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March 1938

Clyde Martin Sanders to Mary Katherine Byrd, March 8, 1938, Rev. J. H. Chambers.
Lee Mehlhorn to Louella Hamby, March 22, 1938
Luther R. Ryon to Audrey N. Norris
Sam Hamby to Nola Hamby
Ernest H. Stone to Beulah Fay Waits
Ray O. Ritter to Rachael E. Duncan
Isaac Duncan to Marie Russell
Claude Coleman to Reba Sloven
Two, "Don't publish"

April 1938
Buddy Strand to Ruby Buck, 4/9/1938
Clarence Mehlhorn to Ruby Redmon, 4/16/1938
Holla Burgess & Hellen Peters - April 24, 1938, at Somerset, Ky., by Rev. A. R. Perkins

May, 1938
Arthur Barnett to Cora Brewster
Theodore Wesley Taylor to Karleen Miller
Hubert Henry to Eunice Scott
Edgar Bunch to Hazel Peters
Raymond Shannon to Jamie Cate, 5/21/1938
Johnnie Bales to Nellie Daniels, 5/25/1938
W. Keith Crawford to Wilma Schubert, 5/29/1938
Theodore Taylor & Karleen Miller, Oakdale, May, 1938, Rev. David Burris
Nathan L. Honeycutt to Ava Yvonne Brock, 5/14/1938
Walter Keith Crawford to Wilma Schubert, - May 29, 1938, Wartburg, Tn.

June 1938
L.W. Bevel to Ruth Elizabeth Duncan, 5/29/1938, Pineville, Ky, Re. J.A. McCord
Howard McEven Maher to Alice Mildred Williams, 6/1/1938
Stone Hennessee to Agnes Lucinda Buxton, 6/1/1938
Clifford Goad to Dallas Armes
Alvin Lind Rickett to Mamie Earnestine Conaster
James Patterson Browder Jr., to Helen Zeigler
Leonard Jones to Mattie Patten
Ernest Carter to Cassie Lowe
J.B. Starling to Betty Jane Neil
Elbert M. Rogers to Nina A. Portwood
H.M. Randall to Trudie Browden
Carl Mayton to Ruby Gouge
James Browder to Helen Zeigler, 6/11/1938, at Rubgy, both from Chattanooga
Charley Reynolds to Dorothy Adcock, 6/21/1938

July 1938
Wilson E. Walls to Alma Portwood
Gilbert Given Whalen to Beatrice Pearl Eskin
Jessie W. Allen to Pauline Clark
Burl Morgan to Gracie Webb
James C. Snapp to Annye Ferguson
Claude Pass to Geneba Bingham
O.E. Pemberton to Georgia May Justice
Mitchell Stewart to Ola Hamby
Asa Powell to Rema Dixie Heidle
Walter Muth England to Lois Eleanor Brooks, 7/31/1938
George Leonard to Reba Hall, 7/27/1938
Athron James Neal to Magnolia Hembree, July 31, 1938 at Jacksboro,  Rev. Hawn

August, 1938
Millard Dolan to Doris Morgan
Ezra B. Worley to Josephine Morgan
One 'Don't publish'
Ben Alvin Byrd to Leila Bertie Hutchison [date of marriege shown as 9/19/1936 ?? paper dated 8/18/1938]
Levi Pinyon to Virginia Thomas
Ira Armes to Ardelia Goad
Earl Helton to Geneva Hale

September, 1938
Ellis Moore to Gladys Hensley
Lee Galloway to Hildreth Hawn
Standford Thornton to Fontella Ssharp
Hilton Stringfield to Lorene Galloway [paper dated 10/27/1938]
Three 'don't publish'

October 1938
Brice M. Sweat to Jimmie R. Wilson
Ben H. Peters to Mary Patterson
Melvin Welch to Cletus Morgan
Elzick Hamby to Esther Bunch
Elmer Vittatoe to Audrey Adkisson
Lee Abston to Mary E. Greene
Samuel C. Galloway to June Shadow, 10/29/1938

