Jan. 1921  
Supt. JUSTUS had this week, the announcement of the marriage
of Supt. B. F. EVANS of Coalfield Schools to Miss NELSON of Clinton.

Jan. 14, 1921:
Mrs. Edward FREELS has moved to our town for the purpose of
sending his children to school.

F. T. Saffell, tax assessor of Lancing, was
in town Thursday on business.


February, 1921

William Riley Kesterson to Etta Jones
John A. Queen to Anna Mae McCarty
William W. Walls to Anna Babs

March, 1921
George Galloway to Mollie Hurtt
Geo. H. Smith to Margaret Silvey
Theodore Wilkerson to Lela Pjeaux
Herbert Stonecipher to Lucy McAlhaney

April, 1921
Wiley Potter to Martha Honeycutt
D. H. Langley to Margaret Ellen Stewart
Thomas Landrum to Mary Webb
H. W. Irvine (Col.) to Celia Westfield (Col)
Noble Young to Lola Pitman
Egnotes Susak to Kataszyna Pelc
Calvin Human to Emily Sexton
Lonnie Gunter to Minnie Fairchilds
Wm. Estel Underwood to Lillie Mae Stringfield
Doff Coffmann to Gladys Whitley
Corell Hull to Charlotte Morton
Robert Cross to Mamie Armes
May 1921
Vanus Davis to Z. Annwood Bertram
Thomas Woody to Mrs. Ellen Jones
Warren Caplinger to Vada West
June, 1921
Dewey McCartt to Sylvania Griffith
Teddy West to Emma Bunch
Lewis Winnie to Lillie Holder
Thomas Johnson to Willie May Sharp
Garvin C. Bradley to Martha B. Armes
Dan G. Henshaw to Violet G. Easily
Thurman Jones to Beatrice Graham
July, 1921
Irl Howard & Lula Alley
R.P. Human & Ida Mae Ballinger
September, 1921
Sam McAllister to Martha Smith
Clyde Armes to Ruth McElhandy
Porter Ooten to Doris Phillips
Joe Taylor to Emeline Wright
S.K. McCarty to Della Kindrick

Eulis Martin to Laura Checks
Oral W. Statzer to Mary E. Brown
Beecher Ward to Ora Adkisson
Robt. Howard to Dora Branstetter
Harry N. England to Isadora Krupa
William Ethelbert Kennedy to Mary Bernice Adams
Alva Ashley to Mollie Adams
October, 1921
Tom Jones, (Col) to Opal Crawford, (Col)
Wm. Beaty to Lottie Scott
Clauyde Toney to Nannie Rayburn
Earl Barton & Amy Garrett

Oct. 1921

Walter Krupa vs Josie Krupa
Lottie Scott Strand vs. Peter Strand
Louisa Howard vs Blaine Howard
December, 1921
Samuel B. McCoy to Madge E. Parham
Sudley Griffieth to Charity Sexton
Mitchell Armes to Macell Bunch
Clayton Smith to Minnie Blake
Mack C. Robbins to Isabell White
Leonard Lawson to Jessie Cecil
Ramey Daughtery to Francis Patterson
Alfred Strand to Blanche Lyons

The Marriage of Mr. S.T. HENDRICKSON and
Miss Josephine Bright JOYNER was solemnized at
the Christian Church parsonage on December 2, 1921
by the pastor. Rev. Broome.

Caywood PEMBERTON and Robbie BERTRAM
were quietly married at the home of Judge Jno. A.
Jones on Sunday April 17th.Miss Bertram is the
daughter of Prof. and Mrs. S.A. Bertram of Sunbright.

