Mr. & Mrs. T.V. Peters, a girl, 1/1924

Anna Mae Long, b: 5/5/1924 , daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Long
Mr. & Mrs. Alonzo Stringfield, a boy, b 5/11/1924
Mr. & Mrs. Townie Stepp, a girl
Mr. & Mrs. D. A. McPeters, twins, (week of 6/23/1924)
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Stand, a girl   (week of 7/1924)
Mr. & Mrs. Haag, twin girls, (week of 7/5/1924)
Mr. & Mrs. Charley Joyner, a boy, (7/1924)
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Jacks, a boy, (week of 7/7/1924)
Mr. & Mrs. P.A. Lance, a boy, (week of 7/7/1924)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Phillips, baby girl
Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Huling, a girl, (week of 8/13/1924)
Helen Carrol, b:  8/15/1924 , daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Carrol
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Olmstead, a 10 pd boy! (week of 9/12/1924)
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Lindsay, a girl, (week of 11/7/1924)
Mr. & Mrs. E.J. Pierce, a boy, (week of 11/18/1924)
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Young, a girl
Mr. & Mrs. Elisha Hall, daughter, Betty Jean, 12/20/1924

Week of January 11, 1924
* * * *
T. J. Fulton and Opal Bilbrey
Carl Weiss and Mrs. John B. Quinn
B.C. McCabe and Eva McMahan
Week of February 8, 1924
* * * *
Walter Miller and Lena Arms
Roger Cooper and Anna Bairvick
George Smith and Millie Smith
Elbert Goad and Laura Inis
Leslie Vertner and Alice Porter
Week of ??
* * * *
Ellis Redman and Lizzie Taylor
Leonard Ellis and Linda Sexton
Clifford Turner and Tosa Smith
Walter Law and Lola Hamby
David J. Hall and Wilma Hamby
E.S. Fulp and Emily Elmore
Enoch Freels and Vesta Davis
one 'don't publish'
Charlie Galloway and Edith Summers, m: 5/24/1924
s/o Mr. & Mrs. L.C. Galloway
d/o Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Summers
Week of 7/25/1924
* * * *
Isaac Smith and Josephine Cooley
Carl Cooper and Gertie Edmonds
Otis Hunter and Lucille Armes
Robert Justice and Callie Love
Wm. E. Hobbs and Irene Koontz
Grover Gregory and Thelma Stepp
Johne Brock and Sarah Wright
Arthur Steelman and Laura Mae Lawson
L.L. Quisenberry and Mrs. E. R. Hudson
Geroge Hall and Carrie Hall
Leo Kroehnke and Edith Ray Brown
E. J. Daniel and Elizabeth Stanley ( week of 8/1/1924)
* * * *
Edward Lee Davis and Gladys Viola Weidemann, (week of 8/17/1924)
* * * *
Charles Freytag and Edith Williams, 8/13/1924
Farrell Honeycutt and Tressie Langley, (week of 8/17/1924)
Walter Ellinghouser and Gertrude O. Adsmond, 10/9/1924
Leornard Langley and Georgia Davis, (10/1924)
Otto Basler and Johnnie Saffels, 6/5/1924
Frederick "Lefty" Newberry and Doris Scoll, 11/17/1924
October 1924
* * * *
W. L. Sexton to Feral McCartt
Luther Miles to Sewell Kindrick
Albert Armes to Sidy Armes
Henry Kindrick to Dollie Howard
V.L. Crabtree to Dorothy Hurst
Edgar Miles to Mayme Young
Earna Young to Lillie Anderson
Motor Armes to Nellie York
Rufus Johnson to Marie Cooley
Week of 12/12/1924
* * * *
Dudley Hall and Nora Chitwood
Kirley Armes and Lucinda Goad
A. M. Richards and Edith McCoy, 12/2/1924
John Freytag and Nell Woolum, 11/28/1924
Walter Jones and Weltha Human, 1/30/1924
Double wedding - 11/19/1924
* * * *
Dudley Hall and Nora Chitwood
Brassfield Chitwood and Mae Sexton
were married at the residence of I.J. Human on
Saturday evening Nov. 29, 1924 at 7:30 pm.
Mr. Hall is the youngest son of the late David Hall and the
grandson of W.D. Jones.  Miss Chitwood is the daughter
of Cock Chitwood of Gobey.  Mr. Brassfield Chitwood
is a brother of Dock Chitwood and an uncle of Miss Nora Chitwood
who became Mrs. Dudley Hall. Mae Sexton ios the daughter of the
late Hiram Sexton and a niece of Bart Sexton.
* * * * *
Week of 12/19/1924
Senior Huckaby and Vada Griffith,
Walter Jones and Weltha Human
Floid Creswell and Reba King
A. M. Richards to Edith McCoy
* * * *
Harry Newberry and Stella Langley
Fred Horace Human and Sylvia Iris Goldberg (date unknown)

January  1924

Capt. John W. Staples,
b Wartburg, 7/17/1870, d 11/26/1923, Harriman, Tn

Meredith Whaley, age 18, son of Mr. & Mrs. Dave Whaley,
burial Crab Orchard Cem.
Joe Fields, (no date shown)

Woody Armes, d. 12/25/1923
son of Bob Armes

Andy Morgan,
(burial, Crab Orchard Cemetery)

William McCartt,
d 1/11/1923, age 76, husband of Missouri Scott
     sons: Preston, Homer, Julian, Link and Everett
     daughter, Bettie (burial, Montgomery Cem.)

