Submitted By: Carolyn Whitaker

1 --- Knife J. C. Rogers $ 1.00

1 Hatchet William Click 1.60

1 Jug Wiley Laufton 1.15

1 Jug Charles Hartsell 1.50

1 Auger Isaac Henly 1.25

1 Auger h quarter Joseph Huff 1.98

1 Bridle (?) Charles Hartsell 3.50

1 Hymn Book William Click 1.25

1 Hymn book William Click 1.25

1 Bucket Alfred Denton 1.25

1 Tea pot Charles Hartsell 1.75

1 Pitcher J. Murr 1.25

8 Plates J. Murr 1.25

1 Bottle Charles Hartsell 1.45

6 Tea cups Frederick Weaver 1.34

1 Cream pitcher C. Hartsell 1.37

1 Coffee Pot J. Murr 1.10

1 Coffee Pot Isaac Henly 1.50

1 Pair Saddle bags C.B. Blanton 2.50

4 Bottles A.T. Burris 1.10

2 glasses & pepper

box John Breeden 1.22

1 Pan candle molds Joseph Huff 1.22

1 Coffee Mill P.M. Gentry 1.55

1 Mans Saddle John Murr 7.18

1 Trunk & key Charles Hartsell 7.50

1 Cupboard T.O. Henly 12.51

1 Pair fine dogs Frederick Weaver 2.05

1 Fine Shovel Alfred Denton 2.19

1 Bed Stead Hepsebah Click 2.25

1 Bed & Furniture William Click 1.57

1 Bed & Furniture J. Murr 2.00

2 Chairs William Click 2.75

2 Chairs William Click 1.15

1 Chair A.T. Burris 1.99

1 Keg William Click 1.10

1 Meat Tub Charles Hartsell 1.90

1 Basket James Pater 1.41

1 Basket John Redmon 1.30

1 Half Basket Isaac Henly 1.57

1 Peck Alfred Denton 1.20

25 Bushels J.B. Gilbreath per bushel 68 17.00

25 Bushels J.B. Gilbreath " 68 17.10

25 Bushels more or

less J.B. Gilbreath 69

1 Milk Cow Fred Weaver 6.00

1 Two horse wagon James Tate 30.35

1 Mare Isaac Henly 6.81

1 note on Eakin & Wright 27.50

1 note on Cathcart and Denton 20.00

1 note on John Divine & A.B. Clift 8.00

Cash in my hands 27.00

The foregoing is a full and perfect inventory of the sales of the property of the ESTATE OF HENRY CLICK, deceased directed by law to be sold. Notes with good security due twelve months after date were taken from purchasers May 11 1857







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Submitted By: Carolyn Whitaker




                 ARTICLE                              PURCHASERS NAME                         COST

Lot Bed Clothing Joann Stafford $ .05
" A. H. Murr .10
" Amanda Stricklin .10
" Wm Mullins .05
" Wm Moses .05
" L. C. Blanton .05
" J. M. Mason .05
" Malinda Burriss .10
One full leaf table L. T. Blanton 5.00
One small table Henry Murr .75
Rocking chair Ann Stafford 1.10
Looking glass Ann Stafford .10
˝ set chairs A. Stafford 1.10
Check red & wh--- Wm. Denton .25
2 baskets " " .25
1 pr cotton ca--- - - Blanton .25
2 jars Wm Denton .25
Cross cut saw Wm Denton .25
1 baker bin Ben Arp .20
Baker & lid A. Stafford .20
Bread tray H. t size="3">.15
1 bed stead & ? Wm Denton 2.05
1 clock Wm Denton .15
1 cupboard Charles Stricklan 5.60
1 table A. Stafford .05
1 cook stove William Mullins 6.00
1 wash kettle Wm. Denton 2.30
2 barrels A. H. Murr .90
1 wash tub T(?) Blanton .15
Half bushel & st--yards Jas. Kirkland .55
Two horse plow John Fry 5.00
Shovel T (?) Blanton .50
2 horse wagon " " 32.25
sundries Harrison Arp .80
Lot hoes A. H. Murr 1.25
1 barrell Wm Mullins .35
A small keg Jason Miller .10
Lot tin ware Wm Denton .30
2 sides of bacon Mathew Hicks 6.71
2 sides of bacon T (?) Blanton 6.86
˝ can lard @ 20 cents A. H. Murr 3.10
1 can lard 55 lbs. T. (?) Blandon 9.35
1 book V. Mc Farland .10
2 steel traps W. M. Smith .05
1 gallon cup A. Stafford .05
2 sacks & baskets Wm Denton .30
1 set harness Wiley Hampton .30
1 wash pan Wm Denton .05
sundries Wm Denton .50
1 heifer Nancy Denton .10
1 cow & calf Wm Denton 30.15
1 sorrel mare George Stricklin 102.50
5 to 10 bus wheat Penelton Isbill 12.40
Lot seed cotton Mathew Hicks 2.70
2 corn boxes Wm Miller .05
1 trunk Tip Blanton .15
1 lot turkey Nancy Denton 1.80
1 lot chickens " " .50
1 Loom Tip Blanton 1.80
1 lot of irish potatoes Pent Isbill 1.00
1 double plow Wile Hampton 3.95



