Family Bible of John Ester Millsaps, son of Jesse Millsaps

All the published records, that I have seen, relating to John Ester Millsaps
lists his birth as @1819. According to this Bible, his birth is November 20,

Below is my transcription of the information noted. In many cases, the
writing is very difficult to read and the pages are very fragile.


John E Millsaps and Elizabeth Hatcher was married November the 15, 1844.

(At the bottom of this page a birth entry is recorded:
Sarah (Letter unclear--perhaps a B) E Millsaps a daughter of John E Millsaps
was born April 30, 1866.

Page 2: BIRTHS

Jesse Millsaps was born April 23, 1846
Elijah Millsaps was born July 12, 1847
Rebba (Rebecka) Jane Millsaps was born December 16, 1848

(A line is drawn across the page at this point and the following is recorded
below that line:

John E. Millsaps born on the 20 day of Nov., 1816
Elizabeth hatcher born on the 16 day of Sept., 1816
Jesse Millsaps son of the above born April 23, 1846
Elijah Millsaps born July 12, 1847

page 3: BIRTHS

Rebecka Jane their daughter born Dec 25, 1848
Mary Ann Patterson their daughter born Jan y 17th, 1851
John Eason their son born Jan y 27, 1853
Nancy Elizabeth their daughter born April 9, 1855
William H Millsaps was born April 3, 185? (unclear--possibly a 6)
Rhoda Millsaps was born July 16, 1858
Martha L. Millsaps was born June 18, 1860
Hetta Adaline Millsaps was born Dec. 7, 1862

Page 4: DEATHS

Jesse Millsaps died Sept 10, 1857
John E. Millsaps died April 7, 1859
Rebecka White the wife of Arter White dide July 19, 1868

On one of the fly leaves the following is recorded:

Thomas Hatcher was born September the 26, 1826
this the 18 of October 1847
this the year of our Lord 1847
Elizabeth Hatcher
was born

On another fly leaf the following is recorded:
Riley Millsaps was born September 10, 1827
Marget (Margaret ?) Louisa Millsaps was born March the 14, 1874
Dolleyann Millsaps was born March the 6, 1877
Jacob Nuten (Newton ?) Millsaps was born Nov 28 one thousand 8 hundred eighty
Mary Caroline Millsaps was born May the 9, 1884
Marion Wesley Millsaps was born September (no day recorded) 1885
Ben Harrison Millsaps was born 8 of October 88

Submitted by: Barbara McKelvey Conant

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Elijah Lee Bible

Transcribed Aug. 1, 1957.  by Robert T. Lee, Jr.

Elijah Lee died Aug. 18, 1884. He was 63 years, one month & 6 days
Cyntha Lee died Dec., 29, 1909
Emaline Lee died Dec. 22, 1881
Caroline Lee died May 8, 1892
Cynthia Lee died Dec. 29, 1909 (double entry)
Henry J. Lee was born May 21, 1858 (this is Hugh)
Newman Lee was born Aug. 14, 1860
Rolly Hood and Anna McKenney was married the 25th of Dec. 1817
John Lee and Jane Rogers was married the 20th of Oct. 1819
Elijah Lee and Mary Hood was married Aug. 27, 1844
John Lee was born Nov. 28, 1801
Jane Rogers was born Nov. 15, 1799
Raleigh Hood was born Mar. 6, 1797
Anna McKenney was born Nov. 17, 1796
Elijah Lee was born Jul. 12, 1821

Mary Hood was born 24 ____ 1820
Alexander Washington Ervin was born Feb. 26, 1840. A child of Mary Hood & 1st husband Alexander Ervin
Mary Jane Lee was born Aug. 2, 1845
Caroline Lee was born Aug. 19, 1847
John Lee was born Jan. 17, 1851
Cynthia Lee was born Oct. 24, 1852

Submitted by Joy Locke


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John Wesley Brown Family Bible

Passed from Nancy Riggs Brown Martin to Della Cora Brown Starkey Whittaker to Ruth
Ernestine Starkey Schwartzenberger. Now in the possession of Kathy Brown Ruettinger.

