29 Sep 1854; Letter from Bank of East Tenn., Knoxville, to Josiah I. Wright, enclosing pensions for Elizabeth Witt, Adam Garren, and A.J. Vaughn.

4 Nov 1859; Copy Chancery Court Bill; Jeptha Tallent of Monroe Co VS Richard McDaniel and James Tallent of Monroe Co., W. Russell Tallent of Bradley Co., and Thomas McDaniel who has gone to parts unknown; Jeptha is father of W. Russell Tallent who lived with him in 1851; Jeptha paid for land with land warrant which he had received from military services which he himself had rendered.

12 Jan 1856; Letter from Pension Office to Nahaniel Watson, Madisonville; Claim of Nathaniel for bounty land as father of Perrin Watson, dec'd, for services of said Perrin, as Lieut. Tenn. Vols, in War with Mexico, is rejected.

15 Sep 1864; Letter from J.I. Wright, Macon, Ga., to Thomas White; met up with L____ Hood from Madisonville, Tenn. When Wheeler went in then he came out with him... he says before he left there some Yankee Robbers went to your house and demanded wheat or meat & that Lieu refused admittance they tried to force her away from the door and shot her in the face inflicting a painful wound in the face - no danger... It is known who shot Lieu... Mama and Pine knew them... He says Dr. Bicknell, B. Kimbrough, & Dr. Cook are the worst of union men there. Clicks and Dentons & Bill Burriss boys are the worst tory bushwhackers - they killed old Pat Trotter after having give him 250 lashes then shot him in the presence of his Mother. When Wheeler went in there Bicknell, Cooke, Jones & others set out for Ky, at a double quick... He says the Denton & Click boys had killed Rily Curtis & Burt - He says that Jim Henderson son of Sam who deserted our army and joined the Yankees last fall was engaged a short time ago to Mary a daughter of Amos Carson & on a day or so previous to the marriage on the road from Carsons to Town he was shot dead... He says Mrs. Kimbrough has been robed several times lately... Bicknell telegraphed S.M. Henderson who was in Massachusetts with his wife about Jim's death and also telegraphed him on no account to come back as he would be killed too. Jim Henderson was aiding Joe Divine to raise a regiment for the home defense of Blount Monroe & McMinn Counties... Jack Peace to Miss Pettitt. Jack and her run away to Ill. Amos Carson is dead - none of the county officers elect have entered upon the execution of their office unless it is Ben Pettitt. Hood says Pettitt has done all he could for all Southrens and that he now stands fair with them more so than any other union man...

Copy of Chancery Court Bill; Noah Mosier bought land of Garland Smith who died about 1853 leaving widow Margaret E. and children, Haseltine, Elizabeth, Martha, Mariah, Sidny, and Garland Smith.

9 Sep 1864; Letter from J.I. Wright, Macon, Ga., to Thos. White, Carnesville, Ga., in care of Col. Wm. A. Upton; thinking that maybe I can change the monotony of your moments... have not heard anything since I wrote you last from home or E.T., except that I saw Joe Selvage the other day, he tells me that Nic Thomas was just out from Monroe Co... the Yankees caught Thos. L. Upton between Sweetwater & home & took him to Knoxville and thence to Fort Delaware... There is no doubt but that Cook Sam Rowan Bob Rowan & Joe Rowan are all in jail at Knoxville...

30 May 1864; Letter from J.I. Wright, Macon, Ga., to Thos. White; it is hard to be thus exiled from home from wife and children and parents... I saw Sam Rowan...[who] says that the tories are having a high time of it... John Minis is now a great man in Monroe... Henderson Hicks was making up or trying to make a company of Home guards to protect the place from Southern men. Jack Peace had moved out & took possession of old Sammy Henderson farm. Old Sammy had moved to young Sam's in McMinn County. Could not live at home...

23 Jan 1843; Letter from Richard C. White, Daggins Ferry, C. Cty, Ten. (envelope reads Taylorsville, Tenn) to uncle Thos. White, Madisonville; my Father held a note on David Russell...bearing interest from 19 Oct 1829... and I not long since heard of his death... note unpaid... Rec'd a letter from John A. White dated Novr. 24, 1842 in which he states that Grand Ma is living with him and Aunt Isabella in one mile of him and also that he has been honored with a seat in the legislature of Mo. from Platt County...I have married since you was here and have two interesting children, boys. James Lawson and William Tell are living with my Mother at the old place the ballance of the boys are all married...