MONROE COUNTY: I, J. R. SLOAN, Admin. of Darcus Denton decd. Do solemnly swear that the foregoing is a true and correct report of Sale of personal property of said Darcus Denton decd. And embraces all of the personal property of said Darcus Denton, which I was able to find by dilligent search.


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 25 day of May 1882.




Great Niece


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Submitted By: Carolyn Whitaker

William Denton was born 17 March 1800 and died 31 July 1856 Monroe County, Tennessee, son of John Denton and Mary Moore. He married Amanda Allen.

Page 272

The following is a list of the sale of the property belonging to the Estate of William Denton, deceased December 4, 1857. Amanda Denton.

To sundries $ 2.00
2 brass kettles & 1 walnut table 2.20
1 pair fire tongs andirons & a jug 2.60
1 chest, looking glass & clock 1.55
2 tables & 4 books 1.75
3 beds and steads 10.00
1 umbrella iron (?) square & rake .55
-omer & two hat stans .40

C. F. White 1 half bushel measure .40
Isaac Roberts 1 table 5.00
50 bushels corn 32.50
J. B. Gilbrath 1 table .60
Razors .50
5 Vol Reformation 1.40
William Denton 2 Vols. Battas (?) his 1.10
Hammer Aug wheat fan (?) 4.95
Iron wedge & barrels .55
Henry Sheets 2 beds & steads 5 barrels 2.90
James Clibourne 1 book .55
D. L. Stephens 1 flax wheat .70
28 3/4 lbs ? @ ? per lb 1.30
Lewis Stephens auger & drawing knife 1.11
1 plow & sundries 1.62
bridle line collar band 3.00
pair stretchers & turning plow 1.80
Harrow & 2 barrels .85
C. Denton 1 man saddle 11.10
J. C. Rogers 1 handsaw .60
Wm M Smith 1 pr sheep shears & 2 hogshead 1.38
F. Weaver 1 pair ? aids 1.15
T.L.D. Trotter 1 chisel .15
David Gaston 1 scythe blade .75
25 bushel wheat ?
James H. Hargis 1 pair chains plow &
Cotton 25.00 1 single tree & pari stretchers 1.00

Page 273

James H. Hargis 1 sorrell mule 86.00
George White back band & ? .82
50 bushels corn 30.00
88 bushels corn 25.76
1 cow 21.00
Wm. A Upton breast chains & maslock? 1.27
40 bushels corn 25.80
James Denton Lot ? 6.60
Hip & straps .55
Cow 7.70
E. Kimbrough axes .50
C.M. McGhee sundries .30
Side saddle 2.35
86-1/2 bush white wheat 91.69
Henry Murr 1 hay fork & 2 grindstones .35
Thomas White sundries .26
Jeremiah Murr 1 baker & lid .42
G.M. Morgan 1 turning plow 1.00
Simon Cunningham 1 barrell .10
Jonathan Thomas 1 Wagon 68.00
Josiah Johnston 9 fox hogs 131.25
R F Gray 50 bushels corn 27.00
John Pendergrass 50 bushels corn 29.25
Zachariah Lewis 50 bushels corn 30.00
Isaac Denton 25 bushels white wheat 25.75
Thomas Grimsly " " " 25.25
8 bushel white wheat 8.02
J. Watkins 25 bushels white wheat 25.00
P. M. Gentry to sundries .22
Chains .53
Keg & boxes .56
50 bushels corn 27.50
50 bushels corn 30.00
23 bushels corn 15.80

Page 274

The following is a list of the notes, moneys, accounts belonging to the Estate of William Denton, deceased, supposed to be good.

