Southern Claims Commission for Thomas O. Henley of Monroe Co., Tenn.

Submitted by:
Nita Henley Johnston

Act of 3d March, 1871
Petition of Thomas O. Henley
Madisonville, Monroe County, Tennessee
Filed by T. W. Burge
of Counsel,Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee

To the Commissioners of Claims, Under Act of 3d March, 1871, Washington, D. C.

The petition of Thomas O. Henley respectfully represents:

That your petitioner is a resident of county of Monroe in the State of Tennessee; that his post office address is Madisonville in said county and State; and that at the time his claim and each item thereof as herein set forth accrued, he was a resident of the County of Monroe and State of Tennessee; that he is the original owner of said claim; that he has never sold, assigned or transferred the same or any part thereof to any person; that no mortgage, bill of sale or other lien of like nature has at any time rested upon it, or any part thereof , nor has it been attached or taken in execution; that the same has not been paid by the United States or any of their officers or agents , nor have the United States any legal offset against the same or any part thereof; that he is the sole owner of the said claim, no other person being interested therein; that said claim does not contain any charge for property which was destroyed or stolen by the troops or other persons; that the rates or prices charged are reasonable and just, and do not exceed the market rate or price of like stores or property at the time and place stated; all of which your petitioner states of his own knowledge.

Your petitioner further states that he is now and was at the time the several items of his said clamed accrued, as stated herein, a citizen of the United States; that he remained a loyal adherent to the cause and Government of the United States, during the war of 1861, &c(?).; and was so loyal before and at the time of the taking or furnishing of the property for which this claim is made.

And your petitioner further represents, and of his own knowledge states, that on the 4th day of December, A. D. 1863 at Monroe County in the State of Tennessee the following property or stores were taken from your petitioner for the use of the army of the United States, and for which payment is claimed, viz:

1863 $ Cts.

Decr. 4th Fifteen hundred pounds of Salted Pork @ 10 cts per lb. 150 00
" Thirty-eight head of good Sheep for mutton @ $2 each 76 00
" Fifty gallons Molasses @ $1 per gallon 50 00
" Five hundred pounds of fresh pork @ 6 cts per lb. 30 00

$306 00


Decr. 4th One Grey Mare about 16 hands high and about 9 years old, sound and in good condition
150 00
" One Chestnut Sorrel Horse about 15 hands high and about 8 years old, sound and in good condition
140 00
" One Chestnut Sorrel Mare about 15 hands high and about 5 years old, sound and in good condition
140 00
" One Bay Mule (horse) about 15 hands high and about 5 years old, sound and in good condition
150 00

$580 00


Balance $886 00 ========

Which said property or stores being of the kind, quantity, quality and value above stated was taken by Lyman Bridges belonging to the United States Army, in the service of the United States, whose rank was Capt. of Bridges Battery of Illinois Volunteers acting as such under command of Maj. General W. T. Sherman who at that time had command of United States forces in the District which said property was taken.

And petitioner further represents that he has been informed and believes that the said stores or property was taken from your petitioner as above stated and removed to the use of said Bridges Battery on the march of Gen. W. T. Shermanís command to the relief of Gen. A. E. Burnsides at Knoxville Tenn; that at the taking of said property, or stores, no vouchers, receipt or other writing was given therefore by the person taking the same as aforesaid or received at any time by your petitioner.*

Your petitioner further states that the claim, within and above mentioned has (+) been presented to the Commissary General of the United States in so far as the same relates to the commissary stores being $306.00 thereof which was rejected by said Officer.

That the part of the above claim which is for Quartermasterís Stores being $580.00 thereof was once made up by petitionerís attorney as a claim against the U. S. Government; but petitioner cannot state whether the same was ever presented or not, nor whether any action thereon was ever had or not, neither having occurred in so far as petitioner is aware.

Your petitioner hereby constitutes and appoints T. W. Burge, Attorney-at-Law, of Athens, McMinn, Co. Tenn true and lawful attorney, with full power of subsitution and association, to prosecute this his claim, and to receive a draft payable to the order of your petitioner for such amount as may be allowed, and to do all acts necessary and proper in the premises.

Your petitioner therefore prays that his said claim may be examined and considered under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved 3d March, 1871, dated this 25th day of July 1871

Signed: Thomas O. Henly

Witnesses: J. M. Malone

R. K. Robinson

State of Tennessee

County of Monroe

Thomas O. Henley being duly sworn, deposes and says, that he is the petitioner named in the foregoing petition, and who signed the same; that the matters therein stated are true of deponentís

*If any such paper was given, it must be so stated; if possible the original must be attached; otherwise a copy, with statement accounting for the absence of the original.

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