J.S. Kyker & Sons, Inc.

Funeral Home

Sweetwater, Tn

For part of 1928 - 1934

1936- 1937

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Abstracted Records covering these areas:

Monroe Co. – mostly Sweetwater area
Meigs Co.
Loudon Co.
Roane Co.
McMinn Co. etc.

Several years ago, Gwen Starnes, a very good genealogist of Monroe Co. whose roots were in Sweetwater, Tn, told me that she copied these records of Kyker Funeral Home in Sweetwater. She made copies for Madisonville and Sweetwater Libraries. The copy at Sweetwater seems to have disappeared . She said later when she asked Kykers about the original records for these years, they said they weren’t there. That seems to be the case today.

I, Joy Locke, bound these records up and indexed them several years ago for Madisonville Library. I decided to put them into a spread sheet format for easier use. I’ve been given permission to put these up on the Monroe Co. Genweb page.

There may well be mistakes as many were difficult to read.

It would be well worth it to order the death certificate if there are any questions. A big thanks to Don Cook for the formatting.


Monroe – Mon.
McMinn – McM
Loudon – Lo.
Roane – Ro
Blount –Blo
Sevier – Sev
husband of – h/o
wife of – w/o