State of Tennessee {
Morgan County      {ss

On this 19th day of August A. D. 1836
Personally appeared before me, John C. McEwen, a justice of County Court of 
Morgan County,
RACHEAL STEWART, a resident of and in the county of Morgan and State of 
Tennessee, aged seventy-seven years, who being first duly sworn according 
to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to attain 
the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 4, 1836.

That she is the widow of JAMES STEWART, deceased, who was a private malitia 
soldier in the
Revolutionary War, that said JAMES STEWART, resided in Franklin County 
State of Virginia in 1782 and was drafted for a six month tour of duty, the 
month or particular day not now recollected, as applicant has not any 
record of the day or month but she ___(?) recollects that it was at or 
after the breaking up of the ----(?winter?)  Said JAMES STEWART entered the 
service of the United States as a private malitia soldier under his 
aforesaid draft and served his full six months tour.  Applicant does not 
now recollect the names of his officers as she has no record documenting 
time of his service and it has been many years since she heard her 
said  ...(?husband?)  and speak of his officers names and as applicant's 
memory from old age and bodily infirmity consequent ...(thereon?) has 
___(?) failed her and the reason why she recollects
the dates of the year in which her husband was drafted and served is 
because while he was in the service above stated she bore a child and had 
record made of its birth which bears date the
4 of July 1782.  Applicant further recollects that her said husband was 
marched from Franklin
County down the country and was stationed at Old Jamestown in the State of 
Virginia, was never in any battle and that he was then discharged in the 
last of August or first of September and that he served his full six 
months. She further declares that she was married to the said JAMES STEWART 
according to the best of her recollection some time in the month of October 
1775 as
applicant had been married about seven years before her husband was drafted 
as above stated.
Applicant states that she was no record evidence of her marriage nor is she 
able to procure any, but she was legally married to the said JAMES STEWART 
at the time above stated by
Presbeterian (sic) Preacher according to the rules of the Presbeterian 
Church and laws of Virginia as she was then (& yet?) advized - and that her 
....(?) husband of the aforesaid JAME STEWART    died on the last of August 
1829 and that she remained a widow ever since that period as will more 
fully appear(?) by reference to the proof here to annexed.

Sworn and subscribed                                                    her
On the day and year                                             Rachael                  Stewart
Above written before                                                    mark

John C. McEwen (Signature)
Justice of the County Court
August 19, 1836

State of Tennessee{
Morgan County     { ss

I, John McEwin justice of the County Court  for the County of Morgan & 
before whom the foregoing ____(?) pension declaration was sworn to and 
subscribed do hereby certify that RACHAEL STEWART the applicant then in 
----(?) from old age and bodily infirmity consequent thereon is unable to 
attend Court of record to make her said declaration and she is
____ of ____ and entitled to credit.  Given under my hand and seal this 
19th day of August 1836.
                                                                John C. McEwin (seal)
                                                        Justice of the County court
                                                                For Morgan County