Taken from
The Morgan County Press
The Morgan County News

Dates show in parentheses are the actual dates of the newspaper
other dates shown, are supposedly the birthday of the person
* * * * * * * *
George Berry was 89 yrs old on Feb. 16, 1926
Albert Long, Jr. was 10 yrs old on Feb. 14, 1926
Mrs. & Mrs. J.E. Tanner, boy, 2/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Keith, boy, 2/7/1926
Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Adkisson, girl, 2/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shannon, girl
Mr. & Mrs. N. L. Curbo, girl, Ester June, 3/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Short, girl, Inez Frances, (week of 3/18/1926)
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Salone, girl, Flonnie Elizabeth, (Week of 3/18/1926)
Mr. & Mrs. Gillum Jones, girl, Geneva, 3/24/1926
Mr. & Mrs. E. R. Cromwell, 8 pd boy, 3/28/1926
Rev. & Mrs. J. E. Haynes, girl, 4/10/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Grady Hudson, boy, 5/24/1926
Mr. & Mrs. J.V. Gunt, girl, 6/2/1925
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Jones, 8 1/2 pd girl, 6/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hamby, girl, 6/10/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Dock Huling, girl, 6/20/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Houston Shannon, 10 pd boy, 6/14/1926
James Walker Monroe, 6 yrs old, son of
Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Monroe
Samuel G. Wilson celebrated his 66th birthday
Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Clark, girl, 5/15/1926
Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Davis, boy, 5/3/1926
T. A. Knight celebrated 67th birthday, 7/12/1926
J. T. Adams celebrated 56th birthday, 7/1926
Mr. & Mrs. John Headrick, girl, Minnie Lucille, 6/28/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Jones, girl, 7/12/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Nelson, son, Howard Dean
Eunice Lorene Delius, 7/18/1926,
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Delius
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Judd, girl, (week of 7/29/1926)
Mr. & Mrs. George England, son (week of 7/29/1926)
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Brown, girl, born at Indianapolis, Ind.
Mrs. Brown is the former Ruby Jones (week of 7/25/1926)
Mr. & Mrs. Virgie Albertson, girl, 7/25/1926
Geneva Honeycutt celebrated her 17th birthday, 8/8/1926
Judge Wm. Bullard celebrated his 66th birthday, 8/1926
Chas. T. Summers, celebrated 50th birthday, 8/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Griffith, son, 8/2/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Geroge W. Dagley, boy, 8/10/1926
Joseph Ward Cooper, was 4 years on on 8/16/1926
son of Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cooper, son, Marley Langley, 8/13/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Farrell Honeycutt, boy, 8/12/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Doc Jones, girl, lived only 5 hours, (week of 8/26/1926)
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Bicknell, boy, (week of 8/1926)
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Weatherford, boy, 8/24/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd, daughter, born in Cincinnati, Ohio
Miss Elizabeth Corley, celebrated her 16th birthday on 9/17/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Sim Huchison, 10/3/1926
Lewallen Elsbee, celebrated 18th birthday 10/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Henry, son, James Charles, 10/11/1926
Ann Freytag, celebrated her 85th birthday, 1015/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Shannon, daughter, 1/7/1926
Mrs. Edna Shannon Foster, son, 10/17/1926
Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Delius, son, George Benjamin, (week of 10/21/1926)
Mr. & MRs. Chas Hughs, St. son, Paul Galloway, 10/16/1926
Mr. & Mrs. George Leopper, girl, Anna Marie, 10/5/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Wiley Honeycutt, girl, 10/25/1926
Lucy Payne, celebrated her 12th birthday on 10/23/1926
'Aunt' Frankie Potter was enjoying good health at age 97, (week of 11/11/1926)
Mr. & Mrs. Dow Honeycutt, girl, 11/20/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Ross Jacks, boy, 7/21/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Reynolds, 6 pd. girl, Charlene Maxine, 11/29/1926
Charles Oscar Delius, celebrated his 15th birthday, 12/1/1926
Irene Varga, boy, 12/21/1926
Mr. & Mrs. Jake Vespie, boy, 12/1/1926
Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Hall, twins, 12/30/1926
* * * * * *
 Information is as shown in the newspaper.


