 1908
J.H. - 1833
E.R.M.  - 1841-1867
infant son of R.L. Griffith - b&d 27 Oct 1909
Ruffus M. Mason's wife Ellen Caroline Pesterfield Mason died in McMinn Co. and is buried at Mt. Harmony Cem. in McMinn Co., with a stone on, mem. #27292030.  Her parents were Jacob Pesterfield and Mary Redman.  She was b. Mar. 29, 1832 and died June 12, 1914.

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