In this collection are several letters written to Thomas White, Four Mile Branch, Monroe County, from his sons, Richard L., Ewing Y., Oliver, and Charles, during 1846 and 1847, from E. T. University, Knoxville, now the University of Tennessee. It was "the Hill" then, as now. Following are some excerpts from these letters: we have received the several articles...the color of the pantaloons is presisely like the uniforms they have here...the bare meat was the best meat I have ever eat...I have my resitations with Mr. Garvin and Lea...I have never been marked as I know of but one and that was for studying after ten o'clock...(16 Apr 1846) Mr. Estabrook wife died a weak or two ago, on that ocasion the exercives of the colege was suspended untill the burial was over, in honor of the departed and respect to the president...the number of students is greater than has ever been before, the number is about a hundred and thirty...I hope that yew will excuse me for not writeing before this time and excuse me also for the way I have writtin this letter for this is the first time that I have attempted to write a letter...

24 Nov 18__; Letter from J.E. Cunningham, Camp near Mossy Creek, to Capt. J.I. Wright; Dr. Heath was killed instantly 22 Jul near Newtons...was buried nearby; we got in the fight at Piedmont the 5th Jun. Hugh & King Heiskell was killed, Andy Millsaps was killed. Or. Hall was mortally wounded. Lieut. T. McGuire, William Henly and P.P. Mosier was captured. Nathan Davis was wounded in the thigh on 2d Sep. We went to Va. with 14 men and returned to Tenn. with 5; Heartsell boys was captured at Morestown; Bill Heartsell was wounded, the Yankees left him at Morestown; we gave the Yankees a good chase...the boys got Yankee tricks. I got Col. John Brownlow's hat. there is about 5 of the old Co. now besides Hall he is always _____; T.C. Knight, William Clemmer, N.H. Davis, William McGuire and myself is all that is left. Hugh Fry is detailed in the ordinance department.

6 Oct 1871; County Court, White VS Cunningham; - Miles Cunningham late of Monroe Co. died intestate several years ago; left following children and heirs, viz: Lincoln, Alfred, David, and John Cunningham, Elizabeth White formerly Cunningham, wife of C.F. White, Isabella Cunningham, Mahala Templeton formerly Cunningham. Since the death of Miles Cunningham, his children David and John have died without issue; his son Alfred died leaving widow Margaret and minor children, Anna, James, and John, of Monroe Co.; his daughter Mahala Templeton has died leaving William and Byrd Templeton of Loudon Co. and Bettie Templeton of Bradley Co., also under age; his son Lincoln has died without issue but made a Will leaving his 1/5 interest in estate minus the 1/42 inherited from David by Mrs. Templeton, David having died before him - In said Will Lincoln gave all his interest to Alfred and John who were then living and to Isabella - said Will has been lost and also the record of probate if same had ever been probated; Jerome Templeton of Loudon Co. is a Complainant also, but his relationship is not stated.

Many family letters from Lawyer J.I. Wright and wife Susan who move to Rome, Ga., after the Civil War.

23 Nov 1858; Letter from J.W. Carter, Daneville, Kemper Co., Miss. to Eakin & Wright, Madisonville; had expected to be in Texas before now but has been detained by wife's health.

28 Apr 1858; Letter from J.M. Hopper, Calhoun, Henry Co., Mo., to Joseph Wright, Jr.

18 Jan 1821; Receipt from Thomas and Jane White to Rebecca Irvin, Adm. of estate of Charles Young, dec'd, for $885 of "my father's estate".

16 Oct 1815; Receipt from Ewin Young to Rebekah Irvin, Adm. of Charles Young, dec'd, for $864 of "my father's estate".

8 Apr 1824; True copy of Will of Wilkins Young; my part of land to mother during her lifetime and then to sister Jane White and then to her children; all money to mother; to William Irven a sorrel mare for a debt I owe him; Exec; mother; Test: James W. Young, Eliza Boring, William W. Young.

17 Mar 1853; Letter from Ivy S. Reynolds, X Roads, Ill., to nephew J. Ivy Wright; requesting him or his brother to attend to business in N.C.; encloses a Power of Atty.; received a letter from brother James informing that he was Adm. of brother John's estate.

