Mr. & Mrs. Tiffin Ott, boy, 1/2/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Hall, girl (week of 1/6/1927)
Garlan Roletta, celebrated 10th birthday, 1/6/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Monday, boy, 1/3/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Neil of Pontiac, Mich., girl, (week of 1/13/1927)
Mrs. Neil is youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Freytag
Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Blake, girl, (week of 1/20/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Thomas, girl, week of 1/20/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bingham, girl, 1/9/1927
Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Hayes, boy, (week of 1/20/1927)
George Patching celebrated 11th birthday, 1/22/1927
s/o of Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Patching
Rev. R. H. Taylor celebrated 45th birthday  (1/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Candy Thornton, 10 pd. girl, (week of 1/27/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Bunch, son, 1/31/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Loyd Howard, 10 pd boy, (week of 2/3/19127)
Mr. & Mrs. B. F. Ruppee, boy, (week of 2/3/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Edd Miles, boy, 1/30/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Anderson Bingham, boy, Thomas Eugene, 2/3/19127
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Summers, girl, 2/4/1927
Andy Thomas, celebrated 50th birthday, (week of  2/10/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. H. Lavender, 11 1/2 pd girl, (week of 2/17/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shannon, girl, 2/17/1927
Mr. & Mrs. William Betram,  girl, 2/19/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Gibson, ??, 2/12/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shannon, girl,  2/17/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Sexton, boy, (week of 2/24/1927)
George W. Berry celebrated 90th birthday, 2/17/1927
born in Berkshire England, came to Massachusetts at age 18
Joined Union Army in 1861-Co B 46 Mass Reg.
Luther Stewart, celebrated 25th birthday, (week of 3/3/1927)
Chilton Black, 25th birthday, (week of 3/3/1917)
Annalyn Ramey, celebrated 5th birthday, (week of 3/10/1927)
d/o Mrs. H. C. Ramey
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Shillings, girl, 3/4/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay Hall, son, 3/10/1927
Mr. & Mrs. John Nitzsche, boy, (week of 3/17/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Houston Jones, boy, 3/20/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Miller Branstetter,  son, 3/24/1927
Samuel Jones, 16th birthday, (week of 3/31/1927)
son of Mrs. S. H. Jones
Mrs. & Mrs. Alva Williams, girl, 3/1/1927
Mrs. & Mrs. Oscar Oney, boy, 3/1/1927
Mrs. & Mrs. George Hall, boy, 3/17/1927
Mrs. & Mrs. Stobert Nance, boy, 3/18/1927
Mrs. & Mrs. Ralph Pemberton, boy, 3/23/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Stobert Smith, boy, 3/27/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Goad, son, 4/2/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Howard, girl, 4/4/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Zumstein, of Oneida, girl, 4/1/1927
Anna Joyce Walton celebrated 7th birthday, (week of 4/14/1927)
Lois Eleanor Brooks, celebrated 8th birthday, (week of 4/14/1927)
Helen Hammond, 15th birthday, (week of 4/14/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Organ Garrett, 11 pd. boy, 4/18/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Langley, girl, 4/27/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Carroll, girl, 4/30/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Roma Seabolt, girl, 5/1/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Luther Mathis, boy, 5/4/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Hall, boy, 5/4/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Collins, girl, 5/6/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Erickson, girl 5/14/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Nash, girl, (week of 5/19/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Lindsay, girl, (week of 5/19/1927)
Edwina Hammonds, celebrated 12th birthday, (week of 5/12/1927)
Mrs. Ben Kreis celebrated 66th birthday, (week 0f 5/5/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Pollard of Catoosa, girl, 5/30/1927