1 note on:
S. J. Rowan given 5 May 1854 due at date $25.80
S.J. & J.A. Rowan 5 Mar 1856 $200.00
H. C. Roberts 9 July 1855 with interest $32.28
William H. Denton 24 Sept 1855 with interest $15.00
William H. Dauson 17 Dec 1853 $150.50
Credited 30 Jun 1855 $100.00 $50.50
William H. Jones 27 Oct 1855 $50.00
Joseph Peeler Feb 1856 with interest $10.00
Upton & Beall 2 Nov 1855 $18.39
James H. Hargis 18 Aug 1855 $21.05
credited 12 April 1856 $4.80
Isaac Henly & A B Clift 28 Nov 1855 $42.00
Toliver White 25 May 1855 $5.00
credited 7 Jul 1856 $54.00
J. C. Rogers 1 Oct 1855 $5.00
J. S. & E. J. B. Howard 2 Jan 1855 $143.50
David Brown & J. S. Howard 5 Jun 1855 $8.00
credited 27 Mar 1856 $2.00
T. O. Henly 20 Nov 1855 $66.50
T. O. Henly 10 Jan 1856 $50.00
A & T Arp & A. Radin 17 April 1855 $20.00
Armstrong Morrow 1 Jan 1855 due in 2 years with interest $87.50
Jesse Givens 1 Mar 1854 $205.00 due 25 Dec 1857 with interest
credited 9 Jan 1855 $60 Nov 1855 $95.17 $57.83
T.L.D. Trotter & L.D. Stephens 14 Aug 1855 $569.95
Stephens & Upton 17 Dec 1855 credited 28 Mar 1856 $69.45 $170.52
Daniel Cathcart 4 May 1853 $100 due 6 Aug 1855
credited 17 Dec 1855 $50.05 $49.75

Daniel Cathcart due 6 Aug 1855 $75.00
Robert Hutcheson estate & D.W. Latimore 25 Feb 1854 for $200
credited 5 Dec 1854 $22.25 also 10 Nov 1855 $81.00 $96.75

Reference: Monroe Co. Tenn Inventories of Estates, Jan 1853 - Jan 1859, Microfilm Roll #20, pages 272, 273, 274, Tennessee State Library & Archives, Nashville, Tenn.

NOTE: William Denton is brother of Abigale Denton b. 1 Mar 1792. She married her cousin Jackson Denton b. abt 1790. Their son, Alpherd Denton married Dorcas Click.

Dorcas Click is daughter of Henry Jackson Click, Sr. & Ruth ____, my 3rd great grandparents.

Researched and transcribed by Carolyn Whitaker 7 April 1999

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Submitted By: Patty Brock

Recently I purchased several rolls of microfilm and am able to read them from home. The microfilm that I am reading now is for Estate Inventories from Probate Records ( County and Chancery Courts) Vol. C-E from Jan. 1853-1902 for Monroe co. TN.

I found an estate of particular interest. It is from the estate of Worth Stickley. The year is 1896. He must have owned a store and he had lots of accounts. Following are the names that appeared in his inventory. I make no claim for the accuracy of the list, I am just reading it as I see it so there may be some mistakes but I thought it might just help us to see who is living in and around Monroe co. in the 1890 time frame since we don't have a census to look at.