19 May 1860; Letter from A.T. Haun, Springfield, Mo. to J.I. Wright; ascertained that Thomas Marshall died in Lawrence Co., and that Adm. never paid the money into the County Treas. but died with it in his hands.

9 Apr 1860; Letter from Pension Office; the application of Susan Mashburn, widow of Levi Mashburn, for a renewal of a pension has been examined.

24 Mar 1861; Letter from John Cotton, Ossian, Wells Co., Ind., to Wright & Vaughn; concerns his divorce from Mary E. Cotton.

17 Mar 1852; Letter from E.B. Grayson, Washington, to J.I. Wright; has brought claim of Mrs. Bayless to a close; from testimony of the old lady now living in Abbeville Dist., who waited on Mrs. Bayless when she was married to Wm. Dickson, Wm. Dickson was never an officer and the marrige took place after Jan 1794; there were two or three Wm. Dicksons who served from S.C. in War of Revolution.

Scrap of paper; "on 13 of May 1826 my revered Father departed this life - Richard White - T. White."

Scrap of paper; "Rec'd of Joseph Young, executor of Robert Young, dec'd $70 - 15 Sep 1803. Signed Rebekah Irwin."

Sep 1799; Received of Mrs. Rebecka Young for examing the lines of the land which her husband died seized.

15 Feb 1859; Copy of Chancery Court Bill; Susan Davis of Monroe Co. VS Daniel Daily and wife Nancy, William Miller and wife Martha, her daughters and sons-in-law; Susan also has son whose residence is unknown.

31 Jul 1864; Letter from J.C. Vaughn, Martinsburg, Va. to "Dear Tom"; "Since I wrote you we have been in some ten fights - the first at Piedmont...that Battle _____at the place was a blunder of Genl. Jones; he___ 10,000 men & only had about 4500 & nearly all of them dismounted Cavalry with short range guns. The Genl. was killed trying to rally the 60 Va. that give way first. I & my horse was hit five times in attempting to do the same thing...& S.H. Brett were Captains at Peadmont. I hope Alex. wife may see him as she has been sent North. Also David Gilaspie's wife. Mrs. Vandike & daughters & others. My wife & daughters are confined under it not horable to think of the condition of my family. Old John McGaugha & others had better leave E. Tenn. soon - do you know what place my family is at. a gard drew his gun on my oldest daughter, threatened to shoot her... Send word to Capt. J.I. Wright that his Broonlaw Dr. O.P. White was killed leading a charge against Avrill's Brigade... Tom, I have the best men in the Army... the true stock of E. Tenn... Capt. Dick & John both safe yet... Col. Carter lst Tenn. wounded in neck not dangerus... James Everheart of Dick's Co. wounded on the 29th in Maysland he was a noble soldier. When Genl. Early advances on the Enemy he puts my Brigade in front -- when he falls back he places us in the rear. So you see we are in a fight all the time... on the 25th in a fight at this place I got my right ankle badly bruised & mashed my horse ran against a stump. I think I can ride by the 2d or 3d I keep as near up as I can in an Ambulance... Col. Bradford... Col. Lillard... Tell Col. Rowan to get his Regt. together at Bristol as soon as he can... Tell Sam Rowan that Carter is all right he threw his horse away & went into the fights had his horse killed from under him. Tell Maj. Stephens that he is exchanged & that I need his Service amediately... Lieut. Tom Boyd & Capt Bob Houston of my Staff are both in Ebbert Co. about Ebberton send them word to report amediately to me. Tell Genl. Lain that his son is safe & a gallant soldier. Tell Stearl Neal that Capt. Neal & Shearman are all right... Tell Capt. McClendon of 31st that Colbert his last man is mortally wounded. I fear will die.

