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The inventory of THOMAS MILSAPS



Adm. appointed for CHARLES DENTON Estate








Submitted By; Janelle Swearingen, Tulsa, OK

Monroe County Circuit Court Minutes 1847-51


Be it remembered that this cause coming on to be heard & determinend upon the petition answer and report of the clerk this 15th day of September 1848 before the Honorable Charles F. Keith presiding by interchange with the Hon. E. Alexander and it appearing to the court that the lands specified in the preceeding report for the interest of all the parties to be sold and that the same cannot be divided among the heirs, and by consent of parties that the land shall not be sold for less than one thousand dollars. It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the court that the lands mentioned in the petition be sold by the clerk of this court at the late residence of the said Hiram Vinsant deceased on giving forty days notice of the time and place of sale at three places in the civic district where tha land lies and also at the court house door in the county aforesaid in two divisions to wit each tract described in the petition separately to the highest and best bidder or bidding requiring that one hundred dolars of the purchase money for each tract be paid down at the time of the sale that one half of the remainder of each shall be payable in twelve months and the remainder in two years taking bond and security for the purchase money and return a lien upon the lands until full payment is made therefor, provided that the same shall not be sold at said sale for less than one thousand dollars and that he make report to the next term of this court.

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The inventory of Thomas Milsaps
Estate Valued and praised June of 7, 1760

Submitted by:Joy Locke

Augusta Co. Va. Will Bk. 2
1 red cow white face L2, young cow and calf L7.4, a brown cow and bull L2.5, a ___ cow and calf L2., 9 two year old steers L.10, a black heffer white face L5. bay horse seven years old L6.,1 brown mare & colt L9., 1 gray mare and yearling colt L8., 1 black horse six years old L9., 1 young bay horse L5., 1 field of rye at L6.,1 acre of wheat at O/,6 grown hogs and five shotes L2., 1 ______ of ________ L2.5, 10 bushels of barley L1.5, 60 bushels of wheat L9., 20 bushels of rye L2.2, 1 chest and old clock L .10, 1 dowe ____ and old box L .3, pewter and _____L 1., _____ ______ and _____ forks and one ladle L1., 1 box iron and heaters L .6,To 1 old bed and bed cloath L 1.,1 old ____ and wool L.10, some broke hemp L.6,1 wooling wheel 5/, some old milk vessels L.8, some old vessels L.6,1 meat ___ and one barrel 7/ L.7,1 spoon molds 6/, 6 ______ 6/,some old iron trumpery L.6,1 pair of traces and old lock chain L.10, 3 old hows 5/ L.5,1 pair of plow irons and plow _____ L1.,1 hand saw and drawing knife L.5, 9 old axes and _______L.13,1 pair of iron wedges L.2,auger ____ fork one pickling fork ____ of old tongs L6.,1 grindstone L.3, 2 _____ one half bushel one _____ 2 beehives L.7, 1 spinning wheal 14/, 19 head of sheep L6,1 pair pot hooks 1/,1 pair of ____ ____ ______ L.5,1 ______ gear 6/,2 heffers and one 2 year old_____L3.15, 1 note of cash L1.15.9, 4 yearling cattle at 2.10.

_______an under our hands this 9th day of June 1760
Michael Waren? and Abraham Bird
____ Court held for Augusta County November 19, 1760. This inventory an appraisment of the Estate of Thomas Milsaps deceased being ______ into Court as ordered to be recorded.
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Edmund Williams Estate (Carter Co., Tn.)
Filed at February sessions 1796

Submitted By: Joy Locke

An inventory of the personal property of Edmund Williams deceased: 7 horse beasts, 45 head of hogs little and big, 22 head of cattle little and big, 3 ____ steers, one safe or cupboard, one chest, one table with a loose leaf, two smoothing irons, one shotgun, one blacksmith vice, one jack screw, 1 pr. Steelyards, 1 pr. tin scales, 1 pr. money scales, 1 silver watch out of repair, 1 shoe hammer, 1 pair of shoemaker pinchers, 1 pr. of sheep sheers, 1 stone jug, 1 common barrel, 1 hogshead, and some other old casks, 1 iron, 2 kegs, 2 old spinning wheels, 1 new or good spinning wheel, 1 old big wheel, 1 man saddle, 1 old saddle, 1 woman's saddle, 1 dictionary, 1 Bible, 2 old Bibles, 2 Old Testaments, 1 old book called "The Young Mans Best Companion", 1 old spelling book, 1 old book called the "Psalms of David", 92 lbs. of iron at home (and acknowledged to belong to the ____), one note on John Johnston for L10, a quantity of nails, money and gold, three guineas, 3 French crowns. In dollars and other money L1.15. Some leather but appears to be wanted for family use. A debt on Charles Robertson acknowledged to buy himself in the following manner say L5 in money L5 in trade but not yet due. The lands eluded to in the will to be sold and equally divided as follows (viz) 100 acres, one other 100 acres on land warrants, 100 acres more calling for the waters of Indian Creek, one other 100 of 400 acres Sebastian Haughn lives on not right made nor no bond yet found for the payment. We expect the total of the land mentioned in the will to be sold and divided amounts to 700 acres. In dividing the place where the said old Mr. Haughn lives. Errors excepted.