  Charlotte MORTON and Correll HULL of Burrville,
were married at the home of F. D. HULL at Burrville,
Saturday, April 23rd.  Miss Morton is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. MORTON of Harriman and is one
of Morgan Counties best primary teachers.  Mr. Hull
is the son of A. Y Hull of Rugby and is an over sea
soldier in the aviation department.
  Miss Annwood BERTRAM and Vanus DAVIS were
married at Coalfield, April 23, 1920.  Miss Bertram is
the daughter of Professor and Mrs. S. A. Bertram of
Sunbright.  Mr. Davis is the son of Mr. and Mrs.Henry
Davis of Coalfield.  Mrs. P. R. Estes left Sunday, for
Somerset, Ky., where she is going to take a treatment
from the Indian Doctor for appendicitis.
   Miss FAIRCHILDS of Oakdale and Lonnie R.
GUNTER of Burrville were married at the home of
the bride's parents on April 13, 1920.  The groom is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. G. GUNTER of Burrville.
The bride is the daughter of  Mr. and Mrs.
FAIRCHILDS of Oakdale.
Mr. E. S. DAVIS and Miss Florence JONES were
united in Marriage on Tuesday, May 10th, 1921, at
the residence of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Ben JONES
near Petros.
Reports reach us that Miss Carrie GALLOWAY was
married on the 24th of May in Birmingham, Ala. Miss
Carrie will be remembered as the daughter of Mr. &
Mrs. S.A. Galloway of Burrville. (ed note-husband’s
name not given)

Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. B.LONG on Tuesday,
   March 29th. a fine boy.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. POLLARD, on the
   13th, a fine girl, names, Mary Ina.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lyons, 9/23/1921, a boy

The PRESS has just been informed that the Sheriff has
succeeded in arresting three parties accused of
boot-leggin and placed them under bond for the next
term of court.

  Supt. C.C. JUSTUS is now in his 26th year as head
or managing teacher of high schools.

   F. T. SAFFELL, tax accessor of Lancing, was in
town Thursday on business.

    Messrs. H. M. HUDSON, Wm. RUFFNER, H. P. LAKIN and Wm. PETERS left Sunday for New River, where they have taken a contact to build houses for the Fork Mountain Coal Company.
All ex-service men who desire free dental work, write
to the U. S. Public Health Service, 195 Peachtree St.,
Atlanta, Fa, for forms and fill out same, in order to
have this work done at once. * S. T. CARR,  Dental
examiner, U.S.P.H.S,  Oakdale, Tenn.
Dr. Sam T. CARR, the dentist at Oakdale, has an
article in the weeks issue concerning our good “Uncle
Samuel’s proposition to have good “store” teeth put
in at the expense of the government, and any
ex-service man who does not take advantage of this
proposition is a big “chump,” and should continue to
“gum it.”
   Rupert SCOTT  is confined to his house with a case
of pneumonia. 

Matin GORDON, Ben GARRETT, Mack GUFFEY and other old timers in the Weideman organization, have all resigned their jobs.
Capt. S.T. KIMBELL, a prominent land owner in Morgan and
Knox Counties, has just concluded the purchase of the
well-known SHOEBERT Farm on the Clinch River near Scarboro
from S.J. and J.E. Shoebert.

Mr. James MOSIER of Sunbright, is putting out 40,000 strawberry plants this spring.  Jim is doing the wise thing as this is
the best paying crop for Morgan Co.

It is reported that Mrs. LINDSAY of Mill Creek, a
very old lady, is very ill and is not expected to
recover.  She is the wife of S. W. Lindsay.
   Robert FAIRCHILDS sustained a very serious
accident while working for the Trio Coal Co. A
dynamite cap exploded and he received three bad cuts
in his face from pieces of the cap.  Dr. JONES
attended him, dressing his wounds.
 March, 1921
    Mr. A.B. LONG and family bought them a fine
home beyond Wartburg and moved to it last week.

     Mr. Theo P. KUEGLE happened to bad luck
Sunday, as he was returning to Gobey from Wartburg.
His car caught fire and burned up.

    Mrs. Sam HALL and children who have been
visiting relatives on Flat Fork, have returned home.

    Mr. and Mrs. HOBERT Jestes and Mr. and Mrs
Luke EDMONDS of Coalfield left Sunday for Blue
Diamond, Ky., where they will make their future
Union Grove
   Little Annabel COX is very sick this writing.

