Cook, Edmond (age 24 b. Mo.Co.,fair complex., blue eyes, dark hair);
Gentry, Pleasant (age 20 b. Mo.Co., fair complex, blue eyes, dark hair);
Humphreys, Abraham (age 21 b. Mo.Co., fair complex, black eyes, dark hair);
Kirkland, Jesse, ( age 45 b. Jack. Co.NC, 5"10", fair complex, blue eyes, dark hair);
Kittrell, Robert (age 24 b. Mo.Co., 5'7", fair complex, grey eyes, black hair);
Lee, John C., (age 18 b. Mo.Co., 5'8", fair complex.,blue eyes, light hair);
Liner, John (age 41 b. White Co.VA, 5'10", fair complex., blue eyes, light hair);
Mayo, Blackmore H. (5'61/2" b. Mo.Co., dark complex., blue eyes, dark hair,age 19);
McDonald, George W. (age 17 b. Mo.Co., 5'5",dark complex, hair, eyes);
Rausin, David D. (age 38 b.Bl.Co., 5'7",dark complex & hair, blue eyes);
Rausin, James H. (age 25 b. Bl.Co., 5'8", dark complex, blue eyes, light hair);
Richardson, Samuel (no description);
Robinson, Thomas A. (age 17 b. Ro. Co., 5'10",fair complex, dark eyes & hair);
Ross, Thomas B. (age 22 b. Bl.Co., 5'10", fair complex, blue eyes, light hair);
Webb, Elijah (age 25 b. Mo.Co., 5'10", dark hair and eyes);
White, James E. (age 20 b. Mo.Co., 5"9", dark complex, blue eyes, dark hair);
Witt, Daniel L. (age 19 b. Jeff. Co., 5'6", dark complex, black eyes & hair)

This Page was provided by Joy Locke List compiled by Lynn McConkey

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