Joshua Williams
Archibald Williams
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Andrew Vaught Sr. Estate

Submitted By: Joy Locke

Report of John Vaught for administration of
Andrew Vaught deceased the amount of the sale of the personal property sold at his late residence in Monroe County onthe 26th day of March 1853. (The Cautrell name you see throughout is actually Cottrell-Matilda "Tildy Vaught" married Richard Cottrell).1 Geography & atlas to John Cautrell $.25; 1 Gunns Medical Book to Cautrell $.50; 1 History Josephius to John Caldwell $1.30; 2 Histories Washington & Marion to John T. Harges $.25; 1 house Bill? to Elizabeth Cautrell $1.30; 1 clock to Harvey Cochran $4.00; 1 bed & furniture to Caroline Vaught $7.15; 1 looking glass to Rebecca Vaught $.15; 1 side saddle to John Vaught $1.00; 1 bridle to Henry F. McTeer $.50; 1 wagon sheet to John Best $.96; 1 pair shoes to Stephen Bett $1.00; 1 man's saddle to Stephen McCall $4.85; 1 umbrella to Sarah Vaught $.80; 1 tub & pail to John Cautrell $.10; 1 stew kettle to John Cautrell $.10; 2 clevises to Samuel Tullock $.56; 1 horse stretchers to James West $.20; 1 pair steelyards to John Vaught $.25; 1 set plow gears to Samuel Tullock $1.00; 2 _____ to John Vaught $1.15; sundries to John Vaught $.25; 1 small saw to John Vaught $.11; 1 horse cannon plow to James Best $2.00; 2 horse cannon plows to James Best $2.55; 1 bee stand to C.W. Norwood $2.25; 1 bee stand to C.W. Norwood $2.95; 1 bee stand to John McClain $2.80; 1 bee stand to Adam Kennedy $2.20; 1 bee stand to Anderson Rowans $2.30; 1 bee stand to ____ Hope Belt $2.46; 1 bee stand to Anderson Rowan $2.05; 1 bee stnad to John McClain $1.25; 1 ____ ox to John Vaught $10.00; 1 milk cow to Armstrong Morrow $10.00; 1 blind mare to Joseph Gray $19.00; 1 wagon to John Vaught $11.50; 1 sow & 8 pigs to John Vaught $9.25; 4 stock hogs to John Montgomery $19.44; 4 stock hogs to R.J. White $10.50; 1 young sow to John Cautrell $3.00; 1 sow to William Peeler $3.00; 1 ____ sow to James Samples $3.25; 1 bull calf to Armstrong Morrow $2.29; 1 large pair stretchers? to John Vaught $.75; 3 ___ Birds fodder to James Pitts $1.80; 3 __ birds fodder to Richard Cautrell $1.50; 3 __ firds fodder to John Cautrell $1.35;   lot corn 25 bushels to John West $6.56 1/4;  lot corn 25 bushels to John Best $6.25; lot Corn 25 bushels to John Best $6.31/4; lot corn 25 bushels to Willis Gray $6.31/4; lot corn 50 bushels to David Spradlin $12.75; 1 can lard to Tiletha Cautrell $1.98; 117? lbs bacon to Jobes Coulson $78.16; 2 bushels salt to William Peeler $1.25; 6 plates to John Vaught $.41; 1 set cup & saucer to Willis Gray $.51; 1 set knives & forks to J. Cautrell $1.05; 1 half bushel 7 peck to John Vaught $.18; 1 stone jug to Henry McTeer $.50; 2 small jugs to William Peeler $.15; 1 jug to William Peeler $.05; 1 skillet & lid to James R. Gentry $.32; 1 skillet to Henry F. McTeer $.35; 1 pot rack to William Peeler $.26; 1 oven 7 lid to William Hedrick $.60; 1 oven & lid to David Spraling $.25; 1 wash pot to Sarah Vaught $.25; 1 laret meat tub to Mosenbury Roy $.65; 1 shovel plow to John Gray $.40; 1 log chain to John Montgomer $1.25; 1 pair double trees to John West $.36/4; 1 falling ax to John West $.25; 1 large falling ax to John West $.61; 1 meat ax to John Vaught $.10; 2 churns to John Vaught $.31; 1 keg to Isaac Bell $.50; 2 augers & gouge to John Cautrell $.50; 2 augers to Joseph Gray $.61; 1 hand saw to James R. Gentry $.61; 1 hand saw to William Peeler $.15; 1 drawing knife to Henry F. McTeer $.50; 2 drawing knives to John Vaught $.26; 1 mattock to Andrew Rowan $.43; 2 broad hoes to Andrew Rowan $.43; 1 box sundries to John Vaught $.25; 2 files & chisels to John Vaught $.25; 2 whetstones to John Vaught $.05; 1 _____ to John McClain $.41; 1 hand ax to John Vaught $.79; 1 cutting knife & hammer to John Gray $.46; 1 ______ to William Peeler $.25; 1 small keg to James Houston $.50; 1 iron wedge to William Peeler $.26; 1 cut saw to C.W. Norwood $3.25; 1 cooper adz.? & brass compass to John Vaught $.50; 1 jointer & fore plain to John Vaught $.50; 1 bottle spirits Turpentine to Stephen Belt $.25; 2 pocket books to John Vaught $.15; 1 vial camphor to Tildy Cautrell $.12/2; 1 chest to Rebecca Vaught $.50; 1 coffee pot to John Vaught $.30; 1 small coffee pot to John Vaught $.15; 1 set candle molds to Tildy Cautrell $.10; 1 wool hat to John West $.75; 1 pine talle? to John Vaught $.03; 1/2 bushel wheat to John Vaught $.13 3/9; 1 set & iron to John Vaught $.50; 1 sack wool to Tildy Cautrell $.50; 1 ____ good to David Vaught $25.58 1/2; 1 note on Garren Tucker doubtful $3.00; 1 note on Samuel Ghormly doubtful $14.00; credited75 cents.Notes for the above amounts with good security have been taken due twelve months after date, all of which so respectfully submitted to the _______ county court ofMonroe County this 6th day of June 1855.
John Vaught, administrator
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Submitted By: Carolyn Whitaker