   Mrs. Gertie JARRETT and Miss Nona SMITH of
Burrville were calling on Mrs. Ben PHILLIPS Sunday

Mr. and Mrs. L. D. NEEDHAM have moved in the wilderness. 

The farmers of this community are very busy farming The
work on the fruit farm is progressing nicely.
   We take pride in commending our Sheriff, John L. SCOTT
for his untiring efforts to put the moonshiners and bootleggers
out of business, in fact, all law breakers.  (week of 3/18/1921)
   Circuit Court is still in session.  Many cases have been
disposed of, notable among them, is the case of Mrs. Wm. Angel, administratix vs C.N.O.& T.P. Ry. It will be remembered that Mr. Angel was killed in February 1918 just below 18 tunnel by
passenger train No. 5.  The jury gave verdict against the
railroad company for $8,000.
APRIL, 1921
   The County Court met in regular session Monday,
April 4th. The contract for th erection of the concrete
bridge at Oakdale was awarded to Bryant and Long.
Lost between Gobey and Pilot Mountain, on April
11th, 32 dollars"1 twenty dollar bill: 1 ten dollar bill:
and 2 one dollar bills. If anyone has found this money,
I will give them $10 to bring me $22.  I would appreciate
it very much.
Frank HUMAN, Glen Mary, Tenn.
   The hoodlums that broke down some of the shade
trees on the school campus did other distructive things
should be apprehended and punished to the full extent
of the law.  Such vandalism should not be winked at
by the people of Wartburg. The good people of
Wartburg should run down the culperts and land them
in jail where they belong.
May, 1921
  Just below the stock pens at Sunbright, a north
bound freight running at high speed ran its nose into
the local freight which was crossing from the South
track to the North track, completely demolishing the
caboose and four freight cars loaded with lumber, lime
and cement, tobacco, candy, rice, cowpeas and other
items.  Engineer Walter CAMPBELL of the thru
freight received a cut under the right eye and a bruised
knee and a fireman received a few painful burns.
June 1921
    Robert FAIRCHILDS was calling on Miss Edith
JOHNSON, Saturday night and Sunday.
Dordell Hamby was calling on Miss Maude HUMAN,
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will McCOWAN of White Oak were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Frazier STRINGFIELD, Saturday and Sunday.
On Sunday, June 5th, Mr. James GREER kindly
motored over from Burrville to Rugby, a truck load of
ladies belonging to the Rebecca Lodge, who brought a
surprise dinner party to one of their members, Mrs.
Jane PETERS, who is nursing her invalid brother,Mr.
Andrew YOUNG and whose birthday it was.

Swimming and fishing parties are the vogue these hot
days. Alas! there are some people who wish to ruin
the fishing sport, let alone break the game laws.  A
party from another part of the county, camped on
Clear Fork last Friday night, and fired 27 volleys of
dynamite to kill the fish.We hope the game warden
will apprehend them.
Near the Emory Bridge on the road to Kingston, Near
Harriman, WILSON and CHRISTMAS were caught.
It was known that these murderers were in the vicinity
of Oakdale and Harriman. Officers watched them
closely and were able to capture them.  Wilson proved
to be Otto STEPHENS. Prisoners were taken to Knox
County jail for safe keeping.
July, 1921
    The County Court elected the Board of Education on Tuesday,
July 12, 1921. Composed of the following men:
John B. YORK, N. L. DUNCAN and Thomas ADAMS.
    Mrs. Noah POTTER was called here from Sunbright last
week on account of her mother, Mrs. Martin NORRIS being very ill.

Willie H. SUMMERS is home from Hazard, Ky.

Mrs. Mitchell LITTON and two sons left for Oneida Monday,
where they will make their home during the school term there.
Mr. Litton will continue to work here for awhile yet.