20 Mar 1861; Letter from James A. Bare, Barry County, Missouri (Envelope: Washburn Prairie, Mo.) to J.I. Wright, Madisonville; concerns suit on note given by Bare to James Lowry, Sr. in Feb. 1842 which was paid to Execs. of James Lowry, Sr. Oct. 1851; witnesses in Mo. are Larkin A. Stapp and John H. Higgins who live in Kings Point, Dade Co., Mo.; witnesses in Bradley Co., Tenn. are Silas M. Wan, Guilford Gatlin, and Johnson Cruse; all know that Bare was solvent and unencumbered; wishes to sell his interest in father's land.

6 Aug 1860; Letter from E.E. Baldwin, Bonham, Fanin Co., Texas, to Jo Wright, Madisonville, by William King; is sending a set of gavels by King to present to the lodge in his name.

12 Mar 1852; Certificate that Sarah Bayless formerly widow of Wm. Dickson who was a private of Cavalry & Infy. in the revolutionary war, is inscribed on the pension list.

11 Apr 1864; Letter from J.I. Wright, Macon, Ga., to Dr. O.P. White, Decatur, Ga.; Dear Bro.; Genl. J.C. Vaughn says that Capt. Stephens, Jim Thomas, & Fox White are at Garbers near Jonesborough, Tenn. and that they three said they were going to California -- that Jim Thomas had been to Richmond and bought gold with all their money -- Vaughn says he advised them to stay and fight it out...

Copy of Chancery Court Bill; William D. Swann of Arkansas, Samuel E. and Ann V. Swan of Knox Co. VS Alexander Ish and wife Elizabeth of Blount Co., Josiah H. Johnston and wife Clarissa of Monroe Co., D.D. Berry and wife Lutitia of Missouri, John Lee and wife Mary of Knox Co., H.B. Leeper of Blount Co., and Thomas B. Odell of Knox Co.; Alexander Swan died in Knox Co., in 1837 leaving William D., Samuel E., Ann V., and Robert T. Swan surviving him as his children;the said Robert T. died in Arkansas in Spring of 1860 without wife or children; the said [sic] Harvy Swan since died; Benjamin Prater died in Roane Co., in 1850 and Elizabeth Ish, Clarissa Johnston, and Lutitia Berry are his children; the Execs. of Benjamin Prater were Alexander Ish and William Prater, son of Benjamin; William Prater has since died and his widow Mary (now Mary Lee, wife of John Lee) and H.B. Leeper administered on his estate; suit concerns sale of slaves to Benjamin Prater while Orators were still minors.

27 Jun 1803; Letter from John and Mary Gray to "honored mother, Mrs. Isabel Young, Living in Washington Count on nob creak"; "we are all in good health at preasent but iby and I doant think that She will Liv"... your loving Son and Daughter.

1 Sep 1825; Letter from Ewing Young, Franklin, to mother Mrs. Rebeckah Irvin;... after a long absence... I have just returned from the spanish Country after a long and fetiugeing trip for the last four years I have been in that country... a short time before I left this Country I received a letter from my sister... she informed me of her marriage... I am setting out on another trip to n____Mexico. I expect it will be probably one year before I return if I am sucksessful in this trip I think I will be to see you next fall or winter this will be my third trip to that country in my first I was tolerable sucksessfull my last rath unfortunate. I was Robed of a number of Mules and horses by the indians. we pass through a wilderness of about eight hundred miles... I am yet single... my best Respects to Mr. Irven & my brother.

21 Feb 1822; Letter from Richard & Susanna White, Grove Springs, Abingdon, Va., to "Dear Children &c in your Quarter"; addressed to Thomas White, Esqr., Goshen, Monroe County, mail: the mouth of Notchey Creek on Tellaco River, Tennessee; Chota p.o. 18 1/2; We Rec'd Two letters Last week... one from Eleanor to her mother date The 12 January last... we are in hopes she will safely Recover. All Relation here are well. I have not heard from Lawson for some time Claborne is here from Kentucky... I shall be down come in the spring to see You all and Bring Eleanor home. Your mother wants much to see Eleanor but knows that she's well used by Both familys Yours & Mr. Russell's ... your Sisters & Bros. here Joins in Love to you all... Your loving Father & mother... N.B. You spell the name of your place rong not Gotion but Goshen.

