<NEWS CLIPS - 1917>


January, 1917

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Williams are the proud parents of a fine baby girl
which came to their home Sunday morning week

Ross Williams came in Sunday Morning from Island Ford for a couple days rest.

W. M. Shannon and Miss Lilie Duncan were marriedWednesday
afternoon at the residence of John A. Jones.

February, 1917

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Phillips were blessed with a nice baby girl for their Christmas Present.
John Holland blew into town a few days since, enroute to his headquarters at Banner Springs.
Dr. T. W. Nash married Conrad Nelson and Bessie Human Saturday at Sunbright.
 May all your troubles be little ones, Conrad!

Mr. & Mrs. Thorwald Strand started on an overland trip to Harriman Monday, but became
stuck in the mud beyond Liberty Church and returned home sadder, but a good deal wiser.

Wartburg experienced four of the coldest days in the history of the oldest inhabitant.
It culminated Sunday in a regular North Dakotablizzard and snowstorm.

One of the most destructive fires which has visited Sunbright for many years, occured last Friday evening.
The fire is supposed to have been caused by a defective flue.  The hotel was valued at some six thousand
dollars and was insured for $3,500.  The furniture loss was about $4,000, on which there was $2,000
insurance we were informed.  The second building burned was owned by Russ Freels and
was occupied by Mr. Saufley. The loss was complete as there was no insurance.

Mrs. John Estes, wife of Richard Estes, died at home in Coalfield on Monday morning of last week.
Many of the friends of Mrs. Geo Babcock, of Burrville,  met at her home with well filled
baskets and gave her a birthday surprise on February 10th.
Send us the price of a year's subscription.  We need the money.

March, 1917
We extend to Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Brown, our sympathy in the death of their son, Harry.
We knew him as one of the natures noble young men.

Mr. Ben Jacks returned home Friday from Ludlow, Ky.

Measles and whooping cough is raging through our town.

The Misses Phenice and Eva Galloway gave a Valentine Party at their home on Feb. 14.
All present enjoyed the evening to the limit.  At a late hour refreshments were served.

Charles Davis and family of Roane County have moved to Coalfield and
occupy the Davis property on the creek.

Look to your potatoes and see if they are frozen.
Mr. Roy C. Craven of Kingsport, and Miss Edna Pearl Morris of Wartburg,
were united in marriage Wednesday afternoon of last week, February 7th.
The ceremony was preformed in the parlors of the Hotel Bristol.  The
ceremony was performed by Rev. Adolphus Kistler.
Mrs. Craven was the youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Morris
and was one of the most popular young ladies of Wartburg's younger set
The Press adds  congratulations.
John Wilson of Stephens and Miss Mamie Jarnagin of Coalfield,
were married Sunday February 4th.

April, 1917
Walter Adkisson has embroidered the western edge of his place with a multiform fence.
The new telephone line is stretching its slow and weary length from Oliver Springs to Coalfield.
Bruno Schubert has for sale one 2 h pr Waterloo Gasoline Engine,
second hand, will be sold cheap.  Price, $25.
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Scott, who have been living near Indianapolis, Ind.,
returned last week and are in Wartburg visiting friends and relatives.
Rev. J. S. Clark celebrated his seventy-sixth birthday, March 25 at his home in Lancing.
On Monday evening, Olive, the eleven year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. I .J. Human,
was given a party in honor of her birthday.
Whose duty is it to see that the Court House yard is cleaned up?  It is high time something was done to it.
Get together everybody  and have a town clean up week before court convenes on April 9.

The young men are taking refuge from patriotism by marrying, as they understand that
single men will hustled to the front first.  So, on last Sunday, a number of weddings
were reported.  Coalfield comes forward with two:
Frank Fink and Blaine Coker:
and, William Bryant and Alice Langley.
Also Oliver Campbell of Oliver Springs, and Ethel Brummitt of Coalfield
Marriage Licenses Issued for the Month of April, 1917
Charles Pearson to Sebba Pearson
David Smith to Rachael Cooper
William Bryant to Alice Langley
Rudolph Ruppee to Bertie O. Presswood
Herwan Frogge to Myrtle Smith
Ruben E. West to Myrtle Jones
William Ford to Nessie Llels? or Liels?
Earl Rayder to Icy V. Keathley
Virgil H. Neeley to Hattie Lewallen
Will Adkins to Anna Bransteter
Thomas Jordan to Ethel Hawn