Here's the list: Mrs. M.M. Stephens, Jack Horst, Alex Rider, Thos. Gray, Joe McKeehan, ? Wilson, John Bivens, John Daly, Lon Cagle, ? Russell, Geo.Harrill, Tip Tate and R.K. Robinson, J.Matt Lee,Wash Bivens, Geo.Watson, Thos. G. Harvey, Sam. McCauley, J. C. Kimbrough, Isham Avens Estate, Isaac Everheart, Jos. W. Williams, John Lefain?, Perry Smith, Adolphus Stephens, Chesly C. Carter, John E. Brakebill, J.A. Long, Rev. Blackwill ?, Stephens Besh?, H.Y. Griffith ( R.R. cont.) David Cochran, T.E. Reynolds, Rufus Watson, B.A. Hall, Ed Reynolds, Phillip Moser, John Newton Upton, Jas. McMillan, Geo. Vinsant, John Blair, Arch Axley, J.C. Cardin, Wm. Tilley, J. Pryor Brown, J.K. Johnston, Sherman Walker, G.W. Brown ( carpenter) Wm. Deputy?, Geo. Folland?, Wm. Lee, Wm. Donally, Wm. Shaw, Joe Forshee, Wm. D. Hale, Dr. Edwin Hall, W.N. Peak, Thos. R. Patterson, Frank McKenzie?, John Martin, Thos. Ward, D.C. Lenderman ?, Sam H. Richards, O.C. Henderson Sr., Professor G.W. Huddleson, Thos. McClendon?, Thos. W. Humes ?, Lee ? Taylor, Lowry L. Neal, J. H. Brumen?, J. M. Cook, T.T. McSpadden, C. L. Wilson, Abe Haun?, Lee Dyer, Jas. Harrold, T. R. Sloan, McCollum ? and Montgomery, H. F. Kinser, J. Monroe Starratt, Jas. Mullins, Alvin? Irons, Wm. Fair or Fain, Mrs. Jane Bradley, Ellis Coffin?, Geo. T. McKeehan, Jas. Carmichael, J. Carter ( either Jess or Jeff), Geo. W. Huff, Henry Peeler, Z. H. Joines ( or Joins) Dr. S. E. McCollum, Arch Fare ( or Farr), Wm. Tallant, Wm. N. Magill, Thos. D. Wilson, Mrs. E.P. Clark, E. N. Harrison, Nathan Evitts ?, J.R. Russell, Jas. D. Lowry, Jas. R. Robinson, E. R. Lee, Harold Hicks, Jas. C. Hall, Hugh Lattimore, Henry Ball, G. L. Henderson, John W. Goddard,Jas. W. Axley, W.W. Axley, Mrs. S.J.Callaway, J. L. Carson, Walter Forshee and J.R. Carter, Geo. Kyle, Thomas C. Bayless, Geo. Martin, Joseph Waymer ?, W. W. Love or ?, Mrs. Martha Axley, O.C. Wiley, Ms. Sally Chamber, Sam D. Reynolds, G.A. Sullivan, Taylor Wells, Henry O. Watkins, J.Snider, G. M. Compton, Cleve Reynolds, Ben Rowan, John Cook, Thos. Hensley, Henry Stephens, Wm. Cochran, Nate Stephens, G.E. Mehaffen, Lewis Hunt, Alexandar Belcher, Jas. Yates, J. C. Atkins, Houston Milsaps, Elias Bivens, Daniel Barr, Mrs. Bettie Peak?, Ewing Whit--?, John F. Moser, Dock Yates, G. W. Cozarh?, Hannah Donaho, Walnut Grove Church, John Spillman?, John Deacon, J.Matt Patterson, Henry Wauers?, Elisha Marshall, John Moser, Robt. Hicks, Joe Lankford, Peter Cardin, Wm. H. Curtis, Jas.H. Worthy, J. E. Blankenship, Jas. Vinsant,J.S. Blankenship, Lee Collins, Wm.A. Hicks, P.W. Owens, W. R. Kimbrough, Carter Hamilton, C.Foxwhite?, Wiley Dean, J.A. Watson, J.C. Griffith, D.P. Ayers, Geo.Burchard, A. L. McKeehan, Warren Grey, E. Young ( student), E.S. Abbott, Jas. Bowers, H. L. Givens( student), Wm. Townsend? , Hugh Yearby, J.C. Tilley, James Tallent, Wm. Watson, Augustus Ghormley, Hig Coppenger?, ? Henderson, John Kile, Wm. J. Morelock, John Southers, Geo. L.Cline, C.E. White, Jas. Walker, John Thomas, Brad Isbill, J. F, Cary, Joe Tipton, J.P. Griffith, Joe. M. Boyd, Wm.B. Stephens, Freeman Hinds, Wm. Griffith, J. D. McMillen, John Cunningham, Geo. W. Johnson, Geo. Watkins, Dr. J. E. Walker, C. W. Hodge?, S.C. Watkins, Wm. F. Carelton, Wm.Curtis, John M. --ffrey, John Coffin, Lee Coffin, Jas. Wiseman, Joe Moss, Riley Raper, C. M. Niles, Mrs. Margaret W. Niles, Robt. Mills, Isaac Sloan, S. H. Tallant, John Stapp?, C. P. Pile (student ),Port Maxwell, J. B. Ellis, John Avens, N. H. Cunningham, Tip Pittman, Isaac Powell, Mrs. Z. L. Hicks, Wm. S. Ivens, Robt. Mahan, John Mathais, Wm. Williams, Ben Steed ?, S. G. Maxwell, Roah ? L. Boyd, Gib Caefie??, Henry Mason, Charles Patterson, Rufus White, Jas. H. Kelso Sr, Jas. W. Shell, Isaac Lindsay, John Mills, Col. Akins, Jehu Cantrell, Jesse Hardin, Henry Moss, Callaway Thomas, John Hicks, D. H. S. Hicks, Rev. John M. Kittrell, J. P. Frank Magill, Geo. Mains, Mrs. Ella Ray, John O. Woods, Jacob Pesterfield Jr., Nute C. Hawkins, G.A. Hicks, Wm. Taylor, Joe Stakely, Jeff Burriss, Sam Hunt, Kimara Brunner ?, J. L. and J. M. Morgan, Dr. Hall, Cal. Johnston, Rev. Sam Haun, Geo. W. Sloan, Charles Gillespie, John Hicks, Walter Forshee, S. R. Morgan, S. E. Badget ?, Jeff Davis, Jas. Holley, Wesley Kinser, Charles Griffith, Thos. Sloan, Jas. F. Woods, Thos. B. McSpadden, Jas. Wiatt, Marcus Watkins, Jasper Tallant, Fraze Romans, W.C. Quinn ( Queen?), Wm. John Cagle, Gib Brakebill.

