12 Mar 1858; Letter from T.J. Young, Blairsville, Ga., to J.I. Wright; complains that after he left to visit Texas, many untrue things were told about him, but "that which wounds me the most is Carmichael the man I have done so much for has done everything in his power to keep Josie from coming back to me... she is willing to come if her folks were willing..."

Letter from C.W.Beatie to his cousin Charles Fox White, no date; "to inform you of the death of my Dear old Mother who departed this life may the 1st 1866".

Obituary in torn section of the "Southern Christian Advocate"; Elizabeth Stillwell was born in Mecklenburg Co., N.C., Nov 3d 1773 and died in Spalding Co., Ga., Dec 14th 1871...daughter of William and Margaret Houston...married Elijah Stillwell 17 Jan 1793, who died 6 Sep 1846...she remembered many incidents of the revolutionary war, her father being an earnest Whig...much of his time in the army.

Letter 2 Nov 1853 from Joe I. Wright, Madisonville, to Miss Susan White, Four Mile Branch, written on eve of their wedding on the morrow.

Copy of Chancery Bill, undated: In Jan 1839 John Stephens was appointed Gdn. of Rebecca J. Stephens, then a minor child of Jethro Stephens, dec'd; in 1846 said John Stephens died intestate leaving widow Cynthia and children Daniel, Jane, Eliza, and Margaret Stephens, all of age unless it be the youngest Margaret; widow Cynthia died over a year ago; Daniel Plumley, one of Adms. of John Stephens, has long since removed from Monroe Co.

Letter 13 Nov 1852, from R.L. White, Indian diggings, Calif., to father Thomas White, Madisonville; you will probably hear of the death of Uncle John White...he had started across the plains with his family this season and died of colera the third of Jun and his family returned to Mo. Wes McLemore killed a man two or three weeks ago and has escaped...he had the small pox when he got away.

Letter 9 Sep 1866, from Chattanooga, Tenn., signature gone, to Thomas White; I have learned that your son Newton has returned from California. Will you please ask him if he knows anything of my son Marion McCrary, as I have not heard from him since the breaking out of the war.

Scrap of paper: Charles fox White was borned in 1825 Apr 10.

25 Jun 1840; Elizabeth Blanton, a single woman, declares on oath before Thomas White, J.P., that Joseph B. Gilbreath is the father of the bastard child of which she was delivered on 19 Mar 1840.

Scrap of paper: "lst service Isaac Hartsell, Wm. McLin, volunteers; 2d service Jno. Hampton, Henry McCray, Barron, Drafs: Col. Ellison, creek service; Jerry Boyd, Jno. Hall, Sr., Jesse Whitson from Carter Co."

Scrap of paper: "Margaret Caroline White departed this life on the 26 day October 1840. I have strong reasons to believe she rests in heaven & never will be forgotten by me. Jane White".

Letter 8 Oct 1848 from O.P. White, Lexington, to parents (Thomas White, Monroe Co.); he and his horse stood the trip well; he is attending lectures.

Letter 1 Oct 1858 from Pension Office concerning application for an invalid pension for John Moore.

Letter 8 Aug 1864 from Thomas A. Cleage, Bank of Tennessee Athens, Augusta, Ga., to J.I. Wright; a letter from Gen. Vaughn dated 31 Jul at Martinsburg, Va., stating "that your brother in law Dr. White was killed whilst leading a Charge against Averill's Brigade"; this letter is enclosed with one to Thomas White, Carnesville, Ga., telling him of Oliver's death.

Letter 19 June 1903 from P.L. Griffith, Hopewell Springs, to J.I. Wright, Fort Worth, Texas; "Dear Brother; I have no record of my fore parents, but will tell you what I know. Isaac White was my great grandfather..." [The information given in this letter from Paulina White Griffith is condensed below.]

Isaac White married a Lawson and had 13 children, all boys, 11 of them killed in Revolutionary War and Raleigh who died in Ky., and Richard White (my grandfather) who married lst a Lawson, his cousin, and had 10 children: Anna married a Wright; Eliza married a Wright; Mary married David Russell; Theodosia married Thomas Finley; Lawson married a Baity; Richard married a Baity; Claburn married Leonidas Hogue [no other names given].