M. W. Buxton, Jr., age 52
1st wife - Mary Hall (2 children)
2nd wife, Louise Norris, (7 Children)
brother, A. L., George, James, sister, Rebecca Freels
Montgomery Cemetery

John Monday

April, 1924

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Ira Neilsen (Potters Chapel Cemetery)

Mrs. Jacob Newberry,
of Alpine
sons: Sam, I.B. and John Allen

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Winnie,
(Liberty Cemetery)

Kate Ott,
age 48,
b 4/22/1876, d 5/1/1923

Fowler Patterson,
supposedly poisoned by wife, Arizona Patterson and Dr. A. B. Harmon

Floyd Butler,
(ptomoine poisoning)

Dr. Edward Alcorn,  4/1924

John Bean
5 sons: Geroge, Jake, Blev, Kirk & Luke

Boyd York
New River (shot 10 times)

May, 1924

Minnie Nash
wife of Estel Nash
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Branstetter

Professor Rufe B. Honeycutt
b 8/1851, d, 6/4/1924
survived by wife, & children, Burl and May

July 1924

Ruth Louise Monroe
Age 15 months
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. N. L. Monroe, Gobey
burial, Wartburg Cemetery

Sam Carr, Jr., (Infant)

Ruby Lee Kreis,
age 1 year, 11 months, d 7/16/1924
daughter of Mr. & MRs. Harry Kries

Wilburn McPeters,
age 4 weeks, d 7/20/1924
son of Mr. & Mrs. D.A. McPeters

Wilma McPeters,
twin of Wilburn, d 7/13/1924

Donald Fairchild,
b 3/14/1894, d 8/1924, age 30+ (d in Wisconsin)

John Joyner,
age 47, d, 7/1924
mother: Mary Joyner,
brother, Charles & sister,  Ellen Joyner
(b-Liberty Cemetery)

August, 1924

Curtie Potter,
age 12, d, 8/11/1924,
son of Mr. & Mrs. Gil Potter

Sarah Angeline Aspinwall Addington
b 2/22/1850, Miami Co. Ohio
w/o Meshack Addington,Children, Rudolph, Charlie and Eunice

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. D. Jones, b & d 8/1924

Robert Henry Walker,
Son of Mr. & Mrs. K.C. Walker
burial in Cincinnati, Ohio

Mrs. P.W. Holder,
age 47, d 8/19/1924
daughters, Mrs. Luther Hall and Lucy,
burial, Liberty Cemetery

George W. Ernest
b, 10/8/1853, Nicholas, Co. Ky.
d 8/23/1924, Deer Lodge, Tn.
husband of Mary E. Richie
m: 12/20/1882, Crayton, Nicholas, Co. Ky.
Surv: wife, Children, Charley, George Jr., Jesse Ernest and Pearly Ryon.

Jennie Ashe
b, 12/4/1864, Claiborne Co.
d - Burrville, 8/18/1924
wife of  #1-D. M. Jacks,  m: 1882
#2 David Ashe, 12/22/1895
children: Floyd, Gertrude, and Fred Ashe
daughter of Rev. John Fourester,
Sunbright Cemetery

Robert Walker
age 3
son of Mr. & Mrs. K. C. Walker, 8/13/1924

George Black,
age 37, Annadell,   8/3/1924
Burial at Mr. Vernon

September, 1924

Willie Rose, age 6 weeks
son of Mr. & Mrs. Wiley Armes
burial, Wartburg Cemetery

John Bell Pettit
b 9/10/1846-d 9/11/1924
Civil War veteran,
enlisted in the Union Army at Knoxville, 8/20/1863
honorably discharged 8/6/1865
husband of Nancy Summer, m:  11/28/1873
2nd marriage, Mrs. Malinda Honeycutt

Junius Stoddard Smith
b  5/30/1843, Livingston, Co. Mich.
d  9/18/1924, Burrville
age 81 years & 4 months
age 18, enlisted in Co. H. 22 Mich. Vol Inf.
Wounded at the battle of Chickamauga, Tn.
m: 12/20/1870 to Rachael E. Beach
one son: Gus B. Smith
daughters, Nona and Lola
sister, Mrs. Chas Cox
burial at Burrville

Lincoln Walls
killed by electricity

D. Fondunelle Sergeant
b 7/4/1837, Oswege Co. NY
d 9/26/1924 in Deer Lodge, Tn
age 87 yrs. 2 months and 24 days.
1st wife, Mary Hopkins (4 children)
2nd wife,  Lina Brothoved, m 1882 (4 children)
(Lived in Zumbrota Minnesota for a time)

Lonie Summers
age 22 yrs, d 9/14/1924
survivors: wife, one child, three
brothers and four sisters and mother.

October, 1924

William Alley,
age 24, d 10/3/1924
son of Mr & Mrs. Cal Alley
husband of Myrtle White Alley

J. H. Mathis,
age 37 - died in Nederland
brother; W. H. Mathis
sister, C. A. McGaffey
step-father, J. J. Kreis

Mrs. Hall Hagemeyer,

Mark Rayder,
age 75
d 10/2/1924, near Flat Fork

Wash Bledsoe,
d 10/4/1924

S. H. Duncan,
age 55
d 10/1924

Regina Morris
d 10/30/1924 wife of T.A. Morris
children:  V.V, W.E., T. O. Mrs. J. M Petite and
Mrs. J.F. Weatherly and Mrs. W. G. Short

November 1924

Rosa Scott,
Mt. Hope Cemetery

Infant of Alvis and Irene Hurst

T. A. Morris
Ivory Hamby, d, 2/9/1924, Pine Orchard
Survivors: wife and 5 children, brother, A.A. Hamby