C.Bleraig ?, John Tallent, Pearce Cantrell, John Longmiller?, Tillman Franklin, John W. White, Frank Phillips, Lee Patterson, Jas.A. Parsons, Robt. Humphrey's, Peter McDaniel, Wm Tinker, Hugh Gilbreath, John Grayson, Robt. R. Rider, Rev. C. M. Joines, Chas. Sloan, Dick Snider, Wm.H. Watson, Jackson Hester, C. M. Burris, W. L. Bright, Croffard Collake, Ms. Sallie Griffith, Bryant Howard, L. A. McKeehan, B.H. Keith, Wm. Peace, B.J. Headrick, C.E.Steele, Robt. Satterfield, John W. Cagle, Wm. W. Carson, Wm.F. Ervin, Bart Givens, Wiley Mills and B.B. Hunt, Wm.Dyer, Jack Loftis, Adolphus Brooks, Oscar Hunt, Joe Mains, W. R. Lowry, G.C. Mason Oscar Pearce, Calvin Martin, James Snider, Sam Best, W. B. King, Wm.Cagle, Wm. Saunders, Charley Gorman, Jacob Hester, Lloyd Wall ?, A.C. Berry, Elijah Forshee, George Florida, Rufus Hall, Isaac Curtis, B.C. Haynes, Andy Milsaps, C.C. Jones, John Ball, Vastine Stickley, Z. T. Hunt, L. L. Callaway, Reese Hicks, W.M. Lee Jr., Mrs. Julia Yates, John O. Henderson, Joe J. Howard, Ben Callaway, J.P. Kefauver, Conway Cardin, Joe Cavitt, Len Cardin, D.W.Patterson, Wm. T. McDaniel, Frank Payne, Mrs. H.J. Reed, Jas. Milligan, J. R. Givens ?, Wm. Holley, J. A. McCollum, Jas. Cavitt, Jas. Callaway, Joe A. Keith, John Morton, Chas.Owens, Jake Kile, G. W. Humphries, R. K. Robinson, Galyon ? Seldon ?, J. A. Johnston, Bud Gray, J.C. Morris, S. P. Hale, John B. McGhee, J. B. Kimbrough.