Prof. & Mrs. A. E. Harrington, girl, 5/22/1927
Janell Henry celebrated 4th birthday, (week of 6/9/1927)
d/o Mr. & Mrs. Will Henry
Jack Turner, celebrated 90th birthday, 6/19/1927
Janell Henry celebrated 4th birthday, (week of 6/9/1927)
d/o Mr. & Mrs. Will Henry
Jack Turner, celebrated 90th birthday, 6/19/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Sie Ooten, boy
Mrs. & Mrs. Jim Clark, girl 6/15/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Newberry, girl, 6/15/1927, Akron, Ohio
Floyd Hurst, 79th birthday, 7/21/1927
Mr. & Mrs. John Chapman, girl, 7/17/1927
Mrs. E. V. Alexander, 60th birthday, 7/22/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cox, boy, (week of 7/21/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Lyons, girl, 7/17/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Moore, girl, Virginia Joe, (week of 7/14/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cox, boy, 7/21/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Lyons, girl, 7/17/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie West, boy, Glen Edward, 7/6/1927
E. J. McGill, celebrated 58th birthday, (week of 7/14/1927)
Mrs. Floyd Hurst, 75th Birthday (week of 8/15/1927)
Emma Melhorn, 65th birthday, 8/14/1927
George Patching, 85th birthday, (week of 8/25/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. William Jones, girl, 8/9/1927
Mr. & Mrs. H. O. Ramey, girl, 8/25/1927
Mrs. & Mrs. Floyd Scott, girl, Irene, 8/27/1917
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Grice, son, Morris Julian, 8/25/1927
Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Byrd, 9/4/1927
Mr. & Mrs. John Brummett, girl, Artis Flora, 9/5/1927
Mr. & Mrs. William Cromwell, son, (week of 9/27/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Will Jump, girl, 9/9/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Edd Miles, Daughter, 9/15/1927
Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Sharp, boy, 9/11/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Butts, son. 9/12/1927
Sam Sparks Taylor, celebrated 10th birthday  9/1927
Mr. & Mrs. James Futrell, boy, 9/18/1927
Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Langley, boy, 10/1927
Ernest Shilling, celebrated 17th birthday, 10/20/1927
s/o Mr. & Mrs. G. Shillings
Mr. & Mrs. Clenice Hamby, girl, 10/1927
Lucy Payne, celebrated 13th birthday,
d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Payne
 Q. A. Cook
 celebrated 13th birthday, (week of 11/10/1927)
Mrs. M. A. Summer, 72nd birthday, 11/1927
daughter: Mrs. W. H. Muth
son: Mr. H. A. Summer
Mr. & Mrs. Ted McCoy, boy, (week of 11/24/1927)
Mr. & Mrs. Bill McCartt, girl, Bettie, 11/17/1927
 Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Betram,
twins boy and girl
Mr. & Mrs. Carson Brown
10 pd boy, 11/22/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Deford,  girl, 11/19
Mrs. & Mrs. Lee Moates, son, 12/3/1927
Cecil Hamby, son, 12/3/1927
Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Burge, son, 12/11/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Vespie, boy, 12/5/1927
Mildred McCarty celebrated 8th birthday
(week of 12/15/1927)
d/o Mr. J. E. McCarty
Mr. & Mrs. Bart Sexton, Jr., 10 pd boy, 12/25/1927
Mr. & Mrs. Will Chapman, boy, (week 0f 12/29/1927)

Oscar Brown and Stella Weddile of Somerset, Ky
married at Oakdale, 1/9/1927
Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Delius, celebrated 18th anniversary on 1/24/1927
Reuben Cooper and Beatrice Wilson, (week of 2/17/1927)
Estell Byrge and Georgia Bingham, 2/17/1927
d/o Mr. & Mrs. G. C. Bingham
s/o of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Byrge
Walter Sidebottom and Mrs. Dorothy Ruppee McKenzie
J. L. Kaufman and Gertie Bingham
Thomas Cochram to Eva McKinney
W. C. Sidebotham to Dorothy McKinzie
Lummie Massengill to Louvernie Armes
R. C. Cooper to Beatrice Wilson
Oscar Johnson to Stella Roberts
Judson Bradley to Irene Beene
Alva Davis to Ethel Cox
Harvey Simpson to Lottie Kindricks
* * * *
Bart Sexton and Margie Shannon (week of 3/10/1927)
Arthur Hull and Minnie Smith
Hubert Lewallen and Edith Hull, 5/1/1927
d/o Anderson Hull
Henry Vespie and Willie Potter, (week of 5/12/1927)
Andy Gillis and Nancy Bowers, (week of 3/19/1927)
William T. Wade and Tressie Phillips,
3/28/1927 at Covington, Ky.