Abner Ryon and Clara Ooten (no date)
W. M. Manning and Blanche G. Davis, 2/8/1926
d/o Mr. & Mrs. Sam Davis
Sister: H. G. Davis
Marriage Licenses
Benton Armes to Leona Hobbs
Clyde Ooten to Altha Jones
R. S. Sargent to Pernie Cromwell
Edgar Fowler to Ethel Ritter
Arba Howard to Beatrice Aytes
Coulmbus Webb to Hattie York
Allen McKinney to Nellie Pitman
Bennie Young to Blanch Spurling
Noble Gilreath to Etta Stringfield
Ronald Aytes to Rebecca Potter
English Armes to Charlie May Ervin
* * * * *
Benjamin ??? and Piney Beach, 4/1926
Max Chastine and Etta Mae Hall, 5/15/1926
Lorn H Beck and Ollie Francis Hutchenson
5/17/1926, residents of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Coy Cundiff and Rose Goldston, 5/31/1926
s/o late Alvie Cundiff
d/o Mr & Mrs. Mack Goldston
sister of Mrs. J. H. Carr
Herbert Hodges and Bertha Morgan
6/6/1926, at Knoxville, Tn.
* * *
JUNE 1926
Marriage Licenses
Riley Goad to Mandy Daughtery
Stobert Smith to Virgie Smith (as shown in paper)
Clifford Cross to Bessie Skidmore
Cou Cunduff to Rose Goldston
J.E. Buckhart to Mollie Goad
Ed Wiggins to Viola Handricks
Shirley Fairchilds to Bonna Gosnell
Ed Hutchison to Bessie England
Charlie Adkisson to Dallas Barger
W. J. Durbin to Lillian Roettger
Dewey Hutchison to Wilma Tipps
Roy Owens to Yuopla Adkins
Gilbert Pittman to Pearl Tilson
Charles Lee Silcox to Mary L. Phillips
* * *
J. B. Wallace and Georgia Brown
d/o Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Brown
W. J. Durbin and Lillian Roettger, 6/22/1926
He is from Memphis
she is daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Roettger
Dewey Hutchison and Wilma Tipps, 6/22/1926
Forrest Shippey and Bessie G. Alley, 6/30/1926
s/o Mr. & Mrs. Fred B. Shippey, of Fla.
Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus Payne, married 25 years on 7/4/1926
Harvey Jackson to Lee Whitus
Hebert Ragins to Dorothy Robbins
John Law to Nellie Griffith
Roma Seabolt to Rebecca Beaty
Wm. Clinton and Myrtle Walker, 7/25/1926
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. Walker
son of Mr. & Mrs. N. J. Clinton
Guy Garrett and Bessie Anderson
7/29/1926-in Stearns, Ky.
Hall Sloan and Cleta Williams
8/14/1926, in Danville, Ky.
AUGUST, 1926
Marriage Licenses
Jerry Ooten to Vinnie Bowlin
Geroge Hines to Murle Brown
Ira Lee Brown to Undine Mosier
W. C. Clinton to Myrtle Walker
Harvey Clower to Elsie Alford
Evan Adkisson to Sadie Thornton
Luther Stewart to Eva Hawn
Hugh Googe to Elizabeth Liles
* * * *
 Rhu Wilson and Laura Hyde (week of 9/9/1926)
he is from Sharon, Pa,
brother of Henry Kreis
she is daughter of Mr. J. I. Daughttery
Marriage Licenses
* * * *
H. L. Couch to Mae Wilder
Yearb Adkisson to Loraine Butler
Arthut Donn to Marie Snow
Everett Simpson to Alma Creekmore
Winford Morgan to Mima Roberts
Harvey West to Dollie Mae Nealan
Joe Hicks to Gladys Summers
Elmer Varza to Irene Ryon
Louis Duggar and Lelia Redman, 10/5/1926
Arthur Nash and Martha Branstetter 10/16/1926
M. W. Campbell and Mrs. Gertrude Jarrett
11/11/1926 at Kingston
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Patching
E. E. Beck and Dorothy Lovelace, 11/1926
Marriage Licenses
Ottoway Campbell to Daisy Land
Ernest Foster to Ruth Wicks
Leonard Underwood to Marie Shillings
Joe Arms to Bertha Daughtery
Joe P. Copeland to Delia NcNew
Roy Daniel to Edith Walker
Wesley Pickel to Mae Jackson
Lloyd Howard to Pearl Trout
Arthur Nash to Martha Branstetter
Ira Brown to Zola Hughes
Clarence Miller to Bessie Abston
Walter H. Pemberton to Bernice McDonald
Fred Northrup to Farce Hall
* * * *
Everett Smith to Gracie Branstetter
Estella York to Estella Dixon (this is what the paper shows)??