May, 1917
Andy Langford's new mill has followed the State of Tennessee and gone 'bone dry,"
necessitating the closing down of the mill and  giving
his men an opportunity of making something to eat.
Col. John Moser of Jefferson City, with the aid of M. M. Goad,
has picked up a car of cattle and hogs.
Mr. Pearl Huiskins and Ms. Ethel Simpson of Oakdale
were married Sunday Evening at the home of W. Z. Strickland.
Lottie Wilson and H. M. Taylor were united in the
Holy Bonds of Wedlock by the Rev. I. C. Whaley
at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Verdie Jones.
The Marriage of Virgil Neeley and Hallie Lewallen was quietly soleminzed
on April 26, by Esq. J. D. Young at the home of the bride's parents.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lewallen.
The groom is the son of B. J. Neeley of Glen Mary.


There will be a Mass Meeting and Food Preparedness Conference on
SATURDAY, MAY 5th, 1917 at the Court House, Wartburg at l:00 p.m.
Every farmer, business man and citizen is iinvited to be present
Come and bring your neighbors.

Will be open for the accomodation of patients and guests.
Director - Dr. C. C. Quale of Chicago.


June, 1917
Miss Ethel Robbins of Oakdale is visiting her sister, Mr. N. D. Byrd.
There will be an Ice Cream Supper Saturday Evening on the Masonic Lawn
for the benefit of Mr. Decatur Davis.
Mr. Davis is not able to work and he has 4 or 5 children.
The whooping cough is raging in this section.

Little Annie Mike & Johnny Szymbroski, while out cattle hunting last week,
got lost in the woods, being out all night and finding their way to
Lancing where word was sent to their parents.

July,  1917
Little Lester England, son of Mrs. Bessie England, is very sick at present.  It is feared he has typhoid.
Born to Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Kennedy of Burrville, on the 17th, a big boy.

James Scott is low with typhoid fever.
Rev. T. V. Peters and Prof A. Peters were called to Knoxville to the bedside
of their mother, Mrs. M. J. Peters who was very sick.
Oscar Stonecipher and Miss Nora Wilson were united in marriage,
Saturday afternoon about 2:00 o'clock.
Esquire Joyner performed the ceremony.
Married July 22, Mr. Carson and Miss Artie Fairchild.  We wish
the young couple much happiness.
Marriage Licenses Issued during the month of July, 1917
John R. Neathery to Sephia O. Cooper
Oscar Stonecipher to Nora Wilson
William H. Walker and Delia Buel
Loda Loyd to Gertrude H. Hamby
Charles White to Zollie Cook
Wesley Dowlan to Carrie McAllister
Carson Brown to Artie Fairchilds
A. J. Lankford to Clara Dixon
Herbert Fairchilds to Pearl Freels
Oron Huntger and Edith Hyde
John Bradshaw to Sarah Bray
Alex Walls to Mamie McGlothin
J.G. Mines to Elizabeth Johnson
Edward Young to Josie Freels

August 1917
The typhoid patients, Mr. Peter Donohue and Masters  Ira Brown , Lester England
and Ben Cooper are all improving nicely under the treatment of Dr. Jones.
Mrs. F. A. Bacher of Chatt., who together with her husband and children,
are spending the summerwith Mr. Bates near Annadale.
Russell Freels will begin work on his new dwelling  just across the street from the Johnston Store in a few days.
A pie supper was given at the schooll house near Union Church last Saturday night.
Sheriff Byrd was the fortunate winner of a nice cake for being the ugliest man present.
The boys all bid like theyhad just had a pay day.  We wish to compliment the
young ladies on being such good cooks.   $51.00 was raised.
Joe Summer, a nephew of our Circuit Court Clerk, Charles W. Summer, went to Harriman
a few days since and joined Co. C., 2nd Tenn and is now enjoying a soldiers life.
Born to Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Kennedy of Burrville on the 17th, a big boy.