Clifford Wilson and Mamie Johnson
d/o Mr. & Mrs. Sam Johnson
s/o Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Wilson
Ed Worley to Bertha Morgan
Alvin Ritchie to Pauline Roberts
Arthur Hull to Minnie Smith
Leonard McCracken to Hazel D. Rowe
Ray Howard to Ester Jones
Bart Sexton Jr. to Maggie Shannon
Bowman Wright to Emily White
Eugene Johnson and Bertie Brock,  (week of 4/28/1927)
Fred Bardill and Lena Headrick, (week of 4/14/1927)
d/o Gus Headrick
Ed Whaley and Bertha Morgan, (Week of 4/27/1927)
Hon. and Mrs. C. C. Brooks,
celebrated 25th anniversary,
(week of 6/23/1927)
Ernest Floyd and Marie Neil (week of 6/9/1927)
Z. L. Audrey and Ethel Bigger
married in Nashville
(week of 6/2/1927)
Finas W. Smith and Willie Keeney
d/o Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Kinney (week of 6/2/1927)
Wm. Dudley Human and Anna Ruth Clotfelter
s/o Mrs. Chas Human
d/o Mr. & Mrs. James L. Clotfelter
Carl F. Schubert and Ina Rogers, 7/2/1927
at Sevierville
d/o Mr. & Mrs. S. H. Rogers of Lafollette
Harlin Stewart and Ella Sexton
Roscoe Allen Angel and Vassie Hillman
d/o Rev. and Mrs. H.K. Hillman of Va
s/o Mrs. Emma Angel
 Harry Fletcher and Eva Pittman, 8/1927
W. Frank, Lingerfelt and Enath M. Holland
married in Jefferson City, TN and moved to Lusk Wy.
Sam Jones and Lucile Brasel
married, 9/6/1927 at Kingston, Tn.
d/o Myrtle Brasel
s/o Mr. & Mrs. D.M. Jones of Wheat
moved to Akron, Ohio
Edgar Hamby and Vernie Made, 9/14/1927
William Gunter and Susie Smith
married at Clinton, Tn, 11/1927
Fritts A. Engert and Margaret Unger
married 11/1927
St. Paul's Luthern Chruch, Oakdale
d/o Ann Unger
Walter McCormick and Lola Watson, 11/1927
Leonard Reynolds and Minnie McGee, 11/2/1927
d/o Mr. & Mrs. N. L. McGee
s/o Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Wilson celebrated 50th Anniversary
married, 11/27/1877
children:  Mrs. Oscar Stonecipher, Mrs. Ray Kelly,
Mr. Will Wilson, Mr. Howard Wilson,
Mrs. Will Stonecipher
Raymond Bowmer and Daisy Phillips
(Week of 12/1/1927)
Elijah Shannon and Jessie Cooper, 11/26/1927
Jack Wilson and Lillian Shannon, 12/10/1927
Cass McNeil and Violet Dillon
married at Knoxville, 12/6/1927
d/o Mr. & Mrs. John Dillon, Lancing
s/o Mr. & Mrs. Chas McNeil, Tazewell
Marriage Licenses, week of 12/29/1927
Henry Morgan and Nell Lester
E. Shannon to Jessie Cooper
Raymond Bowmer to Daisy Cooper
Dave Isham to Lona Holder
Daniel Frogge to Gerogia Davidson
Walter McCormick to Nola Watson

James Cross, Jr.,
(week of 1/6/1927)
Sarah Sanslaven Starling,
died, 1/4/1927 age 54
Son, Henry and several grandchildren
Crab Orchard Cemetery
Ollie Quin Wiess
killed in auto accident in Orlando, Fla.
Son, Gilbert and wife and 2 children, Patricia and Isabell
Burial at Harriman next to 1st husband, John Quinn
William Perry Smith
Age 60, 1/2/1927
Son, Ales, daughter, Sarah Barger and Martha Jenkins
8 granchildren, one brother, two sisters
Zora Workman
(week of 1/13/1927)
Ethel Mae Leopper
11 months old, 1/15/1927
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Leopper
Granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Leopper
Will Justes
(week of 1/20/1927)
Liberty Cemetery
Will King,
Karleen Carr,
20 months old, 1/26/1927
daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Sam T. Carr
died of accidental poisoning
Edwin Haynes Taylor
son of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Taylor
died of pneumonia and whooping cough
Ray Huckaby
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Jr. Huckaby
buried at Elizabeth Cemetery, 2/7/1927
Charles Lewallen
Husband of Charlene Galloway
(Huntsville, week of 2/24/1927)
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Wiley Potter, 3/3/1927
Tim Weaver
62 years, 2 months and 13 days, 2/23/1927
leaves, wife, one son, two daughters and four sisters
Fostner Cemetery
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Wiley Potter
(week of 3/3/1927)
William Henry
(week of 3/16/1927
burial, Neil Cemetery
Charles Arthur Rungger
age 20, son of Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Runngger
burial, 2/23/1927, Pine Orchard Cemetery
Lula Morris
age 50, 3/6/1927
born in Missouri, died in California
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Cross
Sisters: Mrs. Chas. Henry Caswell, Mrs. Redmon S. Cole
and William T. Cross
Mrs. T. A. Greer
leaves one son and 3 daughters
Mrs. Chas. Brown, age 67
died at Knoxville
daughters:  Ida Hughes, Josie Brown, Mrs. J. T. Litton,
and Mrs. Archie Byrd.  Sons: Harry O., Ed. L., and Walter O.
