OF 1861
To Columbus B. Jones and
?? Jones at home Morgan County
East Tennessee
To Miss Nancy Jones 
Direct your letters  
to N. Je------ 
2 Regiment East Tennessee --- 
Company B
Camp Cumberland Gap (??) 
July the 10th, 1862 
Dear Friend  i seat my self to let you Know that i am well at  present hoping  when these few lines come to hand that it will find you enjoying the same state of health i would like to see you and talk over our old running tails and the ___ house ____ i want you to write to me as soon as you get this letter and let me know the times is in there and what my folks is and what they are doing tell Nancy ann that i am well and wants to see them all mity bad 
times is very prosperous  hear the boys is all well and hearty and in fine sperits thinking that they will get to go to Knoxville shortly which i think that they will myself  when they get to Knoxville we will all come home and stay a while Nancy you must ____  lying out or it wont be healthy for you 
wright to me as soon as you get this letter 
i must quit i am on guard to day So you must wright to me as soon as you get this 

To Miss Nancy Jones at home


From a Collection of Letters at the
Wartburg Public Library
Donated by Lee Cross

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Scanned and transcribed by Julie Cromwell