1923 - OBITUARIES
     Excerpts from the Morgan County Press

ATKISSON, STEPHEN, died Aug 19, 1922?. Born Jan. 20, 1895. "A few hours before his death he was heard
to say  "Praise the Lord." He told his brother that he was gone  to Heaven.  [Morgan County Press dated 9/1/1923]

AYTES, SARAH BRANSTETTER, died 1/18/1923. She was born 12/16/1847. Married Marion Aytes in 1870. He died 6/21/1893.  Children:  Mrs. Jim Lakins, Charlie Aytes, Amos, Perry and Eli Aytes, Mrs. Mabel Shaver and Margaret Shaver.
[Morgan County Press]

BINGHAM, ADRA FRANCIS, Wartburg, died June 15, 1923. Mother of nine children, four who preceded her. Survivors, husband, and children, Charlie, Gertie, Jack, Ben, and Joe. Burial in Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County News]  

BOLTON, M. died of Bright's Disease, 10/18/1923 at Flat Fork. . Leaves wife, Etta Bolton and son Clarence. Burial in Campbell County. [Morgan County Press]

BONIFACIUS, Infant son of Professor and Mrs. Bonifacius. 11/27/1923. [Morgan County Press]

BRUMLOW, Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Brumlow.  Burial at Elizabeth Cemetery.  [Morgan County Press]

BUNCH, WILLIAM LEROY, died, Aug. 12, 1920, age 1 year and 6 months. son of Mrs. W. E. Bunch and grandson of Mrs. Wm. Buxton.  [Morgan County Press]

DAVIS, JESSIE, age 16, died 7/17/1923.  Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Davis, Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County Press]

DIGGS, BEAN, killed in Oliver Springs. [Morgan County Press dated 11/2/1923]

FARMER, ALEX, of Daysville, killed when hit by a train [Morgan County Press dated 10/12/1923]

GOGGINS, HURST, 18 years old, died, 10/12/1923. Son of Loren Goggins of Lafollette. leaves father, mother and 5 sisters.
Burial at Burrville.  [Morgan County Press]

HALL, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hall, Burial at Lancing. [Morgan County Prss]

HEIDLE, IOLA KEITH, age 38, died 1/31/1923..  Wife of Gus E. Heidel. Leaves mother, Mrs. J. A. Roberson; sisters, Mrs. Ben Summers, Mrs. W. B. Crenshaw, Mrs. Ernest Heidel and Mrs. Roger Jones; brother, Dewey Roberson (Robinson). Burial at Liberty Cemetery. [Morgan County Press]

HEIDLE, OTTO, Oakdale,  [Morgan County Press dated 2/26/1923]

HENSLEY, 'GRANDMA' age 75 .  daughter, Mrs. Henry Cook, Husband, Henry Hensley. Burial in Robbins, Scott Co. [Morgan County Press 7/3/1923]

HOPPER, ALICE, age 73, formerly of Rugby died at Alldart, 7/5/1923.  Burial in Aldart Cemetery. [Morgan County Press]

KAMER, TERESA, died 1/15/1923. Daughter of Mathias Lichtenwanger, born in Wallen Austria.  Married, Clemens Kamer. Children:  Mrs. Gus Headrick, Mr. John Kamer, Mrs. Jim Hall and Mis Bivens.  Burial in Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County Press]

KREIS, BILLY JEAN died 2/5/1923.  Son of Mr. & Mrs. Billy Kreis.  Brother and siters, Charles, Herbert, Willard and Mary Margaret.  [Morgan County Press]

LANGLEY, JAMES W., died April 23.1923 at the residence of his son, F.E. Lang.ey. He was age 68 years, 8 months and 27 days.Survived by children:  Mrs. Wm. Brock, Mrs. J. M Koontz, Mrs. William Bryant, and sons, Fred E. and Edgar Langley; two brothers,  one half brother and one sister, Mrs. Margaret Ruffner.
Interment in Coalfield. [Morgan County Press]

LANKFORD, GIRTH,  9/4/1923, child of  Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Lankford. [Morgan County Press]

LEOPPER, MRS. GEORGE, Oakdale, died Aug. 24, 1923 age 77 years, 9 months and 28 days.  Survivors, husband, one daughter and five sons.  Burial in Wartburg Cemetery.  [Morgan County Press]

LYONS, MALINDA, Lancing,died April 30, 1923,  age 83 years lacking two months. She was a grandniece of Colonel W. L. Davidson (Bunk), one of Tennessee's first settlers who came over from Buncombe County, NC. He was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War.  In 1866 Malinda married the late Martin Lyons whose father was an Irish pioneer.  Burial was in Fostner Hill Cemetery next to her husband. [Morgan County Press]

MADEN, RUFUS H. died 1/15/1923.  Born, 8/5/1866.  Married Margaret Garrett on 9/4/1892. Children: Arthur, Stella, W.C., J.E., Zella, Ray, Roy, and Ernest.  Burial in Elizabeth Church Grave Yard on Emory River.. [Morgan County Press]

