<NEWS CLIPS - 1922>

Mr. & Mrs. Abner Ryon, a boy, week of Jan. 27, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Pierce, a boy,  Jan 30, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. F. G. Bonham, a girl, Jan 13, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. L. H. Scott, a boy, Jan 6, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Hutchison, a girl, Jan. 19, 1922
Mrs. & Mrs. E. Hembree, a girl, Jan, 19, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Chitwood, a boy, Jan. 19, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. Ross Williams, a girl, Jan, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Tanner, a boy, Jan 15, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. George Bonifacius, a 9 pd. boy, Jan. 12, 1922  (Akron, Ohio)

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Shields, a boy, Feb. 11, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Eastham, a boy, Feb. 14, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Cooper, a boy, Feb. 12, 1922


Otto Schubert & Cora Hornsby, Dec. 28, 1921
Clarence Albertson and Eleanor Reemelin were married New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, 1921.

Week of January 6, 1922
Frederick Seiller to Bertha May Short
Zack Freels to Lillie Smith
Jake Kreis to Gladys Summer
Traval Hawn to Elsie Cox
Willard A. McCartt to Mae Davis
Lonnie H. Summers to Orpha Stewart
Charlie Stubbs to Kate Jackson
Dewey Robinson to Martha Brewer
Reuben Goldston to Nellie McCartt
Walter Bedford & Irine Thompson, (week of 1/20/1922)

Week of Jan. 27, 1922
Joe S. Rowe & Lena Addie Johnson, m: Feb. 9,  1922

Week of Feb. 10, 1922
Magnus Randolph to Mary Adams

Andy Jestes & Lula Jett,  m: Feb. 10, 1922
William Ward to Lillie Richardson  (Week of March 3, 1922)

Week of Feb. 3, 1922
Homeo Futrell & Bula Woods
Fred O. Young, & Mary Tompkins
Frank Schubert & Mable Brewer
William Ward & Lillie Richardson

Week of March 24, 1922
Phillip Hall & Roxie Ooten
W.T. Jackson & Drusilla Boyd
Calvin Irick & Minnie Melton

Week of April 2, 1922
Maynard Miller & Julia Heidel

Week of May 12, 1922
Otto B. Hurst & Mattie Mae Smith
John Holder & Lottie Morgan
Frank McCann and Stella Jones
Oved Land & Rose Hall  m: 5/7/1922
Frank Shannon & Winnie Breedlove

Week of June 21, 1922
Wesley Ooten & Bonnie Kilby
Guy Dunlap & Hattie Presswood
Week of 9/1/1922
Fred J. Yates & Alice Daughtery
A.R. Bryd &  Pearl Lee Brown, 9/5/1922
Robert Craig & Bertha Lannings
Chas. Warmsley & Delia May
Lincoln Liles to Willie Mae McCoy
Dewey Adams & Stacie Branstetter
A. P. Kennedy Jr. & Hallie Adams,  8/12/1922
Oscar Oney & Eva Collins, (week of 9/29/1922)

Marriage licenses for month of November 1922

Edward Ray Bunch to Ruth Othena Hurtt, m: 11/5/1922
Calvin H. Brown to Ida G. Morris
Leiton Wilson to Eva Lavender
Fred Jordon to Ida Bowmer
M.C. Adkins to Della Lavender
J.S. Ledford to Roxie Jackson
H. R. Phillips to Malinda Ballinger
Charlie Newberry & Marie Adams
Wesley B. Ary & Iva Presswood
Luther Strutton & Fleety Brown
Herbert Wright & Malinda porter
Hershel Long & Eva Morton
John W. Overton & Bertha Casada
Thomas Massingill & Nellie Martin
Newman Adkins & Lolaine Davis, 12/3/1922 at Kingston
J.A. Taylor, & Jennis E. Davis, (week of 12/15/1922)
Fred Jordan & Ida Bowmer

Excerpts of obits only.  Sometimes only a mention was made of someone who had died.
Where it says "week of", means that is the date of the newspaper, not actual date of death.

VIRGIL BUNN, of Glen Mary, died in a mining accident in Wyoming on Jan. 2, 1922.