Transcription of the Brown Family Bible, dated 1877 (transcribed exactly as written in the bible)

page 1:
John Wesley Brown was born Oct. the 2nd 1852
Nancy Jane Brown was born Nov. the 11th 1860
Luizy ____ Brown was born Nov. the 13th 1877
Henry Elzy Brown was born March the 28th 1880
infant son of John W. Brown and Nancy Jane Brown was born April the 15th 1882
William Joseph Brown was born September the 10th 1883
Laura Belle Brown was born April the 14th 1886
Arthur L. Brown was born March the 15th 1889
Ire Odi Oxford Brown born August the 20 1891

page 2:
Henry Elzy S. Brown died in the year of our Lord 1881 November the 27th
Infant son of John W. and Nancy Jane Brown was born dead April the 15 1882
Arthur L. Brown died July the 15th 1889
Nancy Jane Brown died July the 11 1889
John Wesley Brown died Nov. 4 1896

page 3:
Births: Callie Word Brown was born April 12th 1898
W. B. Riggs was borned Oct. 28, 1830
C. C. W. Riggs was borned June 2 1837
Nancy E. Riggs was born Sep 18, 1854
G. A. Riggs was born Nov. 14, 1857
S. J. Riggs was borned May 4 1861
J. A. Riggs July July 12, 1864
________ Nov 2, 1877

page 4:
Della C. Brown confessed in Christ Jesus Thursday. April 13th 1911. Was Baptised Wednesday
April 19, 1911at the Third Christian Church. 22nd Chestnut
Street Louisville, Ky.

page 5:
Nancy E. Riggs was born Sept 18, 1854
C.C. W. Riggs was borned June 2, 1837 and died April 16th 1907.

page 6:
C. C. W. Riggs was borned June 2, 1837 died April 16th 1907

page 7:
John Wesley Brown and Nancy Jane Gramblin was married in the year of our Lord. January the
18th 1877

John Wesley Brown and Nancy E. Riggs was married Febuary the 2, 1890.

Submitted by: Kathy Ruettinger

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Bible of Thomas Plesant MORRISON & Emily E. CLICK

The following dates are contained in a copy of the Bible I received
from Barbara Martin Keith. All spellings are as they are in the
original text.

Note: Thomas Ple(a)sant Morrison is the son of Pleasant Morison
born 03/29/1821 and Martha Stapp born 09/30/1822. He is also the
grandson of Thomas Morison born 07/25/1774 and Frances Beard born 1779.

Thomas Plesant Morrison was bornd Aug 20th 1849
Safronah E. Airheart was bornd June the 5th 1852
Emily E. Click was bornd March 19th 1854
Henry Oscar Morrison was bornd May 26th 1877
George Plesant Morrison was bornd July 31st 1886
Burton Housley Morrison bornd Aug 18th 1888
Thomas Augustus Morrison was bornd April 6th 1890
Fannie Belle Morrison was bornd June 8th 1892
Mattie Lee Morrison was bornd March 9th 1896
Burton June Morrison born Nov 12, 1935
Alisa Deanne Morrison born July 7, 1958
Amy LaDonna Morrison born March 1, 1960

Thomas Plesant Morrison & Safronah E. Airheart was married Jan 6th 1876
Thomas Plesant Morrison & Emily E. Click was married Oct. 13th 1885
Fannie Belle Morrison & Lawrence Wiggins was married Dec 2nd 1915
Mattie Lee Morrison & John A. Martin was married March 27th 1921
Thomas Augustus Morrison & Alfie Nora Cameron was married July 25th 1921
Burton H. Morrison & Sybil Nelson was married Sept 2nd 1933
Burton June Morrison & Martha Shepherd were married August 18th 1957

Safronah E. Morrison Died May 15th 1879
Emily E. Morrison Died June 14th 1898
George Plesant Morrison Died Dec. 12th 1908
Thomas Plesant Morrison Died March 24th 1915

Submitted by: Laura Ware 8/19/2001

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Bible Records of Pleasant MOR(R)ISON & Martha STAPP