MAUPIN, J. H.  Pine Orchard died when hit by a train. [Morgan County Press dated 10/12/1923]

MC CARTT, ANNA RUTH, died 7/9/1923 at Blue Diamond, Ky.  Daughter of Willard McCartt.
Burial was in Coalfield.  [Morgan County Press]

McCARTT, JAMES HARRIS, son of Doc McCartt. Burial in Elizabeth Cemetery.  [Morgan County Press dated 12/7/1923]

McFERRIN, ELIZA L.  died in Birmingham....  She was born in NY in 1848 the daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. George C. Gerding. Married John H. Hannah. sons, Harvey and Gerald Hannah.  Burial in Oliver Springs??.  [Morgan County Press dated 9/14/1923]

MELTON, MRS. JIM, Lancing, died at her home.  Funeral at Clear Creek. [Morgan County Press dated 5/4/1923]

MILLER, AUGUST,  In memory of -- , died July 14, 1921. Born August 10, 1852

MORGAN, CLIFFORD, age 24 years, 4 months and 14 days, died Aug. 29, 1923 in the mines at Helenwood.  Son of Andy & Amanda Morgan. At age 18 he volunteered and enlisted in the 30th Div., in WWI serving 11 months. He married Mattie Smith, 12/27/1923  and there was one child. Also leaves mother, father, 3 brothers, 5 sisters.  Burial at Walnut Hill at Harriman. [Morgan County Press]

MORGAN, WASH, age 74, died 4/24/1923.  Leaves  a wife and sons, Jim, John, Vance and George.
Burial in Liberty Cemetery.  [Morgan County Press]  

NELSON, RACHAEL, died in Chattanooga 5/23/1923.  Born in Overton Co. 6/9/1849.  Widow of Frederick Nelson who died 2/16/1916.  Previously married to William Proxmire in Fentress Co, 9/11/1870 and moved to Ohio.  Son, G. T. Proxmire.  Burial in Deer Lodge.  [Morgan County Press]

NORMAN, JOSIE, age 3. daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Berry Norman. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery.  [Morgan County Press 6/1923]

PETERS, ABSALOM BARTON (A.B.), died 7/15/1923. Born 7/31/1871 Pickett County neat Chanute.  Second child of Tobias and Mary Jane Peters.  Maternal Grandparents, Reb. A. B. and Cynthia S. Wright.  Married 7/31/1903 to Jessie Smith of Lafollette.  Leaves Widow, one son, one daughter, 2 sisters and 5 brothers.  Burial in Burrville.  [Morgan County Press]

POTTER, ETTA LORNE, age 11 months, died Nov. 4, 1923. Daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. Floyd Potter.  Burial at Potters Chapel. [Morgan County Press]

RIDINGS, LELAND ERNEST, age 23, died July 9, at Blue Diamond, Ky.  Son of Mr. Wrought Ridings. He leaves his father and step-mother, one half-sister, and three brothers.  Burial was at Davis Cemetery. [Morgan County Press]

RISDEN, (JUDGE) LABAN, age 73, died April 9, 1923 in Wartburg.  Survivors: wife, Louvernia Risden and 4 children: Mrs. J.L. Hughett, Mrs. W. Z. Stricklin, Mrs. William Risden and Jr. J. W. Risden. Burial in Wartburg Cemetery.

ROBINSON, WILLIAM, died 6/15/1923.  Born in Scott County, Glenmary.  Leaves parents and three sisters. Burial at Wartburg Cemetery. [Morgan County Press]  

RUFFNER, ALBERT, Father and 2 children burned to death in Coalfield.
[Morgan County Press dated 5/18/1923]

RUPPE, GUSNAV ALFRED, Deermont, age, 31 years, 7 months and 7 days, died 1/8/1923..  Leaves parents and 5 sisters.
 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Ruppe. [Morgan County .Press]

SARGENT, PAUL, died at Stearns, KY.in a mine accident.  Burial in Morris Cemetery. {Morgan County Press, dated 2/1923]

SATTERFIELD, J. R. died at Rockwood.  Burial in Jefferson County. [Morgan County Press dated 2/2/1923

SCHUBERT, ETHEL RUSSELL, age 29, died March 29, 1923.  Born in Statesville, N.C., May 21, 1894.  Married to Bruno Schubert April 12, 1918.  Survivors: husband, small son, Russell and brother. L. W. Russell and seven step-children; Carl, Otto, Miss Wilma, Ray and Roy, Lewis and Rema. Burial  Wartburg.  [Morgan County Press]

SEXTON, MARY SCOTT, age 40, died March 23, 1923.  Wife of Bart Sexton married 10/25/1900.  Born April 6, 1883, Morgan County. She was the daughter of Samuel and Arminta Scott. Sisters, Eliza Hall and Jacob Gschwendt; brothers, John L. Scott, and L. Houk Scott; daughters, Lenora, Gertrude and Rachael; sons, Barton, Jr., Samuel and infant son Louis Edwin.
[Morgan County Press]