This has been the grate Campaign of the War... I have no Idea what Genl. Early will do. his Infantry is moving back today towards Bunker Hill to watch the Enemys force at Harpers Ferry. Said to be three Corps 6th 19th & one other at that point... We have drove out of Maryland thousands of cattle & horses & much valuable property. Q.M. & Some Big ones have stole anoughf to do them during the war. this whole sale plunder I am opposed too... Tell Andrew Stevens of Augusta that his son Frank is with me all right he rec'd a letter from his Father yestardy. I still have strong hopes that Hood will hold Atlanta - Richmond is safe - we were before Washington (in Sight three miles off) nearly two days Could have Capture the City when we first arrived Cause why not I don't know... Genl. Ramsour with his devission meet with a defeat at Winchester some two weeks ago... I charged the Enemy & Saved his command from being nearly all Captured... Alf Caldwell is with us fine health. Tell Col. Cook that I rec'd his letter... Col. Brown 59th was badly hurt by fall of his horse a few days ago... Capt. Hardy Capt. Jennings of 12th Tenn. Batallon are wounded... I regret to say that Adjut. Reagan was wounded on our last fight near Winchester on last Sabbath & had to have his leg amputed 6 inches above the knee... Your true friend, J.C. Vaughn.".

Feb 1859; Letter from Pension Office regarding application of Mrs. Elizabeth Lillard, who had filed under Acts of 1850 and 1852 but not under Act 1855.

1859-1860; Benjamin Ratledge and his two sons David and Daniel; Benjamin has mail contract in name of son Daniel; Copy of Chancery Court Bill.

Copy of Chancery Court Bill; Donald A. McKenzie -VS- E.P. Clark and son Willie; In 1839 John L. McKenzie, father of Donald, died in Monroe Co. intestate, leaving widow Mary A. and children, to wit, E.J., W.G., Nancy C., John R., Mary A., and Donald A. McKenzie; Nancy C. married E.P. Clark before 1856, but before bond for title was complied with, Nancy C. died leaving infant son, Willie.

30 Dec 1858, Letter from Pension Office regarding claim of William Bain.

8 Jan 1857; Letter from Richard L. White, Laggoon, Sacramento Co., Calif. to brother Ewing Y. White, Madisonville; "we think you can make some seven or eight hundred dollars a year here".

23 Mar 1860; Letter from R.B. Brabson, Washington, to Joshua Halcomb, regarding application for pension.

16 Jul 1852; Letter from Pension Office regarding Land Warrant for widow of James Glass.

27 Sep 1853; Letter from Pension Office regarding claim of Isam Queener for Bounty Land.

26 Aug 1839; Andon McLemore, dec'd, in a/c with Thos. White.

1858-1860; Copy of Chancery Bill, Blount Co.; Samuel Ghormley VS Stephens; About Feb 1846, Jehu Stephens of Monroe Co. died leaving widow Ann and children Henry, Hugh L., Albert, Cleveland, and Darthula, all minors at his death, but all now of age except last two, and all of Monroe Co. except Henry who lives in Blount Co. and Hugh who is perhaps of Arkansas.

15 Jul 1856; Letter from Pension Ofice regarding application of minor children of soldier Jacob Fisher, dec'd.

Copy of Chancery Court Bill; William Brannum VS Mary A. Spillman, Adminx. of Newton J. Spillman; several years ago Brannum contracted with Spillman to obtain a Bounty Land Warrant for Brannum's alledged service in Capt. Jefferson Caldwell's Co. of Mounted men, as a volunteer, about year 1836-1837.

5 Jun 1841; Copy of Chancery Court Order; A.B.Clift, James and Luticia Redmon VS G.W.and Celia Crawford, Tilmon and Cintha Fry, Nancy Ann and Celia Levins; divison of lands which Shelton Levins, now dec'd, and David Hammontree purchased jointly.

20 Mar 1867; Letter from R.C. Wilhite, Harmony Grove, Georgia.

7 Sep 1864; Letter from J.I. Wright, Macon, Georgia, to Thomas White; has had several letters written at Bristol, East Tenn. where Genl. Vaughn and his entire command were on the 25th Aug; Mrs. Dr. Parshall of Sweetwater and Mrs. Cook of same place with her children and Alfred Caldwell's wife of Athens, Tenn. had been sent out... Mrs. Parshall represents my wife and children are well... Genl. John H. Morgan was killed on the 4th Inst at Greenville, E. Tenn... was surprised - it is astonishing our Generals will suffer themselves thus to be surprised...

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