Wills pertaining to Monroe Co.


Pertaining to Monroe County, Tn.

If you have a WILL pertaining to Monroe county and would like it to be placed on this page, Please send me an e-mail along with the Will. All submitted wills will be greatly appricated by all our visitors.

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James Arthur Haire
Hugh McDonald Senior
Larkin Cardin Will
John R. Roberts Will
Jonathan Summit Will
Sarah Binkley Moser Bartley (mother of Frances Moser ) Will
Leonard Moser Will
John Sharp Will
John Sutton will
Joseph Johnston will
Edmund Williams will
Michael Hyder will
Thomas Milsaps will
Jesse Milsaps will
Samuel Smallen will
Andrew Miller will
Andrew Vaught will
Francis Shaw will
Peter Binkley will
Henry Jackson Click, Sr. will
William Click will
Charles Robert Hartsell will
Amanda Hartsell will
Alfred Denton will
Jacob Pesterfield will
Samuel Shaw will
William Giles will
John Coltharp will
Jonathan Davis will
William H. Jenkins will
Sarah Hart will
Phillip Keller will
Franklin Lee Keller will
John Tate McDonald Haire will
Isaac Lindsey will
Richard Stephens will
Isaac Wilson Hagler will

grape vine