Humphrey M. Jones,
(week of 3/31/1927)
wife and 2 children
Adams Cemetery
Allard Lewis Litton, age 36
survivors: wife, daughters, Bernice and Evelyn
father: F.M. Litton
Sisters, Mrs. Jo Brown, Mrs. A.D. Young,
Brothers: Alma, Sterling, Rufus
Crab Orchard Cemetery
Willard Brock,
died in Somerset, Ky.
s/o Mr. & Mrs. M. Brock
Charles Thornton, 3/27/1927
died in Rockwood
Bur: Liberty Cemtery
Bertha McDonald King, age 48
died, 4/6/1927
w/o Harry King
leaves, 3 daughters, 2 sons, and 6 brothers
burial, Crab Orchard Cemetery
Bill Jacks,
age 64  (week of 4/14/1927)
Kenneth Stewart
Jack Brown
Deer Lodge, (week of 4/21/1927)
Infant daughter of
Mr. & Mrs. Alva Williams
(week of 4/14/1927)
Montgomery Cemetery
John Maden, ager 52
leaves, wife, 2 daughters, 2 sons, 1 brother
Elizabeth Cemetery
Ferdinand Miller
died in Rochester N.Y.
(week of 4/14/1927)
a/o Mrs. Anna Miller
bro/of Mrs. S. H. Jones
E. D. Hall, age 64
burial in Toledo, Ohio
wife and 2 daughters
Luke Beene, age 22
(week of 5/5/1927)
youngest brother of Geo. T. Beene
Lucinda Davis
died on her 91st birthday,
(week of 5/19/1927)
children:Col. J. M. Davis, Chas Davis, Vill Davis
Dave Davis, Mrs. J. B. Williams, Mrs. Ed Freytag,
Mrs. Millie Stevens
Liberty Cemetery
J. E. Ware
age 68, of Danville, Ky
father of Mrs. Van Hook of Danville,
left wife and 5 daughters
Mrs. Miluin Henry
Martin B. Babcock
born in Wellsville, N. Y., 4/19/1868
s/o Mr & Mrs. Arlow Babcock
married, Miss Amelia Matherson
sister:  Mrs. Charles Lyon
Caroline Hall, age 65, 5/24/1927
children: John Hall, John Bingham,
Minda Stewart Luther Hall.
several grandchildren
brother, William Bingham
Flat Fork Cemetery
John Ooten,
age 11, 5/1927
son of Mr. & Mrs. Hobert Ooten
accidently shot
burial at Deermont
Julius August Thuss, age 65, 5/1927
born, 10/18/1861 in Wartburg
son of Carl John and Teresa Thuss
natives of Switzerland and Saxony
Brother, Louis C. Thuss
Eldridge K. Dagley, 5/24/1927
son of Mr. & Mrs. Silas Dagley
Wartburg Cemetery
Lucinda Davis, age 90, 5/19/1927
widow of Col. Rueben A. Davis
daughter of William & Clars Staples Summers
born near Catoosa, 5/19/1837
Mrs. Rudolph Ruppe,
age 23, (week of 5/12/1927)
died at the home of her sister
Mrs. Roscoe Cromwell
(formerly Sallie E. Brown??? of Anderson County???)
Crab Orchard Cemetery
Mrs. John Roberson
died at home of her daughter, Mrs. Ed Phillips
leaves, husband; daughters, Mrs. John
Byrd and Mrs. Epp Allen
Wartburg Cemetery
Ed Freytag, 5/19/1927
born in Morgan County, 7/21/1883
married Clara Davis, 7/31/1902
s/o Wm. Freytag
brother-Albert Charles, Ernest
sons, Burton, Floyd and Reuben
daughters, Marie, Thelma and Virginia
Gladys Seabolt
infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ronia Seabolt
Glen McCluen
age 24, Attorney of Harriman
drown, 6/21/1927 in Crossville
husband of Thelma Milligan, daughter of John Milligan
son of L.G. McCluen
brother, John L. Jr.