W. H. H. Taylor died Jan. 22, 1922 at age 82 years. Leaves wife Mary Taylor, sons, Joe and Rev D.H. Taylor, daughter, Mrs. C.W. Summer. Burial in Liberty Cemetery, Jan 24, 1922.Served two terms as county Trustee from 1900 to 1904, then entered into merchantile busienss.

The body of Sam Williams from Detroit, Mich., was found in a refrigeration car in the North Yards at Oakdale, Jan 7, 1922 by Lawrence McCoy.  The car contained a load of potatoes from Green Island, Wisconsin. He has apparently been dead for at least 7 or 8 days. He was a brother to Ed Williams of Carlock, S.D.

Burrville, died Jan. 4, 1922, age 24 years, 5 months and 3 days.  Born July 31, 1897.  He was stricken with acute appendicitis on Nov. 20th at Oneida and was taken to a hospital at Somerset, Ky., where he underwent an operation.  Pneumonia fever and other complications developed.  The funeral was held at Burrville on Jan. 6, 1922.

 W. D. CHURCHILL,was thrown violently to the ground striking his head against a cross tie crushing his skull.. He received the best treatment possible but died Tuesday Morning.  Mr. Churchill came to Morgan County from Michigan about one year ago and lived in Wartburg.  He married a Mrs. Overton a few months ago and has been living in Oakdale.  He and his wife were running the Eureka Hotel.  Mr. Churchill was a nephew of Rev. J.S. Clark of Lancing.

ARLOW RYON died Feb. 12, 1922. The deceased leaves a wife, Mrs. Lillis Ryon, mother, Mrs. J.C. Ryon, two brothers, Abner and Lum, two sisters, Mrs. G.F. Galloway and Miss Jessie Ryon.Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

DEBBIE SMITH, died Feb. 11, 1922, age, 39 yrs, 2 mo, 2 dys. She was born at Sunbright, 12/8/1881.
Daughter of James & Freely Galloway; husband,m John Smith of North Carolina.Survivors, parents, brothers, Hugh, William, George, Elmer; sisters, Irene Clark, Emma Bowie, Pearl Holloway, Delia Shaffer, Hazon Galloway.

MARY REDMON, Wartburg, died, March 9, 1922. Widow of John Redmon. Sons, John, James, Dave, Martin and Will; daughters, Kate, Maggie, Lilly and Mary; 43 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren,.  Burial in Wartburg Cemetery.
GEORGE W. BABCOCK, Burrville,  age 77 years, 8 months and 22 days, died March 17, 1922.  He was born in New York on June 25, 1844. Married Cevalla Wright, 12/24/1866. She died 9/29/1915.  He was a veteran of the Civil War. Left 5 sons and one daughter. Burial in Mt. Vernon Cemetery.

STELLA HAYWORTH, age 29 years, 8 months, died the week of March 20, 1922.  She was the wife of Thomas Hayworth of Deer Lodge and the adopted daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T.B. Ryon.
Sons, Ewell and daughters Marie and June.

LEE H. SHANNON, age 24 died in Stearns, KY.  He was born 7/25/1898 in MOrgan County.  He leaves a wife and infant son, parents, brother and a sister.

FRANKLIN KENNETH GALLOWAY,died 4/3/1922. He was the son of Ralph & Ollie Galloway.
Burial in Byrd Cemetery.

HORICE HOWARD, of Lancing, died week of 4/28/1922. Burial in Clear Creek.

HENRY W. RUPPE, Deermont, age 67 years ll months and 17 days died May 28, 1922.  Survivors, widow and six children:  John, Benjamin, Rudolph, Charley and Mrs. Mary Bingham; two sons preceded, Fred and Gus. First wife, Eunice Melhorn, the mother of all the children, except Rudolph. After Eunice died he married Lodisia Allison Reynolds Funerl and burial near Deermont.

MR. EUTEMEIR, of Oakdale died week of 5/5/1922

 JUDGE CHARLES WILLARD TURNER, 78, died in Knoxville, Tn.,  5/10/1922. He was a sumemr resident of Rugby.