November, 1938 Licenses
Lonnie Armes to Elzie Reynolds
Lenice Futrell to Beulah Rose
Thomas Prince to Cora Ray
Wm. Worley to Ella Coffman
Johnnie J. Jones to Cozetta Hultz
Evans Hughes to Madelyn Carpenter, 11/14/1938
Stanley E. Hicks to Thelma Anderson, 11/8/1938
John Henry Shelly to A. Anderson
Houston Earl Crouch to Anna Isabelle Cox, 12/20/1937?
Herbert Hamby to Sarah Lee Phillips
Charles Melton Jones to Thelma Huskins, married at Clinton, [paper dated 11/3/1938]
Four 'don't publish'

December, 1938 - Licenses
Raymond Stephens to Opal Garland
Sam F. Scott to Glena Nelson
Cephas Floyd Goldberg to Mary Bales - 11/6/1938
Stanley E. Hicks to Thelma Anderson, 11/8/1938
James W. Akins to Georgia Elizabeth Hall
Harvey Walker to Esther Smith
Gilbert Carroll to Juanita Oaks
Joe A. Davis to Ola Walker
One 'don't publish'

W.F. Fennell to Jessie Mae Garrett
Laford Harness to Ester Rankin Duncan
Leslie LaRue to Edith Stephens
C.C. Clarks to Dorothy Hammonds
Wm. B. McCoy to Nellie Mae Stringfield  by Squire Walter Langley. [paper dated 12/22/1938]
Gentry Jones to Bonnie Sweat
Larce Hammonds to Mary Nance
Jerry Berry to Flora Griffith
Oscar Justice to Lois East
A.B. Melton to Nellie King
Geo. Hembree to Alpha Farr
Raymond Stephens to Opal Farland
one 'don't publish'
Reynolds Christmas, to Anita Edwards, 12/23/1937??
Robert Harvey to Rema Louise Lamance  ??
H.A. Schleicher to Eva Burchett, Dec. 12, 1938 by, Rev Johnstone.
Clyde Brasel to Ruby Johnson, by Rev Amos Collins, [paper dated 12/23/1938]
Millard Line to Esther Leopper, at Harriman, by Rev. C.D. Sparks,  [paper dated 12/29/1938
Edwin Byer to Ina Mae Shadow, Dec. 19, 1938

CIRCUIT COURT - paper dated June 30, 1938

Knoxville Business College vs Carl Human, et. al. Judgment for defendant
Margaret Howard vs Henderson Howard, divorce, granted
J. D. Foister vs R.M. Brooks, damages, mistrail
Flossie Garrett vs Woodrow Garrett, divorce, compromised
Dorothy Grodi vs Alfred Grodi, divorce, granted
Florence Goad vs. R.M. Goad, divorce, granted, and custody of minor child
Glen Hooks vs Mary Lee Hooks, divorce, granted
Helen Winnie vs Hhwell Winnie, divorce, granted, (name in paper spelled Hhwell, Howell???)
Virgil Shannon vs Harry Ritter, damages, judgement for Plaintiff, $6.00 week for 300 weeks
Ruby Sexton vs Glen Sexton, divorce, granted, $5.00 month alimony
Corda Massengill vs James Massengill, divorce, granted
Loraine Tucker vs Horace Tucker, divorce, granted, $15.00 month alimony
Juanita Jones vs Ray Jones. divorce, granted
Mintford Branstetter vs. C.D. Wiley, compromised
Mrs. D.C. Hatmaker vs Emory River Lumer Co., damages, judgement for plaintiff, $5.00 week for 400 weeks.
Hazel Morgan vs Clarence Morgan, divorce, granted and custody of minor children
Nina Day vs S.M. Jackson, damages, jusdgement for plaintiff, $5.00 week for 400 weeks, $100 funeral bill.

Morgan County News dated June 30, 1938

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