Pat MOrgan to Louise Buxton
Elmer Patton to Maude Armes
Wilburn Hannahan to Ethylie Hall
W.P. Lovelace to Dorothy Beck
Abe Howard to Ella Coffman
Alva Davis to Edith Jackson
Cas Hensley to May Blevins
* * * *
Walter Taucher and Margaret Engert
12/24/1926-at Knoxville
Roger Fagan and Letha King, 12/26/1926
married in Clinton, Tn
d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.C. King
s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Fagan
Walker Porter and Arizona Hammond, 12/29/1926
* * * *
Julia Cooper vs Reuben Cooper - divorce allowed
Louise Scott vs R.D. Scott - divorce allowed
Elsie Phillips vs George Corbell Phillips - divorce granted
$1000 alimony, attorney fee, $75.00 and
cost in favor of complaint 

 OBITUARIES  -   1926

* * *
Kenneth Howard, 3 years old, died, 1/27/1926 burned while playing with matches
son of Mr. & Mrs. James Howard  Survivors: brother, Floyd and sisters, Dorothy, Bess and Beaula
Mae Zumstein, 1/1926
Hattye E. Sanders, 1/16/1926
Principal of Pine Orchard School, Burial at Smithville, Tn.
Parlia Henry VanNorstranborn: 8/19/1902, died, 1/8/1926wife of C. E. VanNorstran
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peter HenrySisters: Mrs. John Coerhart, Mrs. M.C. Hacker,
Mrs. Charlie Haag and Mrs. Tiffin Ott. Brothers, B. J. and C. D. Henry and C. L. Kries
Mrs. John T. Robinson, 1/8/1926, Survivors, Husband and 5 children
Amy Davis, age 53, 1/10/1926, wife of J.M. Davis, burial, Liberty Cemetery
John Toney, aged citizen of Lancing, 1/1926, Wartburg Cemetery
Ernest McGill, 4/18/1926, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ike McGill
Ciceroe McKenzie, age 45 yrs, 10 months, 4/13/1926, husband of Florence, 2 sons and 3 daughters
Mrs. Golstone, age 72, 3/1926, wife of Lum Golstone, Sons: Rev. James Golstone, Elliott, Harry and Foy
daughters, Ruth Bullard and Dorothy Blake
Mrs. Tom Hendricks, died 3/20/1926, formerly of Oakdale, Sons: James, Dock, Harvey, Daughters, Mae and Betty
Edith Hammon Jones, 3/28/1926, wife of Everett Jones & 2 babies
Madeline Brown,, age 7 yrs, 4/1926, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Brown, (died of burns)
Joseph W. Todd,, born, 7/6/1885, died, 3/20/1926, Survivors: parents, father, age 80 and mother age 85
brother: James Todd, Sister, Ada Gillis, Burial Crab Orchard, Cemetery
J. H. Hill,
(from Union County)
burial, Mossy Grove Cemetery
Everett Coffan
 18 months old, buried, 4/3/1926
son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Coffan
3 brothes and several 1/2 brothers and sisters
Elie Nelson Wyrick, 3/1926
"Uncle" Rudolph Freitag, born, 7/5/1846,
died in his shoe repair shop 4/8/1926.
