Henry (Runnions) & Callie Freeman Mayfield

Henry & Callie Freeman Mayfield

Henry Runnions/Mayfield & his first wife Callie Freeman Mayfield

Henry & Callie were married 18 Jun 1905. Henry is a son of
William McKinley Runnions/Mayfield and Mary Ann Byram of Monroe County.
William disowned the Runnions family name in the late 1880's and took his
mother's maiden name of Mayfield when he found that his father Noah Runnions
wasn't killed in the Civil War but had actually abandoned the family after the
war and married another woman in Polk County, TN.

Henry married Callie using the Runnions name before going to the Mayfield name
some years later. Henry was born 9 Sep. 1876 and died 14 Aug. 1969. He is buried
in New Providence Cemetery in Tellico Plains.

Submitted by:
Great Nephew of Henry Runnions/Mayfield.

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