Out of these accounts $1681.31 were good, $561.69 were doubtful, and $1007.01 were no good.

Most of the accounts just amounted to a few dollars each. I did learn that if an account was over 6 yrs. old it couldn't be collected because of the statute of limitations.

Here is a list of notes that is part of the Worth Stickley estate. I happen to have an old note in my possession from 1895 but it is from Hamilton co. Ohio but it appears as if it is generic and could be used for any state or county. It is almost the size of a business envelope and is similar to a business check. At the very top it has a line where the person would put the name of the city, month, day and year. The next line says Nine months after the date we promise to pay to the order of _____________( this is where Worth Stickley's name would appear, the sum of ________ ( the amount would go here) and then the next line would again name the town, post office and county and then would be signed by the person that owes the money.

On this page of microfilm it lists the month, day and year but for sake of saving my fingers and wrists I am only putting the name and year. If someone would need the month and day, I would be happy to tell them.

John Avens 1886--John Bivens 1893--C. N. Aiken 1893-- Elias Bivens 1882--J.W. Axley 1893--G.O. Bicknell 1896--E. H. Berong 1896--Martha J. Best 1896--John Ball 1896--I. G. Ball 1896--Lee Collins 1885--L.L. Callaway 1896--A. Cavitt 1896-- Joe Cavitt 1896--Wm.Deputy 1892--Jas. Callaway 1896--John Dyer 1896--C.C. Carter 1891--J.W. Cochran 1891--Lee Collins 1886--J.B.Carter 1893-- Ellis Coffin 1891--J.M. Lee 1892-- C.D. Farmer 1887-- Nathan Evitt 1893--Arch Farr 1891--J. F.Fortner 1885--Tillman Franklin 1894--C.A. and R.H.Ervin 1896--J.W. Goddard 1895--Jas. Hicks 1896--W.C. Hicks 1889--Joe Goddis 1892-- S. H. Hicks 1894-- L.D. Hunnicutt 1891--J.A. Henderson 1893--Joe Upton 1878--Jas. Tallent 1888-- Jas. P. Taylor 1885--Jas. Payne 1885--Wm. Holley 1894--H.C.P. Horton 1893-- Sam Gray 1894--N.L. Harvey 1892--Wesley R. Hicks 1887--S.P. Hale 1891-- C. W. Hicks 1895 and 1896--R. L. Griffith 1884--Thos. G. Harvey 1884--C.W. Gregory 1890--Tupper ? M. Hicks 1894--E.C. Upton 1892--Wm. Hunt 1884-- Wash Isbill 1891--W.S. Ivens 1896--J.C. Kirkland 1891--J. H. Kelso Sr. 1893-- E.K. Johnston 1895--Wm. A. Irons 1893--W.B.Kennedy 1893--J.M. Malone 1887-- Henry Moss 1893--James Moses 1878--J.A. Moses 1888--John R. Mason 1893--

R.A. McCallis 1896--Sam H. McGee 1896--John B. McGhee 1896--Jesse Moss 1893--Mrs. N. R. Montgomery 1896--W. L. Pittman 1890--S. B. Pittman 1892--T.J. Pittman 1893--Thos. Phillips 1896--Bettie Pettit 1886--Perry Smith 1891--J. Mon--? Starratt 1891--J.M. Starratt 1886--Jas. Slaton 1886--Jack Stiles 1892--Thos. H. Sanders 1885--Cornelius Scruggs 1891--Adolphus Stephens 1890--Alex Rider 1895-- Jeff Smith 1890--S.B. Shields 1885--Chas. W. Sloan 1897--Fraze Romans 1895-- B.S. Steed ? 1890--Jas. Scruggs 1896--G.W. Tallant 1896--C.A.P. Wooldrige 1894-- T. N. Webb 1896--G.W.Watson 1875--J.M. Wolf 1892--Cloyd ? Wells 1893-- J.M. Webb 1896--W.J. Woods 1891--J.C.Worthy 1893

The foregoing accounts and notes are reported as they appear upon the books of said Worth Stickley but many of them are perhaps subject to credits and off sets. Some are claimed by the parties whom they are against as to large and some are denied altogether and this report is made subject to such claims as made and appear just. ( Typed as shown in film) Not my words.