Richard White (my grandfather) married 2nd Susan Henry who was widow of William Henry who was son of Patrick Henry, and they had 10 children: Thomas (my father) married Jane Young; John married Margaret Adkins; Paulina married Robert Baity; Ellen married Josiah Baity; Rachel married a Trig; Rebecca married 1st Sidney Hogue who died and married 2nd Josiah Baity, widower of sister Ellen; Rhoda married a Whitten, and the others died young.

(TRANSCRIBER NOTE: The name Joseph is crossed out and handwritten over the top is "ROBERT")
Robert Young (my great grandfather) married Jane Dillard and had five children: James; Joseph; Ruth who married three or four times and whose last husband was a Henry; Mary Jane married Robert Taylor; and Charles Young (my grandfather) who married Rebecca Wilkins and had three children: Wilkins died single; Ewing died single in Oregon (was jailed in Mexico and received sum for false imprisonment); and Jane Young (my mother).

Rebecca Wilkins was the daughter "I think", of Charles and his wife Jane Hazard. Jane Hazard married a Wilkins and had Rebecca (my grandmother) and Margaret who died single. Jane Hazard married 2nd Robert McCaby or Mcleaby and had one child Robert.

Letter from J.I. Wright to his son Ton Young Wright, no date, and this is evidently a copy. Information in this letter is condensed below:

Elisha Reynolds lived in Wilkesboro, N.C., was Revolutionary soldier, married Judith Patton, and had children: John; Wesley; Bowen; Ivy; James; Sarah S. who married William Griffith, parents of Elisha Griffith; and Nancy A. Reynolds Wright.

______Wright maried and had Josiah; Sally who married a Hoots and lived Coles Co., Ind.; and Ann who married Timothy Holland and lives or did live in Salem, N.C. These three children were left orphans and raised by an aunt named Spoonhoward at Salem, N.C. Susan Henry was Susan Walker (wife of Richard White), Ewing Young, of whom mention is made in life of Kit Carson, died in Wallamette Valley, Oregon Territory, in 1844 and left a large estate which has never yet been sued for or recovered. Richard Lawson White, your mother's brother, died in California some years ago.

The next paper deserves special attention. The faded paper has no date and only the top half remains, but from the context, it is clear that this is a list of soldiers who went to Charles Town, South Carolina, in 1776 from Washington County, North Carolina, now Tennessee. Judge Samuel Williams, in his writing on Tennessee history, tells of this event.

A list of soldiers Drafted from the Washing Ridgment of Militia on the States service to Charles Town

from John McKnabbs Company 1st Captain in the Regment

1. David Hickey ) William Clark Esqr. 6th Capt.
2. Wm. Brown )
3. Alexr. Greer )
4. John Nave ) Soldiers Moundsain ) Special
5. Charles Young )
6. Matthew Talbert Jr.) Mulliply ) Soldiers

George Russell Esqr. 2d Captain Adam Wilson Esqr. 7th Capt.
Mark Mitchel 1. Joseph Gist
Richard Fletcher 2. Alexr. Morrow
Thomas Brown 3. Wm. Fain
Andrew Fagan 4. Alexr. Campble
Hall Massingill 5. Wm. Chambers
Edmond Sinkness 6. John McVeigh
Samuel Phane John McVeigh
7. Andrew Eng____
Thomas Woodward

Joseph Wilson Esqr. 3d Capt. Josiah Hoskins Esqr. 8th Capt.
1. John Morrison

The following is written across the lower right hand corner:
Patrick Hockshaw takes the place of John McVeigh in this Comp.

The names Andrew Fagan, Hall Massingill, the first John McVeigh and Andrew Eng_____have been marked through, as if in error.

On the reverse side of paper:

The Foregoing or within Mentioned Soldiers was taken from the several Captains Companies therein Mentioned According to their Divissions in their Respective App___tments.

To which Robert Sevier Acts as Captain & Christopher Cuningham Junr. Lieutenant certified by
Transcribed directly from the pages as they appeared. Names may not be the correct spelling, but remember this is how they were recorded in the letters, etc. I have proofed but errors can occur. I hope you all enjoy.

I'd like to thank the holder of this collection for allowing me to transcribe these documents.
Transcribed by
Carolyn Whitaker 23 Jan 1999

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