McMinn County, Tennessee

1852 - 1930 Chancery Record Look-ups

The index was compiled by Rex Moses and used with permission by him. Joyce Reece gets credit for making these records available. She spent a great deal of time and money. I hope everyone appreciates her work.

Because Monroe County has such close ties with McMinn Co., I am listing this on our web page.

The records are cross indexed... for example: If the "name" column is 'Smith', case #000, with Jones, Brown & Green in the case names column, you will also find the Jones listed with case #000, Brown with case #000 and Green with case #000.  All in alphabetical order and SURNAME ONLY.

Please, be specific with full names and approximate dates also.  You will receive only the abstracted information from our lookup person. If you want a complete court case you may need to contact the McMinn Co. Historical Society for availability and costs. You can contact them by calling 423-744-3911. Check with them before driving a long distance. You can also check the Chancery office.