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Submitted By: Yvonne Worcester

Inventory of the Estate of Phillip Keller.

Monroe County, Tennessee Inventory 1868 - 1877 page 174-175


Phillip Keller deceased


An Inventory of the personal property of Phillip Keller, deceased, which came into my hands as administrator, with the will annexed, of the said Phillip Keller, and which was sold by me on the 25th day of Janry 1870 - The following articles were sold for cash in hand viz.:

Purchaser article amt.

J.H. Forshee 1 Bench Screw .30

David Bluir 1 Turning plow, Small plow & oxn yoke 1.30

Wash Keller 1 Grind Stone 4.25

E.S. Axley 1 Broad Axe 3.85

McCaury McBride 1 Set Breech Bands 7.

James Frank 10 Bushels Wheat @ 95 1/2 c 9.55

Joseph Upton 80 " Corn " 80 = 64.

B.C. Pettitt 15 Do " 78 = 11.70

E.P. Clark 660 Oak Boards - .50 per H. 3.30

Abbott Robinson 1 four horse wagon - sold on

twelve months time . 62. .

$177. 45

There was also remaining unsold 20 Bushels Corn and

1 cow was not taken away .

There also came into my hands as such administrator, the following

Notes and accounts viz:

1 Note of J.M. Moser for $250oo

dated Janry. 25th 1867 & due 25$ Decr. 1868

bearing Interest from 25th Decr. 1867.

Cr. Feby. 15th 1870 770 2 1/2

Cr. March 28th 1870 80.oo

1 Note on J.M. Moser for $250oo

dated Janry. 25th 1867, & due 25th Decr. 1869

bearing interest from 25th Decr. 1867

1 Note on L.M. Carter for 315

dated June 6th 1859 & due one day after date

1 Note on E.S. Forshee, E. Forshee & J.H. Forshee for $68oo

dated Decr. 25th 1867 & due 1 day after date.

Cr. on the above Nov. 5th 1868 $10oo

1 Note on E.E. Pardue, P.E. Blankinship for 37.50

with J.H. Worthy & Peter Moser security .

Given in favor of John Jarnagin and dated

Janry. 17th 1866 & due 1 day after date.

Cr. on the above Janry. 3d 1868. $11oo

1 Note on J. Alexander for 50oo

dated Feby. 3d 1866 & due eight months after date

Cr. on above Janry 2d 1866 $20oo

1 Note of L.M. Blackman for 48.79

dated 1st Feby. 1858 & due one day after date.

Cr. on above Decr. 5th 1860 $978

1 Note on F.A. Forshee for 15oo

dated Decr. 20th 1862

1 Note on James Green for 10.50

dated Sept. 4th 1858, due 1 day after date

witnessed by E.S. Forshee

1 Witness Ticket in suit of Abajah Fowler against

J.P. M Connell in Circuit Court Bradley County for 10.50

1 Affidavit made by Phillip Keller, dec’d. to the tax of a Note

on Abijah Fowler, decd. said Note dated about the

1st Sept. 1863 for 50oo

in current money ____


I have not yet ascertained which of the above Notes or accounts are collectable.

State of Tennessee Personally appeared before me B.C. Pettitt Clerk of the County Court

County of Monroe for the County aforesaid, E.S. Forshee adms. of the estate of Phillip Keller, dec’d, with the will annexed and after being sworn deposed and said that the within Inventory of the Sale of the Personal Property, & notes of said estate is a true and correct one of all that has come into his hands or that he has any knowledge of from any one else.

subscribed & sworn to this 31st March 1870.

B.C. Pettitt. Clk. E.S. Forshee

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