20 Nov 1794; Territory South of the River Ohio and County of Washington; Personally came Robert Cashady and made oath that he had a Note of hand on Charles Young for the sum of thirteen pounds Virginia Dated August the 20th 1792... lost or Mislaid... Received full satisfaction... (signed) Joseph Young, J.P.

9 Sep 1797; State of Tennessee, Washington County; this day came Jas. and Mary Young be me one of the Justices for sd County and made oath that the estate of Charles Young Deceased Stand Justly indebted to the estate of Thomas Young Deceased one dollar and Seventy five Cents. (Signed) John Tipton. (on reverse side: Mary Young's acct)

10 Nov 1849: Letter from James W. Bicknell, San Francisco, C A, to E.E. Griffith, Esq., Madisonville... Doct. White & Dick Requested me to drop you a line from this place to let you know that they had landed safe & sound in California. I left Doct. White Dick Nels Cannon & Hu Heiskell at Weaver town in what is called in this country the dry diggins. It is about 50 miles Northeast from Sacramento City or Suter's Fort. they remained there for the purpose of selecting a place to dig & to get timber to build us a cabin to winter in. Tyler John Brown Anderson Humphreys & myself came on to Sacramento City to buy our winter provisions & make arrangements to dispose of our Cattle & waggons... Sent me to this place to get our Letters & papers...

The Athens Post, Vol. 2, Number 72, Friday Feb 8, 1850: This paper contains a long letter from Tyler D. Heiskell, Sacramento City, to his father Col. Wm. Heiskell, 5 Nov 1849, and gives news of the following persons: Col. Bicknell, Brown, Humphreys, Oliver and Dick White, Nelson Cannon, Hugh Heiskell, Mr. Howard, Dr. R.A. Paine "my old College mate", John M. Barnes formerly from Blount County who now lives in Oregon, Frank Smith, Cornelius Howard. Note of Editor: Later dates bring intelligence of the death of Hugh B. Heiskell and Nelson Cannon.

The Athens Post, Vol. 2, Number 72, Friday Feb 8, 1850: Married on Wed 30 ult by Rev. H.F. Taylor, James B. Cooke, Esq. of this place to Miss Penelope, daughter of Col. Wm. P.H. McDermott of Tellico Plains.

The Athens Post, Vol. 2, Number 72, Friday Feb 8, 1850: Died at Weaversville, in Sacramento valley, Calif., on 16 Nov last, Mr. Hugh Brown Heiskell, son of Maj. F.S. & Eliza Heiskell, of this vicinity, in the 24th year of his age.

19 Dec 1859; Letter from C.C. Webb, "Mary County, Georgia, Connasagga post office" to J.I. Wright. Envelope: Connysogga, Bradley Co., Tenn.

Will of Rebecca Irwin, Washington County, Tennessee, executed 20 Feb 1834; to daughter Jane wife of Thos. White, half of money that son Wilkins Young left me; the other half to grandchildren, the heirs of Thos. & Jane White; to son Ewing Young one dollar if he ever returns; appoint Joseph L. Burts & James W. Young as Execs.; Witnesses: Benj. Drain, John C. Harris, A True Copy from the Original (Signed) James Sevier, Clk. by Saml. Greer, D.C.

The Athens Post, Vol. 2, No. 68, Friday, Jan 11, 1850: Married on Thurs 3d inst by Rev. Austen Gunn, Mr. Saml. M. Henderson to Miss Louesa P. Boldman, all of Monroe co.; Married on Thurs 3d inst by Rev. Wm. Jones, Mr. Jefferson Jones to Miss ___Jones, daughter of Allen D. Jones, all of Monroe Co.; Died in Monroe Co. on 13 Dec last, Mrs. Nancy Johnson, aged 74 years, 11 months and 25 days.

13 Jan 1828; Article of agreement between Samuel McAdoo, school teacher, and Subscribers; school to be taught at house on Thomas White's farm; subscribers to pay one dollar per month per scholar; Subscribers and No. of Pupils: Isaac Hagler 1/2; David Russell 2; Thos White 5; W.A. Upton 5; Miles Cunningham 5; William Upton by order of his wife 2; Cornelius Howard 1; William Isbill 1; George Snider _; Philip Robinson 1; Saml. McCluer by order in the presents of Wm. Isbell 1/2; Jno. Robinson 1/2; John R. Woody 1/2; John M. Isbel 1/2; Wm. Snider 1, [Note: there is no explanation for the 1/2].

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