Infant of Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman
(week of 6/9/1927)
Mildred Louise Chapman
2 years 11 months
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Chpaman
brother, Herald Chapman
R.P. Zumstein
died at Eastern State Hospital
at Knoxville, (week of 6/2/1927)
William Mathis
formerly of Morgan County
died in Port Arthur, Texas, 6/21/1927
s/o Tinch and Amanda Mathis

Clara Freytag, (week of 8/4/1927)
David R. Case,
native of Ohio
teacher at Rugby, died 7/24/1927
Infant twin of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bertram
(week 0f 7/28/1927)
Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Eli Aytes of Frankfort
7/28/1927, burial at High Point
Joe Delius
7/24/1927 in Nashville
brother of Larry Delius who drown in
Emory River and Barn Delius who drown
in Nashville, 9/1926
also brother of Albert Delius
Anderson Hull, 7/10/1927
brother of F.D. Hull
Mrs. Millard Anderson
left: husband, son Virgil,
daughters:  Mrs. Elan Hamond, Miss Dyllis,
mother, Mrs. Steve Sewell;
brothers: Elijah, Eldon, Alex and Dillard.
Sisters: Madeline Raydes, Mrs. John Cal Vailes
Mrs. John Blevins, Mrs. Nancy Ollie Voiles.
burial: Albertson Cemetery
William Hall
Deer Lodge, (week of 7/30/1927)
burial Lavender Cemetery
Mrs. James Hall
died at Oakdale
burial: Liberty Cemetery on 8/2/1927
Oliver Stringfield
burial at Greasy Creek, 8/1927
Thomas Scates
9/1927-Pleasant Ridge Cem.
Mrs. Hugh L. Byrd
formerly of Oakdale, d 8/16/1927
d at Danville, Ky.
bur: New River
sister, Freeman Newport
Sur: husband, mother, 2 children and 6 brothers
Joseph A. Taylor
died while on duty at Oakdale Post Office
son: Theodore Taylor
daughters: Mrs. J. T. Litton, Miss Virginia, Mrs.
Chas Eastridge, Miss Dillis Taylor.
Sons: Tom,. Theordore, Hobert, Gilbert and Henry
John McCoy age 53
h/o Maggie Howard McCoy
sons: Charles, Oscar, Ted, Ira, Joe,
William, Lawrence and John Jr.,
Mrs. Deadrick Kreis, age 76
Catoosa, d: 9/1927
Burial, Family Cemetery, Catoosa
Tom Duggar, age 40
His auto struck by train, 9/1927
burial:" Walnut Hill Cemetery
Infant son of
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Moore
of Stevens Switch
Buried at Coalcut
Ann Freytag, 86
Lancing, (week of 11/10/1927)
died at home of Gus Freytag
Harry Gilliat, age 22
died in Dayton, Ohio
(Week of 11/17/1927)
s/o Mr. & Mrs. Vivan Gilliat
IN MEMORY of Nellie Brown
(week of 11/24/1927)
Luther Workman, age 14, 11/23/1927
run over by school bus
5 year old daughter
of Mr. & Mrs. Chas Brown
burned when dress caught fire
(week of 11/24/1927)
Mrs. Willie Pierce Choate
died of Typhois fever
Burial at Armathwaite
(week of 12/1/1927)
Mrs. Joe Hicks,
(Week of 12/1/1927
leaves 2 children
Oliver Hall age 45
formerly of Oakdale
died at Danville, Ky
Harriman Cemetery

E. E. Beck et al to I. M. Heitsman, land in 11th district, $500
A. P. Cummings, et al to Jesse Brooks, et al, land in 1st district, $400
Citizens Bank and Trust Co to A.P. Cummings, land in 1st district, $375
Alex Jackson to Bessie W. Jackson, land in first district, $400
A. T. Daniel and wife to Stiles Kennedy, land in Morgan County, $100
Stiles Kennedy et al to Henry M. Winslow, land in Morgan County $100
M. C. Franklin to W. Z. Stricklin, Trustee, land in 6th district $200
W. R. Bedford and wife to Louise E. Ford, et al, land in 2nd district, $600
W. E. Hurst and E. R. Bunch to E. D. Hall, land in 5th district, $600
J. S. Goldston to M. E. Strunk, land in 10th district, $500
S. B. Strunk to M. E. Strunk, land in 5th district, $200
C. H. Heron and Mary E. Heron to S.W. McCalister, land in 11th district, $400
Sevier Wallace and wife to J.C. Parsons, land in 10th district, $800
Mike Foska to John Hilbert and Katherine Hilbert, land in 7th district, $1000
Wm. E. Cromwell to Parley Brown, land in Morgan County, $250