Mr. Walter Patching of Oakdale spent a few hours with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Gee Patching Sunday.
Born to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Knight on August 1st, an heir.
Born to Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Wilson, the seventh boy.

Torvale Strand is wearing a size larger hat occasioned by
the arrival  of a son and heir Tuesday Morning.

Florence Gunter of Lancing is sick with fever.
Wesley Greer is sick with typhoid.

          103 men were called for service by Morgan County Local Board on Aug., 27, 28, and 29.

Mr. A. J. Cromwell of Port Arthur Texas has been in Morgan County
for 3 or 4 weeks. He has been in Texas for six or seven years.

September 1917

Born to Rev. and Mrs. S. E. Taylor on Sept. 20th, a fine boy.
Born to Mr. & Mrs. J. H. England on Sept. 17, a fine boy.
Born to Mr. & Mrs. Hugh K. Jones, another Democrat, born Sept. 16th.
The whooping cough scrouge of this community has subsided.
Lincoln Adams of  Deer Lodge celebrated his being drafted into the Army
 by stealing away and marrying Miss Perkins of Knoxville.  A charming
young lady, who is the daughter of Frank Perkins.
Esq. H. H. Pittman and Mrs. Betty England were married last Saturday night.
Judge Wm. Bullard officiating.
Robert Morgan and Miss Icy Patterson were married at the home of William Potter
on Flat Fork Saturday evening by Esq. P. W. Holder.
The home of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Ferguson was the scene of a wedding on September 6th.
Friends and relatives assembled in the parlor when Mrs. Fergusons brother, Mr. Harvey Bullard,
entered from the sitting room with Miss Ruth Goldston on his arm.
Mr. Bullard is the son of Judge Wm. Bullard of Sunbright.  The bride is the daughter
of Mrs. L. Goldston of near Oakdale.


I will, on October 4, 1917, in front of the J. J. Johnson Store at Oakdale, at one O'Clock,
offer for sale and to the highest bidder, for sale and to the highest bidder, for cash in
hand, one pair of Mules and Harness wagon and chain, known as the BOLES MULES.
Nice clean trim mules in good shape Come and see them.
Jno H. Bingham

October, 1917

Jack Frost done considerable nipping last week.

Carl Schubert's present address is
Carl Schubert, Co K,
103 Machine Gun Battalion,
Camp Sevier,  Greenville, S. C.
Edward F. Garrett, Lincoln Adams, Lindsay Hall, all of  Deer Lodge, have joined the Colors.
Deer Lodge feels assured they will carry the flage with honor.
Henry McClure and wife of Knoxville, formerly of Coalfield,
came out Saturday and sold their home to Albert Ruffner.
Martin Galloway and Adra Howard were married at Deer Lodge
Sunday afternoon by Dr. Nash.
Mr. F. Stezewski and Mrs. Falda were married last week.  Mr. Stezewski has
three children by his former wife who died some two months ago.
Mr. Dwight Davis and Miss Jennie Morris were quietly married at
the home of the bride's parents, on October 14.
Mrs. Ben Scott and Peter Strand of Deer Lodge were united in marriage
Saturday.  Dr. Nash officiating.

 Community Fair

Saturday, October 27, 1917
Burrville, Tenn.
Be sure and attend it!

November, 1917

Douglas Needham, Charlie Bales, Chas. Hurst and Culman Ennis, have
all joined the Morgan County Colony already at Flint, Michigan
 where big wages are said to prevail.
Mrs. Chess Laymance is still very ill.
There are about fifteen new wells going down in the Glenmary Field.
Sam Davis, who had the grading around three sides of the court house, finished last Saturday.
T. C. Cooper and Gran Davis favored Wartburg with a visit one day last week.
The girls of our school are going to make paper candles for the soldiers to use in the trenches.

Last Friday afternoon the farm residence of Wm. Stutten, about a mile southeast
of town was totally destroyed by fire with nearly all household effects.

December, 1917
Charles Olmstead went over to Crossville and sold his fine team of
Mules for the U. S. Army purposes for 450.
Wartburg in the past week has experienced a taste of genuine Dakota weather.

