In the following abstracts, are the the most interesting of the papers and letters, omitting many of the White family letters, which would not be of great interest to the general public.

29 Oct 1857; Jacob Loyal to W.L. Eakin, Power of Atty. to draw Jacob's pension money from the U.S. Government at Knoxville, which will be due March and September 1838, and pay same to Frank Henry, "I having sold the same to him".

Sep 1841; Letter from Richard L. White, Emory and Henry College, Glade Springs, VA. to Thomas White, Monroe Co.; "Dear Parents"; has seen Grandmother and Uncle John White since they came in and they are going to start in a few days; travel seems to agree with Grandmother.

14 Sept 1843; Letter from Isaac Murray, Washington Co., Tenn. to Thomas White, Madisonville; Mrs. Joseph Yong died a short time ago; "Saw John Murray's wife who lives near your brother John White & all are well".

4 June 1856; William Payne son of Thompson and Sarah Payne, formerly of Davidson Co., N.C. to J.I. Wright, Power of Atty. to sell his undivided interest in land in what was Davidson Co., N.C., being the land willed to Sarah Payne by James or Jason Payne.

25 Oct 1881; Letter from Bettie Templeton, Coriscana, Texas, to cousin Annie Cunningham; all of mother's brothers and sisters have died except Aunt Bettie White; the writer is 24 years old, the oldest of five children, the others being Loula 18, Allie (brother) 14, Madie 5, and Hubert 3; brother Bird is living in Vaxahacie and has just been elected County Judge and has just started today to Tennessee for the purpose of marrying; he expects to go to Knoxville to see brother Jerome; brother Billie lives in Fayetteville; Father expects to go to Nashville, Tenn. on some Church business.

12 Dec 1849; Letter from John Wayman, Clay Co., Mo. to Miles Cunningham, Monroe Co.; Wayman evidently has gone from Monroe Co.

Dec 1857; Letter from A.T. Haun, Springfield, Mo. to J.I. Wright, Monroe Co.; has not obtained a sale from Mrs. Kimbrough's land because Circuit Court has not met for 18 months; Mother and family came here safely 15 Oct and are well pleased with new home; Newon has gone to Lawrence Co.

20 Mar 1854; Letter from Pension Office; papers of Adam Garren are returned in order that Dr. Young may make oath to his affidavit; Dr. Young states that applicant was a farmer before he went to Mexico, and describes his illnesses.

22 Apr 1835; Receipt from Thomas White to Joseph L. Burt for amount due to Rebecca Erwin and Heirs from Estate of Joseph Young, dec'd.

25 Nov 1868; Letter from Richard C. White, Elizabethton, Tenn. to Uncle Thomas White, Madisonville; oldest son lives where father died and oldest daughter who married a Smith lives near Fish Springs; has only five children, three sons and two daughters; youngest daughter will be 13 on 8 Apr 1869.

12 Aug 1853; Power of Atty. from Bartley Cash, Hamilton Co., to Benjamin W. Kiser, to receive from Jacob Tipton, Adm. of Joel cash, dec'd, of Monroe Co., his share as heir.

5 Mar 1860; Letter from John A. Wimpy, Dahlonega, Ga. to Joseph I. Wright, Madisonville; is sorry he did not become a Mason in lodge in Madisonville.

24 Jul 1855; Letter from Pension Office to Eakin & Wright, Madisonville, in regard to case of claim of Elizbeth McCallister of Tenn.

27 Sep 1853; Letter from Pension Office to E.E. Griffith, Madisonville, stating that they do not find the case of H.H. Stephens in their files; that Warrants for Bounty Land were issued 7 Apri 1852 and 15 Jan 1853 to Sarah, widow of William Bayless, a private in Capt. Vance's Company, Tenn. Militia, War of 1812.

9 Mar 1853; Letter from Pension Office to Hon. A. Johnson, H. of R., enclosing pension certificate of Henry Click.

26 Sep 1854; Letter from Pension Office concerning case of Richard Allgood, who was a private of Co. C., 5th Regt. Tenn. Volunteers; Capt. Vaughn does not appear to have distinct recollection of the soldier's condition.

19 Mar 1857; Letter from Pension Office; Land Warrant, issued in name of Augustus Presswood 23 Oct 1855 was sent to Benton, Tenn.

4 Dec 1854; Monroe Co.; James Montgomery makes oath that Alexander Roddy was a private in a company of drafted men in the War of 1812-14, commanded by Capt. William Walker in 39 Regt. Inf. commanded by Col. John Williams; enlisted about 8 Jan 1813 at Knoxville and served for twelve months and was honorably discharged in Dec 1813 or Jan 1814; James Montgomery also makes oath that he himself was in said Company and was discharged in Sep 1813 on account of being wounded.

13 Feb 1857; Letter from E.B. Grayson, Washington, concerning pension for widow of Duke Kimbrough; encloses Land Warrants for William Bain, Capt. Thompson's Co., Boothe's Regt., Tenn. Militia, War of 1812, and for Jacob Hammontree of Capt. Gallespie's Co., Thornburg Regt., Tenn, Militia, War of 1812; also letter from Pension Office in relation to claim of Sally Housely.

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