<NEWS CLIPS - 1920>

Most of these do not have marriage dates. Some were listed as Marriage Licenses.
Harvel Neil and Julia Daily, 12/17/1919 
Marian Jones and Maud Collins 
Merrell Redman and Anna Bardill 
Sam Hobb and Gladys Murray 
Cullum Adkins and Etta Hall 
James M. Freels and Myrtle Garrett 

Sam Davis and Willie Foster 
Parland Brown and Myrtle Lankford 
Leo Goldburg and Edith Christmas 

Ralph Shultz and Lucile Cordwell 
Walter M. Bancraft and Winnie G. Grice 
Taylor S. Robinson and Pearl M. Taylor 

William Guy and Lillie Norman 
Erastus Vincent and Janie Walker 
Byrd Phillips and Gertie Butler 

W. Sanford Guest and Manerva Odessa Mozley 
James F. Sexton and Mary Gilreath 
Harrison Potter and Matilda Simpson 

Nicholas Jacks and Rena C. Bate 
William A. Payne and Georgia Ooten 
Julian F. Scott and Emily J. Freels 
Richard Perkins and Myrtle Snow 

Louis Woods and Dicy Hall, 2/8/1920 
John Randolph and Alice Smith 
Homer Jones and Elsie Brown 

Harrison McCann and Pearl Pittman, 2/29/1920 
Henry Dunkleburg and Nola E. York, 4/1920 
John Hodge and Ruth Lane 

Grady Hudson and Lena Lawson 
Jesse Lee Forrester and Nora Bell Miles 
Virgil Northrup and Mazie Hurtt 

Simon Hann and Sylvia Scott 
A. W. Brickey and Cora Hall, 4/23/1920 
Walter Jackson and Frankie Davis 

J.B. Now and Jessie Lane 
Manus Nelton and Celia Justice 
Virgil Lankford and Edna Pickeight 4/18/1920 

John Trout and Bessie Bunch 
Oregon Garrett and Tressie McCartt 
Chas Spurling and Gladis Pittman 

Fred Kennedy and Elise Hawn 
Edmond C. Peters to Ethel M. Polk, 
(in Shanghai China, 5/1/1920) 

Prof. J.L. Boston and Margaret McGill, 5/9/1920 
Wayne Lovelace and Edith Scott 
George Galloway and Josie Ryon 

Hillman Ramsey and Glora Stowers, 5/1/1920 
Clifford Freels and Malissa Miller 
Frederic Funk and Clara Peters 

Chas. Bunch and Emily Bunch 
William Shannnon and Edna Woolum 
Riley Justes and Laura Asher 

Gilbert Langley and Honer Lemmings 
Charley Brown and Lucy Potter 
Harmon Teaster and Dossie Humphrey 

Robt. Hall and Lillie Guffey 
Jerome Byrd and Dessie Jacks 
Rev. Jesse Brewster and Happy Crisp 

William Carl Martin and Ethel Norris 
Jess Taylor and Dora Norman 
Thomas McDaniels and Phonie Hensley 

Harrison Armes and Roxie Patterson 
Charlie Bowman and Mattie Goldston 
Roy S. Freeze and Pearl Smithers 

Carl P. Goldston and Grace Cundiff 
Herschel Honeycutt and Edith Gunter 
Ira Powell and Josie England, 8/1920 

Herbert Norris and Mina Vaites, 8/4/1920 in California 

Merritt Parker Smith and Ellen Julia Gilbert, 9/23/1920 

Anna Joyce Walton, b: 4/5/1920 
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Walton  continued
Dr. Scott and Maud Brown, 9/15/1920 

Mr. & Mrs. Julius Johnson, 60th Anniversary on 9/13/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. George Berry, 59th Anniversary, 9/14/1920 

Forest Nelson and Pearl Langley, 10/3/1920 
John McGuffey and Amy Zumstein, 10/1920 
Glen Bilbrey and Amanda Williams 

Chandler Huckaby and Louise Pierce, 10/11/1920 
Erby Shell and Agnes Williams, 12/1920 
Junius S. Smith and Rachael E. Beach, 12/1920 

