Johnston family Deeds

13 Sept 1847 #43 Deed Book O - Monroe Co, TN

John H. Johnston of Polk Co, Samuel M. Johnston of McMinn Co, Nancy Johnston, Samuel H. Johnston, Josiah Rowan & wife Esther, formerly Johnston, Samuel Johnston and wife Margaret, Francis H. Josiah K., James H. and Hamilton Johnston of Monroe Co & said Hamilton for himself and for minor children of heirs of William Johnston dec'd being distributes of late Samuel Johnston of Monroe Co who died 12 Aug 1846 to Joseph Johnston Merchant of Madisonville " to us his said children, widow and grandchildren "

20 Sept 1847 #406 Chancery Courts Records -Monroe Co, TN

Ex Parte. Petition of Heirs of Sam'l Johnson to sell lands. Filed Sept 20, 1847

To the Honorable Thomas L Williams Chancellor sitting in the Eastern Division of Tennessee.

Humbly complaining your Orators and Oratrixes John H Johnston who is a citizen of  

the county of Polk and State of Tennessee, Samuel Johnston and Josiah Rowan & his wife Esther formerly Esther Johnston of the county of McMinn & state aforesaid, Samuel Johnston & Margaret his wife Francis H Johnston, Josiah R Johnston, James H Johnston & Hamilton Johnston & Samuel H Johnston, citizens of Monroe County, & James H Johnston, jr, Sarah A, Esther, Findly S, & Eliza J Johnston, Minors, who sue and appear by their guardain Hamilton Johnston, and are citizens of said county, and all the heirs and representatives of Samuel Johnston, deceased, and Nancy Johnston widow and relict of the said Samuel Johnston, deceased, who departed this life the Eleventh day of August, 1846. Represent unto your Honor that the said Samuel Johnston, deceased, in his life time and at the time of his death was seized and possessed of a certain tract or parcel of land lying in the said county of Monroe & state aforesaid, & known & described as follows, to wit, one tract lying in Bradly County, in the Ocoee District situated in the second range west of the basis line, first fractional township, north, thirty sixth section, containing 160 acres. Also forty acres adjuent(?) to the same lying in the South East corner of the South West Quarter of said section. One other, in Monroe county tract known as Starr's Reservation, excepting out of the same a part of said Reservation conveyed to Jos Walker, another part conveyed to F H Johnston, another part to James H Johnston,and a part conveyed to H Johnston, leaving three hundred acres more or less. One other tract of fifty acres more or less bounded by the lands of Joseph Hunt & Hamilton Johnston & Joseph Walker adjoining the last mentioned tract part bought of Robt Ferguson & part entered by said Sam'l Johnston dec'd.

Your Orators & Oratrixes would further represent that the said Sam'l Johnston did not make any disposition of his property by will & that they are trustees & distributees, being his children & entitled to equal shares in his estate, excepting Samuel H Johnston & the said minors, to wit James H Johnston, Sarah A Johnston, Esther Johnston, Findley S Johnston & Eliza J Johnston who are the grandchildren of the said Sam'l Johnston and children of William E Johnston whose share in said estate they represent.

Your Orators & Oratrixes further represent that the said lands owing to the great number of heirs concerned in interest cannot be divided between them to advantage or with fairness, that the water Etc upon the same cannot be given equally to all and some parts of the land would be nearly valueless by itself. They therefore pray that the dower of the widow in the premises be first laid off & assigned to her in the said lands by commissioners duly appointed for that purpose. And that then the interests of the said heirs be sold under an order of his honorable court for the benefit of your Orator & Oratrixes as well the part of which they will have possession as of the remainder in them of the part assigned for dower, They further pray that the Guardian or some other person in interest be permitted to sell the same to save difficulty & expense.

They further pray that the same be sold upon the terms following, that is to say upon the payment of one third of the purchase money in hand. One third in one year from sale & one third in two years.And that said sale be made as soon after the assignment of dower as the  same can be properly advertized. And such other & further relief in the premises as the case may require.

Heiskell Sol.

11Sept 1857 Deed Book P p. 510

Title Bond- Samuel H. Johnston to Lazerus Smith, his 2/5 undivided interest in lands of William E. Johnston, dec'd, his own interest and the interest of brother Finley G. Johnston, encumbered with the right of dower which mother Nancy McBride, widow of William E. Johnston owns.

Oct. 1859 #139 Deed Book N & K

John McBride & wife Nancy McBride vs Smith & wife, J. H. Johnston, Huston & Jane Johnston petition for dower, Nancy McBride the widow of William E. Johnston.

 4 Dec 1848 #42 Deed Book N & K

Samuel M. & John H. Johnston to Hamilton Johnson interest in land, a part of Starr's Reservation of which Samuel Johnston Sr. died possessed, they being sons of said Samuel.

3 Feb 1842 #588

Samuel Johnston Sr. to Hamilton Johnston as a gift

22 Nov 1830 #406 Deed Book A-I-L

Samuel Johnston to Josiah K. Johnston, both of Monroe Co; land known as Starr's Reservation.