Born in Neiderbider, Rhein Prussia Germany
Suvivors: wife Ann, 4 sons, one brother and 17 grandchildren
Katy Forrester, age 32, died 5/1926
wife of John Forrester
leaves 3 small children
Lillie Taylor Brown, age 29, died 4/29/1926
wife of Oscar Brown
leaves 5 small children age 9, 7, and 3 weeks
Walter Johnson
Alfred Johnson---brothers
drown 3/27/1926, sons of late Alf Johnson
Survivors: mother Mrs. Sally Isham, and step father
brothers, Clifford and Willie, sisters, Mrs. Light and Beatrice Johnson
Will Letner, 35, sentenced by jury to serve three, years in prison for forcing Walter and Alfred, to jump in the river and drown.(see 2/24/1927 Morgan Co news)
Frieda Sharp, age 7, died, 4/22/1926, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ora Sharp
Burial, Crab Orchard Cemetery
Michael Griffith, 4/1926, Accidentially shot, Burial,  Macedonia Cemetery
Margaret Louise Russell, age 28, died 2/13/1926, in Jacksonville, Fla.
Wife of Eugene Russell, Survivors: morther Mrs. Ben Kreis
Brothers, Johnny, William, Henry, WalterSisters; Mrs. Julia Daughtery,
Mrs. Anna Litton and Barbara
Marie Crane Smith, 2/18/1926(born in Pennsylvania)
Tiffin Ott Jr., infant child ofTiffin and Glena Ott,died, 2/26/1926
Robert Clinton Potter, died 2/23/1926at the home of grandparents,
Mr. & Mrs. Darvis Creekmore.His mother died 3 years before in Tyler, Texas
Survivors: father, Manson PotterBrother, Edward Glyn and Ralph
sisters, Aline and Helen
Douglas Turner, age 35,died in Asheville, NC. of T.B.son of
late, Charles and Katherine Turner of Knoxville and Rugby
V. O. Strader, 3/1926 died in Rockford, Ohio, formerly of Morgan Co
Joe Todd, 3/20/1926, son of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Todd
Jennie Medlock Bouren, 5/13/1926, wife of Sam Bouren and 2 children
Matilda McPeters, age 75, 6/7/1926, burial in Union Cemetery
James D. Fagen, 27, Coalfield, 5/31/1926 (by electric wire in Dayhoit, Ky.)
married Bertha Barnes, 12/2/1922 daughter, Geneva
parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Fagen, brothers, Fred, Don and Roger
sisters: Mrs. W. M. Hammond, Mrs. E. S., Prigmore, Ethel and Arnena Fagan
Burial Fagan Cemetery, Coalfield
Sadie Ann Roddy, 5/16/1926,infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Roddy
grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Gouge, Burial Davis Cemetery, Coalfield
Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Barnett, 6/1926, Burial at Elizabeth Cemetery
Etta Bolton, 58, (week of 7/8/1926), burial at Liberty Cemetery
George Wiley Howard, age 7 months, died 7/1926, son of
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Howard,Wartburg Cemetery
Jim Bales, age 19,son of Mr & Mrs. Chas. Bales, drown in Emory River,
about 7/3/1926, Wartburg Cemetery
Ida Bell Bowman, 7/2/1926, Burial in N.C.
Gladys Langley Wood, 18, died 7/11/1926, wife of Luther Woods
daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Langley, born: 6/15/1908
married 11/1925
Abbie Jackson, Coalfield, 7/1926
James Kelly Summers,
5 months, 17 days, 7/21/1926
John H. Trail, Petros, 8/1926
Charles Hyden Cromwell, burial was 8/22/1926, Burrville Cemetery
Charley Miller, 9/6/1926, burial, Crab Orchard Cem.
Paul C. Campbell, age 33, 9/4/1926, leaves wife, 2 children, father,
mother, and 3 brothers
Peter Henry age 81, Civil War Vetern,died, 9/21/1926
Born in Switzerland, 3/9/1845, 1847, married Augusta Kreis
two sons and six daughters, 1894 he married, Mrs. Cynthia Jones Kreis
one son and one daughter, Survivors: sons, B. J. Henry and C. D. Henry;
daughters, Mrs. John Everhart, and Mrs. Anna Haag, 29 grandchildren and 15 gr-grandchildren, burial, Wartburg Cemetery
Dan Delius, age 15, drown 9/109/1926 in Nashville
s/o Mr. & Mrs. Byron and Lillian Moore Delius, oldest brother
also drown in 1912, youngest brother is Peter.