   Cards are out announcing the marriage of Ed. C. Peters 
            to Miss Ethel M. Polk of Shanghai, China 
                                     * * 
                          DR. MARGARET M. POLK 
Requests the pleasure of your company 
at the marriage
of her niece
on Saturday, May First
Nineteen hundred and twenty
at nine p.m.
Thirty Route Pichan
Shanghai, China
After First of June
American Young Men's Christian Association
Vladivastik, Siberia
BIRTHS FOR 1920*  
Mr. & Mrs. Ross Williams, a boy, 12/18/1919 
Mr. & Mrs. V. H. Parrott, a girl, 1/16/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Kreis, a girl, 2/5/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Watson, a boy ( date?) ** 
Hollingworth Fletcher  b:  4/6/1920 
son of Mr. & Mrs. John W. Fletcher 

Mr. & Mrs. B. J. Neeley, a boy, 5/12/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Crisp, 5/17/1920, a girl 
Mr. & Mrs. D.W. Parks, a bouncing boy, 5/17/1920 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Smith,  a young plow boy, 5/10/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Don Bonifacius, 8 1/2 pd girl, 6/14/1920 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Freytag, a boy, b: 6/21/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. George B. Cox, a girl, 6/28/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Will Potter, a boy 
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Stevens, a girl, b 8/4/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Phillips, a girl, 7/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Patton, a girl 7/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Miller Hurst, 11/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Melton, 11/1920 
Mr. & Mrs. Garfield McCan, a girl, 11/6/1920 

LANCING: Perfect Attendance at Lancing School for October, 1920.  Evelyn Cromwell, Arminda Pemberton, Geo.. Bass, Edna Nance, Aubry Creekmore, Wanda Creekmore, John Dillon. * * * 
Sgt. Geo. H. Kelly of the U.S. Army has written his sister at Sunbright that he expects to visit her about the first of November.  Sgt. Kelly was reported dead by the Red Cross about four months ago.  he is one of those funny soldiers who is dead, but won't lie down.(10/29/1920) 

Not a complete record of deaths-excerpts only

Mrs. Melvin Hughes
12/18/1919, Burrville 
J.D. Bullen, Jr., ? 
Rev. J.H. Rogers, 2/4/1920, age 92 
Joe Eavens, 2/1920 
Clarence Lankford - ? 

Susan Christmas, 
3/1920, age 74 
sons: George Arthur, Gentry, Henry and Lonnie 
daughters: Mrs. W. Woolsey, Mrs. J.D. Young & 
Mrs. Chas. Goldenberg, burial, Galbreath Cem. Harriman, Tn. 

Miss Lou Byrd
Infant of Mrs. Harry Kreis, 3/10/1920 
Mrs. John Thornton, 3/8/1920 

Mrs. Alice Ruffner
age 27, 2/24/1920, at Typo, Ky 
Survivors: husband, Sam Ruffner and 2 children, 
brothers, Ben, Lemmy, Hugh: sisters, Mrs. George 
Eastridge, Mrs. Jerry Harper, Mrs. W. Butler and 
Mrs. Mart Holder, Burial, Davis Cem. 

Alvin Sharp
3/23/1920. born, Vielen, Germany 8/18/1961 
sister; Mrs. Bamann? 
Ola Laymance, age 17, (week of 3/26/1920) 

Sarah Peters Plessinger
2/3/1920,. age 25 yrs, 11 month(same person below) 
Sarah Ollie Peters, 2/3/1920, born Fentress County Tn, 8/7/1894 
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.F. Peters 
wife of Hugh W. Plessinger 

Mark Hambright, b: 6/30/1896, d: 3/18/1920 
Lina Sivels (week of 6/20/1920) 
Alex Heidel, age 52, leaves wife and 8 children, (w/o-6/22/1920) 
A.J.  McCoy, 6/14/1920 
O. P. Potter, 6/6/1920 
H.A. Taylor, age 42, 7/12/1920 

Mr. Workman, Burrville, 7/13/1920 
Georgia Ooten, age 22, 7/1920 
Andrew J. Cromwell, 7/27/1920 
Infant child of Mrs. Jennie Harris, 7/1920, Elizabeth Cemetery 
Mrs. T.C. Galloway, 7/30/1920, at Stearns, Ky. 
Arthur Lee, burial on 8/10/1920 
Infant-William LeRoy Bunch, b: 2/10/1918-d: 8/12/1920 
Gladys Goldston, 10/15/1920 
Laura McCoy, b 5/30/1890, d: 9/20/1920 

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