The following dates are contained in a copy of the Bible.  Contained 
are dates of marriages, births and deaths.  I don't know where the 
original bible is.  I have inserted maiden names and middle names if 
I know them.  They are in ( )'s.  All spellings are as they are in the 
original text. 
Also, please note that Pleasant MORISON born 03/29/1821 is the son of 
Thomas MORISON born 07/25/1774 and Frances Beard born 1779. 
Pleasant and Martha (Stapp) Morison married October the 18th 1842 
Joseph and Fanny (Morison) Epperson was married Sept the 21 1865 
Ackleys (Acklus) and Mary (Elizabeth Smith) Morison was married November 18 
Thomas and Safronah (Airhart) Morison was married January the 6 1876 
Wm. Holms and Mary (Morison) was married February the 17 1876 
Pleasant Morison was born March the 29 1821 
Martha (Stapp) Morison was born September 30 1822 
Gilford (Canon) Morison was born November 23 1843 
Fanny E. (Elizabeth) Morison was born June 5 1845 
Isaac A. (Anderson) Morison was born June 3 1847 
Thomas P. (Pleasant) Morison was born August 20 1849 
Achilas (Acklus) Morison was born August 21 1852 
William Henry Morrison was born May 10 1855 
Cynthia Alviry Morison was born the 25 of October 1858 
Mary Adeline Morison was borne September the 22 1861 
Clarence O. Green was bornd June the 28 1892 
Cora Estello Newman was born Sept 18 1898 
Cyntha Jaunita Greene was born Jan. 14 1917 
William Henry Morison dide the 6th of October 1858 
Gilford Canon Morison dide the 27 of April 1865 
Isaac Anderson Morison dide the 27 of April 1865 
Pleasant Morisson departed this life April the 30th A.D. 1868 
Cynthia (Cynaphe) E. Green died Feb the 21 1894 
Martha (Stapp) Morrison departed this life Sept 17th 1906 
Mary A. (Adelaide Morison) Holmes departed this life Mar 1st 1907 
Joseph Epperson died Nov. 10, 1917 
Fannie E. (Morison) Epperson departed this life Feb 21, 1927 
Note:  Gilford and Isaac were killed in the explosion of the Sultana 
in 1865 at the end of the Civil War.  Pleasant Morison committed 
suicide with a knife 3 years and 3 days after Gilford and Isaac were 
killed.  Grief overcame him. 
Submitted by: Laura Ware 8/19/2001

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Bible transcription of Arthur E. HAIRE

James Arthur Haire was sheriff there in the 1830's. . This isn't your normal Bible record. This is a transcription of a handwritten note on the inside cover of the Bible. Linda Atkins

On the First Page of the Family Bible

"Arthur E. Haire's Book, presented to him by his dear father, James A. Haire of Madisonville, Tenn., June, 1847. "This book was taken from the owner's house during the War Between the States, was found in the woods by a lady, seen and recovered by a Robert Russel and by him returned to it's owner. Arthur Haire and his family were driven from their home at Cassville, Ga., in great haste, by the approaching Federal Army. Almost everything being left was either distroyed or stolen. They refugeed to Broad River, Elbert County, GA, remained there one year and two months, from there to, what was then knowned as Lexington Depot, now Crawford, Ga, from there to Lexington, Ga in October, 1865." The above account was written Sunday evening, April 22, 1882 by John A. Haire." note: John A. Haire, son of Arthur E. and Elliott Latimer Haire.

Bible was in cedar chest owned by Mabelle Stokely Grigsby, Ashville, NC. After calling a Grigsby relative of Mabelle's husband and asking about the Bible, the Bible was given to me. 

Submitted by: Linda Atkins


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Bible of John Sidney and Nellie Bessie Bearfield

  The Children of John Sidney and Nellie Bessie Bearfield,
   who were married January, 09, 1909 in Monroe Co, TN
        by  G. W. Kimbrough, Justice of the Peace
1.  Ethelean,     b. 9-25-10,Rural Vale, TN 
                  d. 10-2-1912, TN
2.  Carmack,      b. 6-12-1912, Monroe Co,TN
3.  Ella Mae,     b. 5-25-1914, Monroe Co,TN
4.  Edward,       b. 9-30-16,   Monroe Co, TN
5.  Mamie Lou,    b. 1-9-1918, Dry Creek TN
6.  John Leonard, b. 1-25-20, Copperhill, TN
7.  Samuel H,     b. 1-10-1922, Murphy, NC
8.  Ora Lee,      b. 7-7-1924,Murphy,NC
9.  Mary Jean     b. 12-14-1926, Cleveland, TN
10. Nely Sue      b. 12-25-1928, Chattanooga TN
                  d. January, 1929 Chattanooga TN 
11. Sarah Louise  b. 12-2-1930, Chattanooga,TN
12. Robert H.     b. 3-15-1932
From the Bible of Mrs. Ora Lee Bearfield Rinkle
Submitted by: Charlotte

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Bible of William & Francis Nealy Ward

Isaac Archelaus Ward was born March 19th 1856
Georgia Ann Savannah Ward was born December 19th 1858
William Brown Ward was born January 20, 1860
Milton Sylvester Ward was born September 13, 1865
Mary Jane Ward was January 24, 1863
Mary Jane Ward wife of E.F. Culvahouse departed this life June the 14th day 1894
Margaret L. Scott 7-31-1874 departed this life August 14th day 1894
     (dau. of Wm. H. & Fannie (Francis) Ann Ward Scott.  Wm. Ward died in the Civil War and Francis remarried)

Submitted by: Betty Pace

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