SEXTON, REV. THOMAS, famous old 'Blacksmith Preacher, passed over the Great Divide last Thursday at Knoxville.  Mr. Sexton was hurt about a year ago in an automobile accident and never fully recovered.  He was 67 years old and leaves a wife and several children, all of whom are grown.  Mr. Sexton was one of the most remarkable preachers of his day.  [Morgan County Press dated 2/2/1923]

SIMS, VESTER, died Nov. 4, 1923. Son of Dora Sims. [Morgan County Press]

STAPLES, CAPT. JOHN ((J.W.), of Harriman, a native of Wartburg died at age 53. Son of S.H. and Mary Childress Staples.  1st wife: Jennie Gass, died 1910. 2nd wife: Olive Ralston of Dandridge.  Son, John Staples; sisters, Mrs. Walter Thompson, Mrs. Gertrude Lenoir; brother, James Staples.  Interment in Willard Park Cemetery, Roane Co. [Morgan County Press dated 11/30/1923]

SUMMER, REV. B. T. age 85, formerly of Morgan County died in Dallas, Tx.  Survivors: wife; Children, Mrs. E. B. Ketchersid, Mrs. E. F. Smith, Mrs. John Ramsey, Mrs. Otto Franklin, Mrs. Pete Donahue, Mrs. M. E. Bishop;  Sons:  M. D., C.J., J.M., B.T., Jr., H.R. Sister, Mrs. R.H. Davis; brother, David Summer.  Burial in Dallas Tx.  [Morgan County Press]

TALLMAN, CLARANCE, (Clois?)age 18, Sunbright, drown in Obed River. Burial in Pleasant Ridge, Burrville. [Morgan County Press dated 8/3/1923]

THOMPSON, MRS. ROBERT, suicide, wife of Rockwood Postmaster, [Morgan County Press dated 8/31/1923]

WALKER, JAMES EDMOND, born 9/17/1869 in Anderson Co. Tn. He was the 4th child of Emond Harvey and  Nancy Ann Walker.Leaves wife and 10 children; 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  Burial in Morris Cemetery.  [Morgan County Press 9/1923]

WARD, JAMES, died Aug. 14, 1923, age 79 years, 7 months and 28 days.  Born at Lockport, NY, Dec. 17, 1848.Enlisted in CO F 27th Reg. of Wisconsin Volunteers, Aug. 21, 1862. Discharged Aug. 29, 1865 at Brownsville, TX. Married Mrs. Cynthia R. Jackson, April 20, 1879 at Five Lake, Mich. The deceased came to Deer Lodge in 1892. Preceded by his wife. He leaves one son, one daughter, one sister and two brothers.  Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Deer Lodge. [Morgan County Press]

WILLIAMS, AGEE DEMARCUS, died Sept 12, 1922? at Rockwood from injuries received when his horse became frightened and ran away.  He was born at Island Ford, Morgan County on  Jan. 20, 1855, the oldest son of W. Riley and Eliza Ross Williams.  He married Ellen Crenshaw Williams who was born 7/28/1867 in Wartburg. She was the oldest daugher of Wm. B. and Agnes Hope Crenshaw. She died June 6, 1922.   Brothers and Sisters:  Clinton P. Williams, Ray B. Williams, Mrs. Wm. H. Shaver; Ross H. Williams, Mrs. A. B. Long, Mrs. E. Shell, Agee D. and Reid Williams, Miss Will Ruben Williams, Benton M., who died 23 years ago at the age of two. [Morgan County Press]

WILLIAMS, HELEN MARION, died May 7, 1923, born March 12, 1921
WILLIAMS, REBA ELDENE, age 5 years, died April 26, 1923, born, June 19, 1918
Children of Mrs. & Mrs. Sam Williams. Death caused by whooping cough and measles.
Another sister, Iris Williams survives.  Burial in Union Cemetery.
[Morgan County Press dated  5/18/1923]

WINNIE, INFANT SON of Mr. & Mrs. John Winnie,.  [Morgan County Press dated 6/15/1923]

WRIGHT, T. ASBURY, died 8/1923. ( 25, or 26?) at Knoxville.   Survivors, wife and daughter, Dorothy, 3 sons, T. Asbury, Jr., Jim Tarwater and William Polk Wright.  Mr. Wright was born in Fentress now Pickett County on Aug.21, 1866 the son of Rev. and Mrs. Absalom B. Wright.

YOUNG, A. P.  died Aug. 15, 1923. [Morgan County Press]

ZUMSTEIN, LENA MARIE, died 12/19/1923, age 30 years, 10 months and 25 days.  Survivors, parents, 4 sisters and 2 brothers. [Morgan County Press]

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