MORLEY SOMERS, a summer resident of Rugby, died in San Francisco May 11., 1922 at age 48. He was a native of Philadelphia, PA.  Leaves a wife, Leslie Somers and 7 years old son, Dunning Somers.

ADALINE McKEETHAN, born, 9/18/1835, died in Huchins TX.  May 2, 1922.  She was the widow of Samuel James McKeethan formerly of Morgan Couynty, TN.  She was the mother of six boys and five girls.  She, her husband and Elda H. McKeethan moved from North Carolina in a covered wagon before the Civil War.  Children still living:  Mary Davis, Maggie Brightwell, Bertha McCartt, T.B. McKeethan, Samuel m.., James Elda,; A son, Gilbert, disappeared in 1919.

MANIFEE HAWN, died, 5/31/1922.  He was born 9/3/196-. He had moved to Maryville about 1901 and then back to Lancing.

MRS. A. D.  WILLIAMS, wife of Ross H. Williams, died 6/6/1922 at Island Ford. She leaves a husband
and several children.

MR. A. D. WILLIAMS, born 1, 1855 died at Clear Creek
His wife had died 6 months previous.  8/1922

ARIZONA WAITS, died 6/4/1922. Leaves a father, mother and one brother.  Cuble Cemetery.

SAM KELLY, - Wartburg, died,  June 16, 1922.  He leaves a wife and several children. 1922.

CHARLES W. SUMMER, age 52, died the week of July 28, 1922.  He left a wife and several children.

FRED W. GERDING, age 92, died August 7, 1922 at Oliver Springs, TN.  He came from New York about 1847.  His father was George F. Gerding, an early settler of Wartburg. Sister, Mrs. McFerin. nephew, Col. Harvey Hannah.

LILLIE MAE UNDERWOOD, died, July 20, 1922. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M. Stringfield. Burial at Pilot Mt., Lane Cemetery.

INFANT SON OF MR. & MRS. . DILLARD PEMBERTON, died week of 8/18/1922.

GEORGE COX, died 8/22/1922 as a result of a saw mill accident

MRS. CLYDE COOPER, of Oakdale, [no date given] leaves a husband and 3 samll children.  She was the daughter of Mr. & MRs. G.W. Alley of Crab Orchard.

JOHN B. QUINN, Oakdale, died, 8/19/1922.  He left a wife, Ollie and son, Gilbert. Burial in Harriman Cemetery.

ROY C. ANGEL  (8/1922)
Wife, Juanita Angel, mother, Mrs. W. N. Angel; brother, Roscoe Angel; sister, Mrs. J.D. Burton.
Burial in Spring City, TN.

MRS. HARRY SUTTON, born in W. VA, died, 9/16/1922.  Heaves a husband and new baby girl.  Burial in Hunningtonm, W.VA.

EVERETT McCARTT, died 9/23/1922. He was the son of William McCartt.
Leaves a wife, 2 children, father, mother and several brothers and sisters.

PATRICK LYONS, Deer Lodge, died week of 10/20/1922

MRS. MARTIN WATSON, Pine Orchard, died 11/9/1922. She left a husband; sons, Huston & Rueben; daughters, Mrs. Will Kaufman, Edith and Mary, Ruth, Ethel and Lola;  Mother, Mrs. Jane Snow; brothers, GeorgeSnow, Thomas Snow, Jack Snow& John Snow. Burial in Snow Cemetery.

FRANK P. GALLOWAY, age 48, formerly of Morgan Co died week of 12/8/1922 in New Orleans.  His wife Ella Stonecipher Galloway died 24 years previous.  Leaves a son Dolph; daughters, Goldie, Sylva, Fawn,& Dixie Marie.
He was born in Poplarville, Miss.

ANNA BASLER, age 20, died 11/23/1922
She was the wife of Jake Basler.  Her father was Worth Wilson.

THOMAS V. GRANT, formerly of Morgan Co and Rockwood, died 11/12/1922.
He was born ll/3/1842 in Asheville, N.C. and was a Civil War Veteran.  He married
Mrs. Susannah Swagerty on 9/1/1889.  Children; Thomas F. & William J., Mrs. Pollie M. Hail,Mrs. E.J. McKeethan. Burial in Pine Orchard Cemetery.