John A. Jones, County Judge
J. L. Scott, Sheriff
G. H. Buxton, Trustee
S.H. Jestes, County Court Clerk
Chas. W. Summer, Circuit Court Clerk
R.A. Davis, Clerk and Master
W.B. Crenshaw, Register
F. H. Saffell, Tax Assessor
P.W. Holder, Coroner
N. B. Melton, County Surveyor
 A. B. Peters, County Superintendent
     The Ladies Church Working Society will hold their
annual Bazaar, Saturday Evening, August 20th, and
feel they have a more attractive display of fancy work
and useful articles than ever to offer their friends and

JENNIE BATES WILEY died at the home of her
son. C. D. Wiley, Jan. 21, 1921. Born in Orleans,
Michigan, March 1, 1853.  Married, Taylor Wiley, in
1869. Children: C.D. Wiley and Mrs. Ida Walsh.
W. C. ALLEY, Oakdale, died Jan 26, 1921.
Survivors: widow, Louise Alley; children, Johu and
Lee and Mrs. John Robbins. Burial in Crab Orchard
Mrs. JAMES M. GOLDSTON, died Jan. 1921. She
leaves husband and 3 small children She was the
oldest daughter of Mrs. John Blake. Burial in Crab
Orchard Cemetery
REV HENRY A. McCARTT,  died Jan. 28, 1921
at the home of his brother-in-law, A. V. Byrd.
Survived by wife, two daughters and two sons. Burial
in Wartburg Cemetery. Served in Civil War in several
battles and was captured and placed in Bells Island
and came near to starving to death, but God saved him
threw starvation and he came out and was a faithful
soldier for Jesus up to his death.
DEBBY SMITH, born, Dec. 8, 1880, died Feb. 11,
1921. Burial in Byrd Cem. next to daughter who died
Oct. 14, 1919.
MARTHA LINDSAY, died, March 15, 1921. Leaves
husband and 10 children. Burial in Mill Creek Cem.
Mr. JOHN JONES, died at his home last Thursday
night after a long and serious illness.  His remains
were carried to his old home at Jonesville, where he
was laid to rest.  He left a wife, five brothers and one
sister to mourn his loss among who is Robert Jones, a
prominent lawyer of Knoxville.  (March 1921)
March 8th, 1915.
RICHARD NORMAN died at the home of John
Edmond. Leaves wife, seven daughters and three sons.
Burial in Jestes Cemetery.  March 1921
WILLIAM DUDLEY JONES, (Uncle Dud), passed
away, March 22, 1921 in Wartburg, Tenn., at the
home of Mrs. Julia Brown, his step-daughter.  He was
born February 19, 1845 in Roane County, Tenn., but
had lived practically all his life in Morgan County.  He
was 76 years, 1 month and 3 days old at his death.
 He was married to Mrs. Margaret Garrett, whose
maiden name was Cromwell.  One child only, a
daughter, blessed this marriage. His wife and daughter
preceded him to the grave.  He leaves one brother,
and two sisters to mourn his death. He was a civil war
veteran, having enlisted in the Union Army , August,
1861.He served three years in the Army, participating
in the battles of Fishing Creek, Kentucky, Stones
River, Tennessee and  various other battles fought
under General Sherman in the State of Georgia. He
was laid to rest in the Wartburg Cemetery.
   Another cherish veteran of that glorious, fast
receding army, which fought and bled and died to
preserve our union, has passed away.  It is hard to
realize that our father, brother, uncle and friend is
dead.  We know that our tears cannot recall him from
his grave.  We can only hope and remember__hope
that he was right with his God before he died; and we
have reason to believe he was right with his
maker.Heed the warning he gave us just before he
passed into the great beyond, “Do not live the life that
I have lived.”  Signed: RUFUS JONES
JR.    William Mark BALLINGER. Jr., infant of Mr.
and Mrs. Mark BALLINGER was called away. He
was born February 10, 1921 and died May 19, 1921.
He was 3 months, and 9 days old.  We know where he
is, (at rest). "We Love you, yes we love you, But
Jesus loved you more. He has sweetly called you to
Yonders Shining shore, Golden Gates were opened
and A gentle voice said come, And with farewells
unspoken Jr. calmy entered home.