Miss Doreen Sargeant of Deer Lodge has gone to Chattanooga to take a
course in stenography at the business college.
The party who took the parcel from the smoker on Train No. 6
is known and will save trouble by returning it.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Takac have purchased the Summit Park Hotel property through
agency of Kimbell Land Co.This passes he last holdings of Capt.  J. W. Miller,
who settled the place some 30 odd years ago.
Mr. Henry J. Kreis, while trying to catch his mule Wednesday, had the
misfortune of having a rib broken by being kicked by his mule.
Ruben A. Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Davis
and Ernest R. Williams,son of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Williams,
have passed a most creditable examination and have been
ordered to Camp Taylor near Louisville, Ky.
Born to Mr. & Mrs. T. Crouch on Nov. 15th, a fine big boy.
William Cromwell of U. S. Training camp; at Chickamauga Park,
spent a few days with his father, Chas. Cromwell at Burrville.

Miss Mattie Jones and Ernest Freytag were wed at the home of L. E. Davis.
The ceremony was preformed by Squire Langley.
William Stonecipher and Amy Wilson were united in wedlock
by Rec. D. H. Taylor.

LOST on train No. 6, Oct. 28, a dark green broadcloth skirt wrapped in newspaper.
Finder return to "Alley and Hedrick's  Store in Deermont and receive reward.


Six men were drafted and ordered to report at Wartburg on Sept. 4th,
not later than 4 p.m..  They will leave for Camp at Atlanta on Sept. 5th.
They are:
Headerson F. Byrd,
Ramsey Daughtery,
Leonard Lyons,
Dock A. England,
William A. Gillis and
John A. Voils.

September 7, 1917
Lincoln Adams of Deer Lodge, celebrated his being drafted into the Army
by stealing away and marrying Miss Perkins of Knoxville, a charming
young lady who is the daughter of Frank Perkins.

Week of December 14, 1917

On Saturday the following boys left Morgan County for Camp Gordon
to do their duty as Uncle Sam's soldiers:

G. A. Ruppee
J. Davis
J. W. Jacks
E. Rogers
E. J. McKeethan
Henry Kreis
Blair Akins
O. Basler
V. Neeley
M. C. Brown
H. S. Freels
S. Larcy

T. A. Morris
I.J Human
John A. Jomnes
W. Z. Stricklin
H. W. Summer
L. Risen
D. W. Byrge
W. Y. Boswell
N. L. Duncan
J. L. Cox
H. P Alley
W. A. Langley
S. B. BertramR. Jones
Wm. Bullard

Burn Cecil, a veteran of the Spanish-American war is deeply interested in organizing  a Co.  to repulse the Germanic forces, and will sacrifice his money, his time, and his life in this patriotic cause if necessary.  He says this county is facing one of the most gigantic crisis it has faced since the Civil War and if our young manhood don't rally to the flag, and stand like a  'Stonewall Jackson', our country will go down in defeat and our flag will trail in the dust.  (Week of December 14, 1917)


The December term of the Criminal and Law Court Convened Monday morning
with Judge Hick on the Branch.  Attorney General,
W. H. Buttram was in attendance.  Chas W. Summer, Circuit Court Clerk was
at his desk and had all matters of his office ready for
the court.  The following gentlemen were call as Grand and Trial Juries.

W. H. McCartt, Foreman
J. L. Hackworth
W. R. Nelson
Chas Powell
P. R. Estes
W. W. Fairchild
Joe Holloway
Thos. Brewster
J. A.Fagan
W. W. Duncan
John W. Owen
Ben Brooks
Lee McGlothin
James B. Duncan, Officer

Charley Moore
Alf Collins
Ernest Heidle
Clenice Hamby
Millard Albertson
Walter Powell
Mart Stewart
R. T. Estes
J. K. Duncan
J. E. McGuffey
W. W. Peters
S. S. Powell
John L. Scott, Officer
The State vs Albert McCartt. nollied on cost
The State vs R. H. McGill, nollie on cost.
The State vs Harvey Jestes, submission fine fifty dollars and cost
The State vs J. D. Pemberton et al continued
The State vs Ed Duncan, guilty.

Frank Schubert has just opened up his general store on "B" Street, and is selling his goods
cheaper that the cheapest, and is still crying out with a loud voice for more customers.


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