One twin of Leonard Hawn, buried at Mt. Home Cemetery.
Hayse Jones , buried at Adams Cemetery
Dr. Stephen Takacs, age 25,   9/28/1926 , died at Rockwood
Born in Hungary, 1892 , Sister-Mrs. C. Pirschl of W. Va.
Mrs. Dan Frogge, age 20, (week of 10/14/1926)
d/o Mr. & Mrs. John Fairchilds , sister-Mable Fairchild
LeRoy Goddard, age 1 year, 6 days. 10/22/1926
s/o Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Goddard , 3 brothers and 1 sister
Liberty Cemetery
Chas Heidel, age 66, 10/30/1926 , born, 12/31/1858 in Wartburg
wife; Louise Mathis, married 1902 , son, John, deceased
daughter, Mrs. Clarence Zumstein, Mrs. Carl Heidel,
Louise Heidel and Alice Heidel , Wartburg Cemetery
Elijah F. Peters, died 9/25/1926 , age 89 years,   5 months and 2 days
born in Anderson Co., 4/25/1837 , s/o Wesley and Katy Peters
husband of Kisah Range , 3 girls and one boy
William Charles Summers, 10/21/1926 , born, 11/23/1925
grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. Jim Able
Evelyn Christine Brown, , age 6 months and 20 days
born 4/11/1926 , d/o Oscar Brown, her mother died 4/29/1926
Jacqueline Mann, age 20 months, , 11/1/1926,diptheria
daughter of Mrs. Edna Mann
B. Dunkelburg, age 78 years, 11/6/1926
5 sons and 3 daughters
Robert Lee Melhorn, 11/6/1926 , born, 9/10/1923 , German Cemetery, Deermont
Miss Frances Stringfield, age 21, 11/14/1926 , d/o Mr. & Mrs. Sam Stringfield
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Justes , (week of 11/25/1926) , Liberty Cemetery
Lizzie Fletcher, age 80 11/21/1926 , brother-Jacob Fletcher
Laurel Dale Cemetery
Will Morris, age 78 years, 11/22/1926 , born in Morgan Co., 12/26/1926
brothers, J. Richard Morris and T.A. Morris , Morris Cemetery
Lorene Johnson, 11/25/1926, diptheria , d/o Mr & Mrs. Walter Johnson
Chatlotte Shannon, age 69,. , 4 daughters and 3 sons, , Sunbright Cemetery
Ewell, (Jack) Steward, age 49, 12/13/1926 , a train conductor, found
dead on top of a box car. Surv: wife, and 3 children, sisters; Mrs. Zeak Strunk and
Martha Strunk; brothers, Robert Frank, John and Tom. Burial in Glenmary
Betty Jane Evans, age 13 months, 12/11/1926 diptheria and whooping cough
d/o Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Evans
W. I. McGill, age 60, killed, 12/16/1926,  survivors: wife, Mary,
daughters, Mattie and Ollie Eble and Mrs. Clint Long,
brother, Eli McGill.
Bart Sexton, age 66, 12/1926, pneumonia. survivors: Mrs. Walter Byrd,
Mrs. G.B. Love, and Lenora Sexton. Bart Jr., Sam, Rachael and Louis Edwin.
Wartburg Cemetery
Joe Gunnell, 12/1926,  hit by train
Survivors: four children, Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Alex Scott, 3/16/1914 , son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Scott
Will Harold Qualls age 11 months, , burial 3/4/1926
son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Qualls
Mat Dorsheid, 3/12/1919 , daughters: Mrs. J. M. Hansen
and Mrs. J. O. Bourkard , son: D. E. J. Dorsheid
Edith Lovelace, 5/31/1925
Mrs. Chas Miller, 7/1926
William Leroy Bunch
died 8/12/1920, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Bunch