A large crowd from this place, (Mill Creek) attended
the funeral, Sunday of Harlan LINDSAY, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Lindsay, who was accidently shot and
killed, Saturday, May 21.

JAMES W. ENGLAND, died, Mary 22, 1921.  Born
near Melrose, Tn, on Emory River, Feb 11, 1888.
Parents, W.T. and Rebecca England. Married, Alice
Summer, in 1912. leaves five sisters, one brother;
children: Edith Galloway, Parthina Summer, Mrs.
H.W. Summer, Mrs. Volena Hendren, Mrs. Josie
Powell, and Mr. D. A. England.

HOBERT UNDERWOOD, killed by train near
Annadel. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Underwood. (6/3/1921)

   Finley MELTON was instantly killed, Sunday,
about 4:00 o;'clock near Oakdale, seemingly for no
other reason than in an argument over the Holly roller
religion. It seems he and his father-in-law were
discussing the holly roller religion and Melton took
sides against him. and Melton's sister-in-law, Mrs.
BROONE, became very much wrought up over the
stand Melton had taken in the argument, she grabbed a
pistol and stepping between her father and Melton,
aimed the pistol direct at Melton and when the pistol
fired Melton fell dead. After the killing, Mrs. Broone
claims she did not intend to shoot, that she only meant
to bluff him. It is evident he pistol fired and Melton is
dead.  Her story does not seem to have much color to
it. Finley was a son of Field Melton of Lancing.  He
was married and had three children.(6/10/1921)
About midnight Saturday night, HOBERT UNDERWOOD, was killed
by a freight train near Annadel. Details of his death is
lacking.  It appears from reports, however, that the young
man was asleep on the track when the train struck him.  He is
the son of Mr. & Mrs. Tom UNDERWOOD who live between Sunbright
and Deer Lodge.  Reports are that boot-leg whiskey is at the
back of it.  The person who made and sold the whiskey is
respoonsible for young Underwood’s death.
Mrs. ANNA TINDELL died. A niece of Mrs. Wm.
BULLARD, Mrs. F. D. HULL, and Mrs. Jack
JOHNSON and granddaughter of the late Walker
PAUL. Burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.  (6/1921)
AUGUST MILLER, passed away suddenly at his
home in Sunbright on Thursday, July 14, 1921, at 3:00
PM.  Cause of death was apoplexy.  He was born in
Pommerania, Germany, August 10, 1852.  He was
united in marriage to Anna Pagel WALLANER on Jan
287, 1878. To this union were born three children. He
is survived by his widow, one son, Otto MILLER of
Goodhue, Minn., two daughters, Mrs. J. W.
SCHROEDER of Zumbrota, Minn., and Mrs. S. H.
JONES of Sunbright, Tenn; also one stepdaughter,
Mrs. Lena RAMHARTER of Milbank. S.D. and two
step sons; Ferdinand and John WALLANER of Minn.,
also one brother, Fred MILLER of Chicago and one
sister Mrs. Wm. ELLINGHOUSEN of Deer Lodge,
Tenn and fifteen grandchildren.Rev. O. E. FEUCHT
of Wartburg, conducted the funeral services.Remains
were laid to rest at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Deer Lodge.
Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. CROMWELL
died August 19, 1921.
PRIVATE JOE NANCE, born in Somerset, Ky.,
Aug. 14, 1886. Killed in action in battle of St. Miheil,
Sept, 12, 1918. First burial in Flanders Field and the
removed and entered in Lancing Cemetery, Aug. 2,
1921. Leaves father, W. B. NANCE, step-mother, five
brothers and five sisters.
MARY ANDERSON MOODY, died Aug. 24, 1921.
Wife of Marion Moody of Flint, Michigan.Leaves
husband,  three sons, youngest is 3 months old. Burial
in Mt., Hope Cemetery, Deer Lodge.