(Born: Abt 1842 TN Died: 1875 Texas Co. MO)

(Son of Alpherd Denton and Dorcas Click)

Married 21 Dec 1865 Monroe Co. TN Nancy Melissa Donohoo ---NO CHILDREN

62nd Tenn. Infantry Co. C, CSA

10th Kentucky Cavalry Co. M, USA


On motion ISAAC LINDSEY was appointed administrator of CHARLES DENTON deceased. Thereupon came the aforesaid ISAAC LINDSEY into open court and entered into bond which is in the words and figures to wit

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT WE, ISAAC LINDSEY, JOHNSTON W. HOWARD, AND JOHN LINDSEY are bound unto the State of Tennessee in the penalty of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Witness our hands this 7th day of June, 1875.

The condition of this obligation is such that whereas the above bound ISAAC LINDSEY has been appointed of CHARLES DENTON, deceased.

Now if the said ISAAC LINDSEY shall well and truly as such administrator perform all the duties which are or which may be required of him by law then this obligation shall be Void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue




And the said ISAAC LINDSEY was qualified as the law directs and Letters of Administration ordered to issue accordingly.

 Ref: Monroe Co. Tennessee Record Book Monday June Term 1875 Page 547


17 April 1999 Copyright

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Submitted By: Carolyn Whitaker

PAGE 343

Inventory of the Personal Property and effects of the Estate of CHARLES R. HARTSELL, deceased returned in the County Court of Monroe County, Tennessee by AMANDA HARTSELL, Executrix of said CHARLES R. HARTSELL deceased to wit:

1 note in farm of Charles R. Hartsell dated May 19th 1874 at one day on J. A. Cline for $5.30

1 note on James M. Giles at 1 month date Oct 3 1866 barred by Statute of six years for $30.00

1 note on Houston Williams to be paid in labor at one day dated February 19th 1875 for $8.00

1 note on Mary J. Pearson at one day dated Dec 11th 1874 for $2.40

1 note on Armenia Hall at one day dated Aug 12th 1872 for $3.50 Doubtful

1 note on E. C. Hawkins, James Isbill at one day dated Dec 18th 1871 for $13.23 with a credit May 5th 1873 of $10.00 and March 7th 1874 of 2.50 Doubtful

1 NOTE ON Isaac Lindsey Jr. at one day dated May 15th 1866 for barred by statute limitations $7.00

1 note on J.R. Williams at one day dated March 18th 1873 for $605.00 worthless

PAGE 344

1 note on H. R. West & Daniel Arnold at one day dated May 12th 1875 for $12.00 Doubtful

1 note on Isaac Lindsey and J.R. Burchfield at 12 months dated 21st Sep 1874 for $225.00

1 note on C.F. White at two years dated September 14th 1871 for $300.00

1 note on C. F. White at one year dated September 4 1872 for $300.00 credited Oct 18th 1873 $100.00 and Nov 29th 1872 $195.00

1 note on James Pritchard at due December 25th 1873 dated January 5th 1875 for $300.00

1 note on James Pritchard dated January 5 1875 for $1600.00 with interest from date $160.00 to be paid Dec 26th 1876 and $160 yearly thereafter until paid

1 note on James Pritchard due Dec 25th 1878 with interest from date dated January 5th 1875 for $450.00

PAGE 345


4 Head of Horses 7 Head of cattle

2 Head of Colts 11 Head of hogs

14 head of sheep

Crop of corn for year 1875

About fifty bushels of wheat

Farming utensils etc

STATE OF TENNESSEE> Amanda Hartsell, Executrix

MONROE COUNTY> of C.R. HARTSELL deceased makes oath

That the foregoing contains a true perfect and full statements of the personal property and effects and assets of the estate of C.R. HARTSELL, dec’d. As she verily believes.


Her mark

Subscribed and sworn to before me this Oct 27th 1875


(AMANDA (CLICK) HARTSELL, daughter of Henry Jackson Click & Ruth (____) Click)




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