6 Dec 1832 #741 Deed Book A-I-L

Samuel Johnston of Monroe Co to etc; land purchased by said Samuel Johnston from his son William E. Johnston excluding 2 acres Samuel has donated to the 'Succeeder Church where the "Seceder" meeting house now stands".

18 Oct 1839 #44 Deed Book M

James Johnson of Murray Co, Ga, to Joseph Johnston of Monroe Co. his half of Lot No. 21 in Madisonville. Attest Samuel M. Johnston, James H. Johnston.

17 Jan 1855 p. 142 Deed Book P Monroe Co, TN

Finley G Johnston sells to Samuel H Johnston, for the consideration of one hundred and fifty dollars, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged all my undivided right and interest in one hundred and sixty acres(it being our undivided fifth) being in the county of Monroe and State of Tenn. ____ Hiwassee District. I have set my hand and seal this the 17th day of January, 1855

Finley G Johnston

Attest: Jacob Ruth, Charles Prather

State of Illinois

Schuyler County

 I , Nathan Moon, clerk of the county of Schuyler Co do hereby certify that Finley G. Johnston, whose signatures appears to the forgoing deed of _______and who is personally known to me to be the real person whose name is subscribed to said deed, as having excuted the same,this day appreaded before me and acknowledged that he had signed, sealed and delivered the _____as his____ ___ and deed for the uses and purposes therein____. In testimony whereof I have signed my hand and affixed the seal of said court at Rushville this 17th day opf January A.D. 1855.

Nathan Moon - clerk

20 June 1833 Vol A #385 Deed Book A

Johnson, Samuel M and John F Henderson -bought lot # 15, here was the home Printing Office and Book Bindery of Samuel M Johnston, and is where the Dr. Gunn and Dr Isaac Wrights Medical Family Advisors (book) was published. (Samuel M Johnston also printed in Madisonville, an Expose of Masonery).

29 Sept 1836 Deed Book N & K #853

Samuel M Johnston of Madisonville to firm of D & M Shields and Co, manufactures of the paper at the Huston Onwidelle Brook Paper Mills in counties of Grainger and Knox; lot No. 15 in Madisonville where said Johnston now lives and the firm of Johnston and Edwards have their printing office.

Submitted by: Jerry  


John D. Boring Grant

Submitted by: Mitzi 

"I don't know for sure on the governor's name or secretary's name or of MH Smith or D Wm Nabb--the initials".

Also, John D. Boring was a private in Co B 4 Batt'n (Branner's) TN Cavalry # 48284969

He see up June 28 1861 with Maj DM Dey for 12 months He was discharged on the 4th of Oct 1861 by Boyd then he was absent but not stated why in Jan 9 1862 and his name cancelled on the military papers.

The State of Tennessee No 4484

To all to whom these presents shall come--greeting: Know Ye, that in consideration of entry made in the entry-taker's office of the Hiwassee District of No 2808, dated 27th Dec 1826 by MH Smith & D Wm Nabb Occupant Entries, the Certified copy of being assigned to John D. Boring

There is granted by the said state of Tennessee, to the said John D. Boring and his heirs, a certain tract or parcel of land containing eighty acres, lying in the county of Monroe in said District, situated in the second range [something] of the meridian, fourth township, and the thirty sixth section, and the west half of the south west quarter of said section, Beginning at the south west corner of said first mentioned quarter, with its appurtenances, to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land, with its appurtenances, to the said John D. Boring and his heirs FOREVER

In witness whereof, U.S. Brown, Governor of the State of Tennessee hath hereunto set his hand and caused the Great Seal of the State to be affixed at Nashville, on the 3rd day of Sept, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty nine, and of American Independence, the [something]

By the governor US Brown WBARamsey (?) secreatary

John D. Boring

hath title to the above described land

James S. B(something) Register of the Hiwassee District

post print--athens, tn

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G.W. Hunt to L.F. & S.E. BORING

Submitted by: Mitzi 

To whom it may concern: Know ye that I, GW Hunt for and in consideration of Fifty Dollars, to me in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged have this day bargained and sold and do hereby deed grant and convey to LF Boring and his wife, SE Boring and the heirs of their body the following described tract or parcel of land viz. containing by estimation Sixteen and One Fourth acres, lying in the 8th Civil District, Monroe County, being a part of the Southeast Quarter Section thirty-six, fourth Township, second Range East of the meridian Line, Hiwassee District: beginning upon the Southeast corner of said quarter; thence North with the sectional line fifty-one poles to a stake; thence West fifty-one poles to a stake; thence South fifty-one poles to a stake; thence East fifty-one poles to the beginning. I, GW Hunt, do covenant with the said SF Boring and SE Boring and the heirs of their body against the claims of any and all persons.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 10th day of September, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-five.

Attest John P. Green GW Hunt John O. Henderson

STATE OF TENNESEE Monroe County Personally appeared before me, Arch Mason Clerk of the County Court for the county aforesaid, GW Hunt, the bargainer who acknowledged that he executed the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained.

Witness my hand at office this Sept. 13, 1875 Arch Mason Clerk

I do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument and clerk's certificate was registered at my office in Madinsonville in Book T, pages 192 & 193 this 13th day of September 1875, 1:30 o'clock pm. EM Dalton Registrar

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