Mrs. JOHN L. SCOTT, widow of the late John L.
Scott, Sr., died Sept 9, 1921.. She was 87 yrs
old.Surviving: daughters, Mrs. G. A. SLEICHER,
Mrs. L.S. LAND, and Mrs. R. B. DELIUS; sons, R.J.
and W.J. SCOTT. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery.
BYRGE O. SCOTT, died Oct 24, 1921 age 32 years,
5 months and 4 days old at the home of his
grandfather, Dr. NASH, in Roane Co. Born May 24,
1889. Leaves a wife and two little girls; three brothers,
three sisters and a mother.  Burial in Mt. Hope Cem.
Deer Lodge.
MAUDE ZUMSTEIN, died Oct, 27, 1921.
Born in Cumberland Co near Daysville. Married
12/25/1915 to Jake ZUMSTEIN at Williamsburg, Ky.
Leaves husband, daughter, Violet Marie age 4 yrs old.
Also, four sisters and two brothers..
MARY E. EDWARDS,  died Nov. 11.1921. Born
May 22, 1856.. Married Jame  H. EDWARDS, Nov
25, 1876, who died Nov. 25, 1876. Children: six boys
and two girls. Burial in May Cemetery.
Judge Will D. Wright of Knoxville and wife were run
down by an automobile Tuesday night and Judge
Wright was fatally injured.  Mrs. WRIGHT is
seriously injured but not fatally.  Judge Wright was
born on Wolf River , July  31, 1864.  His father was a
traveling Methodist preacher, the Rev. A. B.
ELDA H. McKEETHAN, died Nov. 27, 1921. age
78 years, 8 months and 25 days. Born in Columbus
Co. N.C., Feb. 15, 1843. Married Annie Staples, April
9, 1867. Children 7 boys and 4 girls.
JARRETT died at his home near Burrville, December
22, and his remains were laid to rest in the Burrville
Cemetery. He leaves a wife and one daughter two
brothers and two sisters to mourn their loss.
Died on the 26th of December, HENRY M. YORK.
A large crowd attended the funeral service conducted
by Rev. Gamble. Interment was at Nydeck on the27th.
PILOT MOUNTAIN   The people of this community
are so sorry to hear about the death of Mr. Gilbert
YOUNG’s Pet Polecat.  We are all so sorry we could
not attend the funeral.  Mr Young prays that he may
be ready to meet brother Pole Cat in Heaven and it
can be easily done by obeying God’s Command.
   Brother OSBORN and ye writer attended the
funeral of old sister WRIGHT last Saturday.  She was
laid to rest in the cemetery at Mays beside her
husband.  She leaves six children and a host of
grand-children and great-grandchildren.  She died in
full triumph of  a living faith. (week of 2/11/1921)

ABEL GARBER, Sunbright, died on Dec. 23, 1921.
He was in his 90th year.
Mr. Garber came to Sunbright from Ohio about 40 years previous.

MRS. P. C. BABCOCK, Burrville, died Dec. 27, 1921.  She was the widow of Arlow Babcock.  They were originally from the State of New York and had moved to this county about 40 years ago.  She leaves a son, M.B. Babcock of Calif. and a daughter, Mrs. Chas Lyon of New York State.  Burial in Mr. Vernon Cemetery.

CHAS. B. FREELS, died Nov. 29, 1921.  He was born Feb. 22, 1896.  He served wirth honor in the World War, was wonded and gassed not long before the war closed. Survived by parents, Mr.s & Mrs. R. Freels, sisters, Mrs. W.H. Sumner, Mrs. H.A. Bamgle, and Miss Nellie Freels; four brothers, Hubert, Ernest, Guy and Sam Freels.  One brother and sister preceded him. He was laid to rest in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

Notice to all persons oweing William Austin SMITH,
deceased, of Deer Lodge, Tenn., to come forward and
pay John WARD of Deer Lodge, at his home, and to
all persons who having claims against the deceased to
come forward and put their claims in my hands for
settlement according to the Will of the deceased.
JOHN WARD Administrator